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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Mysteries in the Sky

Q. Hi Lynn - I been having a hard time finding people to communicate about these things I found on a webcam. I don't know why people are silent when I ask around the net. It is really weird. I collected the images into a streaming video with some music we made.  I emailed you, and you were the only one that had anything to say about it. =) Thanks!

I was coming back to share with you if you can do a reading on what these things are? I would like to maybe share your comments with others too to get people to talk about them? It's a long video, sorry, but I've collected the pictures over several years and put up the best ones. I cleaned them up, but didn't alter what they look like. These things are still showing up in the same webcams too.  I will share the links to them as they are public.

Video Compilation: https://youtu.be/RiqU9Gp1WSQ

Webcam Links (Don't forget to "refresh" often): 


Thanks so much again - your awesome!  Cheers!

A.  After reading this and watching the video, I was most drawn to the images that showed a bright "streak" in the sky.  While focusing on it, I get that they were ET air crafts, but the interesting thing is if you were to look at them with your naked eye, you wouldn't be able to see them (referring to the video taped images).  The camera enabled you to spot them (so I am doubtful that there were reportings of UFO activities on most of these days).  These crafts were literally flying at speeds that our man made crafts have not be able to achieve (and our 3D eyes could not see, but something with the video or refresh rate ??? allowed it to happen).  

I also noticed that some of the pictures showed "streaks" with red dots along the streak.  I get these too were crafts traveling, but they were giving off a pulse.  This pulse felt like a communication to other beings / crafts.  It felt it was a pulse relating to either a binary or Morse code.

I was interested in knowing who the beings were that were in the crafts.  I then realized the camera located near the Lawrence Hall of Science was very near a portal, and many beings used this portal.  That is why so many ships were seen traveling, and why they are flying at such high speeds (rather than floating or just cruising).  It requires tremendous energy to fly in and out of a portal, and then the craft reduces speeds once through (to conserves energy).  

I can say that as I think about the location and watch the video, the beings feel neutral.  One specific ship has a crew of about 8 beings that look to be very pale Greys.  It was clear to me that these aren't the only beings using the portal, but they were the ones that showed themselves. They were in the process of exiting Earth, and on their way.  I cannot see any ill will or negative activity tied to these pics or the portal.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

JFK Jr.... Could it be?.... Q Who?

Q.  Hi Lynn.  Well, well, well who would have thought this....  Found this today.


Could JFK Jr be alive and could he be Q (QAnon)?  What say you Lynn....?  Regards.

Q. There is a video circulating on whether the two people behind one of Trump's rallies is John F Kennedy Jr and Caroline Bessette. It's also thought that they never died in the plane crash in 1999, but escaped to hide in anonymity. JFK Jr and Trump are working to together to defeat the cabal. Here are a couple of links to explain. It sounds too good to be true but, the clues on the Q board are too coincidental. 

[If you watch anything, please give this a few minutes] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWzPH0T3nZg


A.  I want to approach this as two different questions.  The first is to see if JFK Jr could indeed be alive.  I have been asked about JFK, and do see he was killed, and the events of his death were tied to interactions with the CIA (I have done readings on this, and pulled one to attach to the bottom of this post.)  

I have even done a reading on JFK Jr, and I took a minute to review it (attached) to mentally get in the same place.  In my initial reading (which I reconnected to) I could feel the kind of person he was; compassionate, very intelligent, hard working, deeply missed his father, and full of anger at the agendas in place.  Who he was made him privy to lots of inside knowledge, and it really disgusted him that people in power could get away with horrible things, even murder, and think they were untouchable.  

As I replay the events in my mind, trying to pay even more attention to the details, I see the plane explosion (again).  In my original reading, I stopped there and didn't think to keep probing and asking more questions.  This time as I zoom in on the plane, I am realizing that I see the explosion, but I do not see him in the plane.  The windows are tinted, and you cannot see anyone inside. In fact, I don't ever see his body.  Even when I was looking at the aftermath and family gatherings.  I see people, emotions, even chaos, but I never actually see him physically (closed or no casket????) or in spirit (when someone has passed, the image always looks like there is some fog to it, and they look to stand at a distance rather than close to my face). 

