Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ancient Under Water Fortress

Q. Hello Lynn , I wonder what this is? 
Is this an Ancient fortress under water or some kind of space ship?
A.  I do see this as an ancient fortress.  I get it was an island, similar to Atlantis.  I see this as a place where ETs used to frequent, and served as a "base" on earth.  I see an enormous tsunami came and destroyed the base, leaving it buried. 

I get if you were to test this area, you would find many magnetic anomalies.  I see ships above having electronic difficulties due to the portal above, and the remains of this base below.  Even though the earth base was destroyed, I get there is still a lot of UFO activity and citings in this region.

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Ford / Kavanaugh Allegations (More Details In Video)

Q. Please take a look at the Brett Kavanaugh allegations.  What is the truth?  
A.  When I tune into this, I first get an image of a circus, and all the senate committee members are performers in it.  As we, the audience, look on, we are just watching to see what act will come up next.  I see this as symbolic as to what is really going on.  

I do get there was some trauma endured by Ford.  She had a point in her high school years that she drank, like many of her friends (which was admitted and just what they did).  During one of "those" nights, she had a very scary and traumatic encounter.  Luckily it was stopped, but that doesn't change the fact that it stuck with her and haunted her for years.  She didn't know or remember who it was that caused her this pain, but it was very real.

HOWEVER, it was not Kavanaugh that did it.  He was not even in the proximity.   I get an image of him hanging our (keep seeing a guitar, but could be symbolic).  He is more than willing to do what the committee wants to clear his name because he didn't do it.  The committee keeps pressing the issue of an FBI investigation with an agenda of delaying the vote until after the midterms, NOT with the agenda of truth.  

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Brett Stuart and Project Red Dog

Q.  This one you really do not need to watch the video (it is a little lengthy).  There is a man named Brett that remote views objects / places.  He is discussed a "Project Red Dog."  Please just focus on the location he called a "cavern" that he sees during his remote viewing session.  Beneath it he saw a pyramid what looked liked what he called an "ascension chair."  What do you see with this?

Here is a quote from the video (article and link is below) starting at 49 minutes:  

Brett introduces Project Red Dog. The project target was “the most significant undiscovered artifact in North America.” Underneath a tundra is a cavern site, the entrance of which is “masked” by technological means. Deep down is a pyramid which houses an “ascension chair.” Once certain conditions are met, the user becomes aware of all their past lives and of Earth history. They are then given the opportunity to enhance their genetics and transform into an ascended being. The designers, who were most likely Atlantean, created this as an ace in the hole in a timeline where evil prevails. -
A. Brett does feel very genuine and gifted at being able to remote view a location, explore and describe what he sees.  I wanted to tap into both him (to try to see things as he sees them) and also focus on this location.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is Bigfoot Coming to a Woods Near You?

Q.  Lynn, Can you take a look at this and see if the video on Bigfoot seems real?  If not, what is this creature?  What is it doing?  It looks real to me.  Thanks.

A.  As I focus on this, I do see this as real.  I get Bigfoot (Yeti, Sasquatch, etc) are real beings.  

Bigfoot feels to be a very spiritual being.  He has ascended to the point where he can go between dimensions depending on his mental intent (he can alter his vibration).  

He doesn't feel as though he visits our 3D earth to cause harm.  If he is in danger, or suspects a human is out to cause harm, he immediately leaves our density.  He can sense through our vibrations and somewhat though telepathic communication what it is we are up to, and our purpose if an encounter is to occur.  

Monday, September 24, 2018

Patreon Post: Bad Habits vs. Intent

Q. So you know how they say cancer can manifest if you smoke, live in an unhappy marriage, or unhappy job etc.. It can form from physical harm or emotional harm/unbalance; however there are 105-year-olds who have smoked since they were young. What if you really enjoy smoking, as in no desire to quit (or you enjoy any other "unhealthy" acts) and you feel like you have a happy life. (You’re not somebody who has issues with things like “nobody loves me”, “I hate my work” , “I hate my spouse”, “I’m so poor”). Can you get away with doing things that are normally seen as unhealthy if you actually get pleasure from it and feel you’re emotionally balanced?

