Sunday, February 26, 2017

Random and Interesting Q & A

Q. Can you describe what happens to those people who wake up speaking a different language (and forgetting their native language) after waking up from an accident? Is this a timeline glitch?
A.  I get that in our subconscious there are residual memories from many of our past lives.  When we are near death or in a coma state of being, our brain waves go through a phase that mimic deep meditation (and even allow astral travel, a period of disconnect between our spiritual and physical self).  The trauma endured triggers a theta brain wave response, and that response that is similar to a deep meditation which allows the person to tap into past lives (that are hidden from the conscious mind).  These lives can, and usually are, very different than our current life.  The connection and emotional response can be so real that when the person regains consciousness it takes time to detach from the past life, causing them to still act, speak and think they are in that previous time.  

Q. How do animals (e.g., dogs, cats, birds) see humans? Do they think we are less capable because we don’t have their telepathy and intuition? Do they see our appearance differently (e.g., like via an infrared night vision googles)? Do they see us as equals/superior/inferior in a social hierarchy? How do they sense our vibes (e.g., happiness, fear)?

A.  Animals are highly intuitive.  They can feel a personas vibration, and know if they mix with that vibration (some pets may gravitate to one person versus another).  They don't see us as less capable, because we can do many things they can't such as preparing them food, offer protection and speak with a large verbal bank.  However, they don't see us as more capable either.  Birds fly, dogs run fast, cats jump distances etc.  We are seen to make a good partnership, as long as the pairing it right.  

I get that visually they cannot see us a well as we see them, but what they lack in vision, is made up with their other senses (smell, intuition and hearing).  

I see all emotions being tied to a frequency.  Animals can perceive what frequency they feel coming from you, and that allows them to know what emotion you are feeling.  They then know how to respond (go in protection mode, console you, etc). 

Q. How does telepathy work? Can I just send a mental message to anyone, even to someone who doesn't even know me? How does the recipient receive it?

A. I see that emotions and thoughts are all tied to a specific frequency or vibration.  When you think or feel a certain way, that vibration is send out.  You can focus on a person (imagine what they look like if they aren't around, or actually focus on them if they are near), or send the thought / feeling to a group.  If the receiver of the message doesn't know it is coming or is blocked (they may be having a lower vibrational day, or set a strict protection through mental intent), then the message is typically weak, if even felt at all.  If the receiver is open, whether they know you are not, then a direct connection and message can be sent effectively. 

Q. What does it really mean when we dream about losing all your teeth?

A.  Dreams can be very unique to the person, and interpreted different ways.  In general, as I look at this as a dream, I see the throat chakra lit up.  I interpret that as meaning that the person is being challenged with regard to communication.  They are either not being heard, not feeling they are being heard, or not vocalizing their emotions (due to fear or lack of clarity).  

Q.  How important/relevant are birthdays/zodiac signs when choosing a romantic partner? There are people who obsess over this detail as if it's the ultimate guide, but how valid is this?
A. I see an astrology reading that is thorough and specific (not the one from the Sunday paper that is more for entertainment) being a good tool to understanding people, and determining basic (and I hear an emphasis on the word basic) compatibility.  I hear something about an astrology reading, even though can see how people pair up, is only one piece of a whole person.  Factors such as belief systems, childhood influences, family and life experience also need to be looked at to see how they compliment one another.  

Q. Can you describe to us how "earthing" (walking barefoot on the grass) really works? It was discussed from a non-spiritual perspective by people who are into finding bio-hacks for things like curing jet lag, improving sleep, etc. 

A.  Mother earth is a living breathing thing.  Connecting to her directly allows you to create an energetic, and healing energetic flow through your body.  Energy moves in many directions depending on what it is that you body needs (your body is smart enough to control the flow).  It may come up through you feet, and out the top of your head.  She may also send healing up one leg, through your body and down the other leg.  Sometimes we just need to purge excess energy, or energy that isn't serving us well, and she gladly takes it to redistribute elsewhere.  Again, it really depends on what it is that you need.  

Grounding in general can be very soothing, and assists in getting your chakras and in balance (which leads to other health benefits).  I see the core of health starting with a good physical, spiritual and energetic balance and grounding.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Buddhist Lady said...

The telepathy topic reminds me of a story a good friend shared. She's 73 years old and believes she will live well into her 90's. She's also psychic though rarely speaks of anything she sees or learns.

When she was younger, she encountered a professor who was interested in psychic abilities, and he would past-life regress people to see what they could learn. During one session, he asked her to go to the year 2040 and asked her what she was doing. She found herself in a class with younger children where she was teaching them how to communicate using their telepathy!! Isn't that wild and crazy?!

