Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fukushima Fallout

Q. I was very concerned to learn about the severe increase of Fukushima pollution in the Pacific:

'Northern Hemisphere Potentially In Great Danger As Fukushima Radiation Spikes To ‘Unimaginable’ Levels'

Seems like the MSM still is failing to cover this. Are they going to reveal the dire circumstances we're all facing anytime soon? Is this an extinction level event as some have claimed since the beginning? AND - does this have anything to do with 'The Event'?

Thanks so much, Lynn.

A. I do see this as a very real and valid concern.  Many people know this is happening, and in some instances the media is being told to suppress it, while in others people (like environmentalists, botanists, herbalists, etc) have been threatened to keep quiet.  The government isn't willing to admit that cancers, autoimmune disorders and neurological problems are on the rise due to this, because then they would have to (in some part) be accountable.

It looks as though the governments (especially the US) is trying to work on a fix, in the form of either an immunization or some kind of neutralization of the radiation, but they don't really know if or how well these things work.  In one scenario I see them using weather manipulation to force a drought (especially in western part of the US) because the theory was that rain brought the radiation to the ground (from the air and also from ocean water that has evaporated), so forcing a drought would allow the radiation to dilute more before it was rained down.  I see them further complicating the drought with chemtrail experiments to try to induce chemicals to speed up the half-life of the radiation before the radiation was rained down. 

I have also seen experiments where the government has secretly worked with Monsanto to try to develop seeds that will grow in radiated soil, and in harsh conditions (while further weather manipulation and chemspraying goes on).  

Another experiment that is in play is putting additives into immunizations (flu shots, shingle vaccines) in higher concentrated radiated areas to try to lessen the effect on the human body, but nothing has been proven.  Right now, they know there is a problem, but really have no way to correct it, so the testing continues.

I do see a "plan B" emerging that looks to involve Africa.  I hear that "Africa is one of the best kept secrets, and it is full of natural resources"  I see in the near future there will be a made up reason to go there, and occupy portions of the country (but not under the current presidency).  In reality, this looks to be a safe haven or a back up area to escape for the wealthy, or well-connected PTW (Powers The one Were). 

I don't see it related to The Event, but it does look to hold this 3D reality in check, while another 4D reality emerges.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Of course, make more money off the tragedy in the form of more GMO poisoned food and vaccines. Lynn is iodine good to counteract radiation. Ive always said educated, ambitious black folks should move back to mother Africa (no offense to other races) and build the continent to where it was. Troublemakers, power hungry and greedy driven folks need not bother. America is not a place for blacks. Isnt this fukushima disaster man made also⁉️

They Live said...

Many thanks for this reading. I take it any fruits, fish vegetables coming from California is not good to buy, a market I go to sells a bit of produce from there.
On a random topic could you please interpret a dream I had recently: I was in a movie theater type room, on a chaise lounge in front of me was a statue of Basat lying down facing a screen. I kept thinking of the word Anubis in my head and was telling the statue to turn and look at me, it never did, instead a bright light came rising up on the screen like the sun and I closed my eyes as it was very bright.
I do apologize for going off topic but I felt nervous about this dream as I know it could signify a near death. I've also read it meant clarity regarding a situation as well as the Divine and Higher Conciousness. Many thanks for any insights you are able to give me 💕

siketa said...

Some sources claim that we will get some advanced technologies from ETs in order to clean all polutions on the planet. Can you see anything related to that?

Buddhist Lady said...

I've been reading about Fukushima and the radiation for quite a while. They believe that they have found a hole in one of the "containers." Evidently, the radiation is so bad that the clean-up robots stop functioning.

I don't purchase any fish or shellfish from the Pacific; I essentially--despite dietary advice to include fish in your diet--don't eat fish or shellfish anymore. I will eat cod wild caught from Iceland. However, some articles point to a time in our near future when the entire planetary waters will be corrupted. The mutations and deaths among sea life in the Pacific is heartbreaking...just heartbreaking. We, mankind, have destroyed this ocean. An odd fact is that spirulina remains uncorrupted.

The wonderful news is, like anything, remedies exist. I always encourage people to research on web. So much information exists on how to detox from radiation exposure. Many suggestions simply involve changing an eating habit like including more miso in your diet, but remedies do exist. The Japanese had remarkable success with miso after the Hiroshima/Nagasaki blasts.

Robert Schoen said...

We should all meditate and ask for help from those who look over us to use their advanced technology to help clean up or neutralize this disastrous mess. Germany is already committed to eliminating nuclear power plants and all other countries should follow suit. As Einstein said using Fusion to boil water is a hell of a thing.

ken said...

Since I am japanese, we're really cocncerned regarding the issue. Is it actually safe to live in Japan at this time?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Also... what food is safe to eat right now? I'm imagining that all seafood is out. Then there's all the food with glyphosate in it -- which is literally everywhere: wine, beer, water, fruit, veggies, meat. Soylent Green, anyone?

joy said...