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Pineal Gland / Third Eye

Q.  Hi Lynn,  I just watched a video on the Third Eye/Pineal Gland.  It also talks about how "they" are intentionally trying to block our third eye to get better control of us.  What are you thoughts and how do we counteract this "blocking?"

A.  I did watch the video (thank you for sharing!), and much of what was talked about resonated with me.  Let me break this down to share what I was able to see. 

I get if you were to only pick one thing to improve your intuition or be more connected to your subconscious, higher self and Source, it would be meditation.  Meditation also looks to activate your third eye.  Meditation involves quieting your mind opening yourself up, and in that process It appears to awaken an energy center in the pineal gland causing it to be stimulated. 

Sun gazing does look to be another way to stimulate the pineal gland / third eye.  Be safe and responsible, as staring in direct full sunlight looks to be harmful.  (I'm not a doctor, so please trust your intuition on this).  I get a dusk or dawn approach is better.  You are still getting and absorbing the energy, but it doesn't feel to be as intense and harmful.  I actually get an image of someone using a technique of facing the sun, closing their eyes and visualizing the energy of the sun being absorbed directly by their third eye, which feels to be the most effective.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Truth in the News and Weather...(Video Includes Weather Bloopers- Enjoy!)

Q.  It seems as though it is getting harder and harder to find the truth in the news.  I see examples constantly of stories being debunked, or videos being edited to promote agendas, AKA "fake news."  Even things as simple as weather reporting is manipulated.  I came across a few articles outlining some "fake news" stories from 2017.  The level of lies in the public eye is disturbing as many people rely on these stories or media outlets to gather their information.  I have to think the truth will prevail.  What do you see?
A.  It is SO hard to know what to believe as you approach any type of media.  It looks to be getting worse as personal bias, even bias of the companies or political influences creep in.  I get in many situations it is discouraged to be unbiased because if an employee wants to stay an employee, they need to align with the message that the head of the company wants to send.  

When I think about about "fake" reportings, I see Ron Burgundy from Anchorman and hear him say "You don't have to tell them the truth, just tell them what they want to hear" and that feels like a slogan that has been adopted.  Two things look to be perpetuating this issue.  

One, the media is something that many people want to trust and is their source of information.  The best agendas are passed on by building trust, and using that trust to influence.  

The second issue is ratings.  Media programs are like every other platform and survive from sponsors and advertisers.  They need the numbers to retain the support.  Making them the vibe of a reality show and keeping people "tuned in" 24/7 secures the future of the network or platform.  

I do see this slowly coming to the surface.  People are sensing the truth, and even start to pick up on re-runs (how many similar scandals seem to surface, they just have different characters and roles?)  It is so competitive they try to "one up" each other with the next greatest breaking story.  I see it like the fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."  The half-truths discount and desensitize us to the point when something "real" happens, we are much less reactive.  

I get people are burnt out of the vibe tied to all of it (stories and lies) that they are starting to look elsewhere for their information (the ratings overall will decline).  Eventually many outlets (even ones that were once very prestigious) will be viewed as nothing more than a tabloid.  It is already starting, but I see it moving more and more in that direction over the next few years (the lead up to 2020 is going to be rough).  Keep that intuitive filter running.

Q.  Lynn, To add to the previous question, could you give us your thoughts on Hurricane Florence?  It seemed like the hurricane started strong, eased up, and then regained momentum again causing horrible devastation.  Was this geoengineering?  What are your thoughts?  If it was engineered, why?  
A.  When I tune into this, I get the answer is yes and no.  Let me explain.  I get this was a naturally occurring tropical storm in its' infancy.  It started to gain momentum and it moved westward.  At the point it showed it had the potential of a full on hurricane, I get the PTW (Powers That once Were) tried to slow it down via HAARP.  To be honest, they look like kids messing with controls, and didn't fully know what the effects would be.  It somewhat slowed, then it sped up, and feels like it had this stutter-step motion.  

