Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Schumann Resonance

Q. The current vibration of earth (the Schumann Resonance) is said to be changing.  It was 7.83 Hz, but is speeding up (or at least fluctuating).  What is causing this?

A.  I see the Schumann Resonance as the heartbeat of mother Earth.  I have always seen Earth as a living, breathing (even somewhat self healing) ecosystem.  The atmosphere, land and water all vibrate and work harmoniously, and when they are off, natural (not man made) disasters occur in attempts to reset a balance.   Don't underestimate the power and wonder of our mother Earth.

As we approach a new phase in time (and I hear the phrase "The Age of Aquarius") it is shifting Earth and increasing her vibration.  Not only do humans process and prepare for a dimensional shift, but Earth does too.  She fluctuates because it is necessary to prepare for the ascension of Earth.  Just as our human vibrations adjust, so do hers.  I hear that mother Earth cannot house the existence of the next phase for humans, without first preparing.  She is able to house lower vibrational, 3D humans, but to welcome the newer 4D reality she must prepare.  

Q.  How does this fluctuation effect humans?
A.  This change does have an effect on us.  I get that we are in sync at the 7.83 Hz, but when that vibration increases it effects our internal perception of time.  We sort of mentally disconnect from our linear timeline, and feel like time has sped up.  For example, if the Hz increases for a few days, you may "feel" like you aged mentally and physically, but it is still the same 48 hours.  

I also see a phenomena where when the Hz is increased, time "feels" to be moving faster.  I get a crystal based watch will be off (by even a few minutes) because it is in sync with the Earth, but other types of time systems will remain on the linear timeline.  To illustrate this, I get that you may have a few days go by that you perceive as going incredibly fast physically, emotionally and mentally (due to the increased Earth Hz), however, they are still "technically" 48 hours in length.    

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Sonya Vicars said...

I can totally relate to the perception of time going faster. I always joke that I think the earth is spinning faster but the scientists are not telling us. But I know it's because Gaia's frequency is increasing.

It doesn't help when your weekends are two days long but feels like a day and a half.
My husband and I still get up at our regular time of 5:30, on the weekend, because if we sleep any later it feels like we have eVen "less" time on the weekend.

Raymond G said...

That was interesting. Astronomers can detect the frequency of other planets in our solar system. If we found one that was higher than Earth, would that mean it has a higher level of development? Is there a relationship between higher frequencies and higher spiritual development? Thanks for the time you give to your blog Lynn!

Sean Nash said...

Is there a relationship between higher frequencies and higher spiritual development?

I can offer a response to this.

Yes, we are ascending from carbon based magnetic frequency to crystalline frequency. The Schumann Resonance increase is indicative.

Google and read "Metatron: The fall of Atlantis and the Atlantean use of crystals" . Read all 3 parts of it. Know some history, know what is happening now and know the potentials of the future. This science of earth, and consciousness is explained very well in that channeling of Metatron by James Tyberonn. About an hours reading time to finish.

I just happened to read it again today then saw this Focus session!

The article explains what Lynn is seeing and saying.


Serene said...

Yes I can definitely tell Time has sped up. An hour is not an hour anymore, it feels like 20 minutes. The end of the day is here before we know it. The holidays come faster and much more fast can it possibly go? Our physical bodies sometimes have trouble keeping up. I remember as a kid time went by much, much slower.

Raymond G said...

@Sean, Thanks. The link was interesting. But, if the Earth / Gaia has a consciousness we can't perceive. And it is measured with the Schumann Resonance. I was just wondering if the Earth has a beat of 7.83 HZ and Mars has 144.8 HZ does that mean the Mars has a higher level of development than Earth? Just because we can't perceive life doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
It could exist on levels we can't see with our eyes and ears. It was just a broad question.

Craig said...

The funny thing about this time compaction is that it is forcing us to choose what is absolutely necessary to do because we can't possibly do everything we used to do in a certain amount of time without becoming ill, distressed, anxious, etc. some will try to keep up, but really we need to slow down.

EA RW said...

Some time ago I watched this astrology video. Where they mentioned saturn is getting a grip and slows you down. In a way it's making sense that if time is speeding up there must be a force to keep you stay focused and present in the here and now.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. Raymond, interesting point. I do see a relationship with the frequency of the planet, and the beings that are able to live harmoniously there. I hadn't thought of it before, but yes there is a correlation.

Alice Liu said...

Under times of great stress, I've been able to slow down time...but it takes a LOT of focus. Recently I watched a video of Andrew Martin (with Katya Turner) where he spoke about stretching out time. When you go up to a higher frequency/place, you can stretch out time because time is not real, it's elastic. You do it up in the 5D, and then you funnel it back down to 3D where it snaps back to the normal time aspect ratio.

Serene said...

Alice....oohhh, Stretching Out Time? That sounds like a delicious idea!!! It just seemed like time dragged on in the old days when I was a 3Der (giggles).