Friday, March 3, 2017

More on Medical

[As I approach this reading I need to disclose that I have not studied medicine, and everything I am about to address comes from an intuitive perspective. Always listen to you gut and see what resonates with you.]

Q.  Can tattoos help negative entities anchor on the physical / spiritual body? Thank you!
A.  I cannot see where tattoos alone draw in or create a scenario where attachments can form. If your intent when you get the tattoo is self expression or something positive, then the body art is viewed that way spiritually too.  If you get the tattoo with the intent of celebrating or symbolizing something negative, then negativity can be drawn to you.  It is more about the intent than the tattoo itself.  People sometimes get a tattoo that they later regret (that may be done during a dark time in their life with dark thoughts), but with focus and a change of intent, I don't see the tattoo being a tool for any kind of attachment.  

Q.  Vasectomy surgery. Does that procedure really shorten a man's life and put him at a higher risk for cancer? It seems like the easiest option if a couple doesn't want a lot of kids and doesn't want to be on synthetic birth control....
A. I cannot see where a vasectomy decreases his life or poses a cancer risk.  I hear that of the two, synthetic birth control creates more harm to women by increasing heart problems (high blood pressure, circulatory problems, blood clots) and the hormones also increase the aging effect on the cells. Another possibility would be a tubal ligation for the woman, which also looks to be safe on the bodily systems (equal to a vasectomy).

Q. Hi Lynn, I also wanted to ask about the PTB poisoning us. Is there anyway we can escape the poisons such as Chemtrails, Fluoride and EMF Waves? How much longer would our lifespans be if we could get away from all these PTB poisoning techniques? It's really hard because almost everything we use today is made and regulated them.

A.  I hear that our "natural" life is shortened by about a decade.  I need to explain because I am being shown that this pollution and toxic environment causes issues, and then we take pharmaceuticals to counteract the damage.  Without the toxins, we wouldn't need the pharmaceuticals to maintain the life span we currently have now, and would live (many times) into our 90s.

There is a time and place for meds, but caution taking too much, or even ones that you don't truly need.  Investigate natural remedies and homeopathic methods as they are easier on your system.  Many meds cause other side effects that require additional meds to counteract, whereas homeopathic remedies don't feel to do that.

We can't live in fear of our environment, but you can be mindful of what you put in your body.  Your best defense to these pollutants is a healthy (or as healthy as you can get it) system.  Listen to your gut, and if you feel off, try to determine why.  Drink lots of water, and some of the most important basic supplements you need to take in are magnesium, zinc, potassium, iodine and trace minerals.  Ideally, try to have a diet with these nutrients, and listen to yourself if you feel you need something 

Q. HI Lynn, There is many diets that claim to be good for our health; Paella diet, Gluten & grain free diet, the Atkins diet, Vegan, sugar free or Mediterranean diet. Which is the best diet to follow to maintain optimal health, Thank you and God bless.

A.  When I tune into this, I get that every person is different, and there isn't one diet that works for everyone.  For optimal health, it really is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Most diets that make you give up certain things (like all forms of carbs) rob your body of critical nutrients.  I have recently had intuitive nudges in looking at diets tailored to your blood type, but still be mindful of your food and beverage choices. 

Q. What is your advice for those who are trying to have babies? What types of foods and drinks should we a avoid? How long until someone should give up and adopt? Best practices for getting pregnant?

A.  I get to stay away from the acidic foods, and try to focus on a more alkaline diet. You may even pull a chart of acidic vs. alkaline foods and make food choices accordingly.  Focus on folic acid and B vitamins.  Also make sure you have adequate protein in your diet.

As far as best practices, many times when we want something we put pressure, worry, anxiety and stress on ourselves.  The best thing you can do (and I know it is easier said than done), is try to relax to allow things an opportunity to naturally happen.  Meditating, or giving yourself a few quiet moments each day can be very beneficial and putting your emotions in better balance. 

Q. Hi Lynn I wanted to know what you can see about a condition called Synesthesia. Scientist say 5% of the population has it and it is when the 5 senses cross over and one experience triggers another. For example someone with an auditory/taste form of Synesthesia might hear a certain word and physically get a taste in their mouths of a certain food they've had before. Are these people more in tune with their psychic side or empathy? Or is this a genetic trait that some people got from ETs. Its pretty interesting to me. I wish I had it haha :)
A.  I see these people as being highly evolved.  They are very in tune with their psychic side, specifically the gift of Clairsentience.   They don't need to focus to use this gift, it is just there, and involuntarily running in the background.  I do see a genetic correlation between these people and the paladeans.

