Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sounds So Out There, What's Going On?

Q. Hi Lynn,  I've been seeing videos for a long time now that major celebrities and singers are all transgender, born or created via IVF as one gender and transferred/changed to the other gender via surgery, drugs, makeup, maybe not even fully as their choice, but done by those in Hollywood that control these actors
The stars include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Jennifer Anniston , singer Pink, all the Judd 'sisters', Megan Fox, Justin Bieber, BeyoncĂ©, Chelsey Handler, even Taylor Swift, and the list goes on.  It literally names most of the famous people . At first I didn't believe it, or even pay it any mind, but when the physical characteristics were pointed out piece by piece, like a defining line men have under their belly button on both sides, men have wider shoulders than hips, and so on this story started to hold water. I found myself questioning everything. I can't even believe I'm asking this now . The man said literally there's not a leading lady in Hollyweird that is not actually transgender or born a male. Is this possible??!?

A. As I tune in I see a chain reaction of control starting with the PTW (Powers That once Were).  It looks like the PTW control the media, which in turn controls Hollywood.  Hollywood can't survive without media, social media and media forms of marketing, therefore, Hollywood is an extension or puppet of the PTW. 

I cannot see a transgender phenomena going on, but there is a push to blur the lines of male and female.  I do see the PTW taking a manly man and forcing him to be more feminine in both appearance and behavior. I'm further being shown an example of a man opening a door for a woman, and she gives him a dirty look as if to say I can open my own door.  In the same situation if he doesn't open the door he is a jerk.  We are creating a society that is very confusing for men, and it looks intentional to force men to be more passive in order to be socially acceptable (I hear a society where men start to be docile is a society that can be controlled.).  

They are likewise trying to get women to reach beyond the barriers of what it is to be a woman (which starts as a beautiful and empowering thing), but has evolved to a feminist movement that has undertones and feels very angry.  All people deserve respect, men can do what women do, and women can do what men do, but I hear the real question is, "Does it feel natural, and does it bring you happiness."  People are getting caught up in feeling and reacting in ways the media tells them to react rather than listening to their own inner feelings.

Back to the question, I don't see any mass transgender agenda going on, but I do see a very big blurring of the male and female lines.  I hear in twenty years it will be hard to distinguish males from females if we continue on this path.  Breaking the political correctness expectation at every turn (a man proud of being a man and a woman embracing her womanhood is not sexist) is an important step in the right direct.[

Q. Lynn what do you see regarding these doppelgängers. These celebs eerily look like them. Were they cloned or reincarnated to look alike⁉️

This is actually a great collection of doppelgangers.  A few are photoshopped, but most feel real.  There are a few that are a past life / reincarnation events.  I get that most of the others share much of the same genetic DNA sequencing, creating a undeniable resemblance.  

[I would need to do a lengthy reading to break all them down individually as the list is pretty long]

Q. Hi Lynn. From Singapore, There are many cases of men and women walking naked in public places.  I wonder if they are under mind control by someone or if there is a rise in mental cases in Singapore. 


A. I see some kind of toxicity on the rise there.  I see it in the air, like a cloud of pollution.  It doesn't look like it is steady or constant, but rather comes in waves.  The toxicity, when breathed in, looks to build up in the protein matter of the brain.  If the concentration is too high it causes a mental breakdown because the neurons cannot flow properly.  The mental breakdown isn't enough to create this public activity though.  It looks to be coupled with a strange noise that reminds me of a dog whistle.  The mental induced state and the "dog whistle" sound appears to create a hypnotic state, and that is what creates this strange behavior.  The toxin alone would not do it.  It must be combined with the tone.  

I need to disclose that I am not a doctor, so do what resonates with you, but drinking LOTS of water and ensuring you have proper potassium, iodine and trace minerals in your system looks to offer lots of protection against this.

Q. NASA announced today that Earth will experience 15 days of darkness. I read somewhere that the polar shift will be associated with about two weeks of darkness. I'm sure people would really appreciate it, myself included, if you could do a reading on this. Specifically, the underlying cause (I'm sure NASA won't release the info, of course) the effects of this black-out, and it's aftermath.

Thank you! 

A. When I tune into this, I cannot connect to the darkness, but I do see the energy radiating off the sun feeling more intense.  I get that sensitive people will be more likely to have adverse reactions, and it is a good time to practice centering and balancing yourself.  I also see it irritating the respiratory system, so please take caution when over exerting yourself during this period. 

Q. Lately I've been seeing a lot of blog posts out on the internet in regards to speech reversal such as this one.


How do you feel about the "science" behind this theory? Does it really reveal one's real truth or is it a coincidence that "legible sentences" can be heard?

I remember, when a kid, hearing about heavy metal music being reversed and having hidden satanic messages but we all laughed at that theory. :-)

A.  I hear that in instances of a muffled word or phase, anything can be found if you look hard enough. When it comes to full sentences that are clear, it is your subconscious working through you.  i get that during times of stress or emotional trauma (like guilt, or knowing of a wrong doing), this is more liable to happen.  It is your system purging due to an overload.  

[To be clear, I am referring to speech only.  Full messages found in music are most times intentional subliminal messages.]

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

As usual, "inneresting"

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the readings... I've noticed the feminization of men and masculinization (new word) of women emerging for a wile now in holly wierd and the music industry. Seems to be part of the agenda or maybe religious in nature. One of their primary deities is both male and female. The other two prominent ones, not so much. This is just an old Esoteric Theorist and Practioners theory. I'm sure the peoples in these industries do what ever is nesesary to keep working, they have bills to pay also.

wendy tascione said...