[After taking a few minutes to clear myself again] I wanted to focus past the plane crash, and focus on JFK Jr himself.  I don't want the distraction of the crash, but rather more on if he faked his death and is he alive...  As soon as I put the intent out to that question, I am overcome with the emotion of apprehension.  I see a face appear that looks to be him in disguise. My empathic side kicks in, and as I realize this IS him, he cannot safely reveal his identity, location or remove the scarf from his mouth.  I feel the need to get some kind of closure for his father's death, but also the fear of being found out before he can complete his mission.

(Oddly, when I was looking for a image to add to this post, this
popped up using the keywords "JFK Jr. Death."  There are no
coincidences, and I had to share. I'm not sure what I expected,
but it definitely wasn't this.)
Now I'm being shown the story as if I am seeing a rewind.  He is showing me some of the things he gathered that he wanted to expose.  He had done his research and was close to proving the CIA involvement (Bu5h) in his father's death.  He also has a lot of evidence regarding disclosure, which was something his dad was very passionate about (and one of the motives behind his death).  He was going to make change, and some big name people were going down.  The word got out, and the PTW (Powers That Were) that were affiliated with Kennedy's death knew that JFK Jr needed to be quieted.  It got back to JFK Jr that there was a plan to "defect his plane" and he realized he would never survive to bring these people or agendas down.  As I look at it, I see a big, black spider web connecting all these people (PTW).  He basically had a few days to take the plan the PTW put in motion and use it as a fresh start for himself to finish what he started.

While the news of the crash hit the media, it served as a smoke screen for him to get out of the country.  He knew he had to plan out what he wanted to do in great detail, and the since he had such a short time to plan his death, it took him a while to regroup, determine who he could trust, and network.  He knew that he needed someone to be on his side, and trying to reveal anything under a Bu5h or C1int0n Administration (or one where they had any influence) would be impossible.  Under the wildcard of Trump, and Trump's desire to purge the deep state, he had the opportunity he needed to come forward.  There is something significant with the letter Q (I see it like an inside joke) and added the Anon for a tag name. He is determined to make the PTW sweat, and help wake people up to the truths around us.  I then hear him say "All is fair in love and war."
Link to previous readings:

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

#WalkAway Movement

Q.  Lynn, I keep hearing a lot about the #WalkAway movement.  Apparently some democrats are "walking away" from their party and joining the republican side. Is this legit or is there an agenda to it?  Do you see this taking off? 




A.  I do see this is legit, and gaining momentum.  Democrats typically support liberal ideas and social programs that they feel benefit the lower class, and lower middle class.  I see some dems having internal conflict due to the radical comments and actions of the alt left (including Hollywood), and this mode of thinking doesn't align with what many democrats stand for.  

Some alt left groups are promoting negativity against people that challenge their ideas.  Even events such as Maxine Waters (an elected official) rallying to have people harass Trump supporters promotes the opposite of unity.  If you disagree with these groups, you run the risk of being labeled with something ending in "obia" or another choice word.  Promoting violence and completely disrespecting the President is not what the democratic party used to be about.

Dems that cannot relate or support the actions of their party are leaving.  This isn't saying they are pro Trump, they are just anti violence and division.  Until the alt left rethinks their strategy, I see more and more dems leaving, which really scares the PTW (Powers That Were) since the alt left are the activists used to influence their agendas.  The alt left doesn't feel as scared as the PTW though as their plan is to get immigrants (legal and illegal) voting rights and sway them in the democrat direction.

We are in a shift.  People are becoming more and more alert and aware of what is going on around them, and slowly starting to question everything.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, July 23, 2018

Gaia TV Controversy, QAnon, Wilcock and Goode

Q. Hi Lynn! I have a few questions for you. First dealing with the recent Gaia TV controversy. If you aren't aware of it; apparently former employees of the Channel have formed the G.E.M. which stands for Gaia Employee Movement, alleging that Gaia's CEO, Jirka Rysavy, is a Luciferian and that Gaia's top corporate personnel have basically suppressed information concerning the revelation of advanced plasma based tech, etc., along with concealing an array of even deeper details and information pertaining to the secret space program. It is claimed employees/former employees, hosts of it's various programs and their guests have been threatened, intimidated, and even abused, some of which even by Scalar weapons (directed energy weapons which are supposedly very painful) and are stifled by having to sign non-disclosure agreements which legally prohibit them from discussing the topic any further outside of their interviews which after they are filmed and never again see the light of day and never air on the program, stored away indefinitely. 

