Friday, August 31, 2018

It was bound to happen...

Hey folks.  Guess YouTube didn't like the truth coming out.. Good thing I started using REAL.Video.

One more thing... I have always backed up content, but in the event this too disappears, please bookmark me at  I will be slowly moving that way.  The blog is a little rough there, but at least I can still keep in touch as I smooth out the wrinkles.  I love all of you! -Lynn

The verdict of the appeal is in already.  Appears I have breached the "community guidelines."  Must be preparing their platform for the midterms and next general. I'll chose to take it as a compliment.

Ped0f1les... (A Read Between the Lines)

Q. Hi Lynn, My question is: What is happening with all of the satanic ped0f1les?  Will it really stop now that it is being more exposed?  Unspeakable acts are being committed on the innocent of our world and I cannot imagine a world sicker than ours. I am deeply troubled by these truths so I am hoping you see a better place in our near future.  More than ever before people are disappearing in our forests and public places. Is this about alien abduction or the human trafficking epidemic?  Thank you for your good work,  Best regards,
A.  Such an important topic! People are disappearing, and human trafficking is on the rise at epidemic levels.  I get that with the Deep State being exposed, borders being [somewhat} more monitored (and the threat of illegal entry in countries becoming more difficult), traffickers are working overtime to make money and abduct people for the agenda while they still can.  Leaders of these "rings" are desperate to "increase their assets" while the still can (and before they go into hiding or have to alter their plan).  Not all missing people are tied to trafficking, but there is definitely a good majority.  

I do get Trum9 is the wildcard that they (the ped0 leaders) never counted on.  The PTW (Powers That Were) could not believe that they didn't win.  Many of the agendas (and darker / shady practices) have been derailed, and our timeline has shifted to allow these lower vibe people and plans to be exposed and stopped.  People are waking up, and our collective consciousness is rising.  

Don't be paranoid, or life in fear, but stay safe, listen to your intuition and focus on the high vibrations.  

[Many times when people find themselves in dangerous situations, or become a victim, their intuition told them something was wrong.  They overrode their intuition for fear of being rude, and got too close, too helpful, etc. making themselves vulnerable.  Be kind, share, and be an example, but if your gut tells you something is wrong, honor that nudge and get out of harm.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Soul

Q. What is your soul like?  Sometimes I envision it to be similar to a ghost that enters your body like you see in the movies.  A cloud like, transparent entity that 'slips' into someone and expands to fill your body like smoke.

Does it have a consciousness and a personality separate from the body it inhabits?  Or is it a 'comatose' life form that is in a sleep state until it is 'needed' to move to the next dimension? 
A.  When I tune into the soul, I feel like I first have to break down the soul compared to your spirit.  When I focus on the spirit, I see it as a charged energy that is a piece (small piece, like a blink) of Source infused in you at the moment of conception.  It truly is the spark of life.  It is the root of the electrical charge that runs through our bodies keeping things in sync.  It is also the what connects us back to Source (and to each other as we all share this common life force / essence). 

The soul is the energetic being that is the counterpart (balance) to the physical 3D self.  The soul is where residual traumas and past life experiences are stored to be accessed by the subconscious and higher self. It also looks to work in harmony with our DNA.  I'm being shown that the soul expands slightly beyond the physical body, and the edges create your aura. 

Your soul enters your body at conception and grows with you creating your energetic being.  I would not call it a ghost (that has a negative connotation).  Your soul belongs to you, and it is your energy form that incarnates with each life.  As I see this, YOU are your soul, and our 3D body is just the vehicle used during this life (and that is what changes).  

In many ways your soul is the consciousness that shapes the physical 3D consciousness.  It doesn't have a "personality" but does carry the lessons and karma that need worked through.  It can also help nudge you in the right direction as intuition kicks in.      

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, August 27, 2018

Thoughts on Zingdad

Q. Hi Lynn, Trusting you are well.

I've been reading articles and postings on a blog by a gentleman called Arn Allingham (Zingdad) where he has some very interesting articles on Brexit, USA Elections 2016 and the Ruling elite/cabal families. Below is his website.

