Energy Cleansing/Clearing

Energy is not created or destroyed, but it can be shifted. Sometimes it feels to be attached to you or attached to your home, and you need assistance moving it to where it is better served. I will set up a time where we can work together and focus on your personal situation and cleansing your space.

All appointments must be paid prior to scheduled appointment via "Friends and Family" on PayPal.  No refunds will be issued.

Initial Consultation:
This allows us to discuss the situation and circumstances. It will enable me to develop a plan and explain the process I will take.*
$75 for 30 minutes  

Phone Clearing and Energy Work: We will go through a cleansing process over the phone. I will share what I am doing to help you learn how to keep and hold a clear space. This could be shifting entities or spirits elsewhere or lifting negative energy.*
$150 for 60 minutes

*Number of sessions may vary depending on the energy or entity.  I cannot guarantee how long this will take, but I will be as proactive and respectful of your time/financial obligation as possible.  

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