In addition, it has been rumored that David Wilcock, host of Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings on the channel, has resigned from the company for that very reason and it seems his frequent guest and co-host of Cosmic Disclosure, Corey Goode, has some legal battles with the channel as well. A woman investigating the situation on a YouTube channel, You Are Free TV, covers the ordeal and reads a letter supposedly from Wilcock to the Gaia corporation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVFT2h5JBA4&t=5s What do you see concerning the truth of this situation and the real agenda(s) involved? Does Gaia's Corporate Big Wigs really have a Luciferian agenda to contain and limit disclosure? 

And lastly, concerning Wilcock, he recently posted an update of new briefings on his website, https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/21127-new-briefings-alliance-seizing-trillions-stolen-by-deep-state-preparing-to-give-it-back/ in which he suggests based on the latest QAnon quotes, this month could very well be the month that the disclosure event happens. QAnon's quote is as follows: "Panic is good. Panic is right. July 2018 – the month the world discovered the TRUTH. Conspiracy no more. Time to FEED. Q" 

Wilcock also claims that at least four of his insiders have confirmed that the "Alliance" has seized trillions upon trillions of dollars previously stolen by the Deep State and that these funds will be released back into the economy in the form of "Prosperity Funds". What do you see pertaining to all of this? Will July really be the pivotal, earth-shaking moment of disclosure for humanity including the revelation of the E.T. existence and advanced technology or will it (IF it happens) be just some limited disclosure of corruption? In other words, what is the "truth" QAnon is referring too? 

Thank you so much for your time in reading this long request and for looking into it! Much love and light to you and yours! 

A.  I do see as Gaia TV closes in and reveals more truth, they have been put on the radar of the PTW (Powers That Were).   There is a secret space program, but it deals more with the beings in space versus the objects in space.  As discoveries are made, and the probability of disclosure becomes more evident, this information is flagged and the PTW want it secret.  Knowing and confirming the existence of ETs will change the paradigm for many people, and force an acceptance that some aren't ready for.  More importantly, it threatens a loss of control of the PTW because there indeed higher powers out there, and these higher powers may be sought after like beacons of light. The PTW can no longer cause a problem only to be solution because a new player is in town.  

Wilcock and Goode do have their challenges.  They obtain information, but then it gets infiltrated and edited to appease the channel.  Bits of truth are revealed, but so much is filtered and edited to comply with the agenda.  It does feel like this Gaia channel has some Luciferian ties.  I hear the phrase to "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" and feel I am being told the motive for creating this channel was to lure in the threats, have them work with/for you in order to keep tabs on their findings.  It was no accident that Wilcock and Goode aligned with this channel. 

The "authentic" QAnon is very insightful, and a truth seeker as well.  I cannot see full disclosure happening by the end of July, but I do see it happening by the end of Trump's administration.  You do have to be cautious that you aren't following a copycat of QAnon as well.  I see that the PTW are very threatened and scared of what QAnon is going to share and release for the public, and since they cannot stop him, they copy him and relay false info to discredit him so people be will less likely to believe in the revelations he shares.  I get this message regarding July was a "copy cat" message, and even though it will happen (referring to disclosure), it won't be within this timeframe.  There are also many "deep state" officials being taken down (some in the public eye, and some privately), and this part of the message was to desensitize people as "offensive damage control" for when these stories inevitably break into the alternative media streams. (which does look to be July)  It is important to know that the real QAnon is legit, so listen to what he says, and run it through your intuitive filter.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Saturday, July 21, 2018


Q. Sounds create shapes called cymatics.  If you change the vibration of sound waves they produce specific shapes and waves called cymatics. If you repeat the vibration you should get the same shapes under the same conditions.  Some of them are circles and random geometric shapes, but you can also create a cross (Christian symbol) and a pentagram (Satanic).  Symbols have a powerful influence on people if they are closely associated with a movement or a belief system.  If you play the sound / vibration that creates an associated image, can you influence people's behavior or mood with that sound while the person is unaware?  If you played the sound associated with a pentagram would that make you more aggressive, or a cross more docile?
A.  When I focus on cymatics, I do see that you can infuse and influence the shape of sound (and water) with specific vibrations.  I see that these vibrations can be very effective in healing a person (though sound therapy, or through ingesting infused water).  Everything within us works on vibrations and frequencies, and when an illness occurs it is because a frequency is off.  Sound is one of the ways to influence and encourage health. 

