Friday, March 10, 2017

Life Detective #6

by Lynn & A Man Called Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our first Life Detective for 2017, where Lynn and Da-da look at past, present and future lives of various people. Typically, when Lynn taps in, she gets the most dominant past life of the subject come forward, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today, and who they’ll be in the future. It’s always surprising. We don’t reference subject names in the article, but instead put the answers below. Try not to peek. Da-da’s questions/comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Subject A
Past Life: This person looks like he was a ship builder (actually, the architect of big ships) in New England. I want to date this to the mid 1600s. Doesn't look like a ship that we know of (or not one that I’m being told), but more like trading ships that would go to the Mediterranean. I hear that in this life this subject loved "exotic" women, like LOVED them.  

Future LifeWhere is this subject today? I hear he’s a German physics professor. Brilliant mind, but socially very introverted. In some ways it was a miracle that he was able to get in front of people to teach, but I also get when he is in his element, the shyness fades away.  Socially, he feels very awkward though. 

Subject B
Past Life: The image I get of this subject is as a little boy. He lives in a modest little hut in an outlying village. His family raised goats, but he himself is brilliant. He often feels stuck and defeated in his life, milking goats, taking care of goats, but he has this brilliant mind and he wants more. His mom always said to him, “You are destined to do great things.” He used that mantra his mom gave him to carry him through that lifetime of drudgery, and he started to believe in himself. That residual feeling stuck with him and jumped with him to his next lifetime. It’s unusual to have a mantra do that.

Future Life: I don’t get that this subject has incarnated, yet. Looks like this person left their mark and is still in spirit.

Subject C
Past Life: I see a man during some Viking age. This subject was a Viking in this past life, looting, pillaging, manhandling women, shackling them and selling them as slaves. Very aggressive and cruel toward women. But it was this brutality toward women that created this flip-flop in this subject's NEXT lifetime, to speak out FOR women, trying to exonerate this subject's actions in this past life. Their subsequent work in the next life explored how darkness and brutality can underlie and reside within people’s creations. 

Future Life: This person has come back as a woman. She’s a judge, now, not famous, but very much into this feeling of justice and wanting to uphold the law and do the right thing. It’s highly upsetting for her to see the law being flouted. It’s her passion. As far as location, I hear something about Concord; I’m being directed toward the New England states. 

Subject D
Past Life: I keep hearing that this person was a prince. I'm directed to Ancient Egypt. This subject wasn’t necessarily famous, but he came from wealth and was privileged... but all he wanted was a good conversation, an intellectual discussion. Unfortunately, all the people around him were too timid and afraid to approach him that way, given his powerful position. He was starved for deep intellectual pursuits. It’s not wonder this subject came back as who they are.

Future Life: Looks like this subject is not gonna come back for about 150 years. He’s going to be a homeopathic pharmacist. I see him infusing a sugar pill [placebo] with a vibration that’s encoded in this tablet, one that heals. [How was he doing it?] He looks like he’s using some kind of tuning fork system to do it. It’s as if this pill was inert (I think is the word I want to use) and he sort of drowned the pill in this sound/vibration for a predetermined amount of time, and then the pill took on the properties of the vibration. [A new study which we seem to be launching right now!]

Subject E
Past Life: Wow. I get an image of this dad and his little boy a loooong time ago. The dad is teaching the boy how to hunt with a spear, dating waaaaay back, just barely post-Neanderthal. All of a sudden they see this enormous light in the sky. It would throw us off, it was so bright, but it was also LOUD. They run and take shelter in a cave. Lo and behold, it was a spaceship that "landed." It hit hard and knocked trees down. It was a major impact. The man and boy crept out to investigate, hiding behind a tree to see the craft open and beings come out, unaffected by the rough landing. They look like bluish greys who walk out, nice and non-threatening. Before they know it, the dad and son are suddenly surrounded by these beings; they could sense the humans’ fear, so they were easy to locate. Interesting. The dad and son then suddenly realized that they could communicate with these beings telepathically. Thus, the son was instantly exposed to the vastness of the universe and great mental powers, and he got this telepathic download that followed him into his next lives. His subconscious kept nudging him with this through all his future lives. Considering this one past life as a hunter/gatherer was all about survival, for him to experience something so profound at this stage was really special.

Future Life: I don’t get that he's come back yet. The world needs him more where he is now than here on earth. I don't see that he will return any time soon either.

And that’s it. Note that we’re going to be adding a new segment to this regular feature. Stay tuned! 



haydeeally said...

Excellent as always. how about you do somewhat the same as above, but with countries? For example, USA, Iraq, Switzerland, East Africa,, Spain, Mexico, etc.

John Casey said...

You two are amazing. I loved every one of these. And, Dada, the illustration you chose are terrific, as always. Thanks!

My Picks said...

