Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Conscious Time Line Shift

Q. Hi, What do you think about this phenomena? Is there a way to consciously shift timelines, and is it safe?

[Quick synopsis of the video:  This man shares a theory that you can shift timelines by using a glass of water as a focal point.  You take two glasses, and only fill one with water.  You take a label and write one word to describe your current reality and place it on the glass filled with the water.  You take another label, write the desired reality in one word, and place it on the empty glass.  Focus your thoughts on the current reality, infusing the water with that energetic thought.  Pour the glass of water into the empty cup, while infusing your new desired thoughts into the water.  Pause a moment to image your new reality, and then drink all the water.  A new timeline is supposed to emerge...]

A. As I tune into this, I get he is shifting his own perception, which in turn does alter his own reality.  (Our perception of our reality is indeed our reality).  He is wanting something, believing in it, and using the shifting of water to strengthen his intent of what he wants.  I see this energetic focus as practice in the Law of Attraction rather than a true timeline shift.  He is projecting what he wants, feeling what the desired result would feel like, and the shifting of water strengthens his energetic projection.  

I do see this as safe.  The Universe only will allow you do things that are in the greater good (should you try to do something intentionally negative, you will create negative karma which can lead to unintended consequences).  I get this can be an effective way to make a positive change in your life.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post!

Ma'at said...

Bashar would love that little joke.

"You are constantly shifting, shifting, shifting." :-)

Alex said...

If law of attraction really works like this method, most people in the world won't have all sorts of financial, health and other problems.

Raymond said...

He reminds me of Masuro Emoto, the Japanese scientist that suggested if you think about LOVE towards a glass of water then it would create certain water crystals and if you think HATE, something else would originate. If this guys thinks his reality has changed because he taped a piece of paper to a glass, that's fine. But I don't suggest he try it with his checking account.

The enlightened one said...

Lynn, I have a question for you to do a reading on.
I would like to know if mental focus and concentration as in solving mathematical problems can raise vibrations similar to meditation?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!

@Alex: The Law of Attraction does work that way, BUT it will not override something that is in your greater good. For example, if you try hard to attract financial wealth, but you have a life lesson of learning to be humble, you may not get the huge financial win if the Universe sees that it will contradict what you are here to learn and experience. You may though find wealth in another way (lots of friends, a supporting partner, etc). Everything really is a balance.

@Raymond: I think one point he made (I would have to rewatch to confirm) is to only pick something you have direct influence over. He chose smoking (b/c he has direct control of it). I also see that you have to keep reinforcing the thought and emotion tied to being a "nonsmoker" to keep the projection alive.

@the enlightened one: Thanks for the submission. I will add it to my drafts.

Unknown said...

Hi Lynn, in regards to timelines, can you change the past too? If some past event or choice was not in anyone's best interests, and just wrecked many people's lives?

JJ said...

I understood law of attraction and timeline or reality shifts as the exact same thing? Like you shift into the version of you that has the stuff you want to see or experience (good or bad) just by asking and focusing for that desired outcome

Lore said...

Will this work for physical ailments, like poor vision? Or is this more for changing your attitudes on certain things?

Amelia said...

@Raymond LOVE Masuru Emoto! He created such visual proof on the power of energy attached to thoughts and words and how it corresponds physically.

@Lore Physical ailments or (dis-ease) are simply energy blocks in the body where energy has become "stuck," and unresolved. Each part of the body and ailment corresponds with a particular set of unhealed emotion and experience (check out Louise Hay's Heal Your Life). For example, knee pain or knee energy corresponds to a fear of moving forward in life, and lower back injury or sciatica corresponds to not feeling supported and concerns about finances. Most cancer is unhealed resentment and a body that needs a major dose of self-love and letting go.

If you can practice shifting your energy and your emotional perspective regarding a particular ailment (through practicing positive mantras and changing your environment to a positive and supportive one who also sees you as strong and healthy, you are effectively healing the energy block and healing any dis-ease in the body that has occurred as a result. Of course a healthy diet of High energetic foods is also helpful.

Dis-ease is not the problem, or something to be "killed," rather, dis-ease is just a symptom and warning sign that something is out of balance and energy needs to flow again.