I do see a person can be influenced in ways they are unaware of (smells, sounds, visually) and there is a lot of money in marketing and advertising to determine what is most effective to obtain a desired result.  I see there are also other agendas out there using a stimulus such as sounds to manipulate people to be calm, docile, aggressive.  Sound and vibrations are not only heard, but they are felt within the subconscious.  

The interesting thing I get is you can place intent behind a sound to alter how it is perceived by those hearing it.  If you were to purposely create a sound that was infused with a cross, and placed the intent of love and Source, it would be met with a peaceful reaction.  Likewise, if you sent out a vibration of a cross and tied it with the emotion of sinners being punished, the reaction would be very anxious and fearful.  Cymatics do look very powerful, and the intent behind a directed (purposeful) sound is just as impactful.      

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ancient Egypt

Q.  Some have suggested that the pyramids were a source of power that used water as a pump that radiated through a crystal at the top.  Was the pump noisy.....could it have been heard outside the pyramid?  How did it use oscillating water to create energy?
A. I do see the pyramids did sit on an underground water source or river.  The pyramids also had a large crystal quartz capstone at the top point. They did serve as a powerhouse, and it looks like they would build up electricity using a mechanism and the running water, and the current would then flow to the inner chamber of the pyramid via some kind of primitive wire or tubing.  This wiring feels like it was insulted in the channel by using a pink colored store to line the channel.  Within the center of the pyramid was a metallic looking apparatus and hear it was a capacitor and worked like a battery.  When the "battery" was full it would expel and electric charge upward through another pink stoned lined channel and out the top (it was how the battery discharged).  When this happened, it would look like a lightening bolt was shooting out the top of the pyramid and into the sky. 

The pyramids did make noise, similar to a low hum when the current was flowing.  If you touched a pyramid and were grounded, you could even feel a little static shock (even thought the majority of the energy was held within the channels that carried the wiring).  

Q. Ancient Egyptians used Hieroglyphics and many people that have seen aliens and alien aircraft have reported that they have seen writing on the sides of the aircraft that resembled hieroglyphics.  Because aliens have been associated with ancient Egypt and the Pyramids, is it possible that Hieroglyphics evolved from alien writing?  Or did hieroglyphics naturally evolve from using pictographs to represent ideas and objects?  
A.  I get hieroglyphics evolved in Egypt because they were an advanced society and wanted a way to keep records and advance knowledge to future generations.  It looks as though Egyptians came up with their own way of documenting through pictures.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light,
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Islam, Thought, Intent and the Veil

Q.  There seems to be a war against Christianity and a rise of Islamic Fundamentalism. 

Two thousand years ago, Paganism and Judaism were dominant.

Is it possible that as our values change, and people become more educated, and critical; that current religions will decline in the future and another belief system will replace them?

I was just wondering, because 2000 years ago in ancient Rome; they had hundreds of religions and cults to worship, not just the state sanctioned gods of ancient Rome.  And Quakers were relatively common several hundred years ago but they are a rare breed today.  So it is logical that today's religions may cease to exist or morph into something new as well.
A. We are constantly changing and shifting.  I do see very controlling religions emerging because under that reign people are easier to control.  As the religion gets accepted within society, then people begin to be punished based on religious based laws.  For example, if you have a religion that requires women to be covered by a burqa, and she removes the burqa, she could be sexually assaulted.  Even if you don't personally believe in the religion, you have to fear those around you that do and it can be easier to go along that try to resist it.  

The goal is, and always has been to keep people suppressed and easy to control.  Fear is the easiest way to control and manipulate people.  The migrant crisis in Europe is already shifting the culture.  This shift of people (instigated by the PTW / Powers That Were), was designed to start to attack Europe and it's descendants.  There are two dissimilar cultures and belief systems colliding, and the governments are standing down and allowing it to play out as these migrants refuse to assimilate.  A (more) free thinking group of people is being broken down by a very aggressive collection of people. 

Please hold onto your beliefs, and do what you can to preserve your way of thinking.  Send some love to Europe- these people need it!

Q. How is 'thought' transmitted?  Is it faster than the speed of light?
A. I see thought as an energetic pulse.  I would say it is faster than the speed of light, as I see it happen almost instantly.  The interesting thing is that even though the thought "pulse" happens instantly, it may take a moment for your body to interpret the received message (either through an intuitive nudge, vision or even clairaudiently).  

