My Story

Realization:  I was born in 1976 and was pretty much a regular child other than having an "Imaginary" friend named Emily.  Emily is a dark haired girl with pigtail braids on each side of her head about the age of 4.  I remember playing with her a lot and my mother referring to her as my imaginary friend.  Jump ahead 20 some years.  I am married to a man who is very interested in everything from sports, hunting, electronics, ghosts, you name it he wants to learn about it.  I moved into his home and began a life with him.  This is where he started to open my mind to things I previously was either afraid of or too scared to face.  During a nonspecific conversation, I was telling him about my childhood friend named Emily.  He seemed genuinely interested and began asking me question.  They were along the lines of:
Q-How old were you when you played with Emily?
A-I was probably around 4 years old.
Q-Did you brother your brother play with her?
A-Yes. She (Emily) also had a twin brother I think his name was Charley.  I do not remember much about him, I think he played more with my brother.
Q-Did you play with her in a certain house?
A-Yes, it was my house on W Shield Street.
Q-Did you play with her at school.
Q-Did you play with her at your Grandparents house?
Q-Did you play with her in the car?
Q-Was she 100% supportive of you and what you wanted to do or play?
A-No she had her own opinions.
Q-Have you ever considered that Emily may have been a Ghost?
A-I never had considered that before, I had always just assume she was my imaginary friend because that is how my mother had referred to her.  Then I remembered...
That is the point in which I freaked out.  I felt a shudder of fear and I had memories rush to my mind of different situations in which I interacted with Emily.  One such memory was about my mother grounding me from a particular toy that she took from me.  The next day I wanted to play with this toy and I remember Emily telling me where it was, she told me it was on top of our dining room hutch.  I questioned her because it was not an area where my family kept any items.  I actually had to get a chair to get high enough to even reach and still I could not see the top.  I remember as I was reaching and while at Emily and whispering to her "over here" as I moved my hand feeling the top of the hutch, she confirming I was getting warmer to the correct location, and sure enough my toy was their just like Emily had instructed.  I realized that she very well could have been with me my whole life not just on West Shield St.  I felt like it was a reality that I was not ready to make real.  I did not want to be one of those people and thought of as crazy.  I remember feeling like it was a curse rather than a blessing and I felt jealous of my husband because he did not have any fears about the supernatural or spirits and he was not scared and embraced it.  At one point I wanted to transfer this "Thing" that was giving me anxiety and fear over to my husband.  He would have graciously accepted the gift.  My husband ever curious would always question me about it and I would get the creeps and always hesitated talking about Emily or about Ghosts in general.

Misplaced Ring:  Jump ahead a few months, my husband kept a musical keyboard with a swivel office chair at the base of our bed.  He would occasionally play on this keyboard.  One day after moving a stack of folded blankets from the chair he finally asked the dreaded question "Why do keep piling shit in my chair"?  I was hesitant to tell him the true answer because I knew I would be grilled for more information.  I explained, a few days ago I lost my grandmothers ring.  I have really been fretting over not being able to find it.  Then one morning when leaving the master bath, I walked in the bedroom and was startled to find my dead Uncle Ray sitting in my husband's keyboard chair.  I looked at him and was shocked, then what really shocked me was that the expression on his face was shock too, He looked as shocked as I was that I could see him.  That is when I turned and closed my eyes.  At this time in my life I did not want to see this, and like a child would hide my eyes and hope that they could not see me, in reality I didn't want to experience it.  I remember feeling like, this is not fair, having Emily as a child was weird enough, but now I am seeing things in my own home.

I explained to my husband that Ray was my Grandmothers husband, and that since I lost the ring, he may have been there to help me find it.  I told him how I kept putting items in his chair so that I would not be started and see Ray in this chair again.  Of course, he grilled me if this was the only experience.  Note most experiences I never revealed to him until months later because my freaked-outness would not allow me to discuss it so soon after the occurrence.

Magnets:  My husband has a fascination with magnets, so he has a great collection of  very powerful Neodymium magnets.  One day he was talking about something about magnetic therapy to heal and whether it would work.  He took one of his ring / donut shaped magnets and suspended it from a thread.  He proceed to wave it like a pendulum over my knee asking me it I could feel it the magnet stopped and it settled into a North / South direction with each face pointing.  We joked about it and he proceed to wave it over my pregnant belly asking if the baby could feel it.   After the swinging magnet came to a stop rather than orienting in north south direction it proceed to spin rapidly.  At first he thought it was the threads of the string unraveling with the weight of the magnet, that seemed logical until it kept spinning until the thread began to bind up tight, it was not unraveling down but winding tighter.  He got chills and realized that something strange was going on.

