I am not expert, I do not research anything about these entities, I just created this page as a reference to classify species of beings I have encountered in my Focus Requests.  I see so many different beings, I need a page to organize my thoughts (and update the page as needed).  

(Note these images are not exactly but the closest match I could find on Google Images to match what I saw in my minds eye)

Moon Based Albino Humanoids
6-7 ft tall, Fleshy skin like us, Light hair blonde or white, super light blue eyes.  Communicates by: They use a lot of voice.
Purpose: Loaners, do not associate with other species, I think they are mining looking for an artifact on the moon.

Inner Earth / Mt. Shasta Cavern - Ant / Insect People

5-6 ft tall, Crunch brown with shiny sheen crustacean like shell.  No hair, two fairly large round eyes tennis ball size, vertical mouth with 4 pallip fealers.  Walk on two hind legs, knees bend opposite of humans, two arms, and two smaller rib cage arms small like little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms.  Had little black antenna 6" long.
Communicates by: Some mental, and some clicks and weird noises with their mouth.
Purpose: I do not know, they just kind of control the inner earth.

Spaceship Based - Greys (Possibly the Pleiadians)

4-5 ft tall, Smooth light pale yellow and varies to olive green skin.  No hair, tennis ball round black eyes, mouth small human like, do not see teeth,  Upright two legs, normal knee bend, two arms, hands have 3 fingers, unsure of thumb, I think yes but I am not sure at this time.  As a side note:  Everytime you say Greys, my mind immediately goes to a hairless cat, that I saw on friends and it was Rachael's pet on one episode.  Always I go to that, I do not know if it is the skin texture or what, but that is the image I get each time.
Lives 500 years.
Communicates: Mental, by body language, hands expressions.
Purpose: Parents, like they are here to check up on us and to make sure we do not destroy ourselves.

Lyrans - Humanoid - No Soul - I see Saturn's Ring, maybe a planet past Saturn?

6- ft tall, Fleshy like human, 5 fingers toes, human mirror image.  However their internal workings are not the same as humans, and I they feel soulless to me.
Communicate:  They can use speech and talk like a human or mentally communication.  They can do both.  They can talk mentally to a human if that human is capable.
Purpose: Curious, Smart, Emotionless, Scientific, No regard for human life and no compassion.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And you know this for sure how??

Anonymous said...

Can you give us some insight on the Dulce, New Mexico underground facility. It is claimed to be a location where multiple alien races live together. Supposedly, there was also some kind of battle there as well.

Anonymous said...

Dulce Underground Base Smuggled Footage

Gypsycat said...

Aliens are harvesting humans/animals to use in experiments where they are trying to recreate themselves with a soul. These aliens are evil.

Danny & Andrea Avery said...

I agree with Gypsycat, except that I eould tag on the first comment from Annonymous:

Aliens are fallen Angels who have been "harvesting humans/animals to use in experiments where they are trying to recreate themselves with soul"

They are evil for sure. The problem for these evil spirits is that they have no physical body and they need bodies. Perhaps that will come in the form of cloning humans to inhabit or some other method. Just watch the movie The Host to see some of the adgenda. In the movie these aliens are very ancient, beings who require a host, just like these evil spirits. The movie portrays them as beings of light, just as God says that Satan portrays himself as an angel of light. The main character, in the end, says her alien is the most pure soul she ever met. They want us to believe that they are pure, beautiful, full of knowledge and that they will bring us enlightenment. In reality they are disguising what they really are and their malicious intent. Their true intent is to take over and they see us only as sheep or cattle. They don't care if we live or die. They have one adgenda and that is the takover of humanity to pull us all away from the grip of our loving Father. That's why Jesus died; to break their power over us and to rescue us out of darkness into His kingdom of light.

Compassion Spread said...

Who are Andromedans? If they humans like us, can you see any genetic connection between us and them? How many cosmos generations apart, and who are in between?

Piperon said...


Like we were created and bought here by another species, there are million of species out there in the universe. This is GOD mighty creation and you cannot lump all of them as fallen angels, this is not fair to them. If one single human behaved badly, then you are saying all humans are bad-ass too. You are hitting the whole boat with a bamboo stick.

You have to understand that creation is not mono, it is multi. What you see in the ocean and forest are the best evidences. Do you ONLY see dolphins in the ocean and do you ONLY see zebra in the forest? These two small places on Earth already given us the clue of creation. What about the vast universe? Human alone and the rest of the alien are fallen angels - this is laugable, ignorance and arrogance.

Who started this mysth of saying ALIENS ARE FALLEN ANGELS - The Christians (Sorry if you are one of them). The same goes to their religion belief - if you are not converted to Christian, then you shall burn in hell eternally. And only Chrisitian goes to the Heaven and everyone else goes to Hell. You see the same analogy here? I am sorry to touch on this sensitive topic but it must be done. And if you still not knowing that it was the Christian who done the most killing on Earth and may you wonder will they go to the Heaven afterthat? Ponder about this.

May the LOVE be with you always!


Steve H said...

Short Grays or greys are not plaedians, they are typically bio mechanical bodies working for taller grays who work as slaves for reptillians. Many are from Sirus.

are all aliens fallen angels? that is false? how can you tell, test the spirits. Ask them, who do you say Jesus is. No answer or anger....bad, if they say he is God in the flesh or something along those lines, they are good.

Pharaoh Gamma said...

lol thats not what a pleaidain look like, the very first image of the human looking can be pleadian, they have blue eyes and very pretty tall too... The first image is the pleadian, the mouse face is the gray, make a correction so people don't get the wrong message.

cheers lynn.

be well all.

Old soul said...

HI Lynn, could you please tune into this claim of alien abduction. These four friends claim to be abducted while in a camping trip in Maine 1976. Under hypnosis they claim to be experimented on and all recall the same events, even passed the polygraph test.


Charles Smith said...

Hey what happened to cat like people?

Unknown said...

I have always had signs of being connected to Andromedans. I too have psychic abilities and I agree with what was said in her stories above. I have not seen all of them but they do connect and speak telepathically.

marymary said...

The ET insects (grasshoppers/mantids) that Lynn believes live in the Inner Earth are the masters of mind control. That is their main purpose. They have brittle bodies not well suited for any type of physical combat, so they have become experts at mind control instead. Regarding the statement that all aliens are fallen angels, my own personal experience tells me this is not 100% true, perhaps 90% true. The only enlightened and spiritually advanced race I have encountered who will not take advantage of us (or use us as their lab rats) are the Arcturians. There may be a few other alien races that I do not know about who are positive and helpful, but the majority of them you cannot trust.