THIS IS A BIG PROBLEM. here in my side of the world,PHILIPPINES,.. i don't get any news about the effect of this disaster. i don't know where to get any information about it. Everything seems normal. i live in a fishing town off the pacific ocean, and all the fishes, crabs,and other marine animals caught,... look wholesome. hmmm...

Judy Koons said...

Lynn you talked about Medical Medium awhile back. For those of you interested in doing a bit of radiation detox an excerpt follows.

“Anti-Radiation Tea

For an antidote to radiation exposure, blend Atlantic kelp, Atlantic dulse, dandelion leaf, and nettle leaf in equal parts. Make a tea from the mixture by steeping one tablespoon per cup of hot water.”

Excerpt From: William, Anthony. “Medical Medium"

I encourage clients to use this after any known exposure to radiation especially but we are going to need it more and more just as part of life.

Judy Koons said...

Integrate a heavy metal detox daily with Hawaiian spirulina, wild blueberries, vimergy green barley grass juice powder, and cilantro and keep your liver clean. Brings the stress levels and effects of fluoride, chem trails, herbicides and pesticides down. What else can we do?

Judy Koons said...

Thank you Lynn for bringing greater awareness and sharing thought provoking information the way you do!

siketa said...

In his February interview, Cobra says that this radiation is not a problem.
Aaron – Can you update us on the level of radiation from the nuclear plant: Fukushima?

COBRA – The level of radiation has been very low and remains to be low except from very close to the Fukushima plant, I would say, 10-15 miles in diameter from the plant the radiation is still above normal but everywhere else it is quite OK.

Aaron – OK he says: Is it harming people in Japan and surrounding countries?

COBRA – It is not. It is not.

Aaron – It’s not harming anyone in any other countries either?


siketa said...

Part 2:

Aaron – How about the Ocean and the fish?

COBRA – There was a small amount of contamination but the main contamination in the ocean is not coming from Fukushima plant.

Aaron – Did we have help from the Galactics cleaning that up?

COBRA – Yes, of course we have. (great, thank you)

joy said...

hahhh............THAT might be the reason i'm not seeing any wholesale destruction of marine life here. It felt to me that this is all hype....but i did not know where to get the right info in the internet.
oh,.......i went to YT about this FUKUSHIMA radiation's effect in the PHILIPPINES. There were about 5 videos claiming that the radiation is fueling the typhoons to go into CATEGORY 5,wind over 200/h. WHAT NONSENSE. i told them they are lying...that the cause of these supertyphoons is the HAARP being maliciously directed to us .
well, i don't know about the GALACTICS claim. i doubt it.They could come near earth,.. they'll probably get shot down fast by the earth indwelling dracos.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. This is an important issue. Thank you Judy for the suggestions, and I also see to make sure to have enough potassium and iodine in your diet (natural is better than supplements, but supplements are better that nothing) to keep the thyroid working properly. Drink lots of filtered water, and keep the system flushed.

Craig said...

Lynn you said it was affecting the pacific but how bad is it? is that image you put up a pretty good illustration of what areas are being affected and to what degree? Thanks for the update.

ann ralles said...

There is a Vedic low tech solution called Agnihotra. Totally neutralizes radiation. Here is a link to an article I wrote about this.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Craig: I do see as pretty bad. We cannot live life in paranoia, but just be aware and do what you can to mitigate the effects.

@Ann: Thanks for this. I appreciate the sharing.

Hugs to all-

Buddhist Lady said...

Ann--I actually found your link to be:

Can you suggest a website which details exactly how to do Agnihotra? I read your article and did a quick Google search, but most of the articles offered the benefits of Agnihotra but not exactly how to perform Agnihotra. Can you help me?

Buddhist Lady said...

Ann--found all the info I need. If you ever come back to this thread, I would be greatly interested in a link to NASA and Monsanto identifying the Agnihotra ashes as different from others. Thanks!

Diana Tupelo said...

I'm looking for any sort of guidance you might have on this issue. Specifically, I got very interested in working with the radiation in Fukushima while living in a tent in Kauai in the Fall/Winter of 2014. Science, I realized, was not going to lead the clean-up or remediation of this pollutant. The efforts needed to be energetic, guided through shamanic work, energy healing, meditation, sound therapy, intention, painting positive words on the buildings of the city, and actually connecting with the radiation itself to help give it a positive form. Marrying the before-mentioned spiritual with a more physical, I see installing gongs toning healing frequencies at the site, and amplifying and transmitting the frequencies of known plants (like sunflowers) in the waters. Despite being told by various psychics that I can so adept level healing and communicate with the unseen, I have experienced no evidence of this. While I believe that what I've written is possible to rehabilitate Fukushima, I have no skill or experience in the means I propose. I've organized holiday events at the community I used to live at and have felt that I had successfully change the space; I created high vibrational and loving spaces in which people felt cared and loved. As an artist, cook, musician, and empath, I knew how to coordinate elements relating to those needs. As a total psychic null (again, despite being told that I am psychic, highly Empathetic, and an adept healer), I feel on a slippery slope, because I can't actually experience any of these things, let alone command them, that I think would be helpful in working with the environmental catastrope we've contributed to. Thanks for reading.