Q. I bought a 'Jesus' candle last Easter.  Its' one of those candles that are popular with Catholics and Hispanics.   I bought it to celebrate Easter and I burned it several hours a day until it ran its' course.  I recited the prayer on the back when I lit it the first time. Many times when I passed the candle, while it was lit;  I said 'Hello Jesus' or 'How are you doing Jesus' and when I blow out the candle at the end of the day I said
'Good night Jesus, say hello to God and my Mother for me'....lol

Are these just amusing antics from me or does Jesus, God and perhaps my Guides actually hear me? 
A.  With or without a candle, Source, angles and guides always hear you.  They are always around, and when you call upon them or talk to them, they know what you say.  They like to help and be of service, so your wishes are important to them.  You can speak to yourself, or out loud (but out loud creates a stronger intent).  

Q. If people on Earth are the only ones that live in a 3D world, and time does not exist in other worlds........ what creates the difference?  Is it a hidden veil, like an invisible fog that exists around the Earth or our Galaxy?  Or is it a state of Mind that we are not aware of, like psychic abilities? We often hear about raising our vibration through meditation, but how does that occur?
A.  There are other worlds that experience time on a linear scale because they too live in the same density as earth (just under different circumstances and "rules"). Earth does have a veil that keeps us here (possibly the firmament as described in the bible- which is a topic I've talked about in past readings???). 

Meditation does help to raise your vibration because you are more connected to source.  Heavy or negative emotions keep your low, but meditating and being in tune with your subconscious and higher self helps you to rid yourself of those negative emotions (similar to unloading a heavy weight), which helps you to elevate yourself.  When you meditate focus on grounding to the earth (she welcomes everything you purge) and reaching to Source.  That intent and motion will help you to increase in vibration. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Intuitives, Psychic Awareness and Emotions in Spirit

Q. If you were in a room full of psychics and intuitives, would you get along with them on a personal level?  Would you be friends with each other because there are so few in society (statistically) and have similar personalities (helping others)? Or would it be difficult because you would be in a room of mentally active people that would give you discomfort?  
A.  Intuitives and psychics are like everyone else, some you mesh with, and some you don't.  It really depends on the person.  I do have friends that are very gifted and intuitive, and I'm blessed to have them cross my path.  We have great discussions, and the synergy that forms makes me feel like it recharges me in some way.

I have also come across some very spiritual people that focus on love and the greater good, but have a hard time accepting things such as the existence of the PTW (Powers That Were) or negative activities in the world.  I still get along with them, but I do have to hold back and watch what I say because they are not ready to hear it.

Q. Is there a level of psychic awareness that is considered the best or the highest?  There are several abilities like Clairaudience (hearing) , Clairvoyance (seeing), Telekenesis (influencing objects), Remote Viewing......

Does knowing one in particular elevate you to a higher Spiritual level than others?  In other words, does learning one Gift make you a white belt in martial arts, another make you a brown belt and another one make you a black belt?

Are there any psychic abilities at higher levels that the average person is not aware of that might be withheld from the general public?  
A. All psychic and intuitive abilities are gifts, and I cannot see one being better than another.  Having and recognizing abilities is just the beginning.  Developing  and trusting your gifts is what will help you elevate to a higher spiritual level.  

You may have the most amazing, vivid clairaudience, and not experience other "clairs" and be more advanced than someone with two recognizable gifts that are undeveloped.  Take what you have and work with it, and don't worry about "rules" of advancement.

At the higher level, there isn't anything hidden that I can see.  The big difference is the clarity in your messages, and your ability to relay those messages without altering the meaning.  

Q. When someone dies and passes to the other side, do they 'sleep', do they dream?  Do they feel sad or happy?
A. I cannot see that they sleep / dream.  They look to always be active (and "on call" should you connect with them).  I do sense emotion from them, so yes, a wide range of feelings can be detected from them.

A Few to Revisit:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Role of the Millennials and Generation Z in France's Riots

Q. I have an odd question, Lynn. I've just finished reading "Large-Scale Riots Continue in France for 4th Straight Night" and a question arose in my mind. Isn't this age group defined by terms like "starseed," "indigo," "crystal children," and so forth? Is the population of (probably) younger Millennials and Generation Z equally split between spiritually adept and the "lukewarm" some have said will remain on a 3D Earth for another major cycle after the final completion of the Ascension process? This age group appears to constitute very violent groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, European African immigrant groups, etc. What's the dynamic here? How do you see their respective roles playing out?