I never heard of that Mary lady before this reading. Interesting as always!
Some of the most intriguing people are the most brilliant and/or peaceful. Maybe Gandhi can be next?

Bee E-lightened said...

Princess Di
Michael Jackson
Bob Marley
Malcom X

Raymond G said...

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.

I guessed right with Ben Franklin, but I was clueless with the others.

Thanks, that was interesting.

Kalamota Kook said...

I didn't get any of them, didn't spot the clues until I knew who they were .

As Raymond said, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. The backstory is amazing too. Both her parents were very famous at the time as political writers. Her mother was a major early feminist, 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' was a landmark clarion call. But her mother died while giving birth to Mary, who always carried the burden of having killed her own mother (killed a national figure, no less).

Then as a teenager she got caught up in the Romantic literary set including Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley. She ran away with the latter who was married (until his wife committed suicide), and the two runaways had a baby who died. It sent her kinda mad. There was a famous gathering of their social set by Lake Geneva. There had been a volcano which abnormally affected the weather globally that year. Everyone was going kinda mad.

They set themselves a challenge to write a fantasy / ghost story each. Mary had been having nightmares about trying to bring her baby back to life, (which also reminded her that she 'killed' her own mother) and had become fascinated with the early electrical experiments where dead frogs appeared to come back to life when zapped. She wrote her story inspired by all that, and that's how Frankenstein was born. I think she was only 18 at that point.

Then she was widowed at (had to look it up) 24, as Shelley drowned.

I found the father-son connection very interesting in the last case study. The Big B's father is supposed to have been told that his baby son would either remain a Prince or become a penniless wandering mystic. He kept his son shut away, trying to protect him from the outside world as much as possible to keep him in line. That only increased the shock when Big B eventually happened on the the old, poor and dying, and turned mystic anyway.

Another key moment in the story is that before Gautama sat down for his final meditation to enlightenment, he recalled a scene from his childhood when he was watching his father ploughing a field (for ceremony, not survival). He understood that the particular tranquil state that had absorbed him then, was what he was after, and that did the trick.

I love the idea that they shared a link to the unknown in that prehistoric time, and he just had to tap back into it.

Thank you all again, and I'm intrigued about the new element!

Alex said...

Subject B and E died several thousand years ago so I am surprised that they are still living in the spiritual realms (no future life)

How did Buddha develop telepathic abilities during Neanderthal times?

Buddhist Lady said...

As always, Lynn and Da-Da, you did a great job! These readings are just so much fun!! Sheer fun!! How often these days can we say that we have sheer fun?

You never know where someone's remarks will lead you. Kalamota sent me on a short investigation of Lord Byron!! I hadn't thought of Byron in years!! Again, much fun!!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments, questions and info! Thanks everyone.

@Alex: It wasn't something he developed, it was just there and sort of developed within him naturally. It was like the car drove him instead of him driving the car at the time of that experience.

leia franc said...

hi lynn. i love your life series. wouldn't it be amazing if a reader was one of these famous subjects and now ironically reading about themselves? do you sense this things about your readers?

icqgirl 2 said...

Come to think of it, if any of these subjects were living today, what do they think of their former lives? Say the Asian boy reading about his own past life Einstein, or the German professor having an unusual obsession with US politics. They are likely to have heard or read about these famous people. Do they sense a... familiarity?

Alex said...


There are so many thousands of people that fit the general profession of brilliant scientist, teacher etc. There's no way that they will know that they were Einstein unless they access their akashic records.

A Man Called Da-da said...

It's probably best that they NOT know who they were (e.g., the musician who used to be Beethoven was a little flattered by this knowledge... but mostly embarrassed. He didn't want anyone to know). It's all probably best left as a later discovery by each individual (though I am personally thrilled that I used to be Godzilla).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for the comments. We really enjoy doing this series. :-)

Hannon said...
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Hannon said...

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His outdated website is here, where you can buy his books, and working devices:

I'll dig up some YouTube demonstrations and interviews, in my next comment.

Lol, I deleted the first comment, because I accidentally copied a personal text message into it :-)

Hannon said...

Him demonstrating his devices:

An overview of his work:

Him explaining scalar waves kill cancer:

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There's a lot more out there, but this should give any interested person, plenty to chew on. He has mathematically made all this science engineerable, so if we ever get the parasites off our backs, we could do all this stuff now, and deploy it world wide within weeks. The important thing, is he's figured out the math, and produced functional items, so this isn't some pie in the sky, that needs zillions of dollars to develop.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Hannon: What does any of this have to do with this Life Detective post??

Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hannon said...


It was in reference to imprinting the sugar pill, with information, to act as a medicine. Lynn said that this was being done now. Professor Meyl has accidentally figured out the physics of how it's done, by producing working Tesla tech, which is in itself is interesting. The more that people know about Meyl's work, the closer we can get this mainstreamed, because his results can be reproduced, using the "scientific" method.