Thursday, June 1, 2017

Random Mix Up..

Q. Why do some cultures promote female genital mutilation?
A. I see it as a way to try to disconnect the pleasure portion from sex.  Sex is seen as a tool, rather than for enjoyment.  Women pair with a man, and bear children to procreate.  In many ways with the pleasure removed, I see the temptation of infidelity decreased too. 

Q. Why is the average age of first menstruation becoming earlier and earlier? Is this a good or bad?
A. This looks to be tied to the food we eat.  Most everything has some form of hormone added, especially things derived from animals (meat, dairy, etc).  The added hormones on top of the naturally occurring hormones create an earlier maturing of our children.  I hear that food now is much different than how food used to be. 

I don't see this physically hurting them, but the emotional effects look tough.  It is like their outside is growing faster than their inside (emotions, conscious and subconscious), which can create a challenge and even bad decision making (sex before they are ready for example).  Constant talking, education and even watching their diet looks to be helpful until their internal maturity matches their outward appearance.

Q. Why do some people prefer being awake late at night while some prefer being awake early in the morning?
A.  I get that we are all unique, and being unique creates everyone to have slightly different circadian rhythms.  Depending on your "rhythm" you may be a morning person, or a night person. You will have a time of day when things feels clear, you are motivated and just seem to have a natural energy flow- and that is what works for you.

Q. Why do some couples consistently produce unhealthy offspring? Is this because of some alien DNA incompatibility, blood types, some vibration mismatch, etc.?

A.  I do see this like a genetic mismatch (or a chemistry mismatch).  Sometimes people try to force a relationship, or they know they aren't good for one another, and still chose to procreate (either don't protect themselves, or think they will "fix" a problem with a child, for example).  It could also be wrong timing (highly stressful situation).  In those situations, it looks like things during conception have a very challenging time lining up and forming correctly (and I see it has to due with an acidic change in the Ph balance of the environment of the egg which alters the quality of sperm).  

Q. What causes gray hair?

A.  I see gray hair as a natural process that occurs with aging and also the hormonal fluctuations that occur with aging.  I will say that if you have added hormones in your routine (either through food intake, or artificial like HRT, you look prone to age and gray faster.  Our aging and maturing (at any age) looks tied to hormones.  That is why teens develop and change so quickly into young adults (they are blasted with naturally occurring hormones during this phase of development). 

Q. If hair is important for the human body, do balding men lose some benefits?

A. Hair is important for protection (friction inhibitors) from the elements.  That is why we have it in places that rub (armpits, genitals, etc).  Men were typically hunters, and women were gatherers, so by design, men grew hair on their face to protect from the sun, and also when hunting (much harder to claw and injure a beardy man in the face).  

As we get older, men may lose their hair, but I don't see it harmful.  Hair is sometimes seen as spiritual (like antennae to the Universe), but in many ways the LACK of hair allow the crown chakra to be unobstructed, so baldness can be embraced and viewed beneficial in other ways.  

Q. Can a person change his/her eye color naturally?

A.  I cannot see where that can actually happen.  The shade may vary in different light, or even in certain situation that evokes an emotion (such as sadness or fear), but I can't see a permanent change to a totally different color.

Q. Is is dangerous to turn on your phone during a flight?
A. I get for a few people to have their phone on, the interference is so minimal it wouldn't be noticed.  However, if several people had on their phone, along with other devices, it may create an interference / static effect on the main controls.  I hear the main controls operate on a certain frequency / bandwidth, and the added devices on a flight create "noise" on that line..??

Q. There is a book called "Dogs that know when their owners are coming home" — can you do a reading on this phenomenon?
A.  i get that dogs have a strong intuition because they don't have a rational mind telling them them otherwise.  They do sense when their owners are coming home, and it comes from a sixth sense. 

Q. What's the difference between white vs. violet vibration/aura?
A. White light looks to encompass all colors (feels of a much higher vibration), and violet is unique only to the violet frequency. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Alex said...

Great readings from Lynn.

However that still doesn't answer the question of why some men are bald. Do large amount of male hormones in the body speed up the process of hair loss or is it caused by something else?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Ales: I see it as the result of declining testosterone and other hormones fighting for balance during the aging process.