Two weeks ago, he posted an article and video that the main Dark / Deep state family leader - the Red Shield Illuminati, who is actually an ancient vampire was killed, and that is what has led to the continual craziness been exhibited especially in the USA politics on one hand, and on the other the continual revelations and scandals coming to the open. This is the family behind EU, the banking cartel, New world order, PTW and Hillary was their candidate. So they had two major setbacks to their complete world/global domination recently vis a vis Brexit and the Hillary Clin... presidential loss.  We are in a totally different timeline which doesn't have the likely hood of a WW III.

He briefly explains it on his web page below attached

And also on this video:

It does, to be honest sound legit and somehow explains how things are the way they are.

Could you please share your feelings and observations regarding this information.  Thanks.

A.  I do see there are people out there that are very in tune with their higher selves and can also connect with higher beings (their energy combined with a more concentrated ET / starseed component in their DNA strengthens the connection).  I get that "Zingdad" is one of those people, and he is receiving messages.  I get his messages come through In "packets" and he sometimes has to put them together like a puzzle.  For the most part he gets it correctly, but occasionally things get crossed when he puts his fingerprints on them.  

With regard to an Illuminati leader dying, there has been a lot of death surrounding the Deep State take down.  I get many powerful people are going into hiding, some are suiciding themselves (rather than face the consequences), some have faced their fate at the hands of someone else, and some are willing themselves to leave this 3D earth.  I can't see that a major leader "died," but I do get that the PTW (Powers that Were) in general are weaker, allowing for scandals to arise (and not be deflected) and agendas are gettomg redirected.  There is still a lot of positive change that needs to occur, but we are headed in the right direction.     

With the current path we are on, I do see WWIII being avoided.  However, I do see some other types of civil revolutions occurring though (countries fighting their own battles regaining rights and resetting what was lost during the PTW's agendas that "were" in motion.  It is true that H1llary was their candidate, and her being defeated was one of the first in a long line of blows to their goals at destabilizing countries and trying to gain a world dominance (there is still the push with the refugee and migration situation occurring in Europe, and the border issues with the US).  They tried hard to undo what was done by instigating an investigation citing Russ1an collus10n in the election, which is a huge time waste and cost the people thousands upon thousands of tax dollars.  I get that even though fake dossiers were used, they hoped to find "something, anything that would implicate Trum9 or his administration in some way."  They just could not accept they lost (they thought they were invincible).  It was as if something intervened and changed our timeline (we are definitely on another path).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Source and the Big Bang

Q.  There is a Bible verse that says 'God is Light' and we often hear that Jesus is the son (sun) of God.  One of the first lines in Genesis says "And God said let there be light and there was light."  Is it possible that light was a product of the Big Bang and God "was" the source of the explosion? 
A. When I tune into this, I feel I am connected to my guides to help me understand this (the visual is different, and it feels like I'm in a room with many beings having a conversation).  As I understand it, Source, which can have many different names depending on your belief system, started as a ball of energy with a very dark looking gravitational center (a miniature black hole???).  This energy looks like it came together because at the central point, which is the size of a head of a pin, was very dense, and this denseness created a vacuum that sucked the surrounding energies inward like a magnet. The larger the energy ball got, the more intense the gravitational pull.  It looks like a chain reaction event that consistently sped up.  This collection of energy created a brilliant white light with a golden hue on the edges.  The intensity, compression and amount of energy looks to be what created the light.

The energy grew more and more, and as it grew it created a compression on the center point until it exploded (creating the "Big Bang").  From that the Sun (son,) and other celestial bodies were formed.  Source did "technically" have a son, but Jesus is the name humans assigned to him (I don't hear Source calling the Sun anything?? I see it happen, but hear no words to describe it).  I hear the solar system looked much different compared to how it is mapped out to look today (but that is a complicated discussion for later, my focus is the Big Bang).  

Source was the original point, and the expansion (and compression of energy) inside Source caused the explosion.  After the explosion, an infinite expansion continued (I see a huge energetic field grow), but it didn't look to result in the compression (more like a gentle draw toward and surrounding of Source as the energy field grew).   It may be more concentrated in some areas, and diluted in others, but exists everywhere.  All living things have a component of Source inside them which is the foundation / spark to life, builds their soul, and connects us spiritually to one another.  (I get) The way psychic phenomenon works is that we tune into that spark of source within ourselves (our higher self) and use that as a conduit to connect to other beings or energy forces out there.