Barking Dog:  I brought a small dog with me when I moved in with my husband.  My dog occasionally would act strange and bark at random things, sounds etc.  One day she kept barking, my husband investigate looked out the front door because sometimes she sensed guests before they knock, however it as late at night maybe 10:30 pm and she kept barking at a corner in the hallway.  My husband got the idea to get his thread and magnets.  Once he found the magnet it oriented in the the typical north south location.  He began to slowly walk around the living room making sure the magnet did not swing as walked, as he moved around the magnet would always move to align in a North / South direction.  As he approached the hall and the dog continued to bark at the spot in the corner, the magnet started to move.  When he placed it in the area the dog was focused on it began to spin.   He was ecstatic, he had his own little ghost detector.  Note:  This experiment has been reproduced numerous times.  Mainly after the dog would bark at nothing.  However, the spots would change.  The magnet would not always spin in the same area of the house, nor would it do it when we wanted.  If the dog started barking at nothing when had guests, we would explain the phenomenon and have them try it and hold the magnet from the thread and find the anomalous spot.  To their surprise it would work and they would have no explanation.  When they removed the magnet from the spot they found it would immediately orient North and South.  To this date, rather than a pull chain on our living room ceiling fan we have that same ring magnet suspended from a thread.  It is his own little ghost detector.  We have since moved and my dog has passed away.  We have not had the magnet phenomena occur at our new home.

Praying Woman:  One night I woke to find a woman who reminded me of nun, hands clasp together maybe praying over my husband who lay next to me.  Fear overcame me and the strength drained from me like water from a bucket.  I was petrified.  I closed my eyes, covered my face with a blanket and hoped that it would go away, but I was too fearful to take a second look.  A few weeks later I questioned my husband about older women in his life who may have passed away.  I was looking for some clue to explain the apparition I saw over him.  He said none, I pressed, he asked why I wanted to know and then I was caught,  he grilled me about what I saw until I confessed and once again.   He did ask why I would hide and not face the things I saw.  At that time in my life I was too immature to acknowledge what I had.

Charlie Brown Teacher:  One night I around 3:00 am. I awoke to my husband standing in the doorway of our bedroom fully dressed with a hat on.  This surprised me since I remembered him going to bed with me that night.   I was a little upset and I asked him where he was doing.  He looked at me and spoke, but the words were not words and the best description I have is that his voice sounded distorted and unintelligible like the teacher sounded in the old Charlie Brown cartoons.  This upset me further for I could not understand why he was speaking to me this way and I was a little upset that he was sneaking out of the house at 3 am.  He was wearing a particular outfit that I have washed many times along with a hat.  I pressed again, much more adamant that he quit playing around and confess to me what he was doing.  Again with the muffled voice,  I became very upset and shuffled in bed, that is when I saw my husband lying in bed next me.  I was petrified once again, I closed my eyes covered up and hid in fear of the unknown.  It took me many weeks to confess to my husband, and for some unknown reason I was still harboring feeling of anger towards him for his actions, even though he was innocently lying in bed.  I do not know how to explain what I saw, if it was his spirit form, another being taking his form or what.  If anyone has any information let me know.

Anti Depressants - Dull Your Senses:  My second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, having a 2 year old and the grief of a baby I went to my doctor for some relief.  He prescribed Prozac.  This medication did work for the depression and mellowed out my mood swings.  I remained on it for about 4 years.  We moved to a new home and slowly my experienced diminished.  I cannot say I was upset.  It was kind of a relief.  My husband always inquired if I had ever seen anything in our new home or had any experiences, but I did not.  I always was honest.  I assumed I left the spirits in my old home, even though it was a new build and we were the first family to live there.  Our new home was not lived in it either before we moved their, so I really thought that maybe the old house was haunted.  My husband always told me that some day he would like me to wean off of Prozac because he felt IT was interfering and dumbing down my senses, I tried cold turkey on my own NEVER do this.  I tried a few times without telling anyone and the fight that ensued were hell.  My husband joked that I as trying to commit suicide by husband when I would abruptly quit Prozac.  I will admit I wanted to know what it felt like to be my own self too.  After our 4th child my husband came up with a very, very slow reduction of Prozac, over the next 6 months I lowered my dose very slowly until I was completely off it.  I did miss it, Prozac makes you more docile.  You do not care either way about many things.  I will say the ignorance and lack of feeling is bliss and I missed it, but I would NEVER go back now that I am free of it.  This is my experience while on Prozac, I had no esp experiences at all.

