Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Refugee Camps and Caravan

Q. I've been watching the news, and seeing a lot about the refugee caravans and camps.  It always amazes me how clean the clothes are.  It isn't just what is going on in Mexico, I've seen it in African refugee camps also..  As I see it, the best solution for this is to coordinate with the Mexican government, and establish a refugee camps on Mexican soil.  

And this issue is:   How many more caravans will be coming?   Perhaps life in a refugee camp with tents, food, education, and some health care would be preferable to life in Guatemala or Honduras for many.  

As I understand it,  the huge corporation United Fruit Company owns the best lands for banana plantations, and pays the workers very poorly.  The US government, over the decades, has cooperated by having a heavy hand in decisions as to who is president of these countries (and to my understanding has played a role in some of this).  I'm curious of your thoughts..  Best regards-
A.  When I tune into this, it is a really tough situation.   I see an image of a chess board, and hear these people are like pawns in a much larger game.  

It is true that the countries they are fleeing have little opportunity for growth, and the living conditions are poor.  This was in part due to their government and partly due to other countries taking advantage of low wages (driving wages down).

Monday, October 29, 2018

Reincarnation and Future Lives

Q. I understand that people live their lives to learn lessons and raise their vibration.
Maybe it is just my perception, but many times we read that people were famous, successful engineers, or entertainers in this life and return to the next life living a similar life.  But how often do people live their life as a police officer, then return as a farmer and the next life is a homeless person or a politician?  Do people return and live completely different lives, or do they live the same lives many times over?  Do you retain the same qualities in successive lives?  Police officers help people, but so do nurses and psychologists.  Does the pattern of helping others repeat itself?
A.   When I tune into this, I see that when we are in spirit we decide, with the help of our guides, what life we will live.  We chose where we will be born, our parents, and what lessons we will learn.  

As a soul, we have residual memories and things we are drawn to from past lives.  These residual emotions work in harmony with your predetermined life lessons and tend to surface as themes in your life, and even future lives (most times).  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Patreon Post: A Look at 2020.. (Raw Reading)

I had some really great feedback from my last "raw reading sharing my process" so I thought I would do another one.  I hope you enjoy.  

Q.  Hi Lynn, Around 2020, Saturn will be conjunct to Pluto in Capricorn. It is supposed to make big changes in social structures. Can you focus on what changes are we going to face because of this transit and how can we prepare?

Thank you.

A.  To see how I approach a reading and video discussion, please visit me on Patreon. Love and light- Lynn

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Who is Sending These Mysterious Bomb Packages to Dems

Q. Lynn, Can you give us your insight as to who is behind these mysterious bomb packages being sent to random Democrats across the country?  It has been all over the media for two days. 

A.  To be honest, as soon as I heard this yesterday I started to get images coming through.  I knew that people would most likely ask me about this topic, and rightfully be concerned, but I think it is best if I keep this brief (and you'll see why..).

When I first saw this story break, I knew it was some kind of illusion.  What I mean by that is, what conclusion you "rationally" want to draw is not the reality of what happened.  I see that a rogue "alt left" (I mean very alt left that does NOT represent the party as a whole) being controlled by the PTW (Powers That Were) are doing this to their own party because they want to create fear, panic and even sympathy for their party.  This is about midterms and regaining control and influence. 

Questions from the Net

Q.  I hesitate to ask about people, but that's all I've got for the moment.  Wes Penre and his YouTube channel... Where does this guy come from?  There sure are a lot of folks who say they have special knowledge and want to help humanity.  How do you rate his info, truthful or BS?  He seems to not trust anybody and I tend to agree with him.  You must examine any and all news these days with extra caution.
A. When I tune into him, I get he is a man that had a tough life early on.  He feels like he struggled with his family dynamic, and sort of spent his teen years and early 20s trying to find the meaning of life.  In the process of this "self discovery" or some kind of understanding, he stumbled upon a group of people (feels like a cult) that welcomed newcomers.  More importantly, he was the perfect member as they were able to easily sculpt him and make him feel that "they" were his family. 

As Wes got into this deeper, and saw some of the darker things, he was taken back, but still participated because the feeling of belonging was better than his internal feelings of something not being right.  I get that is how many people get persuaded to join these "groups."  It is about belonging and then later control.  Once you are in, it is hard to leave, much like members of a street gang. 