Q.  I have never been able to wrap my head around the concept of Time.  But if Time does not exist, then how could there have ever been a Big Bang?  If there is not Time, then how could it expand?  You need time to document the length of expansion, otherwise; it would be instantaneous.  Just an observation.
A.  Time can be confusing.  The concept that the past, present and future all coincide in the spiritual plane is a very different experience when compared to our 3D world.  

I get the Big Bang this was the "Universal Event" marking the beginning.   Time at this moment was linear (much like earth) as the development of the Universe was shaped.  The "Big Bang" was the spark to set things in motion, but it took time for the cascading effects to conclude.  

I'm also left with understanding that the circular reference of time (past, present and future all being one) began when the first beings came into existence, which didn't occur until the final stages of the Universal development.  The first beings were spiritual beings (some refer to them as angels) and from there other living things were created and manifested.  This was also when higher physical beings (ETs) came about to serve as a physical balance to the spiritual realm.  Spiritual beings began to experience the non-existence of time, and the physical beings stayed on the linear time path.

I realize this is a deep topic, and many more angles can be explored, but I wanted to give you an overview of my basic understanding (and try to verbalize this to the best of my ability).  I think I will collect questions and do a followup post later as this is a very interesting topic that crosses many curious minds.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hera's Blog- Is it true?

Q,  There is a blog out there:
It starts out saying:  
There is no sane-sounding way to tell you that we have a Grey alien infestation. That these Greys head up a Satanic organization that they call the “Illuminati,” and that with the use of their advanced technology including time travel ability, they effectively are holding the entire Earth hostage. Because they have time travel ability, once they are in our lives they infest the entire time stream to where there was no time that they were not here. They present themselves here as Reptilians under human “shells.”
It goes on and on.  Can you give me your thoughts?  What do you see? 
A. I do see that there is an alien race controlling us, but I see them as the Reptilians rather than the Greys.  The Greys (which some races of Greys are bad, and some are neutral) feel submissive to the Reptilians.  The Reptilians (controlled by the Archons) look to try to control it all (try being the "key" word).  I feel I need to start from the beginning and move forward.  

I know I have talked about this in earlier posts, but it is worth discussing again.  There were Cat, Dog, Avian and Reptilian ETs.  These are ETs that resemble cats, dogs, birds and reptiles, but have a humanoid (2 arms, 2 legs, bipedal stance) appearance.  There was a huge battle over earth over resources and the newly created humans (that were a derivative of their own ET DNA) between the Cat and Dog ETs.  The Avians left, and the Cat and Dog ETs were forced away.  The leader of the Reptilians, the Archons, left and the remaining Reptilians went underground.  It was agreed that they could stay and guard the humans, but they could not take control unless they were asked and allowed.  Reptilians were there to guide and protect, not influence and control.

As time passed, without having the checks and balances of other races interfering, the Reptilians slowly took control (creating the Powers That Were).  They manipulated the situation and made people think ideas were their's, but really they just fell into their trap (usery, control) they were setting.  Gaining control and the state of the world was a long game that has been plotted over a period of time.  It is true that we are being infiltrated, but it looks to be the result of the Reptilians (with the Archons being the ultimate master minds).  

I do see forces and beings out there wanting to help us.  As we wake up to the truth, we are harder to control.  For this reason the Reptilians want to keep us at a low vibration through fear (that they manufacture) and division (they are like a hot poker stirring up the political, economical and social unrest).  If we are unhappy and fighting, we aren't looking at them.  They are masters at hiding in the smoke and mirrors while casting a cloud of negative vibrations.  

As grim as this sounds, I am being reminded to tell you that this is coming to an end.  People want change and truth.  The collective is waking up (which makes the Reptilians lose control because they no longer have "permission").  Our power is in our minds and believing in our strength.  We can regain our independence through free thinking.  When you feel powerless, look to the collective that is rising.  Join the elevating collective consciousness, and focus on the positive.  Doing so will help you rise above all this 3D activity.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, August 20, 2018

Happy Monday...

