Friday, June 29, 2018


Q. Hi Lynn, Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but lately I have been coming across a lot of articles about Elvis

Did Elvis really die in 1977? I have read that Elvis had a younger brother named Franklin who died of cancer, and he was used to fake the death of Elvis.

Also, there is a man named Pastor Bob Joyce which people are saying is Elvis. He definitely looks like Elvis, has the same mannerisms, walks, talks like him and definitely sings like him. I have attached a link of Pastor Joyce singing American Trilogy

Is there any truth in this Facebook page

Is what Priscilla says in this video (“it’s exactly what he said the other day” in 2005) an honest mistake?

Thank you for your time Lynn.
A.  I spent some time focused on this after looking at the YouTube links (to get in the energy of this person) I do get that Elvis needed to fake his disappearance when he did.  Between what he had going on in his personal life, and the expectations he put on himself from his fans, he was full of pressure to perform, act and be a certain way in the public eye.  The pressure ended up being too much, and he needed to escape.   I see him really torn with the decision as he loved performing, but he had made ample money and deep down knew it was he needed either get himself sorted out, or it would be the end of him (I see a doctor telling him if he didn't change his ways he wouldn't be here much longer for his family).  

I get that setting up his own death was what he felt he needed to do.  Close family assisted him, and shortly after I see he went to a rehab center under a false identity to try to put himself back together.  He felt he needed the time and attention of an in-patient facility to help him get his health, addictions and mental state back on track.  In this facility he leaned on faith to get him through and stay strong.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hollywood and [More on] Meghan Markle

Q. Hi Lynn,  Can you do another reading about Hollywood?

Do most Hollywood actors and directors worship Lucifer?

Does a person need to make a contract (and sign in blood) with Lucifer in order to work and be successful in Hollywood? The common expression for this is “selling one’s soul to the Devil”.

A.  When I think about this, I don't get they "worship" Lucifer, but they do feel to allow moral boundaries to be loose, and greed and promises of fame cloud good judgment.  To succeed in Hollywood you have to be willing to put yourself in various forms of media, regardless if you personally agree with the agenda (and support those agendas if you want future work).  Your personal opinions no longer matter, and you speak on behalf of the PTW (Powers That Were).  You have to be willing to give up your identity, and become a puppet of the PTW.  [Note:  In Taylor Swift's recent song, Look What You Made Me Do, when she states "the old Taylor can't come to the phone because she's dead" she is speaking the truth in plain sight- the PTW got to her and her tone has changed ever since.]

I get one of the tactics the PTW do to keep control is entrap them into something, and hold that against the person as a bribe, and this in turn is the "contract" that leads to either "fame or destruction."  For example, they get them to say something, support or even participate in some dark activity (could even be through entrapment) in order to have some "dirt" on them to bring up at a later date (like insurance for obedience).  

Many people in Hollywood have lost their way, and by choosing fame they have relinquished their own sense of self.  

Monday, June 25, 2018

Leonardo Da Vinci

Q. Hi Lynn,  I was wondering, what really happened to Leonardo Da Vinci when he disappeared.  He was out of sight,  completely, gone, and no record of anything by him for a good two years? Was he really taken and trained by extra-terrestrial beings? 

Most of the work he did upon his return was NOTHING like what he had done before - inventions, aerial shots (to precision) of land placements, details of organs, muscles, etc...and then, the mirror imaging on the majority of paintings which showcase the same 'Alien' face, time and time again.

This video is very interesting:

Would love to know your thoughts.  Thank you <3

A. When I tune into this, I get that during this time there was a lot going on politically and socially, and see that Da Vinci was getting a lot of scrutiny for being "controversial."   Da Vinci feels to be known for expressing himself through his art, and using art to say what he couldn't really verbally communicate.  It isn't that he cared too much about what people thought, but it evolved into what felt harassing to him (which bothered him a great deal). 