A.  When I tune into the special beings, the starseeds, indigo and crystal children, I don't see them as the portion of millennials that are filled with hate, but they the balance to the hate groups.  Even though these genuine special beings may get confused and wrapped up in these groups (because they are open minded and free thinking), they don't carry a hateful vibe.  A starseed, indigo and crystal child will not feel right or feel they belong in a group filled with anger, and I don't see them staying.

There is a portion of millennials (good portion) that is being swayed by the media through emotional tugs to join (what appears on the outside) to be a meaningful group.  Many of these groups (like Antifa) are hateful, and promote exactly what they claim to protest.  All of this labeling and anger creates division which is exactly how the PTW (Powers That Were) want it to be.  Agendas are being cultivated as we continue to divide, and the anger forms a smoke screen to allow the PTW to sculpt society into what they want.  They are emasculating men, breaking down the families and forcing people to live submissively (and if you speak out or make an observation you are labeled).  

There is also another (unexpected) role of these groups and people too.  I see these groups escalating to the point where there is an uprising.  Humans, by nature, can only be controlled so much.   People opposing these groups realize what is happening, and go in defense mode.  Something drastic needed to happen for change to occur, and this is the fuel.  I then hear the quote by Edmund Burke "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

People living in a vibe of division that cannot free think and begin to question things do feel doomed to remain on the 3D earth (through at least another incarnation). Ascension and various phases of ascension are constantly occurring.  I see that if you aren't ready to ascend this time around, you don't have to wait several incarnations or cycles to get there.  Maybe you are ready the next time you are here. You may not be ready in this life, but you could experience a lot of growth in a future life (or lives) that makes you ready for the next step.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, July 9, 2018

A Few Thoughts for Monday

Q. Hello Lynn, I am curious...  When someone is viewing an event on another timeline, they often comment that someone 'saw them' and reacted with surprise. Were they seen because the person in the other timeline had a sixth sense and was able to perceive them? Or were they able to be seen by anyone; like a ghost? 
A.   There are beings in every dimension, and every timeline.  Since time runs in a loop in the spirit planes (versus linearly as it does here on earth) there are beings experiencing that time line as well as beings that toggle between timelines (which is the basis of the Mandela Effect).  Anyone looking at an alternate timeline can be seen or sensed just as they can see other people. The "surprise" factor comes from realizing that you are seeing or sensing someone that has tapped into a different timeline.

Link to previous readings on the Mandela Effect:

Q.  Is there a single Heaven for the Universe or is there a different Heaven for each Planet or Galaxy? How come people that visit the 'Other Side' see other people and sometimes pets; but they never return saying that they saw dinosaurs and aliens?

A.  I see the progression on the other side happening in phases.  All beings do go to one spiritual "plane," and they progress or ascend through that plane until they decide to reincarnate.  People that have a NDE (Near Death Experience) travel to lowest spiritual plane (think of it as the "welcoming" point).  They may see white light, have familiar people nearby, experience the earth from above, but don't submerge themselves so deep in that state of existence that they are able to progress.  IF they stayed in spirit, they would gradually advance and ascend within the plane to the vibration that houses those beings, but they are pulled back or encouraged to go back before they get that type of advancement.  

Q. There are some special qualities about buildings designed to Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci Numbers. Are there any foods in Nature that have the same design as Sacred Geometry and might have additional benefits beyond nutrition?  Thanks for your blog Lynn! 
A.  When I focus on this, I get that everything in nature is based upon sacred geometry.  We can either see it visually, or under a microscope, but regardless, it is there.  The tough thing in to determine what it is that you need (or need to eliminate) that is causing your body distress.  The first thing I heard (rather clear) when I read this question was the quote by Hippocrates "Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."  To go beyond nutrition (which I see as health, healing and spiritual development), you should focus on natural elements found in our environments.  

The single most beneficial thing I see is water, and I hear the phrase "living water."  It appears that water infused with a certain vibration whether done with music, herbs, oils, flowers, fruits or vegetables can be very beneficial depending on your health and spiritual goals.  This "living water" looks to help you to feel better, detox, promote cell regeneration and decalcify the pineal gland.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Drought in the UK and Floods in Italy and France

Q. How about you do a Reading on the current lack of rain and imminent drought in the UK and much of northern Europe?

"UK weather sees driest June on record"


"However, Denmark, usually a reliable supplier, is having its driest season in 59 years"


“Farmers in some central European and northern countries [Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Finland] have been hit by severe drought, which is reaching catastrophic proportions. Whilst some southern countries [Iberian Peninsula, Italy, France] have been experiencing floods.”