Q, Why do people who used to eat meat and have turned vegan say they feel better eating an all vegan diet? 
If nutrition was exactly matched between a vegan and a meat eater does one feel better than the other? (if so why?)

A.  I see that animal protein, in general, is hard to digest.  Fruits and veggies breakdown and are absorbed much easier.  If a person eliminates that more difficult to digest food, then the body can reallocate those resources toward healing and cell regeneration.  

If someone is already feeling at optimum health, eating modest amounts of meat (if it is organic or healthy) doesn't look to be harmful, and the two people could feel equally healthy.  If a person is expressing an illness, a vegan diet (or as vegan as possible) can have wonderful health benefits, because your body is absorbing nutrition easily and your immune system is free to do its' job.
Q. Hi Lynn, I wanted to know if you can comment about the skin condition known as vitiligo. What are the real medical/emotional issues with the body? What are the best home remedies to cure these white patches on skin? Can you give suggestions on changing one's diet like taking certain herbs and vitamins? Do you see any new safer prescriptions or other medical treatments in the near future for vitiligo? Thank you so much for all your psychic work and especially your health readings!
A. This looks to be a version of Lupus.  I get that a genetic predisposition increases the odds, and when genetic factor is combined with this Lupus strain, the result is the (I hear the word "melanin") is attacked,  

To get to the root of this a liver detox looks essential.  I get metallic based toxins (from pesticides, deodorant, cosmetics, chemtrails, etc)  that are stored in the liver release a neurotoxins, and when the immune system reacts, it activates the Lupus strain, which then creates the attack on the melanin.  If you eliminate the toxin, you can force the vitiligo into remission.  Foods and supplements such as blueberries, lemon balm, spirulina, pomegranates, dandelion and kale come forward as helpful.   

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you do a reading on what are the factors that weaken the kidneys (e.g. age, food)? What are the herbs that we can take to strengthen the kidneys? This knowledge would be of great help to people on regular dialysis.
A.   Acidic drinks are tough on the kidneys.  The kidneys need flushed often with purified drinking water.  A squeeze of lemon in the water can also give them a boost.  I get to improve health of the kidneys, dark berries took to be beneficial.  I am specifically seeing cranberries, blueberries and raspberries.  I also hear that the pawpaw fruit is very healing and therapeutic. 

Q. Opiate Addiction Epidemic: In the U.S. And especially New York City there is suddenly an epidemic level of drug overdoses because somehow the super potent opiate Fentanyl is being found in heroin, pills and other drugs unbeknown to the user. The very first time someone is getting their fentanyl laced drug they're usually dying because it's 100 times more potent than morphine. Who or what group is responsible for lacing the drugs with fentanyl and what are their motives /why? 

Secondly, Do you see a solution or even some type of medicine that would substitute for the opiates but be non-addictive. --- What about ibogaine as a cure?
A.  I hear there is some kind of drug cartel battle going on over territory.  It looks like there are a couple of big mafias that control the New York area, and those mafias have there own individual cartel connections.  It appears that people were getting greedy with their territories, and the basic understandings they once had for each other were being violated (due to a leaders death??).  Territory lines were being blurred.  As revenge, fentanyl was put into the opponents drug supply as a revenge measure, and now the problem has grown out of control. 

I don't see ibogaine being addictive as a drug, but I get the feeling can be addictive (I get going rogue and experimenting isn't a good idea). It does feel more natural, almost like some kind of herbal version of ecstasy. In a controlled environment, it looks to help, but it is important to have the environment controlled because as the drug kicks in the person may see and feel things that have been buried in the subconscious (and possibly even the reasons that led them to do opiates in the first place).  It looks most effective and a potential cure when used during a psychotherapy session because the person is open and communication feels very introspective.   

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Am an avid reader/fan because your readings resonate truth within me. Thanks for your positive energy and time spend educating us.

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the supper awesome reading... Remember drugs are bad, just say no.

supermonkeygamer SMG said...

Thank you Lynn for your reply on my health question, 'you made my day', so very excited to see my question included in this blog, it was well worth the wait. The information can help me and my family. All the best and success with your future endeavours!.

Ralib Allen said...

Thanks Lynn for answering some of my questions, I agree with the person above, it was worth the wait haha :D very interesting that you say Synesthesia is a genetic trait of the "Paladeans" and I think you meant the ET's from the star system called the Pleiadies?.

Mumbi Kihumba said...

Thanks Lynn for the reading.
vitiligo: I had vitiligo all over my back(highly visible since am dark skinned)it started in my early twenties. I was diagnosed with lupus (SLE) at 27 and started treatment. Over time, the vitiligo disappeared. Am in my mid thirties now and still vitiligo free, thankfully. Now I see the connection between treating lupus and remission of the vitiligo.
Thanks for that.