Things felt to be so heavy and Da Vinci felt like he was close to being in trouble with the law (???), so he decided he needed to take a break and hide from the public eye. He didn't stop creating or drawing.  He just didn't put it out there (I get if you saw his sketch books during this time, they were amazing).  It is true that his perspective changed, but that is because during his time away he began to really focus on his spirituality (looking inward).  In the process of looking inward, and using that as a connection to Source, he had many experiences of astral projection and travel. 

Tapping in the astral plane allowed him to see and experience the world from above.  He took those visuals to create maps and diagrams. His ability to get to a theta state (and even deeper) of meditation helped him to "see" beyond the tangible 3D world and into something more, leading him to inventions and drawings that were ahead of his time.  

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Question on: Are They Recycling Your Soul?

A. Hi Lynn,  So thankful for this blog, we learn SO MUCH!!

Lynn, can you please explain more on the above "YouTube" subject, They Are Recycling Your Soul

I know that you explained once on this blog that if you die you must not go into the (white) light to avoid being recycled into this world again.  I want to know, do we have a choice of not going into the light?  My concern is if this is a "set up" (grid / jail) of sorts and I do not want to be recycled.  Also, are there repercussions?   For example, if you do not comply with this system will your soul be rejected and you end up all alone in the universe without any chance of belonging somewhere?

This is a real disturbing thought for me!

A. I think this is easier if I break this down into parts.  Let me first start with the video..  

I see a lot of truth with the video (the concept itself).  I've always seen that when we cross into spirit we have the option to stay in spirit or go to the (white) light to begin our next experience with reincarnation.  If you chose to stay in the spirit plane, you are free to roam, guide, protect and look after whoever and whatever your chose.  

If you decide to go to the light (bright white light) either at the time of passing or later, you do start the recycling process where memories and quick recall is wiped, but residual DNA memory still remains (they would love to wipe that too, but have not figured out a way to do so).  The purpose, as I understand, is to prevent humans from ascending and being able to build upon their wisdom and knowledge.  If we continued to grow, and didn't have to relearn everything, we would soon become SO powerful we would overcome the overlords (i.e. Reptilians) which has been their greatest fear.  It looks as though this design was created by the Archons (the most evil of the Reptilians?).

Something new I have been shown is with the emerging of the 4D earth, new "light" sources / tunnels will be evident at the time of passing.  Specifically I see a green, blue and violet tunnels of light.  These look like options given to promote the ascension process as you graduate to the new 4D, and you will be drawn to the thing you need to work, expand on or heal (green works on heart / relationships, blue focuses on communication / expression and violet deals with the self / self-reflection).  These colored portals are all good in their own way, and there isn't a wrong choice (Don't be afraid of these!).  

Is there a choice?  
You do have a choice.  You can chose to roam the spirit plane, or go to any of the colors of light.  You can even elect to stay in spirit to wait and watch others, and go to the light later.  The light (all four of them) are always open.  It is also important to realize that once you are in spirit, time is relative. There is no limitation or clock ticking creating a deadline because there is essentially no time.  

Are there repercussions?
I cannot see any repercussions.  In fact, with regard to the white light, I see benefits to waiting as the longer to stay is spirit, the easier it looks to tap into your residual DNA memories (it looks like they imprint or something similar to that).  There is no punishment, and when you do chose to go to the light, any of them, you are welcomed.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Chinese Social Credit Score

Q.  Lynn,  What is going on in China?  I recently heard of a system they are using called a "Social Credit Score."  I saw a story of a man who could not travel outside the country because his score wasn't "high enough."  There are installing cameras, spying on everyone, and without due process, there is little the people can do.  Can you please look into this?  I'm afraid this will spread as a way to spy on everyone.  Thanks.