When they realized they could not stop it, they did try to shift it upward.  At this point it was like driving a car without control of the gas pedal or brakes.  I don't see a real plan or agenda, but rather a "practice" within HAARP and also a test to see how people reacted (people are much more docile when they are in desperate need of help).  It feels like a very sad and reckless abuse of power.

Please, please take a moment to send love, light and help to those effected by Hurricane Florence.  They are in need of support.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Sunspot, NM Observatory Closing...

Q.  In Sunspot, NM they did an evacuation.  The Observatory has been blocked off with yellow tape.  Can you see what is going on there?  Thanks.

A.  I received several emails on this, and wanted to take a look at it.  I did read the brief article above to better understand and tune into this situation.  As I tune into this, I feel like everyone wants to look up to the sky (I mean this is an Observatory), but I actually want to look underground.  As I remotely see myself there, people that have physically come there are looking upward, trying to see if there is something in the sky or near the sun, but I have the emotion that I need to back up and look down at the ground (as if I want to look "through" the ground at something beneath it).  

I get that the Observatory is sort of a "cover" for a bigger operation that is going on.  It looks like there is some kind of underground base or testing that happens, and the is Observatory placed upon it.  Think of this as a "mini" area 51.  There is a lot of UFO activity in this area, so the Observatory also serves the purpose of being able to watch what is going on above as well.  

As I look underground, I get there is a fairly large study of ETs going on.  I hear the facility needed to be underground for security and also to dull the ability of other ETs to sense what was going on (and possibly come for a rescue). I see they had some ETs that look to either be frozen or perhaps deceased (they are floating in water).  I also see another that looks to to be in a glass cage.  The being looks to be a grey, and fairly submissive (then I hear the phrase "not by choice, but by force"). It looks like many tests are being done on him (I see what looks like some kind of patches on his head that can send / receive messages wirelessly).    

It looks as though there was a breach in security that allowed the Grey to escape.  He really is very intelligent, and should not have been underestimated.  When he escaped and made it outside, he was able to "call" a fellow ship to get him.  At the time of the escape, people were evacuated and they closed down the Observatory in fear of a retaliation.  I get this location is monitored remotely, as they feel some kind of interaction is imminent.  I see this facility being closed for a while until they can be sure they are safe and secure.  When it finally reopens, I get there will be a "remodel" with enhanced security and upgrades.  

Please send some positive vibes to this area as it feels like some low vibe activity was occurring.  

(After reading through some comments, I did want to add that I did realize that there have been other closings of observatories all over the world.  I get that this event has possibly started something, and created a beacon for other ships to come here.  The being that was captured and held underground was somewhat powerful, and "they" are worried about who or what is coming.  I see this as a subtle start for disclosure.) 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Friday, September 14, 2018

More on Elvis!

Q. Hi Lynn, I noticed your reading on Elvis in June 2018. I too have been reading the Facebook page that declares that Elvis is still alive (and I would have to agree)! More interestingly on that page (the moderator - whom ever this is ) has declared that Elvis was one of three triplets! Photos on the page make it easy to believe! Only Baby Elvis stayed with his parents. The two remaining babies were given away (due to their poor financial situation). Some years later it seems a fourth son was born (and also given away). These boys grew up to know each other. They look so alike, that when Elvis was under the pump with his concerts etc, some brothers would do some filling in for him.  The 4th born (Franklin) was the absolute image of Elvis. He had bone caner.

If you open this Facebook page: you will see the 3 triplets to the right. Elvis is in the middle -he has blue eyes and the other 2 triplets have brown eyes.

See Franklin (the 4th brother) in below link also with brown eyes (which can't be seen here)!


What was the life path of these boys?  Can you see why this had to play out the way it did?C

A.  Yes, I do get Elvis was a triplet.  All the boys, even his younger brother looks to be talented.  They all had a gift and enjoyed performing, but Elvis was the one that made the most of it and went on to stardom. 

