Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Questions and Clarification..

Q. First of all thanks Lynn for this blog and the opportunity to ask questions. 

Since I have learned that humans have ET DNA I became more confused by the day.....(Like the British connection with reptilian ET'S). So, if all humans have ET DNA, how did this happen, or can I presume that ET'S have some involvement with HUMAN CREATION? I do not know what to believe anymore so I might ask anyway....WHAT IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN SOURCE / HUMANS / ET'S? What I am thinking is that we are here in ...FISH BOWL EARTH...CREATED BY SOME ET'S perhaps....and we are used as LAB-RATS for EXPERIMENTAL purposes???? and now CONTROLLED BY ET'S? 

A.  I see that there are pockets of life (ETs) all over the Universe.  As I "look" around, I tend to go back to Orion's belt and get that the source of most of the ET life that has an effect on Earth roots back to those star systems.  Those ETs view Earth as an oasis, rich with resources and most importantly rich with the ability to house life (perfect atmospheric conditions, etc).  The ETs that lived there (in Orion's belt) wanted to create an Earth base, and also wanted to start life on Earth.  The ET geneticists took a portion of their DNA and modified it to get the perfect combination to create humans.  I see several variations that did not survive (centaurs, minotaurs, etc), until the perfect human variety was created.

It looks like three groups of ETs were in battle trying to inhabit and populate Earth.  There were Canine, Feline and Reptilian ETs.  There looks to have been a huge battle that forced the Canines and Felines off Earth, and the Reptilians went underground.  When things cleared, the Reptilians came out of hiding, and tried to protect and guide the humans.

Following the battle, there was some kind of treaty that prevented the Canines and Felines from coming back and resuming control.  The Reptilians, that started as protectors (there was a feeling that humans couldn't survive without their influence), got controlling, greedy, and very power hungry.  That emotion has escalated every since as evident in our current times. 

Two amazing gifts were bestowed on humans and they are the ability of emotion and the power of mental control.  (There are many other gifts, but those look to stand out as some of the strongest).  These gifts are the main reason for abductions (to study the human emotions and ability for empathy).  

The human mental strength is a powerful threat to the PTW (Powers That Were), which are dominated by the Reptilians.  In attempts to retain power, the PTW has to suppress that ability with lies, spell casting and mental manipulation.  What humans believe will become the reality, so the PTW have to create the belief for the world they want to live in. IF humans raise their collective conscious to believe in a better world, that is what will be (but can be easier said than done with the CONSTANT Reptilian interference).  I do see it can and will be eventually done as the Earth moves to the next dimension. 

Q. For the RECYCLING PROCESS....after dying.....(I followed all your teaching about lessons learned to perfect our soul to let us evolve to higher realms....and I believe that)....but you also suggested that we must avoid the light not to be recycled to earth again? Where do we go if we do not go to the light?....What are we suppose to do????

A.  When we pass we have a choice to go to the light or stay in spirit.  Some people chose to go to the light and begin the reincarnation process right away.  Others stay in spirit to watch over the Earthly plane. Some people ascend through learning lessons after incarnating, and others ascend through lessons learned while in spirit form.  I get the higher the vibration, the easier it is to recall your memories after the reincarnation process, therefore, some spirits chose to stay in spirit until they ascend enough to retain and access some of their memories (or lessons).  What to do is truly a personal choice based on where you are, where you want to go, and how you want to get there.

Q. I also remember you sometimes say that there sometimes blockages and you are not suppose to know stuff at certain times of life.. can you clarify??

A.  Sometimes during a reading I do get blocked, or feel I need to stop.  That can occur for different reasons.  It is usually due to one of two things.  If information would change a life path, and it is not beneficial or in the greater good for the information to be known, I typically get blocked from seeing it.  During more public interest readings, it is usually due to safety or security reasons (person, group, etc..). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Conrado said...

Hi Lynn,

Nowadays is widedly accepted that there were more than a few human species, and our currently, the homo sapiens, is the last, or the "perfect combination" as you've said.