A.  When I look at this I see some very distinct paths emerging for the citizens of China.  For those that are fearful and are in survival mode (most of the population), they will become compliant.  They (the government) will monitor what they say and do in order to maintain control.  The people look to buy into this reward system in that if you "behave" and are a model citizen, you will continue to live as you have been.  Having surveillance and privacy being breached will be accepted as part of life and they will become numb to it.  One of the side effects of living this way looks to be passive behavior being passed on to future generations, which is the goal and agenda of the Chinese government.  (Note:  I hear the phrase to "always remember the root words of government, govern=control and ment=mental/mind.)

The challenge is for those that don't even realize they have breached some kind of rule or behavior, and find themselves banned from something (like travel or a loan).  These people are used as an example to show "what will happen to you if you do not obey."  I get the guidelines of what is permitable are very strict (so strict that as word gets out people will be afraid to do anything, even something so simple as having an opinion).  This also opens the opportunity for the government to "change the rules" to fit their current agenda or plan for the time being.

Then there are people that will test and try to defy the system.  This group looks much smaller, but still emerges.  The people are basically powerless against it as there is no true "due process" or legal system that supports the challenge, but few will try.  I just don't see much success.

Lastly is the scariest group (well scary for the government).  I get you can only control people for so long before people start to stand up for their rights.  I'm told "the look of how people stand up can take many different forms."  Eventually a group starts to form that "appears" to be the perfect citizen, but they are passively planning a way around this or a way to take it down.  I keep hearing the phrase "District 13" from the Hunger Games. It will be a slow process, and a few years in the making, but looks to be inevitable in our current timeline.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Tucson Camp

Q.   The following questions / comments are a few I have received regarding the camp in Tuscon.  I wanted to take a look and see what I could get when I tapped in to this area:

⤑I have followed the Tuscon camp and it looks to me that this was not a child trafficking location, but instead a spot migrants stopped at after crossing the border. Craig Sawyer came out and said his first instincts were incorrect and a great YouTuber, Unirock has chronicled the issue.

Still we all know it's a huge issue that seems to be making out to the mainstream despite the efforts of the PTW (Powers That Were). That's just the time they could set up something that turns out to be false to discredit us. I guess I've been burned before with these sort of operations. If this camp is "false flag" that gets discredited later tells me we are close two the truth and they are working overtime to set up a narrative.

⤑I got first impression that this was a real child trafficking camp. And I still do. Further, I get that the locals are involved in it, as one can't do something this bad and big without people noticing.  I feel they are working overtime to bury, burn, plow it under, purge computer systems, put out false stories, threaten those who disclose, and get things to discredit it into Snopes and other fact checkers. If they are not successful at burying it, it could be the crack that breaks the dam wide open and the cesspool will drain.

⤑Many people who went there to help are camping on private land with the landowners' permission. Ranchers have been killed by the traffickers and gangs. It used to be a few hundred migrants a year, and the locals would help them when they could. Now it's tens of thousand if not more. Someone mentioned watching a long livestream and at some point they spoke with homeless people who said they didn't go near that area because it was so dangerous. Personally I think there was some truth to the situation but some individuals tried to turn it into a psyop. 
A. When I focus on this, I get that there is some darker activity going on.  It feels like a "multi use" area for criminal activities.  It looks like the PTW knew of this, protected it and tried to keep it going as they used this as a revenue stream.  I see this being used like an underground railroad for drug mules coming to and from the US, and also pathway for human trafficking. 

It also has a complexity to it, as it appears that there was some kind of a schedule and toll paid to the PTW for it's use.  When traffickers were using the space, the drug mules weren't, and vice versa.  Some weeks were dedicated to the mules, and some weeks for to the traffickers to move people and product in and out of the country.  I hear the PTW don't like to mix business. 

I get the gang members were funded by the PTW to keep this area clear and out of the public eye.  This "protection" was covered in the "toll" that was paid for it's use.  Gangs would "hang out" in the area to make it less desirable (even "unsafe") to keep people away.  The crime and and dangerous activity was in some way encouraged as a way to disguise this place from the public, and even the police. 

The PTW are very upset their operation is being stalled.  They are trying to quiet this story, and create confusing and conflicting stories so people don't know what to believe.  In the meantime, they are destroying and tampering with the evidence to prevent connections from being made with political and high government members. 