What is the cause of this drought? How long can we expect it to continue?

A.  When I tune into this I get there is an underlying agenda to destabilize Europe.  It first started with the migrant crisis (that was instigated by the PTW / Powers That Were) and the influx of people that have been unwilling to assimilate.  To make it worse, some radical weather manipulation is going on which inhibits jobs, decreases production and ultimately hurts the economy. 

I get that the PTW have a plan to try to regain control of the United States, and weaken other areas (countries) that pose a threat.  They "think" that the fear and society shifts that are currently at play trough the media and Hollywood will give the Alt Left a sure lead to the next presidency, (but what they don't realize is that people have had enough and are starting to see things for what they are).  The PTW realize they cannot control Trump, but they can lay the framework for when they (assumedly) will regain control of the US again.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I Really Don't Care Do U?

Q. OK Lynn, here's a quickie! What on earth did Melania's jacket mean? "I really don't care do u?"
A.  When I tune into this I get that Melania isn't this mean, heartless woman that many in the media try to portray.  The PTW (Powers That Were) cannot stand Trump because of his outspokenness and lack of ability to be controlled, so they work to dismantle and hurt anyone associated with him (i.e. Ivanka, Baron and Melania) to find a weak spot.  Trump has called out the media on their lies and propaganda they try to push, and rather than evaluate how they report news, they get offended and keep attacking from different angles (reporting even MORE false news).  I hear "the news has turned into competing reality shows, not report facts, but rather opinions in hopes of acquiring higher ratings"

Monday, July 2, 2018

Gold, Silver and Financial Market

(As I go into this, I do need to reiterate that I am not a financial adviser, and everything I get comes from an intuitive perspective.  Please trust your gut and do what feels right for you.)

Q. Financial gurus are now saying that a worldwide financial market collapse is inevitable and it is coming soon. If this is so, then should we be investing in bullion or in crypto currencies? What will help the population remain solvent as the collapse takes place? 

(The second part of the question was from a different contributor, but still relevant..) I have been following Armstrong the last +10 years since he was jailed... I really have learned a lot from reading his free blog. Is he 100% non deep state? The gold community is doubting it because he talks negative about gold (so far - at least until 2020). They suspect that this was the deal which got him out of prison (to spread false information).

On the other hand, the gold community has many hypotheses. One of the top gold experts, Jim Sinclair, predicted gold to be at $650 USD when gold was $250-$300 USD 20 years ago, and it did get to $1920. Now he talks about an overnight/over-weekend reevaluation to USD $50,000 as a cornerstone in a new monetary system. Armstrong talks about $5,000 USD max., if not all the money rushes into stock (which he thinks is more likely. I wonder, Lynn, if it is simply impossible to predict such things because all kind of timelines are continuously developing and changing the end result?

A. When I focus on this, I hear "ideally you should diversify, but always pick tangible assets over electronic assets when times feel uncertain." Even though precious metals are slow to grow, and are falsely being suppressed, they have real value, and even during times of inflation, they will hold value (not their true value until a complete reset, but a value none the less).


Bullion feels like a secure investment, but you may want to consider smaller quantities, i.e. 10 1oz coins versus a 10oz brick (in the event you want to use it for barter or currency). Cryptos feel and look as though you can make some real return on your investment, BUT you need to really watch market fluctuations, and when things start to peak set some kind of guidelines for yourself to cash out (I see a big peak, and then a drop on a saw-tooth graph). I get with cryptos some of the biggest challenge is to know when to walk away as the gains can be real, but the crash is very real too. I get to be really cautious toward the end of summer (August) through fall (October?). Cryptos are not a "set it and forget it" type of investment.

Ultimately a gold backed world currency still looks to emerge (gold backed crypto???). It will be electronic (not tangible) and people will be encouraged to convert to this currency. It has a taxable and trackable component like nothing we have seen before (transaction taxes??). The IMF (???) looks to control it, but lets China be the administrator of it (this is why China is so determined to stock piles of gold to prove solvency). I get that having two entities, the IMF and China involved, it creates a better checks and balances when compared to current structures of currency. Individual countries don't look as though they are forced to relinquish their monetary system, but international trade will be done with this newer form of currency. Slowly the individual forms of money will become inconvenient (discouraged), and eventually a single form of money will dominate.