But what about the others that is known to have survived and interbreed with ours?

Fossils suggests Africa as the birth place of all these species, from there they ve spread to europe or asia. Did the ETs wiped out other human species? Did the ETs creates humans in Africa only?

Thanks for the reading.

They Live said...

Many thanks for this information ☺ Where do the Watchers fit in in all of this?

The enlightened one said...

I think we've got some good material for the next Star Wars film here. As flat earth theory grows unfashionable, I bet cat and dog aliens will be the next internet hype. Thank you once again Lynn for a VERY entertaining reading!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Conrado: Others beings have been created, and I don't see that ETs wiped them out, but rather they died out due to environmental changes or physical limitations (like the giants for example). It is true there was inbreeding, and we had some humanoid beings with bird heads (and other variations as depicted in ancient Egyptian drawings). There were many experimental and intentional beings made, and humans were sort of the survival of the fittest for this environment.

@They Live: I see the Watchers as beings that incarnated into human form that came here to watch over humans.

@The enlightened one: Thanks. I am glad you found this informative.

The enlightened one said...

Since when is informative a synonym of "outrageously unreal"?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@The enlightened one: I realize that sometimes people go through things (we all do) that bring us down. I've seen comments on here be pretty stern (both giving and in response to antagonizing remarks). I actually feel bad for you that you feel a need to put time and energy into being so negative. I know you need an outlet for your anger, but this is not the place. I have kindly asked you to quit the personal attacks, and I realize you see it as a challenge. Feel free to keep reading unless it causes you to be upset or stirs up more rage. All future insults will go spam because I can't let you continue to bring others down. I hope you find the peace you deserve.

tara said...

I have always wondered if cats were aliens? Dogs also. Just the way they are.

EA RW said...

Lynn, you mentioned centaur mentaur. Does this also count for the other mythological creatures like griphon and manticore? ET's had this experimental phase probably.

Bee E-lightened said...

Can we sage him out of here⁉️ Lol

Sue Farr said...

Animals also have emotions is this considered an earthly gift too and is this also why animals are being abducted by aliens?

Anonymous said...

Lynn, thanks for this contribution! Once this post is about Clarifications may I ask one question about Reich's Orgon rainmaking device? A man from Algeria named Madjid Abdellaziz has installed various of these devices in Algeria (northern Africa), the middle East (including Iran), Europe, North and South America (the video shows the finishing of one of these equipments (here in Paraguay next to its capital city Asunción)and starts at 1:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFrsS3p-E24 (sorry didn't find a video in english)).
Unfortunatelly, as it happened also with this facility in Paraguay, it actually starts producing some rain, and then after a while (sometimes less than a year) it doesn't work anymore. Once the instalation costs sum up to an amount between 20 and 40 thousand Euros, which is a large amount for an investor from a developping country, people become quite unhappy. Once there is there is an overall drought problem/ due to weather manipulation or not, could you perhaps be so kind to put on your trouble shooting lenses and check if there is a conceptual error which can be solved or is this device completely rubbish? On a side note: the first equipment was installed by himself in his homeland Algeria and is operational until nowadays and according to his own words, the water table rose 30 meters in the meantime (just to make clear that the idea works in some places and not in others for unknown reasons. Thank You!

L H said...

Thank you Lynn for the reading!!!!!......this is a lot to absorb and to think about.!
Can you maybe explain more what you mean by " THE EVENT'' ??? ..........that is going to happen soon?
What exactly did you mean by the ''REVELATION"...????? ...is it only to say ET's exist? or what sort of information will be revealed?
Maybe it was discussed already in the blog?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@tara: They do house some of the same DNA.

@EA RW: Yes, there was a lot of experimentation done to get things "just right."

@Bee: I understand what you are saying, and sometimes we need to exude love to those that need it (even when it is hard).. xoxo-

@sue: Yes. I do see it that way.

@0a5a8f96-1649-11e7-aab5-b737b79fb4dc: Interesting... that may be worth it's own reading.. thanks.