The pressure and stress that came with success led Elvis into a life of drugs, and I do get the brothers would, at times, fill in for him when things would get bad.  I even see one of the brothers putting padding on under his jumpsuit to "look" like the real Elvis. One of the brothers even had thinning hair, and worse a wig.  They did have a lot of love for one another despite their unusual upbringing. 

I've heard the theory that when cancer took Franklin's life, it was really Franklin that was in the casket, but oddly, I see the casket at empty and it looks the Elvis set up his own death and funeral.  Franklin's death was hard on Elvis, and he used that as motivation to get help and stay clean.  It was Franklin's passing that evoked the idea for Elvis to "pass" too so he could exit the public eye and work on himself. 

The life path part is tricky.  The paths were (and are) all interdependent on each other, but yet very different.  As I look at Elvis, I get there was an element of abandonment.  Even though it was out of his control, he felt like something was missing during a lot of his life.  He did have a relationship with them.  Actually a close one, but there was something about being raised this way that created an emptiness in him early on, and it was hard for him to understand. 

The other two triplets look like they had to fight emotions of jealousy.  They were talented too, but Elvis got the attention.  Elvis was happy to share some of the glory with them, but they had to do so under the guise of "Elvis."  They did this to enjoy in the fun, and protect their brother, but it did get to them at times. 

Franklin looks to have had a lot of hurt and anger, but rather than talking about it or expressing it, he kept things to himself (prideful).  Communication was difficult for him.  He was very gifted, brilliant, caring and compassionate on the outside, but on the inside he feels like he had a lot of frustrations.  His role was very important in saving Elvis as well, as it was his illness and death and woke Elvis up. 

These boys were (and are) all very loving and close.  Franklin's death was very hard and needed awakening to take care of themselves and really look at what is important. 

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And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Politics... Details are Better Heard than Seen

As I approach these questions, I think it is best than I'm brief, and go into more detail in a video on the REAL.Video platform (less censorship!).  I also needed to "water down" the questions, but will share what I can via the video.  I hope this works for you. -Lynn

Q. Hello Lynn. Could you please look into journalist Ronan Farrow? His article brought down one of the biggest Hollywood producers, who also had close political ties to the left. Just recently we learned that NBC News did not allow Ronan to run the article, and "threatened" him if he would. He eventually took it months later to a big newspaper in New York, published it which then started a movement. My question is regarding Ronan. I suspect many elites are upset and worried about their dirty secrets coming out. Is his life in danger? What is his higher calling? I've become intrigued by this individual and I hope he's the flickering light at the end of the tunnel to end all the PTW reign.

A.  I get he was exposed to a lot of dirty secrets throughout his career, and he was "encouraged" to keep quiet.  He partly remained quiet out of fear, but also because he didn't have anything definitive in the form of proof.  He did feel if he was going to write this story, he had to have the proof.  Once he obtained it, which took a lot of work and trust, he was blocked from running the story.  People in power and people with money have a lot of influence, and did not want this story getting out.  They didn't want the bad press, and more importantly they new he was one of many that didn't want to have to answer for their wrong doings (which they justified in many different ways).  He feels like someone that doesn't take "no" or "discouragement" as an option, and he pressed on until it got it published. 

He does feel protected in some way.  I get that the PTW aren't happy with the result, but he feels like he is on a mission for truth and justice.  He looks like he is meant to stay strong on this path.

Q. I got a weird "download from the ether" last night. I got that a "rogue group" is building a "structure" and they are planning to "leak" it to the liberal press as a part of a secret camp (think FEMA camp or illegals detention camp) that the Trump is planning to use. In my vision, they planned to do this before the election to get the left/liberals so scared, they'll run out and vote.

Do you get anything on this?

A.  Interesting.. I do get that this next 2020 election is going to be ruthless.  Campaigning will be ugly, and the left is going to be aggressive in getting people to vote.  I see this being an election being controlled by emotions, and using that emotion to get people to vote.  Social media will feel like a weapon, and people will need to dig deep to find truth.  I didn't see the "structure" that you are describing, but I do see how such a thing, or something like it,  would create a lot of panic and fear (and could explain the deep emotion I felt during the campaign). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Two is One and One is None

Hi Everyone!  With everything that has been going on, I keep hearing the phrase "Two is one and one is none" playing over and over in my mind.  SO.... I'm happy to announce that I'm not only on REAL.Video, but I am now on BitChute as well.  Both are new and growing sites tailored toward ALL content creators.  Please browse them, and let me know what you think.  