Q. Hi,  I’ve been following your blog for many years now. Am curious about this rock band who shares about aliens, humanity and even does the Illuminati hand signs all the time. They have said they have no relations to the Illuminati.  What do you see? Would love to hear your views as I’ve occasionally listened to their music and am now a little concerned. Thank you in advance!
A.  I did listen to a sample, and they feel very talented. There is a humbleness to their music.   I also get that in order to be as successful as they've been, and maintain longevity in their career,  they have had to make some deals they haven't been proud of making (and meet people they didn't really like).  Their "messages" and "gestures" are trying to share truth (and their frustration) without being completely blatant.  Those that "know" understand the signs. In a way I see this as reaching out to others that have had to do things they aren't proud of to maintain their careers and say "We know, we've been there too."

Q.  Hi Lynn, I can't recall if anybody has requested this yet, but... what can you tell us all about "The Skinwalker Ranch" in Utah?  It seems to be a shameless hotspot of UFO and paranormal activity going back decades, tied to Native Indians, but really getting some traction on social media in last 12 months.  The claims made on some Youtube posts are literally unbelievable! Evidently the estate was privately owned but now taken over by the Government to monitor activity...
A. When I tune into this, I see this place in black and white (like I'm watching an old movie).  I then see several huts, and it appears a Native American tribe lives there.  They look like they stay there year round rather than traveling south in the winter, and back in the summer.  My impression is they have lived there for generations.  

Then I hear ominous music, and see another tribe, being led by a Native American in a full headdress.  This tribe feels so full of rage, and for no reason other than territory, they came in and slaughtered the tribe.  

It appears a huge battle occurred on this land, and a lot of blood was spilled.  The spirits of the tribe feel restless, and still inhabit the land.  The tribe that lived there loved the land, and are still attached to it, and have no desire to move on.  The unjust attacks and loss of life (on both sides) instilled a vengeance in both those that moved on and those that survived.  The land was sacred to them, and anyone that tries to inhabit the land will feel their wrath.  

There is so much (negative) energy in this spot, it does serve as a beacon to UFOs.  Places of high and low energy fields draw them in, and this is a powerful spot.  I do get that when ETs do arrive to investigate this energy, even they are pushed away and don't stay.  

Q. Hi Lynn,  Thirty years ago I was informed that the head of the Cabal/Illuminati was a priest in Rome. I thought the idea ridiculous at the time, but now I realize that this individual is descended from an ET race that has a cone-shaped head. He has a very large brain and an IQ double that of any human. Is there any truth to this or is it a fallacy?

A.  I do get the head of the Cabal (the real head) is an Archon, the highest of the Reptilians.  He has connections to Rome.  He isn't a priest (in fact he is a shapeshifter), but has connections to the the priests (and can manifest to look like one when needed).  He chose this path to try to gain confidence and trust from those around him.  I then hear "the most successful con men are those that build confidence in those they are conning- con man really stands for confidence man."  It's the ultimate manipulation through influence, trust and a certain amount of fear.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Friday Line-Up (AI, AK Pyramid, Pet Intuition and Power of Intent)

Q.  Can Artificial Intelligence be developed to Remote View or is independent thought out of reach for that right now?
A.  I get that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not able to remote view.  To remote view you have to allow yourself to spiritually connect to another remote area, and this technique isn't able to be replicated via AI means.  It requires the existence of a pure energy that AI do not possess.  To add to this (because it is coming through and I want to share), AI also are not capable of performing psychic attacks or mind control alone (even though they can help to amplify an attack that was instigated by a [human] being).  

Q. What is special about the  pyramid near Mt Denali, Alaska?  It has to be special or the government would not insist that it be shaded out on google maps.  Supposedly, UFO's have been seen there and a portal exists in the area.

A. I have seen this pyramid before (and I have even seen it upside down??).  I get there is something very special about this area.  As I approach this a little deeper, I realize there is a portal between two worlds there (and depending on how I approach the view, I am sometimes on this side of the portal, and sometimes on the other, and THAT is why I may see it differently due to my perspective).  

A very strong portal does look to be there, and many crafts use this portal.  It isn't limited to just one ET group, but rather several.  As I try to determine where the portal goes (other star system, planet, moon, etc..), I keep seeing Jupiter and the moons of Jupiter appear.  I am understanding this is a "jump" between the outer solar system and here. Earth is "resource rich" and beings want to come here to explore, observe and extract whatever it is they may need.  I am hearing this is why they use underground bases- they don't just hide or live there, they mine materials they need.