[Please take a moment and put the intent out there that the officials will collect the proper evidence before the PTW have a chance to destroy it.  I do see that some of the evidence is still remaining, it just needs uncovered (I specifically see a note written by a little girl tucked at the foot of a fence..)  Even though some of the officials have been approached and bribed, there are still some good ones out there that can expose this.] 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Friday, June 15, 2018

Health: Physical, Mental and Spiritual

Q. Is there a spiritual advantage to being a vegetarian, or does it even matter?
A. I get it really depends on the person as there is no "Universal" rule.  I'm always reminded that it is the intent behind the consumption that is most important.  Meaning, if you have gratitude for the life force given to you, and express thanks for the food, it will serve you well. 

Some people in general feel better when they reduce animal protein from their diet, but that has more to due with the ability for your body's resources to be allocated in other areas (such as healing and detoxing).  Animal protein does take a lot to process, especially for the liver.  Just be mindful that protein is important, so you need to consume it in other forms if you do eliminate meat (and soy is NOT a good replacement). 

Other people may feel worse eliminating animal proteins.  This can be due to not enough other protein resulting in fatigue and a poor mood.  It can also be part of a detox that occurs when meat is eliminated. 

All people are unique, so do what makes you feel like your best self.  Just remember, a moment of gratitude before every meal can mean everything.

Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering about illness / diseases / conditions.  Do other ET groups also get sick or is it unique to humans / earth life? Our DNA was spliced and modified by the aliens.  If they have that kind of ability, they should also have the ability to remove all 'disease-causing genes'.  Or perhaps they are the ones who planted these disease-causing genes? If so, why? Or again, is the reality of illness / diseases inherent to 3D life? If so, do other 3D civilizations outside earth also experience this phenomenon called disease / illness? Thanks.
A.  I see two things with this.  In our 3D life, dis-ease is part of our world, and creates opportunities to learn and grow through experience (even if the experience is viewed as 'bad" it is still experience).  It is a necessary component to this reality. 

Also with the existence of disease, is the spiritual opportunity to learn the infancy stages of healing ourselves.  Many miracles (or what seems to be miracles) have been witnessed.  These diseases help to open and strengthen the gateway to spirituality (which is further accepted and expanded upon in the 4D).  The higher 3D beings such as light workers and healers emerge, and dis-ease shows them how to manifest a different reality by teaching others the power of intent, thought patterns and belief in Source. 

Q. Hello,  Is taking ormus or monoatomic gold a DNA healer / frequency increase / pineal gland stimulant? Or is it a tool by the cabal to mess with our DNA in order to keep us in the 3D with them. 
Thank you for all you do!

A.  I get a little of this is ok, and can have some very productive effects on the pineal gland, but too much can be toxic.  It does feel like a powerful element, and you should do your research before taking.  I also get that IF you decide to experiment with it, it is best done in cycles (one month on and one week off, for example).  I also get that some headaches can be a normal part of the pineal opening process, but they should not be debilitating and could be a sign that you have too much of this in your system.  

Q.  Hi Lynn,  Below is a link to a webinar that provides a good introduction to the Emotion Code and Energy Code founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Recently (through synchronicity) I met a practitioner of this new healing modality so have had firsthand experience with this revolutionary new healing system. I can personally vouch for its efficacy as I've experienced a profound shift in my own physical and emotional well-being since trying it. I would be interested for you to do a reading on it as I feel that it is a real game-changer in the way we "think of" and treat disease and will be of benefit to many people who are desperately searching for answers to health concerns after having exhausted other avenues.
Thanks and blessings to you!

A.  I too see this as a great way to approach healing.  Tapping into and looking at energy fields is a great way to access current and past traumas.  Many times these traumas can manifest into physical symptoms if they are not dealt with and purged.  Clearing a field and healing in this way can most definitely transform a person.  He does feel real, honest and sincere with his technique.  This is worth exploring to see how it resonates within you as an effective modality of healing. 