After witnessing and hearing of some of the activities, I get Wes couldn't take it.  I feel like he witnessed someone he cared for being harmed physically, and he knew he had to escape, but wasn't sure how.  I get he made some kind of radical geographical move to distance himself.  His next thing was to go public, realizing this would end in one of two ways.  The group would either take him out for revealing secrets, or leave him alone and treat him as a disinfo agent until he fades away, and they chose to do the later. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Devil's Footprints

Q. Lynn, I am curious to know the story of the "Devil's Footprints" on Tancook Island in Nova Scotia. There seem to be shoe prints in solid granite and the stories surrounding the footprints are about an stranger that left town and disappeared after some mysterious deaths. The prints are supposed to lead to a "bottomless" brook where people have gone missing as well.

What can you tell us about the footprints and the brook? I am sure there is an interesting story behind the folklore.

Link to photos:

A. The first thing I get is this was done thousands of years ago.  It was during a time when the nearby land was lush and full of vegetation.  It looks as though the land was inhabited by prehistoric animals, as I see them roaming about.  I get images from the movie "Ice Age" and in my mind's eye the animals are in search of a watering hole.  This looks to be a symbolic representation of what this area must have looked like at the time these footprints were formed.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Patreon Post: QAnon Phrases (Raw Psychic Reading Sharing My Process)

Hi everyone!  I have had some requests to do a raw reading on video, and THEN type up my response rather than do the reading first and discuss it with you here.  I wanted to share my process with you, and you can see what it looks like (for me) as I approach a reading.  Here goes...

Q.  QAnon uses two phrases quite often "Dark to light" and "You can not imagine the magnitude of this." What they meant by the same?

A.  To see how I approach a reading and video discussion, please visit me on Patreon. Love and light- Lynn

Friday, October 19, 2018

Tom T. Moore

Q.  Some of the blog commenters have mentioned Tom T. Moore and some of his predictions through communicating with one of his three guides via telepathy.  I have followed his work and do so enjoy the idea of benevolent outcomes.  Him asking that way, only with gratitude, can only do good in my view.  

He does seem so off on some topics.  He talks about the idea of timelines, which I am familiar.  He also talks of his "space brother" coming down for a visit.  This visit has been promised for some time now.  I'm not sure how to ask this and still pay Tom respect, but maybe gets to the heart of how people that are psychic and non-psychic get information from another source that is not in the dimension.  

Who is he receiving information from?  Is there an agenda?  Is it trustworthy?  Is the information he is relaying to the public through weekly posts accurate for a particular times, but not one we coexist on concurrently? I'm wanting to understand this from a deeper knowledge base and not just say he is wrong, as I see some good he is doing by his work.  

A.  As I tune into him, he is in telepathic communication with at least one ET.  He does communicate with beings that are not of our 3D earth.  I'm not sure if he has ever described these beings or his "space brother," but I do get an image of a very pale, pasty white, blue eyed, being.  He does appear to be able to meditate, or be in a meditative mindset and have a "pseudo conversation" with this being.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Venezuela and the Crypto

Q.  The MSM (main stream media) is not talking about this, but there is a fleet of more than 40 warships situated north and east of Venezuela. There are 100,000 Cuban, Chinese and Russian military personnel inside Venezuela for a "military exercise". People are saying that WW3 is imminent and the POTUS is going to attack Venezuela for dropping the USD and going with cryptocurrency. Please give us your comments on this volatile situation!

A.  To see my response and video discussion, please visit me on Patreon. Love and light- Lynn

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Call For Uprising, Psychic Twins and Intuitive Abilities

Q. Hi Lynn,  Is YouTuber A Call For An Uprising really onto something with his videos or is he a deceiver?
Here is a link to his YouTube channel:

A.  I scanned a few of his videos to "get in the vibe" of his work, and he feels like he does speak "some" truths, even though he focuses on the darker side of truth.  I don't know that the specific people he sites are connected to the Illuminati (I didn't pick up on that as I scanned the few videos), but do get the PTW (Powers That Were) have an interest and strong influence on people in the public eye.  It could be through movie roles, song lyrics, public appearances. etc.  

Some public people get bullied into alluding an opinion that isn't genuine to their own.  I also see that some people get caught in the trap of following through with an agenda without even realizing they are doing it (such as singing a song written by someone else).  I get an image of a hand puppet, and it looks like many times these people are being controlled either willingly or unwillingly, as long as the result of the message is the same.  I'm reminded that above all, listen to your intuitive filter with anything that crosses your path.  It won't stear you wrong.