Q. I know people can reach their pets psychically, but can pets reach higher planes as well?
A. Pets are VERY intuitive.  The special thing about animals is they don't have a rational mind dismissing things they see, sense, smell, feel, etc.  They own their experiences, and treat them as real as actions happening in the 3D world.  Pets from the 3D world don't reside there(in higher realms), but they do get glimpses and experiences from higher (and even lower) realms. 

As I refer to the lower realms, they can see low vibe beings, but they typically don't attach.  The main goal of a low vibe being is to be heard, so the low vibe entities try to work through humans that can speak and act for them.  They can taunt a pet, and use the pet as a way to get to the human, but won't try to attach to the pet itself (most times).  

Q.  On July 16, 2018 you made a comment about vibrations and that if you pray out loud,  the vibrations create a greater intent than if they are spoken silently.

That got me to the Christian Community you are often told to 'confess with your mouth'.  People are encouraged to pray out loud, Confess to the Priest in Catholic churches and make public testimonials during church services.  Because these practices are hundreds of  years old, is it possible that when the practice was initiated, that the Priests and religious leaders were aware of vibrations and speaking out loud, but the original meaning has been lost in time?
A.  It is true that when you speak out loud you are strengthening the intent.  You are thinking it, speaking it, hearing it and feeling the vibration.  You can express intent through thought alone, but in times where you need to be more commanding (like saying a mantra for protection, or saging your home), it makes the thought more direct and confident.  

I don't see that the meaning has been lost, it is just reinforced in ways people of influence prefer it to be used.  Yes, people in power know the strength of our words, especially when spoken, and that is why we are encouraged to recite and repeat certain things during certain times (some good, and some not so good).  When a group repeats and recites, it creates an energy that taps into the collective, and leaders are aware of that as well.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Seattle Plane Situation

Q. Could you please do a short reading on the plane situation in Seattle?  Was it a suicide, remote control or what??  Some say that the island it hit was a "Pedo Island."  There were many Q Anon references as well.  Was that just a coincidence?  From me and a few more at webbot forum, thank you!  Love your work and all you are sharing!  Crazy Charlie

A.  When I focus on this incident, I see a picture of someone putting together a puzzle, but the pieces don't fit.  I'm being told that what we are seeing is not what really happened.  I also see a Q Anon connection.  The person driving the plane didn't know him personally, but Q Anon feels like he understood exactly what happened (the motive and the messages), and I see little posts (very short and direct) being released from Q Anon often over the next few weeks (relating to the "alleged suicide" and political issues).  

So the real question I'm asking is, Who is behind this?  I get the PTW (Powers That Were) are the driving force.   They are basically sending Trump a message, and it has to do with their displeasure in his attempt to take down the deep state.  Trump is on the brink of releasing even more incriminating documents, and the PTW don't want that to happen.  I hear something about money streams have been interrupted and key players have been forced into hiding.  The master plan and agendas set in motion from previous administrations are being dismantled (including the darker [pedo] rings that were being run)      .  

It looks like the way this happened was through some kind of mind control / psychic attack.  I see this man (Richard Russell) working, going about his day, and then all of a sudden he looks to be in a trance.  It was him, and he was going through the motions, but it was more like he was sleepwalking while someone else influenced him to do what he did.  I do not see him suicidal, or even disgruntled.  He was just going about his day and then something was very different with him.  I get if you could have looked in his eyes, you could tell something was very off.  It was purposeful that he took the plane and made a show out of it.  The PTW wanted to make sure this made the news and all eyes were on this incident.  This was a horribly sad day for Richard and his family, so please take a moment to send some love their way.

[As a side note, something about this being a plane that they were able to take down remotely feels related to JFK Jr's (who is plausibly and probably Q Anon) plane being taken down.  I cannot seem to clearly connect the dots, but this feels like a message to Q Anon as well.  The PTW are not happy with him releasing any information and causing people to dig and do their own research.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Monday, August 13, 2018

It's Monday (already..)