@L H: The event (as I see it) is a slow progression of the earth's evolution toward the next vibrational density (4 and 5D). It is really not a sudden one thing, but many things lumped together to create this "event." It has been and will continue to happen.. We are living though it now.

I see the revelation as the revealing of a lot of truths. More like an awakening in the subconscious mind and psychical world..

Bee E-lightened said...

As usual, you are a breath of fresh air....so meek, so humble. We should strive to be more like you.

wendy tascione said...

What she said^^^^^^^^

Craig said...

Simon Parkes fields a lot of questions about ET's and many other topics. A couple of points from his viewpoint. We tend to think of the earth as ours, so to speak, and it is our home, but others have been here long before we were and see it as belonging to them. However, over time there formed a bond, a link in consciousness between humans and the earth mother, a sentient life form who has, according to Simon, chosen us as a preferred species to cohabitate with. (She has a lot of patience and tolerance for any of our negative tendencies) Just thought that was fascinating if true.

JJ said...

Thank You!

L H said...

Being human on this planet.......If the ET's created us?
Did they create us for experimental purposes for themselves to see how much we can endure, mentally, physically, in competition with what ever is around us...?
Or were we created, and now must survive...like ''survival of the fittest' or be in SURVIVAL MODE ALL THE TIME.....again with all the politics, water crisis's all over the earth, LIES, greed, mental challenges.......just living day by day...
What I cannot figure out by myself?............is SOURCE...... part of the ET's???
Or HOW DID the ET'S GET HOLD OF MY SOUL???? sort of speak????
I battle to understand everything?.....I need to figure out what is going on......? Sorry if I offend by asking such questions....

Serene said...

An interesting thought....while our Earth existence may have been an intentional experiment by some, from our perspective, we use these life experiences to collectively advance our souls. While the ETs were busy mixing DNA to see what they came up with...we found ourselves with a prime opportunity to experience many life situations throughout different incarnations. Imagine what Human Resources on the Other Side really looks like, now that's some paperwork...

It sounds like a very complicated way to learn anything, but learn we do. Learning how to handle emotion is monumental for us humans, no one escapes this! The lessons can be painful (who hasn't had to deal with anger or sadness?). Apparently having emotions is really big throughout the universe to certain groups of ETs that do not understand the concept. (Those 60s/70s sci-fi shows where some ETs didn't understand Love or Anger were actually telling the truth.)

Anonymous said...

Thank You Lynn!

Buddhist Lady said...

LH--my understanding is that the "soul" or spiritual energy/consciousness which constitutes you is inviolable. They may manipulate you, the human being in this "game" on Earth, but not your soul. I think you will learn very quickly that honest, sincere questions are never offensive here. After a reading, Lynn encourages readers to post questions or concerns. Even others "knowing" more than you do at this point, again, does not invalidate your concerns or questions.

Anonymous said...

99 red ballons where mistaken by drunken generals for an air attack...
This anti-war pop-song from the 80s unfortunatelly seems very up-to-date (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2zxHuze_Gw).
Would a collective meditation on peace be appropriate, Lynn?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments.

Yes, I do see us as an experiment, and Earth does feel like (and is) the home to humans. I see that as why we feel so grounded and connected to Mother Gaia because this is our birth place (even if done by an experiment).

So many deep points, and lots to think on. I appreciate the time sent to share info.

Oh, yes, mediation on all aspects of peace and calm are very worth it and effective. I will plan on doing more of these.

Much love,

They Live said...

Speaking of cat aliens, they are depicted in the cartoon Thunder Cats and Cats, the musical.

They Live said...

The Human Resources on the other side probably looks like the one shown in the movie Beetlejuice 😃

Cathari said...

With all due respect, I must disagree with much of what is being discussed here.

Humanity is not the creation of advanced PHYSICAL E.T. beings from distant PHYSICAL planets, no matter what our science-fiction conditioned minds might want to believe.