Great reading...so glad you cleared the 2 weeks of darkness up.

A Man Called Da-da said...

That NASA thing is completely ridiculous. Here's what one person commented on that site listed above:

"The stated astronomical scenario is ridiculous and scientifically implausible. Venus and Jupiter are 4.48 AUs apart (that's 416,442,017 mi/670,198,462 km at closest point). It is impossible for these two planets to suffer any kind of "reaction," save for a mild magnetic one. Venus can shine all it wants, but it's too far from Jupiter and too small for anything to happen as described. That "one degree" of distance is IN THE SKY, not actual proximity. In fact, a jr high school student who was paying attention in science class would know that the last three paragraphs are totally ludicrous. Krikey."

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments everyone!

They Live said...

I don't think everyone in Hellywood is transgendered but have you seen Joan Crawford and Wendy Williams?

Chatty Cathy said...

If the movies they are making these days are predictive programming the movie, The Hunger Games, was certainly filled with a future elite society of effeminate men who wear colorful wigs, makeup and feminine clothing styles. These are themes I'm being promoted in male hip-hop artists like one called Young Thug.

Another exmample of Lynn's observations is a wildly popular reality show called, Vanderpump Rules, which consistently shows women emasculating men (to the point of tears) and even assaulting their boyfriends. On this week's show the men celebrated one of the men's upcoming nuptials (to a woman) with a bachelor party where the men dressed up in full drag as women. As a further reversal the women invited a female dancer to perform at the women's bachelorette party. If you watch these shows with your Eyes Open you can see the extent to which society is being unconsciously programmed to accept gender fluidity and other unusual sexual themes. And the agenda is very strong.


Alex said...
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EA RW said...

I'm glad I found out about MGTOW. So if women want gender equality let them have it.
But isn't that the purpose of the divine feminine and the divine masculine?

Buddhist Lady said...

Very interesting reading, Lynn!

I have seen the very slow yet undenably progression of feminizing the male in our culture for nearly 40 years now. This kind of feminization makes me really uncomfortable. Many thanks to Lynn because she often "explains" for me what is making me feel uncomfortable.

I think kindness should always be acknowledged. If a man or woman holds a door for me or does any act of consideration, I always profusely thank them. I am a firm believer in the separate but equal status of the sexes while acknowledging each gender possesses qualities unique to them. Viva la difference!!

Hope the energy radiating from the sun isn't too intense! I've got to move by the end of the month. I need all the strength I can get!

The doppelgangers were absolutely unreal!! Fun reading!!!

Buddhist Lady said...

EA RW--even more sinister is the appalling number of deaths because of opiate drug overdoses occurring in this country almost exclusively lower class and unemployed whites. I would suspect that the men have taken the brunt of this epidemic. I've been following this topic for a while. From Zerohedge today, "America's in a Drugged Stupor" (emphasis mine):

"Among those who receive Medicaid cards are people on state welfare or on a federal disability program known as SSI [Supplemental Security Income]. If you could get a prescription from a willing doctor, Medicaid health-insurance cards paid for that prescription every month. For a three-dollar Medicaid co-pay, therefore, addicts got pills priced at thousands of dollars, with the difference paid for by U.S. and state taxpayers. A user could turn around and sell those pills, obtained for that three-dollar co-pay, for as much as ten thousand dollars on the street.

Robert Schoen said...

When I read about the famous transgender personalities and celebrities who have civil war era lookalikes, I couldn't help visualizing Babraham Lincoln shaking hands with Michele Obama. A long time ago I was waiting to meet a friend who worked in an office of a doctor that did sex changes and sat for twenty minutes in a waiting room looking at patients there wondering what stage and which way they were transitioning, only to learn my friend had switched jobs months before and was now working for a regular doctor. My point being, most people would never notice a transgender person unless it is brought up but the assumptions of it prevent the rest of us from just seeing the real person.

Androgyny has always been a powerful personal expression where the male and female is expressed as one and someone's core being will always come through without an operation. Think how unimpressive Hillary Clinton would look if she became a man, probably a little like Lindsey Graham. But the courage and personal commitment to change gender is something that has to be respected. As to if PTW is encouraging Transgenderism, it would fit into population control while creating a divisive polemic over bathrooms that's perfect perfect for political goals. They are not into it for compassion and the Poster girl Kaitlin Jenner to me seems as fake as Michael Moore. If she really wanted to be a woman, I think her feminine id would be more apparent, although the fact she killed a woman her age in a vehicular accident just as she was transitioning is absolutely cosmic.

icqgirl 2 said...

The doppelganger topic remind me of series of photographs by a Francois Brunelle, where she compiles and takes pictures of people around the world who look very similar.

It may not be surprising for each of us to have a lookalike somewhere.

Bee E-lightened said...

Difference is these are all dead except for their lookalikes

Christy M said...

Regarding the blurring of genders, Mark Passio, a former Satanic priest, has done some YouTube videos on this subject. The gender blurring is intentional and is being perpetrated by groups like the NWO/shadow government types.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments. @Robert: You last line actually made me LOL at the thought. :-)

Dan Walker said...

Agreed, and seeing that it came from some never before seen nor heard of 'news' site makes it even more ludicrous.