Thursday, March 23, 2017

Five for Friday #43

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to Friday Five #43, special truth-out edition. As always, Da-da's questions and comments appear [in brackets]. Here we go.

Image #1: Saturn’s Gilligan Hat Moon
This is PAN, one of Saturn’s many bizarre moons, this one is inside the rings. (It’s that tiny speck in the gap, only 22 miles wide.) What the heck is that? A beat-up ship? (A recent Wilcock post told about a war long ago where a huge base around Saturn was destroyed at the same time the one big planet was destroyed.  The debris around Saturn was apparently rife with chunks of huge transparent-aluminum “rooms” for beings 100-foot-tall, and that that’s what now makes up the rings.)

What Lynn Saw
"It’s Gilligan's hat. No. Actually, what I see is this handful of big meteorites traveling fast near Saturn. They collided and created extreme energy and hot-melted debris that immediately stuck together, spinning fast, and then flash-froze within a few seconds. The heat from the explosion created this weird formation, a product of extreme heat and extreme cold. It’s totally natural.” 

[So, the Wilcock info wasn’t all that accurate.] 

"I don't feel like he is a liar. I get that he gets a lot of conflicting information, and has to sort through it. There is an overwhelming amount of info being blasted to him, even disinfo." 

Image #2: Saturnian Ice Spikes
Here's more of Saturn, this time super tall ice chunks in the rings... or it it something else?

What Lynn Saw"Again, I see this as totally natural. I hear the phrase, 'ice spikes.' These are basically water crystals (and some other elements/molecules in there) growing in this spiky way due to the intense magnetic field."

Image #3: The Pic in the Vault
Meanwhile, back at the studio… is this an astronaut’s family photo (in a baggie) *really* left on the moon? Or in the fireplace ash of the “moon studio” in the Hollywood Hills? Where is this photo today?

What Lynn Saw
"I keep hearing that song, “Californication," that talks about space not being the final frontier cause it’s made in a Hollywood basement. Yes, this is a movie set pic, and that’s fireplace ash. The photo is in a vault, down deep in area 51." [Makes you wonder at the hideously expensive, top-secret, barbed-wire-fenced facilities and armed guards necessary to guard all those lies.]

Image #4: Pay No Attention to the Light Behind the Curtain
This was billed on the internet as a ”moon UFO,” but isn’t that one of the studio lights? And if this is a studio, how did they do that deep canyon on the left?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that there was some kind of dark screen at the back of the set. That’s a light shining too brightly through that black screen. As for the "canyon," I hear that that’s all lighting. That’s a built-up platform lighted just right to make it look like a deep canyon, and a model of the lunar rover, giving the illusion of depth. It’s all illusions. This is not really as hard as people think it would be. Kubrick, who did all this, was brilliant in this kinda stuff, a master. He was way ahead of the cutting-edge in terms of photographic tricks." [Kubrick always said that his greatest work was the one that no one knew about.]

Image #5: We Martian Towers Three
Here are what look like three mile-high towers on Mars. What’s their purpose and who made them?

What Lynn Saw
"I get they were made by humans (astronauts that really made it there) for the purpose of transmissions. I get they have been there for over a decade now."

And the Fake Envelope Goes To...

"Not sure who’s trying to pass this off as Mars, but this is NOT mars. The sky on Mars is rusty red, a reddish tint."

(Laughs) "Fake."

“Not even close."

And that’s it. Join us next time for Episode #45!


A Man Called Da-da said...

Er... looks like my cold medicine stole episode 44.

Buddhist Lady said...

Very cools posts, as usual, you two. Very enjoyable reading. I must admit--I feel really disappointed about the whole moon fakery. The fakery involved just the first moon landing, right? Later, NASA did send astronauts to the moon?

Alex said...

But no man has ever landed on Mars or else that country would not have hidden the fact.

A Man Called Da-da said...

I was really despondent about this Apollo program hoax for about a week. It's a huge deception -- economic, as well as societal. My whole childhood revolved around astronauts and the space age and how great and advanced the US was... and it was all a gigantic shining lie, the money going to fund the breakaway civilization's space fleet, among other things. I have since let it go, but it was a process. It's literally just the tip of the prevarication iceberg.

