Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Quick Thank You!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to all of you in the blog community and Patreon members!  I am thankful for all of you, and truly appreciate the support.  

I've had a few questions presented to me regarding the direction of the blog.  I love all of you, and plan on keeping the blog as a free place for us to come together, share ideas and seek truth.  I am proud of what it has become, and will continue to do at least a few posts and videos a week (unless something unforeseen happens).  

Censorship has really hit conservative and alternative sites.  Many of those sites supplemented their time with ad revenue.  Now that sites are being suppressed (mine included), hit counts either stall or go in reverse (this was just brought to my attention) and channels are being deleted, it is hard to have a voice out there, but it is more important now than ever. 

I recently started doing Patreon posts.  These are in addition to, and not a replacement of the blog, and serve as a way to say Thank You to my patrons.   

I have had a few questions as to why I'm doing Patreon, so I wanted to address this for everyone out there rather than muddle through the comments.   Content providers everywhere are seeking out other ways to support their sites and channels to give back to their families and reinvest into their work.  I reached out to a few content providers that are having similar issues, and also had a few reach out to me to determine how to navigate through these times.  Some of them sell hats and shirts, others are redirecting people to other platforms, but that didn't resonate with me.  Then, I was introduced to Patreon, which I initially didn't like because my Taurus, bull-headed personality doesn't like to admit how challenging this has been and to ask for help.  I don't think anyone likes to ask for donations or support, including me, but the response has been humbling and heart-warming.  

Again, I realize Patreon is above and beyond, and is never expected, but I'm incredibly thankful and have so much gratitude!  I want to continue to grow this awesome community we've created.

Peace and love, 


SamV said...

Lynn, thank you for all you do.

I'm supporting you on Patreon because of all the points you raised - and because I know that you are taking time from your family for the Greater Good, and in a perfect world (ha!) that should "yield some fruit" for your family, too.

Serene said...

Sending loving Gratitude right back to you!! XOXOXOX

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you!! Hugs!!

MediumBrian said...

Usually when people are trying to make money off of the truth, it affects their message. With Corey Goode and Gaia lately, this is getting more prominent. I understand you should get support, but i also dont think truth should be behind a paywall.

AleŇ° said...

It is not to make money. We are not talking about big money. Because of few dolars truth is not behind a paywall.
I see this more like showing respect and gratitude for someone's work.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@MediumBrian ~ I take umbrage at comparing Lynn to "Corey Goode" and that crowd. I know lots of psychics and Lynn is way at the back of the bus in terms of asking for anything; she's incredibly humble about her work, too humble. I have personally been paying her for her assistance for years, as I recognize the value in the information she provides. Psychics and Mediums should be paid for their talents, as good ones (who aren't riding unicorns and dancing with manipulative space brothers) are ostensibly rare. Besides, Lynn's been giving info away for a long time now; if she doesn't do what she's doing now with Patreon she'll have to quit altogether now that Scroogle is censoring her site and the honest sites of others, and tanking their numbers. I suggested to Lynn that she leave Scroogle for greener patures. If you're so concerned with truth being better represented to the general public, then I suggest you do what I do and sponsor Lynn's posts yourself, and become a sponsor and facilitator for truth instead of merely a critic.

Amanda Nicolich said...

You are worth every cent...glad I am part of your patreon community now. I have really enjoyed reading your blog numerous times a week for the past five years.:)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Dada: Hugs@

@Amanda: Thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate them more than you know! I'm glad I can be of service and help people.

R L said...

I agree with Amanda! Worth every penny! Your blog is truly valuable to me and I feel so blessed to be a part of patreon. I feel like finding you and this wonderful community of like-minded people is one of the best thing that happened to me, I had so many questions that were answered here... I could go on and on, lol. It definitely changed a lot of things for me and my family for the better. ��

The Sharing Bridge said...

Great Lynn!

Good for you! Many psychics/initiatives/mediums etc. charge for their services and I am happy to support their work when I find a connection with them. It is perfectly normal and appropriate to change for your services. Fittingly, Krista Raisa just did a video called "How to Charge for Spiritual Work". I do think the Goode/GaiaTV example is particular unto themselves and is not a match here. It may be a hard sell to those who got comfortable digesting the information you provided in the past for free but I certainly get the overall picture and let's face it - it is your decision to make!


Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much SB. I appreciate the kind words. :-)