doTERRA Essential Oils

Hi everyone!  Many times in readings I'm asked various questions regarding health and wellness.  I intuitively jump to more natural methods of healing, often times seeing various essential oils.  I have used oils, herbs, vitamins and nutrition for years to support the health of both my family and myself.  I wanted to dedicate some time (and blog space) to also share some things with you.  I hope you enjoy the mini education blogs.  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions, or would like to explore doTERRA for yourself.

I have also created a Facebook page where we can share information, ideas and support for one another.   Just follow the link and click LIKE to join.  I know when I started down the natural healing path it was overwhelming at times, and I want everyone to feel they have good community of people to lean on.

Love and light,

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