Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Question and Answer VII [Group Submission]

1:46 PM 
and I just pulled some random questions from my queue and thought I would go from there..

Q. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Do you know why Major League Baseball and the NY Mets would spend the time, money and effort to rig a simple popularity contest on Twitter named: "the face of mlb"? The winner was supposed to be the underdog, but instead "they" made sure that David Wright won. His nickname is "Captain America" There was no money prize in this contest...just a title. Why was it so important that this guy win no matter what?
A. I actually see few thing with this.  The first I get is ego.. I see it was not contest of "real" significance, and it was sort of a popularity contest, and ego definitely came into play. 

I also get something about a tax write off.  This was money spent, and categorized a certain way to avoid taxes, but I also see that something kind of dirty thing happened in that there was some kind of bet, like a gambling bet, and the people that participated were made whole in the end... 

To clear this up (some- it is still a little confusing as I type it), I see it like this... You have two teams, Team A and Team B.  Both teams are trying to avoid some taxes while promoting some marketing of their respective teams.  Team A and Team B put money in a pot to pay for this. They also get some of their friends to put money in the pot (maybe they are people that sell merchandise, advertisers, people that make money off of the MLB etc).  They run this contest, and there are some behind the scenes betting going on (they acquire even more money somehow through this gambling).  In the end, they pot is divided back between Team A and Team B, and they end up
much better off now (especially with the additional marketing of this contest) than they would have been doing nothing at all.

Q. What's the story behind Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci? Its purpose? Any hidden meanings?
A. I do see some hidden meaning.. I immediately go back to something I heard about Mona Lisa really being DaVinci himself taking on the appearance of a woman. I try to figure out why he would that, and I get a message that it is because if you look at the word differently, there is much more to be seen.  It was as if he was showing that by him looking at the world through a different perspective, he could view it very differently- just as we can view the Mona Lisa differently by putting a different perspective on it. 

[I also get that he wants us to look closely at it, and I get the image that there are hidden symbols or pictures within the brushstrokes.  I see someone using a monocle to look at it closely, and I see there are hundreds of "little signs" within it.]

Q. When will martial law be declared?
A. I see this happening in phases.  It won't be a countrywide event. What looks to happen is a nature disaster will occur, (I see Florida close to the Georgia on the Atlantic side- sense it is flooding or hurricanes.)  They will declare martial law in order to "protect" the citizens in that area.. In reality I see this as a test to see how well accepted it will be.. But that looks to be the first official place. 

If it goes ok there, which I see that it is a little resisted, be overall works, then it will happen much more frequently, and almost every time there is a huge storm or disaster until it becomes an accepted practice.. Then I hear that "Rights aren't taken overnight, it is a slow and steady process."

Q. I have been hearing lately of The "American Spring" march on DC in May. I fear this could turn into a total blood bath and many Americans will be killed. Do you have any insight into this event?
A. I see it happening, but I don't see it in the size that they hope.  It feels like a similiar thing as Occupy Wall Street organized.  I also see it not lasting long, government does not want this in Washington.  It looks like the protesters try to be peaceful, but prove their point in numbers.  Some kind of spray in cans is thrown at them and it happens so much that people end up leaving (this chemical has a toxic feel).  I also see videos being uploaded like crazy, and they are slowly removed... Our government wants nothing to do with protests.

Q. I am an amateur researcher of the so called Free Energy technologies that are suppressed or at least not allowed to become an everyday reality. But there seems to be an opening in that wall and what was once known as Cold Fusion (now LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) is gaining momentum and there are several companies on the race to reach the mass market. Do you see this happening anytime soon or will it be stopped before it is available to everyone?
A. I see the technology happening, and the "big" countries are buying it up (at least the knowledge and understanding the technology).  I see it being available to implement, but not actually implemented until it has to be.  

I also see these oil companies want to make the money they can before releasing that type of technology.  It will eventually be released, but not until the big oil has almost exhausted (within reason) its resources.

(I have had several people ask me this, so I wanted to address this next question….)
Q1.I'd appreciate your comments on if Michelle Obama is really a man? As a Companion topic, is the President gay?
A.  I do not see that Michelle is a man or the president is homosexual.  In fact I see images of what looks like there college years, with both of them hanging out, and they are looking at me as if to say "Are you serious."  I see Michelle as a very dominant and strong woman, no where near being man.  I also see she gave birth to her children.

As far as Obama, he is a friendly guy.  I see him as someone who uses hand gestures and it is "touchy" person, meaning he uses his hands when he talks and may even grab someones elbow, or pat their shoulder, but that is not to be mistaken as being homosexual.  I also don't see it as a judgement, it is just his personal preference.

[Q.I live in Christchurch New Zealand, last week we had extensive flooding, in fact the worst in  100 years.  Now we have have cyclone Lusi heading towards us, and besides all this we have endured 10,000 earthquakes since 2010. What is the future of this city. I have had dreams of these floods and also earthquakes to hit us in the future. Please do a reading on this beautiful city.
A. When I focus on this, I just keep seeing this pattern in the weather.  It looks like there is always a storm or earthquake.  When I look at a globe, that area has a red glow on it, like it's hot.  The ground itself is hot, which is creating this instability.

I also see it as the few months will be the worst, and toward the end of the year, it is calmer. I also see a really huge rock cliff, and it has an overlooking view.. I get a sense of peace with regard to that area in your country.

And that is all I have for now.  Thank you. 2:20 PM Link to Audio.


Anonymous said...

"Some kind of spray in cans is thrown at them and it happens so much that people end up leaving (this chemical has a toxic feel)."

Is it Pepper spray?

"they are slowly removed"

By the government?

Psychic Focus said...

It could have been. It was very thick, dense, yellow.

Anonymous said...

All are entitled to ask questions but asking if First Lady Michelle Obama is a MAN is the most ridiculous thing one could ask. What man has a face and shapely body like that and gave birth to two girls? Has anyone EVER asked if she was a man when she was a little, student, law student at Harvard Law, married, or became a Senator's wife? I mean, even conspiracy theories have to have a foundation. Whoever asked that pulled it deep from nowhere.

Psychic Focus said...

@ 2:22PM: I actually had quite a few people ask this- That is why I wanted to put it out there. I don't judge and just try to be fair. I felt I had an immediate connection to the answer, so I included it in my group reading.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate reading all of it.

Curbina said...

Thanks for providing insight to my question regarding free energy / LENR!!! Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it called sulfur mustard gas

Anonymous said...

I think asking about if this first lady is a man is really rude. It's like you can't see her as a real person.

Psychic Focus said...

@11:49 PM: I very much see her as a real person, and someone that possess a strong about of feminine energy. I actually view her soul as genuine and she carries a lot of light. I wanted to answer the question because several people asked me this (there was a YouTube video that suggested it). Thank you for the feedback.