Thursday, January 31, 2019

doTERRA: How to Chose an Oil / Why doTERRA

I realize the following may sound a little "soap boxy," but I get asked this question all the time.  I thought I would put my feelings (and facts) out there, and allow those interested to use their own good judgement to make their decisions.  I also realize different things resonate with different people, and we all have our own needs.  :-)  

There are several oils on the market.  Like anything, some are better than others.  doTERRA happens to be the one I trust for a variety of reasons.  I've used doTERRA for several years, and have seen the differences it has made first hand.

doTERRA uses farms from all over the world to obtain the maximum potency.  The plants used to produce the oil are the most pure and potent when they are extracted from their natural environment.  For example, doTERRA sources Lemon essential oil from citrus orchards in Sicily, Italy, where people have grown lemon and bergamot for generations.

doTERRA oils go through an intense testing to ensure purity, potency and consistency.  This rigorous (and documented) testing and research enables them to feel confident is labeling their product Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  I realize that many products use labels as marketing tactics, but regardless of what acronym they use, the documented research resonates with me.

doTERRA prides themselves on purity.  I  have experienced the difference myself.  One of my favorite things is doTERRA lemon oil in water.  I drink a few glasses a day.  I had run out, and rather than bother my doTERRA rep, I thought I would (naively) order online from a selling website (not doTERRA) and have it sent right to my house.  It arrived, and I eagerly opened it to enjoy a fresh glass of lemon water, and immediately I knew the product had been altered.  It was a diluted version of what I knew lemon water to be.

I first reported this to the selling site, and then called my doTERRA rep, confessing what I did, and she took information from the bottle and about the seller.  Apparently people will sometimes buy an oil, in my case it was doTERRA, dilute it with water or fractionated coconut oil, package it to look like the original with perfect labeling and sealed top, and sell it.  doTERRA takes this seriously, and will immediately go after the seller.  The company stands behind their product and their people, and these things are taken seriously.

Like I mentioned, I realize doTERRa isn't the only oil out there.  Should you chose to look at oils to aid in health and wellness, do your research and use your intuitive filter.  The above are why I chose to go with doTERRA.

Love and light, Lynn

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Cascadia Subduction Zone

Q.  I would appreciate it if you would address the Cascadia subduction zone. Apparently in the Pacific Northwest where I live (I’m in Portland) is overdue for a major 9.0 huge earthquake, and an ensuing tsunami. The Interstate 5 corridor that runs from Northern California to Vancouver island, Canada is in danger. And I’m wondering if you could zero in on the timing in which this may happen. Apparently there’s a 1 in 3 chance that it will happen in the next 50 years. And it will be the most devastating disaster in the US. Far bigger than what New Orleans was. 
A.  This was a message sent to me and I wanted to have a look.  When I focus on this area, it does feel as though a tremendous amount of weather manipulation has been occurring, and has been for the last couple years.  The goal has been controlling moisture content, and directing rain to specific areas, but in the process it does super heat areas of the underlying earth.  

Monday, January 28, 2019

Lunar Chyna

Q.  Hi Lynn, "Chyna" claimed to have successfully landed a rover on far side of the Moon.  Did they actually land or is it filmed in a studio like the 1969 Moon landing?

A.  I get that "Chyna" needed to fake this to keep the illusion alive.  Many countries are competing to be strong and look strong in the eyes of their people, and will do what is needed (whether it is true or false).  

When the first alleged landing happened in '69 it needed to happen to validate support and legitimacy within the space program (to continue to funnel tax money) and also create a presence all over the world.  Even though the technology was not there to make this happen (I cannot see anyone getting off Earth EXCEPT via specific portals) the US looks like it was pressured to accomplish this, and the premature promises led many countries down this fake race to spayce (the US being number one).  I see that money that was sent to the "program" really went into ET research, development and also reverse engineering of ET technology.

I also get the "space thing" (US, Russia, etc) is sort of like a "club."  Once one country realizes the "truth," they have the option to expose it for what it is, or partake in the "secret" and claim their own strength.  Unfortunately, many look to chose the later.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Patreon: Hucolo Group

Q.  Gratitude to you for your leading edge work!!

I discovered this online community called Hucolo where channelers work with group or an individual's questions. These readings are informative as well as enlightening. Two in particular stand out: one channeled a "Cate-ball" member, and the other was with a "Secret Space" program member. 

