Friday, August 4, 2017

Life Detective #7

by Lynn and Da-da

Hi, all. Welcome to Life Detective #7, where Lynn and Da-da look at past, present, and future lives of various people. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most dominant past life of the subject come forward, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today, who they’ll be in the future — or who they are right now. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life: I cannot get anything on this subject that dates prior to 400 BC. Weird.

Future Life: In a life after the famous life, I see the subject dressed as a priest. He’s wearing a cross and lives in a big castle. He’s counsel to a king and queen, their private consultant, an incredibly important person… looks like in the 1700s… like King Henry. He was the personal consultant for the king and queen, an incredibly important person. Where is he today? I hear the world isn't ready for him, now. He's waiting to come back. He feels like too much of a free thinker, so much that he cannot contain it. He is waiting until the world is able to hear what he's ready to say without being labeled a kook (feels like a real riot starter for some reason). Like he will lead a movement…??

Subject B
Past Life: I get that this subject lived in the early 1800s. I see her in a school uniform, like a religious school, a parochial school. The school was really really strict. Day in day out, she was subjected to this. Religion drilled into her. At one point, she couldn’t take it anymore and started to rebel in little passive aggressive ways, not enough to totally get in trouble. She wanted to be a free thinker in a society that didn’t allow it. Her whole life was about escaping the system so her current life is a total flipflop. 

Future Life: Hmm… future life… I get she is going to hang in spirit for a while. She feels like she crosses over and her spirit has a lower vibe to it. She needs to evolve and ascend in spirit form before she can jump back in. [Huh. Didn’t know you could do that.]

Subject C
Past Life: I don’t get a lot on him, but I do see that he was a viking in the past. I see this fantastical ship with a dragon on it. He manned that ship and was one with it, spending most of his time on the water. He had an invincible feeling, all about the challenge and experience. Never let fear take over. Everyone wanted to be like him at the time.

Future Life: I get this image of a guy in a doctor’s coat and stethoscope. The warrior is now this refined neurophysicist in the UK, studying advanced medicine and cures!

Subject D
Past Life: I see this subject as a little boy in England. At a really young age, I see him being angry at the social hierarchies and class system there. His parents tried to say that’s that just the way it is, that life isn’t fair, that some people are better, etc., but he wasn’t having any of it. At 12 or 13, he started organizing little protest groups and he's ultimately killed for creating social unrest in the early 1700s. 

Future Life: Right now, he's a leader in a country in Southern Africa. I hear the phrase "we are going to turn this thing around," like he makes huge changes in the social and economic standing of the country. [He’s now President Ian Khama of Botswana.]

Subject E
Past Life: When I ask for a past life, I keep getting Isaac Newton. 

Future Life: I get that he won't come back till around 2100 (when the world is ready for hovering cars). He will be instrumental in inventing the friction-less technology (that is the phrase I hear).  

And that’s it. Join us next time for LD #8, special “When Cars Fly” edition!


Robert Schoen said...

This group made me have to look up more people that any previous Life Detective, and the Thomas Jerreson/Ian Khama life is truly remarkable and makes so much sense.

THe Angela Merkel read was also quite interesting because it suggests her current life is low vibrational because she's conforming to the prevalent power structure instead of principal. Just last night I learned she was one of the recipients of the Kalergi Prize,an award also given to Pope Francis and the Belgian PM who started the European Union.

Richard Kalergi was a Hungarian Japanese noble and Freemason who was an outspoken pundit during WWII and became Europe's David Duke in reverse by thinking up the philosophy of a one world government by introducing into Europe's countries others people from different nationalities so that the conflicts and lack of common values would destroy national identity and self determination and make them easier to govern.

This is what Great Britain recently rejected and what France would have if the election wasn't stolen from LePenn by the Rothschild stooge Macron. It is also the reason everyone is now after Trump. Being a Jesuit, Pope Francis acts poor, which is the Classic MO of the wealthiest Catholic order. There was a remarkable political intrigue that lead to Benedict's resignation and Francis' ascent. His best friend and second in command at the Vatican is now facing a major trial on pedophilia and a Roman expert on these matters said the reason this long corruption is now coming to light is Trump.

Nice history lesson, this Life detective.

Bee E-lightened said...

Yay to life detective. Thanks for your devoted time

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks for the comments.

You are welcome! I really enjoyed it! :-)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw... I don't necessarily like the Simpsons anymore (it's none too kid-friendly, and a bit too Illuminati-programmingish these days), but the images just seemed to fit this post.

Raymond said...

Thanks, they were interesting. Even if I had no idea who any of them were.........:)

Bee E-lightened said...