It's Me (Moved to new home):  We moved out of our old house and moved into a new house, had a few kids and my experiences slowly dwindled until late on one particular night.  After weaning off of my antidepressant my husband who is always trying exploring the metaphysical, spiritual etc, told me he was going to try to start leaving his body.  Since I no longer had any abilities, he was going start experimenting.  He wanted to try to contact me and give me a secret word, that he would previously write down but not reveal.  Then if he successfully did leave and contact me, he would tell me this word and when we were both in conscious state I could tell him the secret word and he would reveal his written copy to compare.  One night my husband retired to bed, however I was not tired and stayed up watching television.  About an hour or so later, I heard his voice behind me in my ear saying "It's me"  I turned and looked and he was not there.   I being more mature and more acknowledging of my ability, ran to the bedroom where my husband was fast asleep.  I tried to wake him and ask him what he was dreaming about.   I wanted confirmation that he contacted me.  However, he was in one of those deep sleeps where you are very angry when someone wakes you, he basically told me he didn't care to leave him alone.  The next day he said he remembered me trying to wake him, but couldn't 100% say he remembered leaving his body or contacting me.  He said he did have some recollection.  I asked if it was him why he didn't whisper his code word.  He said, well I have not thought of it yet and did not write it down.  This made more sense to me on the chance that he did accomplish his feat what better way to tell someone you are their than by using your own voice and saying "It's me".  This being the second time I encountered what I believe is my husband's spiritual form but this time in voice rather than visual.

Shadow Presence:  It's 3 am, why always I do I experience things at 3 am?  One night I woke up and saw a strange dark shadow figure at the base of my bed.  The difference is that I was more curious and no longer felt the fear I once did. The figure moves in a smooth movement towards my bathroom door.  It knew I was looking at it, and wanted me to see it.  What is was I do not know, but I did not feel scared, it wanted me to know it was there.

Robot Movements:  On another night I awoke to and 8 foot tall, robot with really squared off features.  It was standing in the doorway in between our bedroom and bathroom.  It just stood there, It did not say or move or nothing it was just watching us.  I felt fear just closed my eyes.

Motion Sensing Night Lights:  Having 4 small children in the house who randomly get up at night, my husband has installed infrared night lights that come on only when motion is sensed.   When my youngest son who is almost 2 would cry from cutting teeth during nights I would get up to check on him on began noticing that the motion sensing night light in our bath was one.  I wrote it off at first but I have noticed a trend that it is triggered many times before I would even get near the bathroom.  This happens so much that I suspect it is spirits triggering the device.  I half feel like maybe the spirits are disrupting my child's sleep in order to get my attention.  This happens 2 to 3 times a week.

Online Psychic Presence:  My husband has always ever since I have known him has a strong desire to build a "Bunker." He loves basements, woods, energy efficiency, self sufficiency etc.   He reads a lot, does research on anything that interests him and he is always looking into various future events on earth.  In some online forum he ran across a supposed psychic who would do a reading for $20.  But you did not pay unless you felt it was worth it.  Basically you send him and email with name, location, maybe age.  Ask a question.  He said he specialized in finding lost items.  He approached me and said he would pay for me to have a reading, but would need to know the question I would want to know.  We were both curious, but thought that psychics were basically for entertainment purposes.  I told him I would do it but I did not know at the time what I would want to know.  One while day driving through my town I saw new place that opened and it was a psychic shop.  I looked it up online and it got me interested.  After telling my husband he agreed to pay the $75 for a reading as long as I recorded the reading so he too could hear it.  I agreed, and decided that I wanted to prove or disproved psychics.  I went to the reading and recorded it.   I was amazed, and the reading was very personal and meant a lot to me.  It also confirmed some the spirits that were around me.  My husband transcribed the whole session for me.  I may share it at a latter time.  My husband still the scientific skeptic, setup his own session.  However, his was not a good as mine, the psychic did NOT connect with him as she did with me.  I too have a hard time connecting to him.  I still cannot explain why some people are easy to get in their vibe and others are not.  He is a very guarded, very independent person.  While at the reading it was mentioned that they  had a Thursday class you could attend to see if you have the gift to develop.  He went to the class, and to his surprise or coincidence seem to provide  a reading for someone else that meant something.  Jump ahead 2 weeks, Thursday my husband cut his workout short, ran into the house and told me I needed to go to the psychic class.  I refused, I told him I did have a bra on, he said put one on.  I said I need a shower,  he said your not that dirty just "dry clean" our term for deodorant and perfume.  I said, it was too late and I did not want to be late, he said leave now.  I was not going, the fear I felt before started creeping back.  He said, I need you to go, just go, do it for him,  please go and leave now.  I was angry but I know he would be really pissed if I did not go so I finally caved and went, but I was sure I would not have a good time.