Q. Are the Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, really psychic?
Here is a link to their YouTube channel:

A.  When I tune into them, I must admit that I get really mixed feelings.  When a psychic or medium presents their findings or predictions, it can be difficult to understand the process they used to get there.  If they are using skills such as clairaudience or clairvoyance to guide their statements, this is an example of using psychic or intuitive abilities. If you are making a statement based on only a hunch, this is just a statement.  

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Crypto Update

Q. Hi Lynn, Can you look into cryptos in general? Are they going to be allowed to succeed to take over the dying financial system? It seems they are all being "held back.." When will they be allowed to take off, thanks!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

From a Land Far Far Away...

Q. Hi Lynn, can you tell us about Cintamani Stone? I have heard it is from the Star system Sirius and is helpful during ascension.  I have also heard it is a black magic stone. Thank you for checking this out.
A.  I do see it came here via a comet that landed here on earth.  It looks like when it came into or atmosphere it was in a liquid form (?) and it crashed into a desert or beach (I see lots of sand).  When it connected, the sand bonded with the liquid, and when it cooled it created this stone.  I get it you were to test it, you would see a lot of unique properties to it because of the way it was formed.  

When I focus on the origin, I cannot confirm Sirius, but I can say I'm drawn to Orion's belt.  It looks as though it came from a system from that constellation. 

I see it has similar vibrational properties to crystals.  It also works in similar ways.  It is the intent you put in it that determines if the effects are in the light or the dark.  If you wish ill will, or work against the greater good, bad thing around you can happen.  If you put positive intent into the stone, it will amplify positive effects.  The stone itself is not good or bad, it is a tool to direct your intent.  The stone can't make you ascend, but if you work toward increasing your vibration and ascension, I see it being beneficial.

Q.  Hello Lynn, Supposedly, several flashes of light, perhaps even a laser beam was seen emanating from Saturn on September 11th. Is this a legitimate video or is it CGI? If it is real, what are the light beams and why are there two colors, red and blue? Was Saturn celebrating a planetary holiday and broadcasting their colors?  
Thanks for your blog!
A.  I get this is legit, but I see it being a different cause.  There are ET bases all over our solar system.  Saturn has a base (looks underground due to the hostile environment and atmosphere).  The base looks like a temporary home to some very tall, dark skinned Greys. These beams were really frequency beacons that were sent out, and our eyes took those frequencies and converted them to colors.  The frequencies feels like some kind of binary communication, and the two pulses came through as being "red" and "blue."

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chris Watts

Q. Hi Lynn, This is a news story that I’ve been obsessing about for weeks now thinking somethings off about it.

So there’s a case that’s been on the news for at least a month about a man named Chris Watts.  He appears (in all the videos I’ve watched) to be a loving, doting husband and father.  So on the news he’s seen pleading for the safe return of his pregnant wife Sha’nann (pronounced shuh-nann) and children Bella 4, & Celeste 3,  having no idea where they are.

Then the children’s bodies are somehow found within a day or 2  in oil tanks hundreds of feet tall reachable by ladder only, at this oil company that Chris supposedly works at ‘Anadarko’, the wife’s in a shallow grave adjacent to the tanks (and on gated private property isolated from everything.) In many videos it looks like they work for a company called LeVel.

The wife Sha’nann has tons of videos online where she’s pushing this “Thrive” product line (owned by LeVel) and somebody keeps adding more videos to YouTube, but won’t state who they are. (I did see long curly hair in a reflection). I’m talking about 50 videos a day or more. Supposedly they were heavily in debt and filed bankruptcy in 2015.

Is the ‘Chris’ in the news her husband? Are the children and Sha’nann still alive and perhaps moved to North Carolina? Is this real or a psyop? (Nobody seems to be able to cry on camera) And, what is motivation behind it?

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Schizophrenia, Glyphosate and Energy Auras

Q. Hi Lynn,  I saw this video just recently although it was recorded in 2009. Oprah interview a little girl (7 years old at the time) that was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The little girl had "more" than 200 imaginary friends. What interested me the most was the part where the little girl told Oprah that there were imaginary animals on the border of her world and our world. For a little girl to be separating different worlds is astonishing. My questions is if this little girl actually sees something? If so, what or who are they? And, from what dimension? Also, her little brother self inflicts himself. Is there something in their genes that makes them like this? Or is this something else. I have included the link of the interview.
Thank you for all your wonderful readings.