Q.  Hi Lynn, I have read many posts of yours detailing incarnation and past / future lives. I sometimes worry about my own future after reading your Life Detective series where you have already predicted future incarnations of specific people. I wonder if someone is going down the path they might not like is there anything one can do to change the next life they will have? Is there anything to do to make that next life better? 

Thank you for all you have done. I am so glad I found your blog, I have been reading it for years now. Since 2013 to be exact.

A.  Yes, we always have free will to change our path and experience of the life we are living (which can have an impact on a future life.  When I work on the Life Detective series with Dada, we are focused on the future life of the person if they remain on the same path (and do nothing to change things).  The best thing to do if you aren't happy with your life, is try to look at it objectively and implement some sort of change.  Even a small change (like quitting a bad habit or start being more active) can have a huge effect (health, self-esteem, addiction).  The smaller things may be challenging, but enough to propel you into addressing lessons (or give you confidence to address the bigger things).  You may even break cycles, which will help you accomplish goals and prevent you from having to repeat an event in a future life.  You always have the ability to make a change in your life, so please never underestimate the power of your own free will.  

Q.  Since people were (allegedly) genetically engineered way back when, and some religions forbid the eating of pigs, and how pig to person organ transplants have succeeded, I am wondering if pigs are part of the genetic background of modern humanity?
A.  I do see that many animals were created using a similar "genetic pool."  Some are extinct (I want to say Minotaur??) and some are with us.  Pigs do feel to have many similarities, and I also see a (confusing) image of a dolphin.  (??)

Q.  This question is a little different, but I figure if people really valued their children, society would function much better. Hence I wonder if most children are unwanted, and considered to be nothing but a ball and chain by their mothers; who statistically are the number one child abusers. (Mine was one, and I got off easy compared to my half siblings.)
A. Children and the emotion of children are different with each family.  Many children are loved and cared for.  Mothers nurture and protect them any way they can.  It is true our world is difficult, but it isn't for lack of love for kids.  Our world feels tied to the need for greed, power and influence of higher power (the Cabal), and we are in transition of overcoming their spell right now.  Our 3D experience of this world has us experience many aspects, some is great, some is challenging, and some experiences lie in the middle.  

Sadly, some children do experience the interaction with their parents as negative.  I'm sorry you had to live through this and I am hopeful that you were able to escape that experience and become a stronger person.  Forgiveness is one of the highest vibrational emotions, and through your healing if you incorporate and start to forgive (for your own self regardless of your mom), it can be huge in your spiritual development. Hugs to you!

Q. Is the information on this website legitimate:
Thank you

A. This site did feel to be mostly legit.  I did a quick scan over it, and what I did see felt like it resonated with me.

Hi Lynn,  Trusting you are well, and thanks for your work.

Regarding the Elvis session reading. Warning.....!
I'll go out on a limb here and state and question some bizarre possibility or scenario.

A week before your reading , I had a dream involving Elvis and in it I was made to understand and experience his deep kindness, love and generosity of heart for the people , and I understood something I had heard earlier that despite all the glamour and drama surrounding him, he was also consciously or unconsciously a spiritual conduit or channel to the masses.

So the bizarre scenario I was inquiring about,... is it possible, that he wanted out for the reasons you stated, and that his body did actually die but he had already willed himself out of that personality of Elvis the star, and moved to another physical body, possibly already born, (in a totally different and humble environment) without him going through the after-death stages and processes....maybe he came back as a walk-in. (I'm hesitant in using that word) and that could contribute to your questioning whether the funeral and empty casket where symbolic....?

I hope its not to much out there...but I'm curious all the same :) All the bests 

A. This is an interesting topic.  There are times that people sort of "jump" bodies when they pass.  It is rare, but can happen.  Usually someones passes, and they agree to incarnate, but don't want to go through the baby, child, adolescent phase.  When then happens the person incarnating can take the body of a person that experiences a near death experience (NDE) that does not want to come back, but their physical life isn't ready to be over AND the incarnating spirit is ready to take that physical life over.  People in this scenario can have trouble recalling memories (except what is residual and accessible in the physical DNA).  They can usually recall memories from their previous life as well (these aren't always cleanly wiped due to the unconventional type of incarnation).

In reviewing the past reading, and looking at Elvis, I don't get that is what happened to him (but really liked your analysis of your dream!).  It is true that I didn't see him in the casket, but sense he alive and still very connected to the Elvis persona.  I do also feel he is in communication with Priscilla as well.  