Human in Space Program and "Cate-ball" Member:

The following are questions that came to mind:  

  • Were those humans alive when the reading took place?
  • One mentioned they where using a device to communicate and the other was not asked - how did both pick up the call to be channeled? In other words, how did they know someone wanted to communicate via psychic channeling? Did technology sound an alarm and how did I that work, exactly? I am curious about the cate-ball member too?
  • Both of these humans offered a lot of info/Intel - are others quite aware of their channeled conversations?
  • Was Jim Charles channeling who he claims to channel,  and at what risk considering the secrecy of both their respective connections? 
  • Was the information given truthfully? 
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Health Concerns in Australia

Q.  Hi Lynn, Recently I watched a series on vaccinations. I am quite alarmed to learn about the current vaccination schedule in Australia. It has been some time since I was vaccinated and my son is grown up now. After actually looking at the current schedule myself, I am really worried about my future grandchildren. With forced and/or mandatory vaccinations increasing in Australia, and the number of vaccinations being added to the vaccination schedule also increasing, I wonder what effect this will have on our immune systems long term. I was shocked to learn that babies are being given Hep B vaccination on the day of birth!!!! Flu vaccinations and rota virus also regularly appear in the schedule. Pregnant women are being encouraged to have flu vaccinations and pertussis (whooping cough). Apparently there is even talk of giving the HPV vaccine to pregnant women and/or young children!!!! I find this all extremely alarming. Could you speak to this please? Do you see the government ever doing a back flip on this?
A.  There is a lot going on with this topic.  I see governments are becoming more and more persistent with vaccines because of the lobbyists and money to be made both in administering the drug and treating the side effects.  As more knowledge is shared, and research is done by private companies, people are realizing that their best interest is not complete motivator for pushing these immunizations.   People are slowly revolting against this strict schedule of shots, and pushing back, but this is being met with resistance.  

At first caregivers will have fear and guilt pushed on them, and then something legal (like a benefit) looks to be tied to completing the vaccine schedule.  This looks like a battle that goes on for a little while, BUT I see someone or some special interest group emerging using "human rights" as a legal way to combat this "requirement."  

The bad news is that the struggle looks to go on for a few more years, but the good news is that it looks to stop and people will regain control of their body's.

Monday, January 21, 2019

To Engage in the World or Ignore the Illusion

Q.  On one hand, one may argue that one should not engage in the world and try to solve global problems, because you risk being emotionally invested in these problems (which are just an illusion anyway) and locked up in negative emotion, perpetuating the problem at hand by focusing on it in a negative way. On the other hand, one may argue, that the argument of the world being an illusion which is not worth feeling upset about, is just an excuse not to engage in the world and tackle problems. Something which is avoided because of fear of change.

So either way, if you stoically ignore the negativity in the world, or if you engage in it to tackle the problems, one may still argue that one is influenced by or locked up in negative emotion, either the fear of change, or anger and sadness because of the state of the world. So how do you tell which is true in each situation?
A.  It is true that to some extent this is an illusion; but the challenge is that we have to live within this illusion.  

As I approach this question a little deeper, I hear the phrase "Event + Response = Outcome."  The "Event" is the state of our world and the "Response" is how you deal with the state of the world.  If you get sucked into a negative thought process, you will become negative and add negativity to the collective consciousness (i.e "Outcome").  If you change your "Response" to something positive like sending love, healing, even smiling or helping someone else, you create a positive "Outcome" that puts positivity into the collective, and also will elevate your own vibration.  