My First Class:  I arrived at class just in time, as I walked through the door I was told to select and object from a basket of personal items and insert one of my own.  I selected a ring.  I was instructed to hold the ring and meditate and just write down what I saw.  Knowing from my talks with my husbands experience in the class, I knew that these things would be in the form of images in my mind.  I was shocked at what I saw, my mind and body immediately filled with images, sounds and sensations.  I wrote down everything I experienced.  I am a natural at the skill of Psychometry.  I not only see images play in my mind, but feel sensations.  I was told I did really great for my first class experience.  I never felt anything like this before, and it was naturally easy to me.

The Ring:  During my first class we practiced Psychometry.  Being completed new at this, and never having done a reading, I was very nervous, but just tried to do my best. I drew a woman's ring from a bowl.  They only gave us a few minutes to write down our initial impression.  I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the object in my hand, and then let my mind drift.  I immediately got what felt like  a caffeine rush.  Once I understood the sensation, I got a feeling of dread, like an important decision had to be made and it left a feeling of a pit in my stomach.  I then sensed a house with dogs, and I then went back to the caffeine rush.  I couldn't get past that feeling.  When I revealed my response, a woman stepped forward and revealed that she had just drank a "ridiculous" amount of coffee, she had some important and pressing housing decisions to make that was very consuming, and she does have dogs.  I was shocked and amazed at the same time.  I then began to think I may have something.  Other class members and the teacher were also impressed with my first attempt at doing anything psychic.

Anonymous Reading of Objects:  My husband, a believer but still scientific method observer still wanted to test my ability.  He decided he would bring home an object from a person in which he worked with and have me read it.  He would explain to them that he was going to have his wife read the object without telling her anything.  He asked for object that were gender neutral.  All he asked for was that they give a response to the reading for her.  The first thing he brought home was a small file cabinet key.  I wrote down what I saw and thought I was way off the mark.  I got pictures, house layout, pets, physical sensation of the person.  But I couldn't not make a connection with what it all meant, it seemed so random.  I found out that I blew the person away, they even sent a copy of a sketch that they drew the evening in which I did the reading and their drawing matched the random picture I drew but had no explanation for.  Not only did I get the layout of his home correct, and the cat, but other things I thought were random he explained how they related to him.  NOTE:  If you ever try this, you MUST get permission from the owner to read the object,  if you do not you may get noting or a totally wrong reading.  It is also wrong.  Never read and object without the owner permission.  The same person took his wife's lip balm but was too embarrassed to explain why he wanted it and just took it from her purse.  I barely got anything and felt the reading was very poor.  I asked my husband if the person knew I was doing the reading and he was unsure.  The next day it was confirmed that I did not have the owner's permission.  The next reading I did was an ink pen.  Immediately my arm began to hurt.  It hurt so bad that I wanted to stop holding it.  I had to put it down.  I decided to type out the reading because to write it with that pen hurt my arm.  I told my husband this person has a real problem with their arm.  The next day he confirmed I again hit the target.  When he gave the reading to the person the admitted that they have very bad carpel tunnel, so bad that they are supposed to where a brace for it but because they are modest the do not.  She said it does hurt badly from wrist up to elbow, the same pain my wife felt.  That was when I started to accept that I was able to feel physical sensations.