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Ghost Ship

Q.  Can you look at this ghost ship?  "GHOST SHIP" Appears After 9 Years.. Something's Not Right

"The sudden appearance of a massive ‘ghost’ ship off the coast of southern Myanmar has shocked local fishermen who were stunned to find the freighter carried no cargo nor traces of crew. After nearly a decade lost at sea the ‘Sam Ratulangi PB 1600,’ finally ran aground on a sandbar approximately seven miles (11km) off the coast of Thama Seitta village of this week.  The fishermen boarded and inspected the ship after reporting it to local authorities. Teams from the navy, coast guard and police all subsequently searched the abandoned freighter which reportedly measures an impressive 177.35 meters in length, 27.91 meters in width and weighs 26,510 tons.  “No crew or cargo was found on the ship. It was quite puzzling how such a big ship turned up in our waters,” Ne Win Yangon, local MP for the nearby Thongwa municipality said, as cited by the Myanmar Times. “The authorities are keeping a watch on it.”
The ship is reported to have sailed under the flag of Indonesia and was last spotted off Taiwan in 2009. When the Burmese Navy inspected the ship on August 30, it had split in half having been beached on a sand bar for several days.
“In my opinion, the ship was recently abandoned. There must be a reason (why it was abandoned),” Aung Kyaw Linn, general secretary of the Independent Federation of Myanmar Seafarers said.
The Myanmar Department of Marine Administration is attempting to track down the ship’s owner but may be forced to salvage the vessel itself, reports The Irrawaddy."  -
A. As I tune into this I see this like a mini movie playing out.  I see the crew being excited as they board the ship.  It isn't so much about the trip, but the excitement to make money.  They feel lucky to have a chance to make this kind of money for their family.  Even though it isn't much, they feel thankful to have a job as the economy feels tough during the time.  

After being on the ship for a short time, it looks like the ship started to endure some mechanical problems that created some small set backs.  The ship could run, but it could not run full force (like an engine, generator, turbine, etc went out, but there was a "back up" system that could work in its' place).  The backup wasn't meant to be a long term solution, but would allow them to get to their destination.

Due to the tough economy, there are a lot of people near poverty in nearby countries.  Fishing looks like it was one of the jobs that people could make money, so there were several boats and ships on the waters owned by fishermen and fishing companies.  This created an opportunity for the desperate (and "less moral") to basically take what they want (steal through pirating).  I hear that "crime on the water was a real concern."

I see the "Ghost Ship" was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was attacked by one of the pirate ships.  It looks as though there was a little struggle, but ultimately the pirates got control of the ship.  They not only wanted the ship, but they wanted the goods that were on board.  I see they overpowered the crew, and basically made them work for them until the got the ship back to a port where they could take anything of value off and sell (some place near Singapore??).  

The crew was hoping to be set free, but these "pirates" don't feel to have a lot of compassion.  I see they left with the crew on the Ghost Ship and took the ship into the Indian Ocean area.  They kept the crew as hostages.  The ship finally broke down in the ocean due to running it over extended for this whole time (the other engine, turbine, etc burned up).  The pirates were irate that it could not be fixed, and executed the crew at that time.  They took anything else that could be of use, and abandoned the ship in the ocean.  

Several years later the ship resurfaced (was basically washed up onto the shore).  Please send some light and peace to the crew, and help their families as they try to get closure on this horrible ordeal.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Round Robin

Q. A lot of the world's coolest civilizations were wiped off of the face of the Earth in the worst possible ways, which makes me wonder, when a culture reaches a certain spiritual apex, are they destined to be Cosmically removed from this place because the said culture really has no point in being here anymore? Like they've evolved past this cesspit of a realm?
A.  When I tune into this I get in life most everything endures the cycle of a birth and a death as we evolve.  Something must come to an end (and it doesn't have to be a bad thing) for something else to grow.  We see examples in our life all the time; babies grow up, teens leave the house, people start careers, people retire.  Things are always ending and beginning, and we learn through that growth and change.  