Anonymous said...

Healing all ills . Emotional,Mental,Physical through frequency healing. Can go in for tune ups when needed in order to be our optimum selves.

Everyone will be able to learn while sleeping.

Everyone eventually will know everyone else's thoughts an will be able to live in harmony with each other . Including plants , animals, earth.

I Probably won't be here when it starts happening because of age. But it is going to happen.

Conrado said...

Hey Lynn! thanks for the reading!
Every time I see about emotions and thoughts as vibrations, I ask myself "what is vibrating?" ... I mean, lights, radio, sound and these sort are known as vibrations and are understood to some point we can even create technology and stuff...

bur regarding emotions and thoughts, what is actually vibrating? or what are these vibrations?

They Live said...

Nice topics! Regarding dreams, what does it mean to dream of seeing a statue of Basat while thinking of Anubis and seeing a bright light that resembles or may be source?
many thanks!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments.

@Buddhist Lady: That is a cool story. I would love to be a part of her class someday! :-)

@Conrado: The feelings and emotions are vibrating. Everything has a frequency that we either can consciously or subconsciously feel.

@They Live: I'm not sure. I would need to think on that, but very interesting!

Robert Schoen said...

I think a lot of today's technology like texting and google are like training wheels for abilities we already have but are undeveloped because of society as we know it.
Educational institutions like universities foster a programming were people become specialists at performing one task or skill that compartmentalizes the psyche, keeping people from realizing their full potential. Fortunately, thanks to sites like Lynn's, more and more people are waking up every day.

Craig said...

Regarding astrology and relationships, it is not so much the sun sign that helps show compatibility but the moon signs. For a long term relationship with minimal daily stress, look for two people who have either the same moon sign, or next best are moons in compatible elements (both air, both earth, etc) or in sextile -- earth/water, fire/air. Because the moon deals with people's everyday moods and habits, it makes for an easier flowing daily rhythm. The bumps are fewer and easier to manage. Of course there are many factors that make a relationship,including inner work and maturity level but in general this does work. Worked for me too, 25 years together this year and still only feels like 25 days. Astrology is a map of potential, you determine how it is used and how you grow.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Earthing-wise, be sure NOT to do it near an old well without first seriously grounding and protecting. I did this and FELL ASLEEP near said old well (before I knew how to ground and protect) and got myself a dark rider for a short time. Dumb on my part.

Btw... speaking of telepathy, if you turn your phone OFF and sit quietly in a quiet place, ground + protect, then send your message to its recipient (with the greatest good intended)... see what happens. You can also send an emotion, a craving, etc., but note that if the thought sent is of a lower vibe, it will either backfire on you, or not get delivered. It's my understanding that the rules of "white magic" apply here, as WM is basically a form of advanced spirituality (dark magic, as a corruption of this, is not).

Light Keeper said...

Regarding the question about what is vibrating? I've spent quite a lot of time looking into this since first encountering the concept of "our vibration" ten years ago. "I have a vibration??? What are they talking about?" The understanding I came to is this: We are all, at the subatomic level, pure energy. Our bodies are made up of molecules that are made up of atoms. At the sub atomic level, electrons spin around the nucleus of each atom, pulsing in and out between physical 3rd density (shifting now to 4th density for those making the shift) and the quantum field. The rate of spin and pulsation is our vibration. As we raise our vibration, the electrons in each atom of our bodies, pulse and spin faster. Our means of reading/interpreting our physical vibration is through our feelings and emotions, just as Lynn said. A higher vibration leads to more elevated feelings and emotions (and resulting thoughts). This is similar to how we read/interpret different light frequencies as different colors through our eyes.

It is possible to develop the sensitivity to physically feel your vibration level in your body. I read about this along the way and placed an intention to develop this capacity. It showed up one day about two months later, and the experience was like suddenly gaining a new aspect of psychic ability. I now physically feel my vibration level along my solar plexis, which to me makes sense because it is the intersection of the heart and power (3rd) chakras. I'm curious if others who develop their capacity to physically feel their vibration, feel it in the same location of their body. I suspect they do, but have not gotten confirmation through others sharing their experience.

@Lynn: Great questions and great reading! Thank you!

Bee E-lightened said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

FYI, I asked Lynn about whether alkali water made with lemons was better than that made with baking soda and she said: "I see lemon water being more beneficial unless you are having some real stomach issues. If you are sick do the lemon water with a little organic honey and turmeric."

And regarding alkali being more less effective in telomere regeneration, she said: "The DNA components do grow back, but that feels more tied to amino acids rather than the alkaline status."