Q. How effective is tideglusib for restoring human teeth from damage by cavities or external trauma?
A. I get it depends on the severity of the cavity or trauma (are the nerves involved or it is close to the nerve?).  In the event that the damage or cavity is more superficial, it looks to be effective, but in more severe cases, I cannot see it making that much improvement.

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have a question regarding this supplement. 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula. "The Ultimate in Immune System Support This product represents 4Life's highest level of immune system support." This product was recommended for a family member that had cancer. The reviews on amazon are amazing. I've taken it before, and I remembered I didn't get sick that year. Does this supplement really give what it says?

A.  I get with a healthy lifestyle and dietary changes, this can be really effective at promoting and maintaining health.  It doesn't feel like a "magic" potion, you will need to put effort into your health, but looks to be a great supplement to allow natural healing to occur. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn 
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain...

Q.  Hope you could read into the back to back suicide of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, both by hanging. Kate Spade used a red scarf and so did Chris Cornell who used a red band. Asia Argento who spilled the beans on Harvey Weinstein was Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend.

A. I've had several requests to look at these deaths, so I decided to take some time to see what things would come forward.... 

Kate Spade:  I see a well connected person, shaking the hands of everyone she met.  I get she had a huge network of people, and her ability to know people was one of the main driving forces (and abilities) that allowed her to rise to the top.   Not only did she know people from the states, but she knew people from all over the world.  In her industry she was very caught up in fashion and the models / marketing that were part of it.  Without being of full knowledge (or witnessing) things, she was aware (through talk and rumors) of the exploiting that was occurring with some of these young adults.  I see this weighing on her (keeping her up at night and eventually manifesting into an ill feeling / imbalanced mental state).  

She could no longer unknow what she felt and knew to be true, and began to really look into things.  Upon talking to people (some were up and coming models, and others were rather high up influential people, including some of the PTW / Powers That Were) she started to learn of not only the exploiting that was going on (bringing young people into the modeling arena with the hope of making it big in exchange of sexual favors), she started to see how human trafficking was being run within her close and extended network on contacts!  She was also being led down a path associated to the Cl1nt0n5 (I'm hearing not to spell this out, or this will get flagged- so I hope you get the message.). 

The more she saw this, and the lack of remorse and evil tied to it, she knew she needed to expose it for what it was.  This got back to the PTW tied to the pedophilia ring, and they knew they needed to stop her.  If she exposed the truth and the people tied to it, it could hurt the revenue to these people, the reputations of those associated and interrupt their " dark hobby."

I see that someone broke into her home, and strangled her.  This type of death was to send a message about those that think about "speaking out."  It was intentional that it was tied to the throat (throat chakra- communication block).  I see the way they covered it up was to make it "look" like a hanging (investigations and a "forged" note? lead everything to suicide), but in reality it was a strangulation. 

Anthony Bourdain:  I see a man who loved life, and experiences. He really did care about people, and through his travels all over the world, he saw a lot.  He feels like he was really grounded and humble.  

Anthony also had a drive about him.  When he is inspired, he will work tirelessly.  After discussions with his girlfriend, and her helping to expose Harvey Weinstein, Anthony really started to look at the #metoo movement.  It looks like he was approached by a business associate, and they suggested doing a documentary on human trafficking.  This was a project that Anthony could really get behind, and wanted to open up the awareness.  I also see that Anthony had his own private research team (?) and they were starting to uncover some startling connections to people of power, even political people and names people know (the PTW).  He too started down the dark path of the Cl1nt0n5, and he was shocked and sickened by what he was realizing. 

Like with Kate (above) they had to quiet him before this project got started and aired (and the research team uncovered even more).  Again, it had to be the throat to continue to send a message and put fear in people against speaking out.  This too was masked as a suicide to prevent further investigation.  