Societies are the same way.  The form, grow, thrive, and then at some point, even centuries later, they evolve into something else as a way to survive our environment that is also changing.  During that transition, some may go extinct, while other regroup, form and thrive again in a different way.  Change, to some degree, is inevitable.  

Q. Many people suggest that there is no Heaven and no Hell.  But, how do they explain the possession of people by demons and other negative entities?

It can't be their imagination if it takes 3,4 people to hold down a child, people levitating and speaking in unknown languages. If they are demons, then don't they reside in Hell?  
A. There are negative entities around just as there are beings filled with light.  When people, especially sensitive or empathic people, open themselves up without proper protection, they can draw in these negative entities.  They want to be heard, so finding a vulnerable person draws them in like a beacon.  

If people play with dark magic, even if they think it is innocent (stay away from Ouija boards!), darker beings will flock.  I don't see it as a "Heaven" or "Hell."  I don't see a realm with fiery pits and demons (that is just fear the church is trying to impress upon us).  I see negative beings in the spirit world, roaming and wanting to be seen in our 3D, and when they have an opportunity, they will try (just like light beings connect to those that are of a higher vibration).  Negativity can be just as powerful as positivity, and these extreme attachments are what you are describing in the question

Q.  I realize you are under scrutiny, but can you give a quick impression on Brett Kavanaugh?  He appears "sincere" and well spoken.  There are lots of protesters opposing him, but in my opinion it is because they just want to make trouble and fight against anything (or anyone) the President approves of.  
A.  When I tune into him, his energy feels neutral (like his mind is in concentration mode and very consumed by all this).  He feels very in his head, like he is forcing himself to stay grounded even when he is trying to be rattled by some of the questioning.  I do get he is very knowledgeable, highly intelligent, and he feels like a strong Constitutionalist (he will strongly support it).  He does feel like he wants to do a good job and will get the appointment.   

Q. What would you experience if you remote viewed (RV'd) the pineal gland, the Third Eye, the Crown Chakra or The Mind ?

Because they are associated with the 6th sense, would if be different than RVing anything different?
A. This is a similar approach to looking at a virus (as I talked about in my last reading).  I see these more on a clairvoyant perspective in my mind's eye.  Usually when I focus on RVing something, it is tied to a location (either in the past, present or future).  Locations feel to carry a different energy that is being tapped into versus people (or part of a person) in my own experience.

Q. Lynn!  Could you do a reading on how to detox your body from heavy metals?  Does honey have any effect at all, or honey with drops of coriander oil,  What dosage if that would work?  Also coconut oil?
A.  I need to disclose that I have not studied medicine, but I can share what I get from an intuitive perspective.   A heavy metal detox should really focus on the liver.  Drinking a lot (at least a gallon) of water while eating a diet of mainly fruits and vegetables, even for a short time, can really let the liver rest, and purge while it's resting.  

Honey is great for the immune system IF it is natural and ideally from a local vendor.  It is infused with natural elements from things that are in your environment, building immunities.  It is a great alternative to sugars (especially refined).  

Coconut Oil is terrific for the lymph system.  When I hear "coconut oil" I immediately see someone doing an oil pulling technique to detox the system. (You basically put a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth, hold/swish it around for 20 minutes, and then spit it out.  It "pulls" toxins out through the lymph system).  

A great way to purge radiation and other environmental toxins is to take equal parts Epsom salts and baking soda, and put in in a warm bath.  Soak for about 20 minutes, and allow your body to absorb the magnesium while allowing yourself to detox.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Hey Everyone!  Please check me out on REAL.Video (and click subscribe if you like it).  I tried something a little different in my video today.  Let me know if you like the new format (it may need some tweaking).  I'll give you a sneak peek below.  Love and light-

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Q. Hi Lynn,  Do virus actually exist or are they fictional entity created by the western medical field to explain things that they don't have a cure for? If they do exist, why are modern medicines ineffective against them?  Additionally, the video below gives many arguments that virus doesn't exist.