(Previous reading on Elvis:

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Free Will versus Predestined Behavior... How do they compare?

Q. Many people insist that when we are born we arrive with a road map of things to accomplish. That our lives are predestined.  Others suggest that we are born with free will and can live our lives as we choose.  But if our lives are determined before we are born, are we still held accountable for our behavior if it was determined that we were suppose to act in a certain manner?  
A.  Great question!  As I focus on this, there is actually a little bit of both going on.  When we are in spirit we do chose what lessons and experiences we will learn in our next incarnation.  We are then born into circumstances that will allow those lessons and growth to occur.  As opportunities arise, we can learn and expand, or we can (through free will) disregard the opportunity as a lesson and go a different path. 

The lesson will keep being taught in hopes you will accomplish your goal you set during the pre-incarnation.  Sometimes the path to your goal is difficult, in fact most times the most difficult path creates most reward.  It is the easy path that leads you to the cycles of repetition.  

When you are talking about "accountability" it is difficult to apply to terms in a Universal perspective.  The Universe works in balance.  Things aren't "bad" or "good" they just "are."  You have to have contrast or you could not fully understand a concept.  If every day was sunny, you would not have the experience of a cloudy day, and you would start to lose appreciation for a beautiful sunny afternoon (How many of us look forward to fall in the blazing summer, or dream of summer while shoveling snow?).  It's just like the quote, "the sweet isn't so sweet without the sour."

To piggyback on what I just said, it isn't as much what you did in this life, it boils down to if you learned and grew from the experience.  Did you just repeat cycles over and over, or did you expand in some way?  For example, there could be a good person, very giving, here to focus on overcoming abandonment.  On the outside they are full of love, but on the inside they are always searching for something without realizing another person is a compliment to their life, but isn't the sole focus or a failing on their part if they leave.  This person will repeat this experience with either family, friends or a partner until they understand.  If they don't overcome that lesson on this life, it will carry to the next in some form.

Likewise, there could be someone who does terrible things.  We have been and will be all things in order to fully understand and grow.  If their intent was to experience greed (a lesson they agreed to experience in the first person tense), then they accomplished it and can move on.  This may sound like an oxymoron, but as complex as some of this is, when it is broken down into Universal perspectives, it is about getting and learning a predetermined set of lessons.  

Q. If we harm someone or we are rude to them,  it creates conditions for that person to grow and learn.  So, are we still wrong if another person learns from our behavior?  

A. Again, it isn't a right or wrong.  It is the takeaway you gain.  And, it depends on what you agreed to work on in this life.  Source isn't sitting up there with a tally sheet for everyone, but in the end it is what it did for you personally.

Q. Are we doing anything wrong if we do harm to someone else, if we were predestined to do it?

A.  This is where the 3D existence overlaps the Universal perspectives.  In the 3D it is morally and ethically wrong, but Universally, it is about learning and growing.  We are spiritual beings (Universe) confined to a human body with punishable human rules (3D).  We have to work in harmony honoring both our spiritual and physical aspects.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Men and Women

Q. Hi Lynn, I'd like to get your take on why men are responsible for 99% of the evil done in this world. I grew up in the Christian church where we're taught that Eve tempted Adam with the apple, men are the head of the home, etc. Was the Eve story written by men to obfuscate their inherent evil tendencies and put the blame on women in order to control them?

I realize, intellectually, that men aren't evil as a whole, and there must good men out there. But you can't get around the fact that it is men who do virtually all the robbing, raping, murdering, fighting, cheating, and so on.

From a spiritual perspective, what do you see going on with regard to this subject?  Thanks.

A. Before I go into this, I need to preface that I'm going into this with generalizations and am not speaking from absolutes (there are always exceptions to everything).  When you hear me refer to men or women, please realize I'm talking as general impressions and not the rule. 

When men and women were created, men were the hunters, protectors and conquers.  Their role was to keep their family safe to ensure their offspring would live their legacy.  In doing so men were created with more testosterone, making them bigger and stronger.  During a flight or flight situation testosterone (along with adrenaline and other hormones) can create an aggressiveness (needed for survival).  That aggressiveness can take many forms stemming from a primal (almost animalistic) instinct.