Please take a moment to see some healing protection and light around this research team, and I feel they are in some real danger as well.... 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light, 
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Loud Booms Heard Across the World

Q. Hi Lynn, Just watched this interesting video this morning. The first part of the video references the mysterious "booms" that are being heard all over the world. The FBI has become involved in this particular instance as local and state officials cannot figure out what is causing it. Is it Gaia doing her thing or our Alien friends? 

Thanks so much, Lynn!

A.  When I tune into this, I get two things are the cause of these sounds.  The first is just that, Gaia is releasing her energy.  I know I have said this before, but Gaia absorbs a lot of energy from both the sun, and also us.  

I am reminded of a lesson I learned as I was becoming a Reiki master, and that lesson was when we clear a field and funnel the energy, tell the low vibe energy that is not serving the client to go to the trees.  The trees will ground it to Mother Earth, and she will gladly take it in.  Gaia can only hold onto so much (potential) energy before she needs to expel it, and one way to do that is to expand.  I get that earth used to be much smaller, and between the subtle increases in our distance from the sun, and the expansion she experiences, earth is (very slowly) growing.  "Some" of these booms are the sounds of her growing pains.  

The second thing I see (which feels much less majestic, but still going on) is in certain countries governments are building underground tunneling systems (I zone right in to the Ozarks, Missouri).  These systems look to span miles and miles to connect major cities.  They serve as a highway system to get the elite and members of government to safe locations "if" there were to be either a natural or man-made disaster.  Tensions have been high, and with weather manipulation and false flags on the rise, the PTW (Powers That Were) and other influential people want to ensure their security.  It looks as if in certain location underground "bunker" cities are being erected.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light- 
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Mystery of Language, Ley Lines, Hawaiian God Pele, Kilauea Eruption

Q. Hi Lynn, this is a blog request. Could you do a reading about the energy of English (the language)? Also about Spanish. What is the energy of those languages?
A. English has been so manipulated, that is has been turned into a "spell casting" device.  "Old English" started pure, and the PTW (Powers That Were) got a hold of it, and changed it to their benefit.  The energy used to feel rich and pure, and now it is full of mind tricks.  

To those that don't see what is happening, our language keeps us weak.  It starts young with children (i.e. learning "spell (casting) words"). We reinforce the PTWs wishes daily through our dialogue (which sounds grammatically incorrect if your say things any other way), telling people to have a good "weak-end" and good "mourning."  We go to work, and after the "weak" is done we "urn" our paycheck.  We are slaves to the system, working and "urning," buying and consuming, with retirement ages being further and further into the future (just the way the PTW want it).  When the etymology of our language is studied there are hundreds of examples of how we speak to one another in the course of our day.  

Spanish feels mostly pure (and a little raw), but also direct.  The language, even though it does feel to have a mix of other languages in its' infancy, feel to be direct and clear at the message.  

[As a side note, when I first read this question and thought on it, I felt upset at our language and what has been done do it.  It is difficult, even with being mindful, to avoid certain words and phrases.  I even make a point to say Have a Happy Friday versus Have a Good "Weakend", etc.  I have thought and done readings on this before, and I have realized that our intent adds so much to what we say.  If you are saying something with kindness and love, it is given or received with a high vibration.  Be mindful when you can, but more importantly, have positive intent in your message.]    

Q.  Hello Lynn,  When people talk about ley lines and energy lines, they usually include remarks about enlightenment and positive experiences. Are there energy lines that create bad experiences or bad feelings?
A.  I get there are no naturally occurring ley lines or energy lines that are negative.  There are "man made" portals that are negative and hold a negative space, but are directed to the sky, and not Mother Gaia.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Group Post: 4D Earth, Religion, Body, Time, Education and Something Just for Fun (Yanny vs Laurel)

4D Earth:
Q.  According to the book Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus described a major earth shift that would happen in (described using astrology) October 24, 2029. The map indicating the result of the flood is described here: Is this related to the birth of the 4D earth? Can you look at this and tell us what you see?
A. When I tune into this, and focus on the future, I see the earth going through a lot of shifts.  Some are energetic, and some are more physical.  I do see true north shifting, and I cannot see that stopping.  That shift will create some flooding and water displacement.  I cannot connect to it being as extreme as shown on the maps, but there will definitely be some flooding (I always see the flooding on the outlying edges and major rivers, such as the Mississippi River).  I also see the earth expelling pockets of energy through quakes and volcanoes which doesn't look to stop.