A.  I get people with schizophrenia live and experience multiple realities at the same time.  The frustrating part for them is that each reality FEELS "real."  It is as if they never can get peace because their minds are flooded with "chatter" on many different level.  They see glimpses and hear voices of these other realities (or worlds). 

People with schizophrenia do see things.  Sometimes it is in their minds eye (still very real) and other times they manifest to wear their 3D eyes see them.  I see this little girl having both experiences.  

The real issue I see is that people with this challenge are very sensitive, intuitive and even psychic.  The openness they express (with ease), allows many beings on all different levels and vibrations to come through.  Beings on different levels want to be heard, and will rush a person that is open and willing to communicate with them.  In many ways (and I need to state this is what comes through intuitively, I am not a doctor) people with this should be taught how to set spiritual protection to prevent these lower vibe beings from being able to come through.  They need to learn is something is "bad" they can mentally command it to leave.  They can also set boundaries allowing only high vibrational beings to be around.  

Calming techniques, such as meditation, also looks to be very helpful.  The goal would be to be at peace and feel in control of what people see and feel in their "other worlds."  After they get in control, they can slowly learn how to incorporate both worlds.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Smartphone Headaches

Q. Hi Lynn, can you say something about smartphone headaches? I'm not talking about posture or prolonged usage, but phones these days give certain people a headache just by looking at the screen for just a few seconds (I'm one of those and it also radiates to my teeth). My old phone was fine, I could stare at it for hours and hours with no headache at all.  My parents bought me a Samsung because they said it had the lowest radiation and it still had the same result.  I've come across these sites:

So I was wondering if it has to do with 4G LTE? My old phone used 3G. If that's the case, why does 4G LTE causes headache to certain people? Thanks!

A.  To see my response and video conversation, please visit me on Patreon.  

Friday, October 5, 2018

(Non-Political) FOO 4 Friday #1!

by Lynn and A Man Called Da-da

FOO words! Words that are inoffensive! Words that unite! WORDS FROM BEYOND. FOO words! (Didn’t we just say that?)

Ok, Lynn and Da-da look at various photos of ET craft (called FOO during WWII, the name since co-opted by some band) on Friday, no less. Hooray! (“Fu” also means “lucky” in Chinese, who knew?) Alas, while we ran into a ton of foo-fakes, included at the end for shaming purposes, the rest are all just electrostatic swamp gas reflecting off ice crystals channeling Venus. Right. So… feeling lucky? Foo-wards! 
1. Jack the Pumpkin King's Foo
A: Whose ship: [unpronounceable]
B: Origin: Dark Side of the Moon (from one of the many ET bases there)
C: ET appearance: tall, black, very thin, stick-like, big round head (like Jack the Pumpkin King) 
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad; kinda hostile (has a love/hate relationship with Xmas)
E: Mission: Mining some mineral on the back of the moon, and they don’t want any human interference; they’ve been there quite a while.

2. BIG Lumpy Solar Dorito [Note: the cube part of the pic is pixelization NASA put over the image so you couldn’t see it. Censorship!]
A: Whose ship: Alnitakan?
B: Origin: Far left star in Orion’s Belt (what we call, “Alnitak”) via one of the sun’s portals
C: ET appearance: A hybrid between Pleiadian and human, like an albino with really whispy white baby hair, light blue eyes, and light, clammy skin, texture like a frog’s skin, and with three fingers. Every girl’s dream date!
D: Good/Bad/Neutral: Neutral
E: Mission: They’re looking for intelligent life (they'll have to look hard on this planet). 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

50 Shades of Greys

Q, When someone, like myself, decides to do research on “grey aliens” it can become a bit confusing. At first, it sounds simple.. gray, three fingers, with a big head, and big black eyes—but then more information pops up like, tall Greys, white Greys, small Greys, medium sized Greys, and Pleadian-type Greys. Not only that, some of them have blue eyes (that may be the watchers).

So far I have some of their characteristics written down, but its hard to tell them apart when it comes to pictures. Especially since there are so many interpretations of what they look like online. It can become quite mind boggling.  I put together 50 of the most common images of “Greys” and thought it would be neat if you could point some of them out.

I wasn’t sure if it would be safe for you to put it out there in the public blog post, but I would personally like to know which one looks like the one who escaped from the observatory? 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Elon Musk

 Q. Elon Musk,Tesla has been getting lots of scandal, maybe he caused trouble and is under attack by the PTW (Powers That Were, AKA The Powers That used to Be)?  What do you pick up on? 

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