A Fox said...

Thank you so much for all of this.

Robert Schoen said...

It's amazing @Mumbi Kihumba's confirmation of the Lupis connection to vitilago that even he didn't know when he got cured from both. I suspect the introduction of opiates into other drugs goes higher up that some pharma mafia types. There are many on antidepressants who virtually become addicted to them because they fear they won't be able to function without them.

I hear some are trying to to get Trump's replacement of Obamacare to include homeopathic treatments which makes so much sense to work on the prevention/quality of life side. It wold be a great blow against big Pharma and may force them to conduct themselves more ethically.
Thanks Lynn, I love these multiple question posts!!!

Astrolofting said...

what about premature graying of hair since it's also a melanin problem? Will the liver detox help?

Buddhist Lady said...

What an absolutely fantastic, wonderful reading, Lynn!!! Thank you!!

As you know from previous posts, I have an avid interest in health (always have since my college years). I'm 68 and plan, determinedly and singlemindedly, to circumvent the insidious nature of environmental toxins (I probably accepted this challenge as part of my life plan while in Spirit). I plan on living well into my 90's--and so I shall. Everytime you write on health, even a brief remark, I've usually already incorporated the suggestion into my daily protocol.

The blood-type diet was fascinating. Yes, I briefly looked into this type of eating years ago when it first became popular. However, your presentation here really resonanted with me. Perhaps simple evolvement of the understanding of blood-type diets over time?

I'm afraid that, after careful investigation of chemtrails and the excellent analysis of HAARP, EMF, ULF, ELF, microwaves, scalar energies, etc., by noted scholars within the fields (Nick Begich, Elana Freeland, etc.), I'm extremely leery of everything and anything to do with our government. I'm sure many individuals are honorable, trustworthy, and sincerely desire what is best for human beings, but I suspect that hybridization by ET races (notably Draco and Zetas) of human form, providing the soul capacity for Draco and Zeta, inclines these individuals on a deep subconscious level to further the agendas of those soul groups.

I've just ordered an reputedly excellent book which plummets the depths of the CIA stranglehold on the illicit drug trade: The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World. From a blurb on Amazon:

"While researching Phoenix, Valentine learned that the CIA allowed opium and heroin to flow from its secret bases in Laos [during Vietnam War], to generals and politicians on its payroll in South Vietnam. His investigations into this illegal activity focused on the CIA’s relationship with the federal drugs agencies mandated by Congress to stop illegal drugs from entering the United States. Based on interviews with senior officials, Valentine wrote two subsequent books...showing how the CIA infiltrated federal drug law enforcement agencies and commandeered their executive management, intelligence and foreign operations staffs in order to ensure that the flow of drugs continues unimpeded to traffickers and foreign officials in its employ." Of course, whistleblowers from former drug officials and law enforcement reveal, again, how they discovered the same fact. I also think the exceedingly easy availability of and epidemic from opiate painkillers is another form of Human Angelic destruction.

It's ok. It's a game...and those opposing this strategy plan to win doing little else than Spiritual Activity.

Craig said...

Years go I found out about the synethetes and asked a group to listen to some of my meditation music and see what they get. One said something like warm golden honey. Very interesting. I always wondered about their gift.

@B Lady, someone said the war on drugs is a war on competition, hehe.

Alex said...

Thanks Lynn for this fantastic reading.

Modern medicine have failed humanity because many people have died of dialysis and kidney failure without ever knowing the reasons why. Hopefully, dialysis patients can start eating blueberries from now on. Does lemon help to alkalinise the blood and not actually to repair damaged kidney cells?

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, it helps to keep a food journal. Some days/nights, you eat X and feel lousy the next morning -- or you feel great. A food journal helps track that.

Also, when you drink lemon water, try tossing the water back and forth 4-5 times between pint glasses then drinking it. This is an old yogi trick. Supercharges the water.

Kalamota Kook said...

It is very disheartening when you realise just how much toxic pollution is out there (and in here, at home!) I remember learning about BPA and knowing it was pretty impossible to avoid. Even the new alternative bottles turn out to be just as toxic (not a surprise). You just can't get away from it, it's everywhere.

I want to clarify one detail of Lynne's reading though - I switched to low carb several years ago (like a miracle cure, picked up my bed and walked, etc etc) and one of the stubborn misunderstandings I keep hearing from people is that they think it's about cutting out all carbs. But it's not no-carb, it's low-carb. There are carbs in veg and fruit. You just get what you need from those (without overdoing the fruit as they've been bred to be very sugary). People who do very strenuous activity could need to top up for instant energy, but that applies to almost no-one in the modern world.

