Monday, March 20, 2017

Heaven and Hell

Q. Hi Lynn, All the major religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism talked about heaven and hell so I don't think these are entirely unfounded. Could you do a more detailed reading on these concepts when related to the various spiritual planes in Michael Newton's bookHow do the various beings in the lower realm (hell) compare and contrast with the beings in the higher realms (heaven) in terms of food (are hell beings always hungry for lack of food), work (do they need to work), sleep and sex requirements.
A.  I see that in Universal terms, there is no "heaven" or "hell," but these are terms that humans use to make sense of the different vibrational levels (or spiritual planes) that house these beings.  I see the term "hell" being the dimensional level (or spiritual plane) that houses the lower vibrational beings.  These beings have a disconnected feel, as if something is incomplete.  They are developmentally missing a component that prevents them from progressing to the next level.  They look like they need to work on establishing a karmatic balance, or a certain amount of introspective understanding to graduate to the next level.  These lower vibrational beings don't need food (however, they need to energetically feed), they need to work on themselves (in a spiritual way) and they do not have sex (until they reach the 3D level). 

The term "heaven" looks to be the term describing the spiritual planes above the 3D level.  "Heaven" looks like a lump sum of several dimensions, 4D being the lowest level. The skill sets are more advanced with the higher spiritual planes.  I see that these higher levels feed energetically, but not off of people.  They extract nutrition from the sun and also the source consciousness. The work in these spiritual planes is serving others to aid in their ascension, and as they assist other beings, they too aid in their own ascension (I hear the phrase, "it is like how they say an angel earns their wings.")  These higher levels focus on telepathic and psychic communication to communicate with the lower (3D) beings.

Q. What is the main purpose to reincarnate for the lower realm spiritual beings? Is it so that their soul could evolve so that they could live in happier, higher spiritual realms? 
A. Until a soul spiritually develops, it cannot reside comfortably in a higher vibrational realm.  We reincarnate until we are capable of making that next step up.  Every reincarnation is an opportunity to learn, grow and advance through experiences. 

Q. Is this analogy similar to a poor person (on physical earth) working hard so that he can be richer and live in a more comfortable house?
A. On a 3D level, I see this more like a person that had very little opportunity growing up and was challenged in their ability to learn.  They wanted to become a nuclear engineer, challenged learning style, realizing their dreams would be difficult.  If you just put that person into that job, they couldn't understand the concepts, the language, it would be very overwhelming and they would feel lost.  So this person decided to work hard to achieve their dreams.  They found a tutor, did extra work, joined a study group and got a job cleaning the labs to learn about terms and equipment.  They took time to slowly understand the material and gain knowledge knowing they would reach their goal. 

This person could not have just been put in that role and succeed.  It would have been too much.  Taking time, learning and growing, allowed them the opportunity to reach their goal.  The advancement of dimensions is more about being able to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually handle the vibration in the higher realm.

Q. When a person has evolved into a higher realm, is there any possibility that he can drop back down into a lower realm if he made mistakes (eg. killing people) on earth?
A.  Once a person moves to a higher realm, they don't typically move down (unless THEY request it).  The karma and experiences that need to be addressed (even murder) are dealt with before a person moves upward (so there is no need to move downward). 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Alice Liu said...

This is the best explanation I've ever seen for reincarnation that I have ever seen. Thanks, Lynn!

Bee E-lightened said...

I just finished reading Michael Newton's book "Journey of Souls" - I was mind blown. He left me wanting more; spiritually hungry I guess.

Mike Farley said...

I love that book :)

Bee E-lightened said...

It is an amazing book. I have to read it again in the future

Buddhist Lady said...

I really enjoyed this reading, Lynn. You said:

"These beings have a disconnected feel, as if something is incomplete. They are developmentally missing a component that prevents them from progressing to the next level."

The first thought which popped in my head was "service to self" beings. Yet, many "service to self" beings, through channeled material, are described as 4th or 5th dimensional (Alpha Dracos, e.g., are known, supposedly, throughout the galaxy as not only supremely intelligent and aggressive--unrelenting conquering/domination of worlds--but also possessing telepathic/extrasensory abilities.) I realize that "service to self" and "service to others" beings drives us into a totally separate category, but I wonder how these lower vibrational energies continue to exist in 4th and 5th dimension?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. I always appreciate them and enjoy reading them.

@Buddhist Lady: I thought about what you said, and I see these darker beings as being powerful, but still residing in a lower vibrational dimension. They are big, possess a big amount of energy, and feed off of energy and fears of others. I don't necessarily see them in a higher dimension... IF they chose to visit that higher realm, they cannot stay because their vibration cannot withstand the frequency in that realm.