When I focus on this, it isn't so much about to ignore or not to ignore negativity, but more about changing your "Response" to have a more desired "Outcome" for yourself and the world.  Everyone gets influenced by the negativity out there, so the challenge is to recognize it and do something to dissipate it with something of a higher vibration.  I also get it is near impossible to disengage from the world, so you have to deal with it in the best way that serves the greater good.  You cannot have darkness where there is light, so every bit of positivity you give out creates a little more light in the world.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-  

Friday, January 18, 2019

Patreon: Possibility of Two "Gods"

Q. Here is a pretty good list of all such contradictions: Please see the question below: As I went through the above it became rather clear that I do not relate to the God of the old testament at all. For example, I cannot worship a God that teaches me to take an animal's life to please him given that we have plenty of access to plants. On the other hand I can completely relate to Jesus' message and see him as an incredible role model. His heart is so pure that just the thought of him lifts you up. So how can this be? Can it really be the same God? A far more likely explanation, I think, is that the two Gods are NOT the same and in fact the bible was written with perspectives of two opposing polarities - a service to self polarity (Old Testament) and a service to others polarity (New Testament). Given that the service to self polarity is embodied by Satan, I would even go as far as asking if the old testament is actually Satan's gospel? I know this sounds like a wild theory and I hope I do not offend anyone with my uneducated guesses on such a theological topic.. but I thought it might be very interesting if you could do a reading on this and shed your unique insight!

A. To see my response and video discussion, please visit me on Patreon.   Love and light (and Lots of Gratitude)  Lynn

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

House Cleaning and Keeping Connected

Hi everyone! Today's post wasn't what I intended; however, very important. In an attempt to protect myself with all the sensor-ship going on, I started creating a backup video channel (alternative sites almost have to do this to avoid having content and lots of work deleted forever). I started this 2 days ago and started to upload content. I just received the following message in my inbox:

Interestingly, the following is the post tied to the video in question (words have been altered to "protect" the post).  Having said that, PLEASE "Like" and "Share" my work on FaceBook and Twitter to ensure we can stay connected (I truly love the community we have formed).  Also don't forget to turn on notifications.  I also decided it was best to begin using a more secure email (which can be saved into your contacts) too.  It is becoming near impossible (and exhausting at times) to share information and discuss alternative concepts, and I have a lot of gratitude to all of you and your support.  Enjoy the "post." 

'What's Up In Holly Could Hi Lynn,  I was wondering if you could look into this. I have noticed that over the past couple of years Holly Could has really changed their scripts to use children as the main characters or heroes. Any movie from Wolverine, Transformers, Star Wars, Pacific Rim, Divergent, Hunger Games, to even the newest The Quiet Place where the teenager daughter seems to lead the movie. Quite honestly I find this disturbing as many of these movies are violent, and portray young kids and teenagers in adult roles. It seems like this is brainwashing society into believing kids and teenagers are responsible enough to make life decisions, and many movie goers don't catch on. Feels like some kind of Holly Could agenda is being forced at as. Who's behind this and WHY? Why are these kids exploited into adult roles? Do you see this affecting our future generations?
Thank you and God bless!A.  In tuning into this, there are agendas in place.  The main goal of the PTW (Powers That Were) is to break down the family.  I get when the family breaks down, society in general is much weaker and easier to control.  
Teens feeling they are more mature than they are (know more than their parents, even more than past generations) and disrespecting parent role models, puts teens in situations they may not be ready for (and is a slippery slope that could lead to these teens becoming an adult on social programs i.e slaves to the system).  They are encouraging and glamorizing mature relationships and unrealistic situations.  They want teens to feel they are adults. 
The over-sexualization of teens also feeds into the PTWs "perversion of youth" activity.  They (the PTW) are trying to normalize this activity on screen, so it becomes more and more acceptable in society.  On the surface they want to allude they are fighting it, and profess how immoral it is, but on the inside they are promoting their rings and cannot help themselves. 
Treating teens as adults also opens more gateways to future opportunities.  They teach teens that if you want something, you should find a way to buy it, even if you don't have the money.  Instant gratification versus delayed gratification is a lesson being taught.   Huge debts and tons of interest payments makes the bankers happy.  
I also see the democrats trying to grow a new voter base.  Holly Could is becoming more liberal, and teaming up to help sway younger generations in a more liberal direction.  The goal and hope is that these younger voters will help them (the PTW)  achieve their goals with greater ease.  
Future generations look to be directed on a more liberal pathway, with Holly Could trying to be the role model (versus parents).  Conservative views are trying to be shut down.  Making teens think they are more mature than they are and therefore, what they think is right, limits their ability to expand their thought beyond the programming (not all, and there is and will always be brilliant young people).  Being offended about things that aren't offensive, and always having a cause looks to be a badge of honor.  I do foresee what looks like a swarm of alt-left younger people emerging.  
And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Ego: To Embrace or Release

Q.  Many philosophers regard the letting go of the ego as the ultimate goal of life. But at the same time, isn't it the ego that incites us to engage in and invest in the physical world, which in turn is responsible for our spiritual evolution? So if we all denounced our ego, we wouldn't learn anything from the physical world?