Thought you'd all want to know.

Kalamota Kook said...

What a wonderful collection of readings. Thanks Lynn! Random thoughts...

Robert Schoen - I love your analogy of 'training wheels!' Really, when you step back even one generation, the idea of being bombarded with thousands (or millions) of other people's thoughts and reactions, in the moment, anywhere on earth is pretty epic. Imagine if a Medieval farm labourer suddenly had access to the thoughts of everyone else in the world, they'd go mad. It would be terrifying. Uncontacted continents would have seemed like alien life forms do to us now. In the sixties someone (Buckminster Fuller?) made a prophecy that people would be joined to everyone else on earth via small pocket electronic devices. And now look at us! It's easy to lose sight of just what a revolutionary change we've seen, in a short lifetime. And a lot of the turmoil and angst millions of people are going through is from becoming suddenly aware of what the rest of the world is actually doing / thinking. People's preconceptions and mental fences are being exploded. The internet has really shone a light on the human shadow. What people put into search engines show us who people really are, not how they try to present themselves. It's been disturbing to adjust to sometimes but once we acclimatise to all that we'll be prepared for the next step.

Astrology - There is a lot of rather rigid categorisation in astrology regarding good/bad planets, aspects, transits, etc. They don't 'make' you do anything, though. And they don't 'make' a person a fixed character portrait. All the elements have positive and negative implications, sometimes simultaneously. The basic nuts and bolts of a chart represent a very broad arena of meanings (Mars can be angry, violent, passionate, sporty, murderous, campaigning, brave, pioneering etc). How we live out the elements of our blueprint depends on our level of consciousness. If we suppress part of it, it'll come at us from 'outside'. Every difficult element of a chart has treasure in it if we choose to intentionally learn the lessons. ON the other hand 'Easy' gifts may be so easy we become complacent and lazy about them. But we do have choices as to how we exercise those parts of our psyche and character. When you understand your own chart you can live by manifestation rather than 'fate'.

When it comes to relationships with others, their chart alone shows potentials and themes, but there's no guarantee that you're both at the same level of awareness or responsibility. The negative manifestations may still be part of their (and your) life and habitual attitudes. This reminds me of the habit many women have of wanting to change their man, or try to draw out his 'potential' - they can sense the other person's latent blueprint, but it's not their job to do the growth and development. We all have our own path, and astrology shows us our journeys. As we develop and grow inside ourselves, the people we draw into our orbit improve too. Matching up with other people's planets and elements is like being on the same wavelength. But other parts of your chart may be less harmonious. An understanding of that may help to deal with the gnarlier moments.

What I found eye opening was the composite chart, which is a blending of two people's charts to represent the character or story of the relationship between you. It's like an alchemical third entity, the garden you both find yourself in and tend together.

If anyone's interested in exploring astrology, I recommend Steven Forrest's books, because he is very clear and wise and funny, and doesn't fall into the rigid categorisations that he calls 'fortune telling'. Astrology is an enriching, eye opening journey and a great tool to turn your cranky negative habits into strengths. It doesn't have to be fatalistic, but it doesn't mean your relationships are cut and dried either.

Kalamota Kook said...

Grounding and vibrations - This week I watched the documentary about Tom Kenyon called The Song of The New Earth. That's what sprang to mind reading this post. He's equal parts scientist and mystic, and has spent a lifetime exploring the vibrations and frequencies of sound and how they affect our brains and bodies, as well as deeply honouring the wisdom traditions that are rooted in the earth and natural world. He channels, but is refreshingly honest about how crazy it sounds to people. To anybody wondering about vibes, frequencies, grounding, etc, I recommend checking him out. Powerful stuff.

Animals - I like the idea that Lynn expresses that we all have our skills and capacities across the species. The pets that came into my life always seemed to have issues or a life story that dovetailed with my own, as if we had things to teach each other and heal each other of. Our bonds felt like partnership.

Beautiful reading, Lynn. It has set my mind up for the day!

Bee E-lightened said...

I miss the days as a child walking bare feet. Sadly, nowadays people replace the earth/soil with concrete as part of keeping up with the Jones. Developed countries try to remove themselves so far away from nature.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the great comments! xoxo-

Anonymous said...

Can the vibrations be matched or received by a machine? Crystal ossicilators?

Thank you

The enlightened one said...

Grammatically speaking, there should be a "be" after "can" on fifth line of your answer to the first question.

My Picks said...

when i want to distress from a chaotic day I go to the part of the backyard with the most nature. It is very grounding and soothing just looking at all the green goodness that surrounds me.