A.  [Note: I did share the above link, but I did not watch it because I wanted to do this reading without the bias]. 

I do get viruses exist, but they are not natural.  I see when ETs came to Earth they would occasionally bring elements (for lack of a better word) that were benign to the ETs, and those elements could infiltrate beings here that were not resistant.  The elements almost look like parasites, but evolved into what we call viruses.  

The same also applies to meteors that have landed here.  I specifically see a very lush jungle.  It is humid, hot, and the vegetation is thriving.  I sense it is near the equator.  Tiny meteors start to fall, and the light in the sky looks like rain.  I see these tiny meteors land in the jungle, and on these "fallen rocks" are some kind of living elements just waiting to attach to a host.  This one scenario isn't the only virus to make it here by that method, but it illustrates the process in which it happens.  

The other type of viruses introduced into our population are man made using original viruses as a template or "seed" and forcing a mutation (specifically I see the words "AIDS and also variations of "Polio," "Chicken Pox" and "Herpes").  Some were to introduce an illness and then test a medication, some were for population control, and some were human error.   In the end, some viruses were a combination of all three.  

Viruses are difficult to cure because some didn't originate here, and we don't fully understand the virus.  I see them like an evolving parasite, and as they morph, we can't always predict what direction they will take.   

Q. Do germs and viruses have consciousness?  It may sound like an odd question, but are they primitive life forms.  Would it be possible to RV a cancer cell and learn why it mutates and find a way to stop it from spreading or kill it?
A.  They are a primitive life form.  When I tune into it, they do have a consciousness, and I get that is why you can use intent to force it to leave your body.  They are in some way a collective that is tied to source.

The cancer part is interesting. When I look at that, it isn't really a RV thing, but more of a clairvoyant approach.  I also see that you can't just "look" at it, you need to be able to do a "rewind" in time to see what was happening at the moment the mutation occurred (introduction of a toxin, trigger to genetic predisposition, pH imbalance, etc).  The best way to approach it would be to look at the illness, and place the intent into the reading of what was off at the initial mutation, and see what images come through.  The images could indeed show like a reverse movie clip, or you might see images of what is in the person's environment or body that isn't serving them well. From there, you can take action to work on improving health.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Group Post [Beached Wales, Animal Deaths, The Staircase, Possession, Health, Harry Potter and Pain]

Q.  Hi Lynn!  Could you see why all of these whales have beached themselves??
A.  When I look at this, I get the internal compass (instincts) were off within these animals.  As I look at it closer, I see that as true north shifts (and I see an image of an earth and as it wobbles like a top,  true north is not always true north- it wobbles), and the magnetosphere is being tugged due to planetary objects above.  The currents and temperatures within the currents are being altered.  Animals on a collective get rerouted, and their instincts pull them into waters they would not normally go into.   

Q. Hi Lynn please provide your take on this most distressing subject. Over 400 unusual animal deaths are still occurring around London, there has been no let up over the 5 years since this started and no idea of who or what is doing it. It is known as operation Takahe and called the Croydon Cat Killer. When will this stop?
A.  I get this is tied to some kind of gang activity.  I hear the phrase "They see themselves as the Jack the Ripper of the feline world."  It looks tied to gang hazing or acceptance to be part of the gang.  I get the police have no real leads, and rather than look at this as a gang activity, they feel to be focused or distracted in the wrong direction.  I also see that there is a tell-tale they are overlooking, something with the ears or something they are doing to the ears (a tattoo, mark or notch??).  I cannot see it being resolved and the group being discovered in the short term, but I do see it eventually stopping (the gang seems to stop???).  It is like they want to leave a mark and stop before they are caught???

Q. Hello Lynn, I just finished watching The Staircase on Netflix. Could you please shed some light on what really happened? Did Michael Peterson kill his wife, Or was it just a terrible accident? Thank you so much.