So, what it all boils down to is: How can you tell a sound and healthy engagement and emotional investment in the physical world (if such a thing is at all possible), from a negative ditto, where you become locked up in feelings of anger or grieve tied to the physical world?

A.   It is true that ego can be your friend, and your enemy, sometimes both at the same time.  Ego drives the physical, 3D actions and emotions on earth.  Success, greed, fortitude and grit all stem from a trigger within our ego.  Specifically, emotions such as failure, fear, judgments, success and accomplishments are tied to the ego, and spark the trigger for the actions creating the success, greed, etc.  

Letting go of the ego enables for a greater spiritual evolution because the fears, judgement, rational mind opinions, and doubts don't weigh you down.  These "emotions" can lower vibrations and make it more difficult to open up and experience the Source connectedness.  To ascend to the next level, much of the ego has to be released and replaced with humility and gratitude.

So in looking at the question, the best thing I can say is that ego, like everything, needs to be handled in balance.  We are spiritual beings living a 3D, so we need to experience 3D things such as a battle of ego, but then also know when to dismiss it when it is not in your greater good.  

For example, ego may make you competitive, wanting to be better, improving yourself, etc.  If you try, and are honest with yourself, and fail, that is when you need to dismiss your ego and forgive yourself (which is a very powerful, high vibrational emotion).  Even though ego can be a positive element in creating goals and drive, it is important to know when it isn't serving you, and you need to set it aside.  

In our 3D world, finding that balance is truly the ultimate goal of life.  You are still following your path, completing life lessons to grow and expand through experience, while spiritually evolving without the challenges the ego puts in place.   Both the 3D and spiritual aspects of our being are important in the evolutionary process.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Patreon: Quick Follow Up to Previous Reading

Q.  So remember you did a reading on the famous Chris Watts case where the apparent loving father suddenly one night murders his pregnant wife Shan’ann and two young daughters (Bella 4 and Celeste 3) in the house?  He then hid their bodies at his oil field job site.  This story is still big news on YouTube because millions of people, including myself can’t wrap their head around exactly how it went down.  You explained basically what happened, and he had a mistress etc, but to put this to rest maybe you can shed some more light:

There’s so much speculation about the order they were killed in, what rooms and why the children too?  When Shan’ann walked in the door at 1:48 AM were her children already murdered? 

What took place the 15 minutes after she walked in the front door?

Some of us could maybe understand rage towards the wife, but why murder the children too?
Did the mistress Nicole Kessinger have any idea he was going to do this or that he had done it (she spoke to him on FaceTime the night of the murders).

Link to Psychic Focus previous reading:

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Existence of Mystery Lands (Shambhala, Asgard, El Dorado, Avalon, Elysium, Hades)

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you see if these places actually exist.  Thank you:

Does Shambhala exist?

When I focus on this area, I do get it exists, but it is much smaller than what the legend describes. I then see a snapshot from the movie, Ice Age, and just like in the movie, this area looks to be surrounded by one circle of snow covered mountains (I don't see two concentric circles, just one), with a green, grassy area in the middle.  There looks to be a watering hole, fruit trees, various types of vegetation and bright flowers.  The seasons change, and at times the food supply is lessened, but there is always something to be found here.   It looks to be formed around both a energetic vortex, and a specific crossing of ley lines, creating an amazing spiritual location.  I am drawn to an area that is northwest of Tibet, and hear this is a place that many monks have traveled to for spiritual growth.  Specifically, I see a practice of fasting, and exercises that allow them to focus on enlightenment. It looks as though it is a difficult trip; however possible (not sure I understand why people haven't gone there for themselves aside from the cold temperatures and mountains are a slight deterrent, but with modern technology very possible).  

Does Asgard exist?