Alex said...

The common myth is that bald men (eg. Bruce Willis) were seen as virile because they have lots of male hormones. So baldness is actually due to declining testosterone? How ironic!

Serene said...

Food quality might also have something to do with it. People who eat better (clean food, non-processed, lots of fruit and vegs, no junk, limited or no alcohol) usually feel and look better, clearer skin, and healthier hair. (I've never equated baldness with virility, wondering where that one got started? How are the two connected? Maybe years ago a bald guy came up with that one on his own ha ha.)

Chatty Cathy said...

I'm actually in a room full of middle-aged men right now (at a local commission meeting) and I'm noticing lean, healthy looking men with thinning hair AND overweight men with heads full of thick hair. So not sure if diet and exercise apply.

Judy Koons said...

Allopecia, (thinning hair and baldness) comes from extreme adrenal fatigue. When one hormone producing system is not functioning properly( hormones are released erratically, sometimes too much and sometimes too little) then the other hormone producing systems get out of whack too! So what Lynn said. Nothing happens in the body in isolation so when one system is depleted the other systems have to pick up the slack and then they get exhausted too.

To heal adrenals eating every hour to hour and half making sure to get enough glucose from fruits and veggies including potatoes is the first step!

Raymond said...

Other than eating veggies, is there anything else we can do to increase the adrenal gland's performance? Are there any supplements? Baldness might come from adrenal fatigue, but Raymond suffers from receding hairline and thinning scalp fatigue. I would love to reverse the trend....:)

A Man Called Da-da said...

Jeez, that poor cow. Would someone please milk her??

Judy Koons said...

Gaia has an adrenal support product that will help turn it around some and glucose from fruit helps along with meditation and cleaning up the liver. I know it sounds like a lot but nothing happens in the body in isolation.

Serene said...

In addition to hormones and nutrition, it must also boil down to genetics. Certain people have certain traits that they can't get away from. For example, a family member of mine had very poor health...but they had the strongest fingernails of anyone I'd ever known. They could not be bent at all. Up until they day they passed away, beautiful, strong, healthy fingernails right out of a magazine ad that would have been the envy of any manicurist. Strange how Mother Nature can be.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments, everyone!! I love seeing how you answer each other too. Lot's of great info and things to think about. I didn't even see to mention meditating through some of these issues, but Judy had a good point and it does make a difference!

@dada: I know, right? I saw that pic and I realized this is where much of our dairy supply is coming from. Those poor cows. I put that pic out there as more of a subconscious awareness (and yes, there are some good, honest dairy farms out there, we just have to find them).

Have a great Saturday!! Hugs, Lynn

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Lynn! Thanks for your reading. I read from Atom Bergstrom who advocates Solar Nutrition tht indeed, graying hair has something to do with the adrenal glands. I also read somewhere that lemon and coconut oil can help reverse graying hair.

On another note, could you do a reading why this supposedly lone gunman burned tables at the Resorts World Manila casino, started shooting at people and then supposedly committed suicide, by take this, shooting himself with an M14 rifle, then burned himself, hugging the rifle. For one, wouldn't shooting oneself be enough. Why would he want to burn himself? And how can he hold on to a burning rifle (I would assume this would be too hot hold). Something is fishy and sounds very much like a cover up.

Could you also do a reading on Philippine President Duterte? What is real agenda? People say that he is sick with cancer and taking heavy medication and he faints during his trips because of his sickness. What does he look to be sick of? Will he be able to last his term?

T White said...

I thought the same thing when i saw her! Or they could just leave the poor cow alone and stop making her produce beyond excess like that. Saying a prayer for Bessie <3

Admin said...

Hey Lynn. I don't know if I asked it before, but whenever I read your posts I see some words typed twice in a sentence like this: "i get that dogs have a strong intuition because they don't have a rational mind telling them them otherwise.".
Why do you think is that?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments.

@Admin: Many times when I type I look away or even have my eyes closed. It is probably a typo on my part. I do reread my things quickly, but in my mind I know what I am saying and miss things. :-)