A.  I did watch a few episodes to get in the zone, and I wanted to be able to focus on this.  I must admit when I was done watching this, the energy of the situation stuck with me no matter how hard I tried to disconnect from it.  When I went to bed later that night, she showed herself to me (standing in my room).  I had a difficult time understanding why she was there, and her vibe was very off.  I could tell with her actions and appearance she had a lot of mental imbalance going on.  She had a very difficult time trying to convey any type of a message to me, and the way she stood there made me uncomfortable.  I realized (somehow intuitively??) she was battling a mental imbalance (on mind altering meds???) and somehow that combined with alcohol made her unsteady on her feet and she fell.  It wasn't instant, and I get she tried to get up a few times, but was so out of it, she kept falling and slipping in her own blood, and hit her head several times.  By the time she was found, her husband freaked out and handled the situation in an "out of operation" type manner.  Then I hear "you cannot image how you react until you find yourself in that situation.  It is easy to judge, but not so easy to live in the experience."  This does look like a total freak accident.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I am feeling VERY STRANGE after having just watched this - to me, it's not just magic, it's actual possession. And if true, what's worse, is, it's generating great interest....directly, not hidden subliminally in music, in fashion, in it is, in plain sight.... would love your feedback and hoping it's a hoax, but the judges and entire room are freaked out and too much of what she 'performs' from start to finish of the video seems to be saturated in dark vibes. Look forward to your thoughts so I can sleep tonight!!
A.  I do get this is a darker "illusion."  I see an image of David Blaine and see she works in the same way.  The head twitching is part of her act to aid in the distraction to complete her performance.  She creates the "creepy" vibe to intensify the shock factor and get emotions invested.  Overall, great performer and try to keep the same perspective as you would while watching a horror movie (can only effect you if you let it, and stay in the mindset that it is only entertainment).  

Q. I am noticing an overwhelming increase in women having chest pains and cardiac problems over this past couple months. Women that are in their 30,s 40's and 50's. Is there something going on?
A.  People that are sensitive to energies are having a hard time with Wave X blasts that we are continually getting.  The heart chakra looks to take the biggest hit from the energy waves we are experiencing (it hits you in the chest first).  The energy usually runs down through the root, or up through to the crown, but if it gets stuck, it effects the heart.  (As a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor.)  If you notice someone feeling things in their chest (starts as tightness or a panic feeling) encourage them to ground themselves (as long as they are medically sound and open to it).  They need to move the energy rather than let it pool up in the chest. 

Q. Hi Lynn, I did a search for Harry Potter books on here and nothing came up. Have you never looked into them or do I need to search with different key words? I was just curious about your take on them. I love them, but I have a few very fundamental friends who insist they are satanic. So, whenever I'm curious about things I go to your site. I trust the insights you get. Thanks for what you do!
A.  I've never read these books, but I've been exposed to them.  I do not see them as satanic, but rather encouraging kids to believe in their gifts.  It is about understanding what you naturally have and using it for good.  People that try to take gifts that are given and discourage them, are trying to encourage people to suppress themselves (out of fear that they will grow, expand and question "things.")

Q.  Hi Lynn, I recently had a thought that gave me anxiety and a kind of panicky feeling. I thought maybe getting some insight from you would give me some clarity and/or comfort. I want to know why some people have to experience extremely painful events such as being burned alive or tortured. This has been my worst fear as pain is something I never dealt well with at all and I wish we didn’t experience that feeling. 

Do the people who experience these events agree to do this before incarnating? Is it some sort of karmic debt? Or does it just happen because of free will?

A.  We do agree to certain life experiences when we incarnate.  It could be to help you overcome fears, phobias, break cycles, grow and expand.  It could be to resolve a karmatic debt or reset a balance.  We do have free will, and if you intend to feel pain, you will feel it regardless of what you "agreed" to, but otherwise it truly is part of your life path.  It is important to remember that the Universe doesn't see "pain," it sees experience, and what you do with that experience is the fundamental lesson.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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