Unexpected Visit (Scott):  One night I was struggling to get some sleep, however I was being kept awake by and image of my neighbor face.  My neighbor who recently passed away almost a year ago from a complication from Chicken Pox was  trying to persuade me to received a message.  Being tired I kept thinking, not now, not now.  When I realized he was not going to stop, I said OK, What to you want to tell me.  The follow is the email I sent to my dead neighbors wife.  Although a little embarrassed in trying to explain what I got and not wanting to offend a recent widow I still felt compelled to give her the information that I received.

Dear XXXX,

I wanted to let you know I have been working with XXXX trying to develop myself a little, and every since then I have been seeing a lot of images.  Last night my mind was particularly active, and actually XXXX seemed very persistent in wanting to relay a message to you, so I took some time, paid attention and I feel I owe it to both of you to pass it on in case it does mean something to you.
  • I scrapbook and I got an image of birthday scrapbook paper.  Is it someones birthday?
  • I saw XXXX in either a puppet or magic show setting.  Does this mean anything?
  • XXXX was holding Olive and both seemed very happy and peaceful.
  • XXXX was wearing a Hawaiian shirt that was red and white.
  • XXXX acted like he was trying to present you with a bouquet of purple spring flowers.
  • XXXX then showed me a goldfish in a bowl.
  • We then looked at your house and floated above it.  There were skylights on it and he stopped to look down at you.  You were sitting in the living room on a cream colored couch wearing dark rimmed glasses and you were either reading or working on your book.  XXXX looked at you and crossed his arms on his chest like it made him happy, proud and touched all at the same time..
  • After that image we floated to the back yard and he was smiling at a carving/statue of a bear..  I thought it was either brown or out of wood???  He then acted like if you move be sure that you take it with you..
  • That was the end, and XXXXt seemed at peace if I relayed that to you..
I hope that some of that meant something to you.   Please call me and let me know if any of this means anything... I am curios if I don't have some kind of intuition why I keep seeing these strange images...??

She later confirmed to me that he birthday was approaching and even though he passed away, she was having a party for him in Vegas (birthday paper).  She was planning on seeing some shows there (magic show).  Olive was a pet they had that had passed away.  The bouquet was the same flower that was in both their wedding and his funeral.  The goldfish bowl sits on her desk at work and they used to laugh about it.  The furniture I described is in her living room and they do have a carved bear that someone had given them.  Finally, she was considering selling their home. I was so happy to be able to relay a message to someone, that I knew this is what I needed to be doing

Walter (Grandpa and Grandma):  My grandfather passed away a few years ago. The following year my grandmother passed away.  At the time my grandmother passed things with the estate became ugly.  My grandmother suffered dementia  and even though nothing could be proven, my perception (again this is my opinion and may or may not be shared with everyone) was that an uncle and his wife preyed upon her mental state and when she passed they took most everything.  There was a lot of lying and deceit going on at this time, and one night when I was laying in bed my grandmother came to me in my mind.  She was giving me a message that she wanted me to relay to my mom.  She had her head down like she was sad about what was going on.  She then showed me a handful of jewelry, much of it was turquoise (my grandma never wore jewelry except for her wedding ring). My grandfather then came into the picture.  His message to my mom was "Damn it XXX, get over there and fight for it."  He was very angry and clicked his dentures at me (like he used to do when I was a small child)  He then showed me an area that I won't even specify here that contains 2 smalls keys that looked like deposit box keys and also a passbook.  I relayed all of this to my mom, and she started to tear up.  My grandmother DID have jewelry  and my mom was able to get a little of it, and it was turquoise.  She also said that my grandfather's message to her was exactly in words that was how he talked to her (I guess he didn't use her common name when us kids weren't around).  As far as the secret area, she is well aware of it, and believes I am right, but only a few family members have access to this hidden location.  Everything made perfect sense to her.

Present:  I have been attending this psychic class pretty much weekly since December 2011.  I have slowly developed my abilities and can even hear voices speak in my ear.  This creeps me out and I am not yet able to tolerate a voice in my ear.  Songs or sounds in my head are fine, but a little voice in my ear I have to work on.  As my abilities developed my husband began researching and testing them. He would give me random things and questions and each and every time I would come up with things.  At first he just listened, but as the mind forgets he started to record some sessions.   Now he just types them as I speak them.  He then thought we should share my visions with the world.  Nothing to be gained, knowledge only.  He has a saying "The Universe Will Provide" and I being the pessimistic one, have started to see the truth in his saying.  I have decided to let go, always do what is right and follow my inner god.  That is why he created this blog.  It has grown tremendously over the past few months and I fear it will become more than I can handle, but again he tells me not to worry The Universe Will Provide.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Mind blowing :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so honest about your experiences. I also had experiences from childhood up. When I started to hear the voices out loud (I was 8 or 9) I freaked a bit and asked them to go away. When I was in my early twenties I asked them to come back. I have had many experiences like yours. I love it that you and your husband are so open to testing it and seeing what happens. Don't worry about silly people who can't see the nose in front of their face. You are doing great. Love & Hugs, Arielle