For the survival of the species there needed to be distinct roles to protect the offspring.  It looks like women were made to provide the nurturing support because they were gifted the ability to bear children.  You couldn't have women hunting or fighting wars because it would endanger pregnant moms and their also needed to be women to care for the children once they were born.

It is coming to me that when men and women were created, they were already designed for these roles.  Men were larger, and women were biologically designed with a reproductive system to grow a child, and breasts to feed it after birth.  Because men had the size and strength, women had their own strength.  The best way to phrase this it to be direct, and one (of many abilities, but we are talking about very primal and biblical times) is to lure men with sex.  I get the Bible isn't intended to accuse women of anything, it was to show them they had power, and men had a weakness too (this isn't meant to be offensive, but place yourself at the time of Adam and Eve).  

I also see centuries ago in looking at the dynamics of men and women, the concept of oppression didn't exist.  Men protected, and women nurtured.  Both roles were essential for survival.  Fast forward (I'm seeing early 20th century).  Men hunted and protected, and women still nurtured and cared for children.  There feels to be some kind of imprint in our DNA that when you incarnate as a man, you take a certain role, and women take another.  That doesn't mean that men and women can't explore different paths.  Now that food is bought in stores, and we (most generally) feel safe, we have opportunities to take different paths.  BUT, I will say in an apocalyptic situation I see us (mostly) reverting back to the roles of past centuries.  

This reading is also taking me down the path of current times.  The onset of the feminist movement, which started as a positive concept of equality, planted the idea of oppression where women didn't see it.  Rather than work in harmony with each other and compliment each other's strengths, feminism created a competition.  (This was also the start of the break down of families, which was and is the current agenda push by the PTW / Powers That Were at the time.  Dual income homes means more income tax, more cars, bigger houses, daycare, etc- I've done readings on this.)

The spiritual perspective is balance.  Both men and women are important, for our survival.  One will show strength where the other is weak, and vice versa. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

PRIORITY Blog Request: Jet Fuel Hoax, Rockets and Lunar Wave

Hi everyone.  I know the past few readings have been intense and really out of the box.  I want to switch gears, but I first want to address some interesting (and also more out of the box questions).  Now that I know the direction this reading went, out of respect for the person that paid for this Priority request (with super interesting questions), please keep remarks constructive.  I'm fine testing myself, but name calling or insults will go to spam.  Thanks. 

Q. These clips are very recent, but there are these guys that believe there is NO fuel in commercial airplanes.  They call it jet fuel hoax.  It would be nice if you could shed a light. Or, is it just a scam to make money....
A.   I have looked at this theory before (but never did an "official" reading).  I did take a few minutes to look at the videos just to get in the right mindset before I continued on....  

I will say I cannot connect to planes running solely on compressed air.  I get the fuel itself (jet fuel) is very concentrated, and an element of compressed (or "enriched") air is added during the combustion process to maximize the efficiency of the fuel, but fuel (and occasionally a chemtrail cocktail) is used.  

Q. Also I found this channel "Crrow777" who has a video with an eyewitness in which she states that there are NO rockets going to space. It was just like a previous reading you did. 
A.  This is true.  I do not see rockets going into space because they cannot penetrate through the firmament.  When rockets go up, they really go at an angle.  From there they continue on until they explode on impact with the firmament, or they arch back down into the ocean to be retrieved.    

The same is true with satellites.  They are land based technology versus space based (that is why people in the navy or at sea have to use a different system of tracking and mapping because GPS does not work).   This is also why in rural areas sometimes the GPS or technology has issues because rather than getting a signal from the sky, it is coming from land based towers.  

The Space Station and Moon landing are also not as they want you to believe.  I've included a few links to previous readings on these topics at the end of this post. 

Q. Lastly,  the lunar wave is also interesting..
A.  I have done reading on this before (I will include a link below).  I still see it the same way as far as who lives there and the waves being tied to a force field.  The moon feels like there are bases all over it, and especially on the dark side, where we are not welcome (even if we could get there).  The moon does have a strange vibe to it.  I always felt like the earth was alive, and has a life force tied to her, but the moon has an artificial feel too (I don't feel the same essence given off, even though the illumination feels powerful).  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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