Cultivating grains started a long way into human history. It meant people could settle and build static civilisations, but it had the downside of increasing chronic illness. Archeologists looking at bones from various ancient eras have found that the pre-agriculture people were surprisingly hale and hearty.

It is one of the paradoxes of our modern lifestyle. Medicine is held to be the giant achievement of human invention (and I'm very grateful of what can be done in many cases), but it has very often just been keeping up with the new health problems that emerge with every step forward in what gets called civilisation. I think there is now a swing back to looking at the root causes of things, which is great.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the great comments. Lemon water is a great thing for the body. It helps to detox and does metabolize (I get) as an alkaline. The gray hair is a good question. I will need to think on that. :-)

Happy Sunday!

Hannon said...

Kratom is a good fall back, for people trying to get off of heroine. It's cheap, and gives people a crutch, but eventually they'll need to get off of Kratom too, but it's much easier than getting off of opiates.

Pete Peach said...

I was reading the other night about ayahuasca. It is apparently good for resetting addiction, depression and cancer. The side effects seem a little frightening to me, especially if the wrong shaman is used, but I'm curious to see if anyone has ever tried it?

Pete Peach said...

I was reading the other night about ayahuasca. It is apparently good for resetting addiction, depression and cancer. The side effects seem a little frightening to me, especially if the wrong shaman is used, but I'm curious to see if anyone has ever tried it?

Diane Hamilton said...

Here is my situation at 58 years old. This will probably be the first and last time I discuss this matter. I'm pretty sure I was raised by an narcissistic mother and a father who was very selfish. Not sure I know the difference. My father could actually show love. My Mother on the other hand feels the world revolves around her and her needs are the most important needs. She's 88. I have yet another issue. It was difficult to sleep as a child because my older brother would sneak into my room and touch me.I remember telling her about it. She actually tried to blame me for it. It's painful to be a child of some one like this. No matter what you do or how much you try to please people....well....don't bother. I was about 5 when it started to the best of my memory. My question has always been, why did you protect him and no Grandmother lived with us. I sleep in the same room with here. Why did she not protect me?

Sandy M. said...

Thank you so much for answering my question. It really helps! It was like getting a Christmas present today! Hopefully this info will help people be less scared to get snipped! I tried to make a donation on your go-fund me page and there was an issue with the page. I will try again another time. Looking forward to your book!

Carlene said...

@Diane You bring up an uncomfortable subject and it is easy to see how painful it is for you. If professionally counseling isn't an option and your mother/brother are not able to assist you in your healing, you may be able to overcome your hardship on your own. A book that may be helpful to get you stared is Freedom from Failure by Jaqueline Lapa Sussman. Her Eidetic Imagery technique is profound. I was able to "go back" and change experiences with others and examine what their mental state was at that time and ultimately remove the anger directed toward the person who caused me angst.
Best wishes for your healing and sending you light and love.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Diana, I think I remember you said you were a Reiki master. I recently completed level II, and something with that class is jumping out. Our divine body, the most outward energetic layer that is most connected to source was imprinted with this hurt. To understand why it happened may always remain a mystery, but you do not have to carry the emotion that has been with you for so many years. If you can focus on your divine physical body work on purging this from the outside, then it will translate into restructuring your auric field, and physical body. It will take time, and some conscious work, but is possible. If there is some way for me to help, please let me know.

Buddhist Lady said...

Such great evidence on tumeric/curcumin usage keeps mounting!!

From The Sleuth Journal today, "Cardiovascular Benefits of Turmeric Found To Be As Powerful As Exercise":

I recently got a 9.5 oz. jar of organic ground tumeric from Sam's Club for $8. I put a teaspoon in an energy drink each morning. 1 teaspoon = approximately 2 grams; 1 1/2 t. = 3 grams (a generally recommended dosage I just found out).

Raymond G said...

I always thought that the diet for your blood type was a gimmick. But my doctor thought of me to avoid gluten and the same foods on this list

You basically confirmed what he told me....

I am going to have to look at this diet again....

Thanks Lynn

Raymond G said...

Told me.....not thought of me

The Armatura said...

@pete peach I just tried it. I am a full time smoker but since the ceremony no cravings and haven't smoked a cigarette. That was not even my intention going into it but now I feel nothing. No desire, no need, not repulsed or anything though either - just, nothing.
I have been told there is another ancient plant that is even better for curbing addictions.
Also, it has greatly improved my mental state. I was not aware it could do such things before taking it, was more interested in the spiritual development. We had a very good shaman.