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history. I used to visit Camp Chesterfield when I lived in Noblesville IN. The folks there were interesting - they smoked a lot by the way.
Enjoy your posts - keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the material.

Tina said...

Absolutely amazing! So glad you overcame your fear of the unknown. Also for sharing your story. Sounds like you have come along way. You are one lucky lady to have such a special gift. Damn I'm jealous!! lol..
And kudo's for getting off that horrible pharmaceutical crap.

So far loving your blog, very interesting. Tons of info.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I just spent most of the night reading here, and like the last person said, amazing!
I don't usually post comments, but I'd hate you to think people are not interested.
I'm saving site and am planning on reading you. Be kind of fun to hear how classes are going : )
Thanks to you and your hubby for sharing.
XXXX < (lol, but it isn't wise to post names, eh)


Hey this is wonderful. I enjoyed reading your story. I have only few words to say. I think you have the seer ability. Definately this blog will continue to grow tremendously more than you and your husband can handle. But i think your husband is right in saying universe will provide because i know a person will receive according to the level he or she gives. Don't be scared to share or give according to your gift. You will certainly reap the rewards of your work. Universe will provide and i know God will provide much more. I pray now for you so that God's angels will cover and surround you against all the enemies. May God bring in to your life people with the same abilities as yours to help you in this work you have committed yourself to. May there be resources and open opportunities. Trust my word and don't worry. God will take care !

Anonymous said...

I don't even remember what I was googling at first that brought me to your blog. A day later I have read through every post and want to say thank you for sharing your experiences. Perhaps they will help me find the confidence to unlock my ability that I have been scared of for many years now. I begin a meditation class next month that I hope will lead me down that path.

Anonymous said...

Hello my sister

I think it may also be good to come and share a little bit of your experiences if you have time on this website. You can signup and be a member for free. Definately more people need to know this and get inspired. This is the link i'm talking of:

Real Spiritual Experiences - Spiritual Experiences and Spirituality

Anonymous said...

I was quite taken by the tone of these narratives in the Focus Sessions. It is exploratory and unassuming which to me at least lends a certain credibility to the information.

In your "perceptions" regarding the potential for a major mega-earthquake on March 13, '13 around the pacific 'ring of fire' zone that could have dire consequences on the world economy.... do you see Japan being intensely affected at all? There is a remarkable confluence of astrological aspects occurring on the morning of the 13th (3:30 am JST local time) with many of the same aspects experienced at the time of the 9.0 Japan earthquake/tsunami of March 11, 2011. I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome and so are your experiences. When I was a child, I was extremely scary and hated being alone. I talked to myself a lot but I'm not sure if my conversations were necessarily with others. At age 6, I remember praying that I could go "home." I also remember looking in the mirror at age 8 or so and feeling as if I did not recognize myself. I was also fascinated with and shocked that I could not perform tele/psychokinesis. I remember being very upset by that. I also loved the name Jade as a young child. I also thought I had an encounter with a levitating Yaohushua at 13 but realized a few months ago, quite clearly, that I actually saw Higher Self.

Anyway, I had a very weird childhood that was turned upside down by abuse trauma and so recovery from my experiences and my guilt consumed me until I was an adult.

Thank you. I'm so thankful I discovered your page. Please remain your awesome self.

gibby62 said...

3:00 is supposed to be the time when the veil between the natural & supernatural is thinnest.

Anonymous said...

So interesting. I always dream things and they happen about a month later. Would this be a psychic ability? Thank you for sharing your gift.

Anonymous said...

I'm very touched by your story and so happy you and your husband found each other and have been exploring truth in this way. It's so beautiful and I am so grateful for couples like you. Thank you so much for your light and keep going until that door opens.

Anonymous said...