I see Asgard existing in a spiritual sense.  It feels like a realm that people go to when they pass away.  I also see that this realm can take many names depending on your belief system.  In general, this looks and feels like the spirit plane where most people go to upon passing, and then they move through the different planes depending on their vibration.  People that were sensitive could "speak" and "see" those that lived in "Asgard" and I get something about these people knowing how to "look past the veil" between the living and the dead.

Monday, January 7, 2019

doTERRA: Master Your Metabolism

I realize this is off topic from my posts earlier in the week (or even in general), but this was so awesome I wanted to share. I am always looking to improve health and getting a better understanding of my body, and I thought some of you may like this too (and it's FREE). I just got this from doTERRA:

They are offering 5 days of informational posts regarding maintaining a healthy metabolism via Facebook.  To participate I just need you to go to my doTERRA Facebook page and "Like" me.  Don't forget to turn on notifications!  Love and light,  Lynn


Q.  Lynn, Can you do a quick read on AdrenoChrome?  I've read some rather disturbing things regarding this, and wonder if there is any truth to it.  I also can't help but notice that the word "chrome" seems all too coincidental with an operating system that is in most of our faces every day.  You always mention the truth is in plain sight, and I see this as just another example.  
Evolution of Chrome to incorporate "666" 
(Note the last symbol and the Triple 6's)

A.   When I tune into this, everything about it, the feelings and the energy surrounding it feels very dark and negative.  

I see different applications being done with this depending on the desired result, but they all are a form of manipulation and control.  Some are to control the individual using it, and some is to control others.  

I then flash to a discussion I heard about mind control and how it works.  As I remember it (this may not be fact, but it how I am hearing it in my  mind) a person has to be completely broken down mentally and basically rebuilt.  At first a person may resist, but with persistence and an element of torture, they will break, and it can take up to 90 days for this process to work.  In this specific "mind control" situation, they are being "scared almost to death."  

Friday, January 4, 2019

Patreon: Health, Healing and Wellness

Q. What is chi energy. Can it held by a machine and used for healing?  Thank you ?

Q.  Hello Lynn,  There is this Pastor on Youtube, named Pastor Dowell. He speaks a lot of truth and people either understand and are accepting, or buck him because of what he says. I'd like to know your thoughts on him. He has laid his hands on people and healed them. He is really big into being a Yisraelite, family structure and roles being lived by the true original Bible. He also is about opting out "the system" and men not getting married. Here is a video he posted about "The Real Jesus" and the reckoning of when he comes.

Q.  I'd say yes, but what do you have to say on this question: Should all North Pacific seafood be avoided?

Q.  Hi Lynn, What are the spiritual or physical causes of food allergies?  Why is it that some people are allergic to certain type of food for example, MSG, peanuts and shrimp while others aren't?

Q.  I have noticed even before becoming an RN that a lot of souls leave this earth around the holidays. What's the reason / purpose behind this? Can you look into it please?

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Blue Skies over New York

Q.  Lynn, Quick question.  Recently the New York sky lit up blue.  The media reporting felt odd to me.  The "official report" was that a transformer blew.  There are a lot of theories out there that say there was more to it.  What is your take?  Thanks. 
A.  When I tune into this, I do get there is more to this story.  This isn't the first, or the last instance of an "transformer blowing" or a very unreal looking sky. 

I get this blue color is a result of electrical charge combined with metallic components in the air.  When I focus on these metallic components, I see an image of chemtrails and the finite chemicals are floating over the city, just as you would see dust floating in the air from a sunlit angle.  

It appears that there was some kind of HAARP activity in an attempt to facilitate some kind of weather response, (I always see images of children controlling this, knowing enough to be dangerous, but not enough to fully understand the magnitude of the controls) and the experiment went array.  Not only did they over-seed the atmosphere with too many metallic components, the supercharge beaming of HAARP created too much heat, which allowed the metallic components to attach to one another (like a wire), creating a conduit for electrical energy.  Basically, this allowed the transformer to short itself out.  Then the heat and fire that occurred lit up the chemicals that were still floating in the air, giving the blue glow effect.  

Until they get a better handle of this (which is still one thing controlled by the deeper state), I see more of this happening in an effort of master weather technology.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn

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