I don't see this as a 4D thing.  It looks like it is a growth and evolution of the 3D earth and would occur with or without the 4D earth emerging.  

Q. Does The Event include changing of the DNA and activating of more strands? Will the people in the 4D earth be taller, or less solid, or will live longer?

A.  I do see some DNA "upgrades" occurring in the 4D.  People are more spiritual, more grounded and more understanding of their gifts.  THAT alone makes them healthier, happy and have a longer lifespan.  

Monday, June 4, 2018

Engaging in Healthy Habits Is a Key to Staying Sober

The following was an article by Michelle Peterson in honor of Alcohol Awareness (Thank you, Michelle!) Please take a moment to read, and share this with anyone you know that may benefit from it. Love and light-)

by: Michelle Peterson,

Overcoming an addiction is a struggle.  When you’re in recovery, you need every tool at your disposal.  One of the best things you can do for yourself is base your lifestyle on healthy habits.  

Image courtesy of Pixabay
Embracing healthy habits.  As a part of your recovery, you should incorporate healthy habits into your overall lifestyle.  One of the catchphrases about living a healthy life is self-care. Self-care is defined by the University of Utah as “a way of living that incorporates behaviors that help you refresh yourself, replenish your personal motivation and grow as a person.”  By engaging in a lifestyle that inherently promotes overall well-being, you can build a repertoire of healthy, positive coping mechanisms for when life sends difficulties your way.  This means developing healthy habits that you incorporate into your daily life, such as choosing healthy foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Tommy Robinson

Q. Hi Lynn, thanks again for all the work you do.

In the UK Tommy Robinson who has been an outspoken critic of the snowballing Islamisation of Europe, has been in the cross-hairs of the authorities for a long time. This week he was arrested and thrown in jail for 13 months, while doing nothing illegal, in public and on camera, and there is even a reporting ban. Many now believe he will be killed. 

What do you see about him, the situation, the plan, the likely outcome, the broader political effects? Will this trigger off wider rebellion or an upsurge in similar suppression by the authorities? At some point I believe the powder keg will meet the spark. I don't say that because I want it, it just seems inevitable. 

This is another landmark blow for freedom in the UK. What can we do? Thank you for any insights.

[ - Hi Lynn, I must second what above question reiterates. I'm not a fan of Tommy Robinson, but openly arresting him on trumped up charges as the judge looks on smiling from a court house window is disgusting and outrageous.  I do believe the judge presiding is a pedophile himself, and he is doing the bidding of others higher up the chain.  This will hopefully come crashing down on them? Thanks and may the universe look after you.

  -Also concerned about Tommy Robinson. A true hero plastered for trying to bring the truth to light.]

A. I see many countries (US, Canada and much of Europe) are allowing agendas and influence to override all else.  Free speech is being muted, and anything that goes against the agenda of division is called "hate speech" and therefore, not allowed   A section of the population don't see it, but rights are slowly being taken, and we are getting to where opinion, free thinking and even facts that challenge what is going on in the world (even the obvious) will be banned.  The PTW (Powers That Were) love what is going on because it makes us weaker and destabilizes strong countries.  They've duped many on the alt-left to be the warriors (or social justice warriors) fighting for their cause so they don't have to carry the full burden of being the "bad guys."  These social justice warriors (SJWs) have been manipulated to act on emotion rather than facts and reason, so the PTW just have to keep evoking ideas that trigger their feelings (and ironically some of these SJWs that want to fight for right as some of the lower vibrational beings out there being filled with hate).