Hello friend, please check it.
0:12 Seconds is a text.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've read the whole page and it was freaking me out at times. I don't know how could I handle experiences like that but it's great to know you are not closing your eyes anymore :)

One experience is when my grandfather passed away and I was having a hard time sleeping with my mom in a double bed (I was 10), a cat came and laid down in between us and we were stroking it. However our cat was locked in the bathroom so we were stroking our cat who was meawing in the bathroom? I was too sleepy to stop stroking it although deep down we were aware it was not a cat, really.

So thanks for sharing your story, these things start seeming more "normal".

Psychic Focus said...

@ 7:06 AM: Thanks for sharing that story. I sometimes think things (even things that can be fearful) happen to make us aware that there is a bigger picture.

@11:35 PM: Thank you for sharing. That YouTube pic described very similar things to what I saw.

@1:55 AM: I think to some extent everyone has ability. For some it is easy to develop, and for others it can be more difficult. You may want to experiment with different crystals under you bed or pillow (that helps dreaming too) and also start a journal (either audio or handwritten) that you do each morning. Try developing what you have. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your Gift is amazing, thank you for sharing it with us!

Waityurturn said...

Loved reading your story!!

Raja said...

Thank you dear...I am very happy to your readings..i am searching someone to reveal the truth and now I have you..
Thanks and love you..
Bless and be blessed.

Ms. V said...

I think you should write a book. All your experience can be a guidance to others that may have the same enlight and have no reach a balance to understand it

Much love to you and do not be afraid. You are no alone
Hugs, V

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@V: Thank you. That is very kind. I am actually thinking about it, I am just not sure how to go about doing it- but the universe will guide me if it is in my greater good. I am definitely excited (and very humbled) about the possibility.

Anonymous said...

Hello, dear Lynn ------------
Just wanted to share what I wrote about you in a personal message to Dr. Georgi Stankov (
"My Dear It [that's My Dear Divine Soul] leads me wherever It wants me to go on the Internet. That's how I came to your website [Dr. Stankov's site] several years ago. So, in like manner, HS ["Higher Self"] led me to this [yours, Lynn's] website. I am very touched and quite impressed by the sincerity and ethicomoral sensitivity, the humility and warmth, the gentle kindness of this gifted woman, who has suffered much in her life psycheally that she ultimately was led /inspired to create this website and give of herself so heartfully."
Thank you, Lynn, for your so-generous service to the world. I see in you a beautiful soul of great tenderness. You are deeply appreciated ----------
Gratefully yours,
Good energy -------
Love mucho --------
dianna cm from sf

saveASL said...

Dear Lynn,
Hi there, it was a real pleasure in reading your stories. Not many people admit or share their personal intuitive stories. It validiated a lot of my clairvoyant experiences growing up. What bothered me the most from other "professionals" was how arrogant they were and would judge or scoff at me for feeling fearful of certain things I've experienced. So you cannot imagine how relieved I am to read your concerns, fears as you first discovered your abilities. I feel better now that I'm not the only one who was puzzled over OBEs, precognitive dreams, seeing and feeling auras, seeing ghosts (which I still hate seeing but feeling them is okay), I rarely psychically hear messages but when it's necessary, it'll come from time to time. I then met a parapsychologist and took her psychic development mail correspondence classes and tarot reading. I'm now a professional tarot reader. I also do energy bodywork. 48 years and I'm still and forever will be developing my skills and learning all I can. Just wished I had a friend who I can work together to share and compare notes, etc. Anyway, thank you for sharing your stories. Here are some of mine and I'm slowly adding more later: With gratitude, RaVen

Rick Guy said...

Does your husband has a blog?
Also, who is Da-da?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Charles: My husband does not. :-) Dada is a friend I met through the blog. He is a really great writer, and sometimes we collaborate on postings that we think people would enjoy. I've learned a lot from him. :-)

NLNL said...

Thank you! I love your sharing of the progression and transparency of your journey. Also, for being down to earth so to speak and a way shower to those who still remain the preverbial closet. Keep shining 💕🌹💕

Nurse1277 said...

Hi Lynn, do you go to a psychic for a personal reading, or do you already know your own
future? Can you do past lives on famous celebrities. Thank you for your time and input in your public blogs.

Rebecca said...

Loved reading about your story Lynne, thank you for sharing. I'm wondering if the 'Charlie Brown teacher' image was a parallel life of your husband?
Love your blog!