Rather, humanity is the creation of hierarchies of advanced SPIRITUAL beings emanating from lofty SPIRITUAL regions. Our origins are to be found in a far distant past, long before material substance even came into being.

The descent into Matter, or material substance, is a part of the destiny and overall evolutionary path of humanity. It is a temporary experience which, when certain tasks have been fulfilled, will come to an end. In other words, physical incarnations had a beginning and will have an end. We existed long before our first incarnation, and will continue to exist long after our last incarnation on the physical plane.

The descent or "fall" into Matter was a foreordained aspect of our spiritual evolutionary journey. The key point to be made is that this descent came about too soon, or not according to the intentions of our creators. Why too soon? Because certain retarded spiritual beings injected themselves unlawfully into our evolutionary path, in order to set us off in directions suitable to their needs...but contrary to our own. This is the origin of the concept of the Judeo-Christian Fall of Man and the seduction of the Luciferian Serpent in the Garden.

My point is that by turning the origins of humanity inside-out, or upside-down, and claiming that our origins lie in some sort of E.T. experiment on the physical plane, we serve the interests not of humanity, but of those dark spiritual beings who desire to blind us to our lofty spiritual essence and origins.

And as a side note, the Animal Kingdom evolved out of us, and not the other way around. We existed before the animals, plants, or material substance. Science has it all backwards....and Science-Fiction merely runs away with that backwardness in fanciful ways.

L H said...

@ Buddhist Lady:
Thanks, I am known to be the "difficult one"...around where I stay..
Always asking the silly questions.....Nice to be able to ask here..
Here it works like THIS IS OUR RELIGION, accept it or GO!
Thanks Lynn

Dan Walker said...

Nice call! I was such a fan of the Thunder Cats as a kid. Mum-Ra, Ra the Egyptian mummy! Wow!

joy said...

A TEASER..... WHAT IF those harmful and malevolent, spiritually retarded ETs are really us..? Our incarnational selves in the distant linear past..?

Cathari said...

When I used the term "retarded spiritual beings", I was referring to spiritual beings far in advance of humanity within the overall evolutionary scheme, but retarded in the sense that they are still working within a level of consciousness which they should have overcome by now. Their deeds become a negative for us because they are not working within their proper realm of action. They are not "ET" in the physical sense of material beings flying around in a Mothership, but rather imperceptible beings existing in the higher spiritual realms. These are properly described as Luciferic.

They are not us in any sense. However, they did pass through a stage of consciousness similar to ours in the long distant past...something that can be described as a "human stage" of evolution, although in an entirely different form.

They are within all of us all the time, as well as working at us from the outside. They distorted and enveloped our Astral Body.

However, in the larger picture, all "harmful and malevolent" things work out for the greater good in the end. Without our descent into matter and our desires rooted in the corrupted Astral Body, we would never have acquired self-consciousness and individual self-identity, nor a proper sense of freedom. The flesh is what ultimately enables us to be self-aware beings on a spiritual journey through the Cosmos. Lucifer and his hosts are both our bane and our blessing.

joy said...


Cathari said...

What have I done now??
If I state coherent conceptions that you find distasteful, that is grounds for me to be driven from the field of conversation??

Is that how you deal with ideas which reverberate in uncomfortable ways through your soul?

Truth does that to people. It has a way of shaking up the complacent earth-bound consciousness.

I have said nothing disrespectful to you, as I promised elsewhere.

Venice1111 said...

Been gone 3 months...can't believe "enlightened one" still posts here. (sigh)

joy said...

CATHARI............whatever............!!!. I did not even read your post.
End of discussion.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Venice1111: It's being addressed.. That is all I can really say :-(

Amelia said...

Great reference.. Don't say it three times!! Have you watched Beetlegeuse the honry red star appear to jump around in Orion? It makes a lot of sense. :)

Amelia said...

Great reference.. Don't say it three times!! Have you watched Beetlegeuse the honry red star appear to jump around in Orion? It makes a lot of sense. :)