Yes, lots of subliminal messages and predictions. Same goes for family guy

Alex said...

Yahoo! Dada and my favorite life detective series are back after a long break. Thanks a lot, Dada. Hopefully, we can get more interesting personalities in the future like Chinese president Xi and Putin etc. Frankly, the past few readings were quite 'unexciting'.

Chatty Cathy said...

Yes, very interesting that Thomas Jefferson would return as Botswana President Ian Khama, who is a mixed-race man and son of Seretse Khama, an African man and Ruth Williams, the British woman whom he married, especially considering Thomas Jefferson created his own mixed-race family of children with his slave, Sally Hemmings, after his wife died. Sally Hemmings was herself a half-white woman (she was the biological half-sister of his wife; they shared the same father).

Perhaps the past and current mixed racial heritage and blurring of racial lines is an extention of his life mission to obliterate social hierarchies and class systems.

Chatty Cathy said...

Correction - Sally Hemmings' mother was also part-white, making Sally more than 3/4 white herself. This is why some of Thomas Jefferson's children by Sally Hemmings were physically able to enter into white society, according to many historians.

Tarquin Farquar said...

The extremely important adviser to King Henry Viii and queen Catherine must have been Cardinal Wolsey.

Kalamota Kook said...

I didn't guess any this time, but what an intriguing bunch, once I knew the answers.

A: I got bogged down in trying to guess if it was too obvious to be Homer, given the picture (I think you might already have done him?) Then I wondered if you were doing a double bluff and it really was Homer after all. Nice to know I'd stuck the pin in the right bit of the map, anyway!

B: My brain hopped from Malala (but why would she be low energy?) then plumped for Madonna (supposedly a big rebel but actually a lynchpin of mainstream music and culture). I have to doff my hat to Robert Schoen for a great post above. I don't know if he is German himself. Merkel will definitely have to learn some lessons or pay some penance. At the mighty eclipse equinox in Autumn 2015 when Merkel did and said what she said and did about the migration crisis, my immediate thought was 'So, the leader of Germany has just kicked off the destruction of Europe. Again. For the third time in a century. Just. Wow.' The good thing was though, that it broke the taboo on discussing things, and millions across Europe woke the heck up, just as the eclipse soothsayers had promised. Oh and America, it's your turn next. 21st August, it's going to get interesting...

C: How unusual that he's going into medicine. Did he pick up some scientific inspiration from all that woad? (Have you seen how complicated the chemistry is in making it? Amazing stuff!)

D: Thank you to Chatty Cathy for posting about those two. I know very little about Jefferson and even less about Khama - how apt that someone in this series is actually called 'Karma'! I do know that Botswana is one of the best examples of an African Country that's gone against the grain of the depressing stereotype.

E: I know who Feynman was but I would never have guessed him as an answer. I had a google to see if there was any lookeylikeyness between the two men. Richard Feynman, rather startlingly, looks like one of the young (female) viewers on Farsight. And Isaac Newton, even more startlingly, looks exactly like composer John Barry! Which is so cool, because if Feynman's waiting around to develop some future flying cars, I'm pretty certain John Barry's already written the appropriate music for the adverts.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for the comments! I'm glad you guys like this series. It is fun to change it up. :-)

Chatty Cathy said...

@Kalamota Kook - You're welcome; history can be so fascinating!

Robert Schoen said...

@kalamota kook:I'm not German but visited there twice in the last two
years and know the frustration of many there. It is even worse in Italy which is the main port of entry for Africans, as well as many from other poor countries like Albania, where the corrupt politicians backed by the pope's call for humanitarian aid to everyone who arrives is making life impossible for many Italians. Those coming in get far more assistance than pensioners who've worked all their lives. Then the Swiss and France block any entry of these immigrants from their border, leaving Italy stuck with all those rescued by sea or sneaking in illegally. There are lots of reports of those economic refugees being angry they aren't getting more assistance. I think all the Soros funded "charities" paying their way over should be responsible for providing five years living expenses. That would stop a lot of abuse.

Pope Francis has been a key player in this crisis of population displacement rationalized as 'humanitarian' when it is really aimed at destroying Italy's unique culture. The worse it gets Italians turn to the church and are very devout. The pope's a great actor, but hopefully people will see through his disregard for Italy as the corruption and pedophilia within the church he has done little to change gets exposed.

Not only those from poor countries come, but many hard working merchants from India and Asia who now run pizzerias and tourist shops formerly run by the locals. It's a changing world. Italy wants a fair sharing of the burden of assistance the poor or
it will leave the EU.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Robert: Thanks for sharing this. Many of us read and hear stories, but first hand information is much more powerful. Thank you for giving us a new awareness.