Note that the whole Antartica thing is just misdirection to keep you fascinated with the bright shiny thing, instead of looking closely at the massive fraud that was the old world. Luckily, it is our world no longer... unless you choose it to be. Study this to ensure that it never happens again. Such is the value of history.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex: Oh yeah, we're on Mars. We've been warned off the moon by various ET groups, but Mars is fair game. The lies there to those people are apparently just as great, but in a different way. (I'm answering, as Lynn is on vacation for a few days.)

Robert Schoen said...

It's really interesting how the African American community largely doubted the Apollo moon landings while others bought it completely. I remember watchinG it live blurry black and white and thinking they were suspended with wires doing the moon walk. Kubrick did it all right.

PimpMyBrain said...

@Da-da and Lynn (have a nice trip!), for the second "fake picture" , the one with the yellowish alien. The picture is obviously fake by just see the shadows on his face and where shines the sun. But the more trouble thing is about the story of this.

If a remember, a picture of a real "reptilian" had been post on 4chan (or reddit, don't really remember). This Forums had been shut down quickly after this picture has been posted. It vanish from the forum, and after when you look for the picture, you have this "fake picture" as result. So the question is not if this picture is fake, but if this one has just replace the original one, which "maybe" was genuine. Like replace by an Alphabet agency, as for the video of the interview of Kubrick, testifing he had made the "fake lunar landing" ?

Thx as always for this F.F.F. !

John Casey said...

Great work, you two. Thanks, as always. Makes me wonder how the SSP types deal with radiation in space and on Mars. Is the space-radiation not really a problem or did they develop effective shielding, I wonder. Also makes me wonder whether India's much-ballyhooed Mars probe a while back was really a Mars probe or a probe to a Bollywood backlot made to look like Mars.

Buddhist Lady said...

Da-Da--this forum really helped me wake up!! I find readings, such as these, help people begin to question because, unfortunately, we are living in hugely duplictious times. I knew some of the issues but more as peripheral ideas. When people really begin to question and follow ideas, the overwhelming fakery/manipulation of "world" events is staggering yet essential if people want to be aware and operate according to reality.

Pimp--I didn't see the pix of the "reptilian," but I totally understand the disappearance and disinformation of a subsequent, obviously fake one as a replacement. I've encountered similar instances on the web in just a little over 1 1/2 years rigorously pursuing topics, thoughts, arguments, and ideas.

Get this. A scientist had placed video footage of a plasma/scalar wave preceding an earthquake--she had the visible light signature and heat readings. Her contention, of course, was that the government had created the earthquake and that we humans, indeed, have the technology. As I tried to watch her video, a weird "radio station" or someone else broadcasting eclipsed her words and her video became harder to view. I tried several times. Everytime the same thing happened. It was like a radio station was doing a "voice over" her words. You couldn't hear her speak at all.

Alex said...
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PimpMyBrain said...

@Alex in the Secret Space program, there's no "countries" involved in. Just industrial corporations lead by bunch of sociopath billionaires / families, who "control / manipulate" the differents earth governments.

If they want to keep the control of the population, why they need to tell there is very advanced technologies taht will be able to skip the use of petrol, gaz and all other fossil energy indusstries the same bilonnaires own? They prefer to let people think that the real current of tech is where NASA is for space programs and take the non-sense bill for this for their own hidden programs... so easy for them that way. But it seems to come to an end, for the better of all.

All countries will claims "transparent technoligies" achievement (NASA-like), but always hide "real high tech" achievement (SSP-like).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! Just got back and was able to read through some comments. Thanks so much for taking time to leave a comment. This one was fun and i look forward to doing more. Hugs- Lynn

Freestar said...

Agree. But there's even bigger mysteries than their BS once you let go. Their dodgy fakes will never replace the greater mysteries we seek at a soul level.

A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, Cobra just said here...

...that that Saturnian moon in this post is unnatural. On the contrary, as we now know, it is quite natural. Et tu, caveat lector vipera?