Thursday, December 8, 2016

Priority Blog Request: Bizarre Bio (Weather) Warfare

Q. has an article entitled “Bizarre ‘Bio Warfare” Storm Kills Five in Kuwait,” which is alarming.  Here’s the URL:  As everyone can read, a similar storm hit Australia November 21, 2016, with six deaths resulting and 9,000 people entering the hospital.  Government officials are trying to calm everyone by labeling this sickness as “thunderstorm asthma.”  I’m incredulous.  Are they kidding?

May I quote from the article?

“Emergency officials described the scene like ‘150 bombs going off,’ and at the height of the emergency, someone was dialing 9-1-1 for an ambulance every 4.5 seconds as people en mass began having asthma and heart attacks.  Emergency services were so overwhelmed in Melbourne, they ran out of ambulances and even other emergency vehicles like fire trucks and police cars, and they were forced to use non-emergency vehicles. One girl reportedly died in her families arms on their front lawn waiting for an ambulance."

My questions are:

What is in this weather/storm producing this sickness?
A. I first see that it looks like it has a heavy metal component that when ingested, the body cannot purge fast enough.  It appears there was a perfect atmospheric condition, and when chemtrails combined with the atmosphere, it created a super concentration of this toxin (they could not dissipate or dilute down as they normally do).  (I get the PTW (Powers That Once Were) are still learning how to manipulate both the weather AND the disposition of people, so the population becomes the test subjects.)  It looks like when this sickness started there was either a large rain storm or several smaller ones close together, and the moisture is what brought the toxins down to the populace, and they were basically inhaled causing this sickness. 

The body, specifically the liver, went in to overdrive trying to get this out of their body, but it was too much over too short of a time.  The body systems sort of went haywire trying to get these toxins out, and I see even more than just asthma and heart conditions.  I get that for some the toxins affected the neurological system, for some it attacked the digestive system, but for most it affected the circulatory system by decreasing the amount of oxygen the blood was able to hold (hence the asthma and cardio issues and I see that O2 levels were very low for those that were tested).  

Is this the beginning of “weather warfare” in the truest sense of the words?
A. I hear "We are way past the beginning.  This has been in development and practiced for years."  

Is this the beginning of a worldwide pandemic?
A. I get it isn't a true pandemic because it isn't caused from a virus or bacteria.  It is a man made recipe that was put into specific geographic locations (I hear in these cases to test creating a docile effect).  It cannot spread, and is not contagious.  It is truly the result of toxic filled chemtrails.

What can people do physically and spiritually to prepare and defend themselves and families?
A. Keeping your immune system in check and purging as many toxins and free radicals as possible is the best way to start.  I get that if you are as healthy as can be, when you are confronted with living under chemtrails, you body can purge the toxins more easily.  I get that Hawaiian Spirulina, lemon water and CoQ10 are some things to help keep your system clean. Also, going a least one or two days a week without consuming animal products allows you system an opportunity to heal itself because resources aren't being pulled to the digestive system. [I do need to disclose I am not a doctor, so this is truly from an intuitive perspective.  Always trust your intuition.]

Spiritually, many things are mind over matter.  If you see a chemtrail, think to yourself that your body works in perfect harmony and it will purge what is not necessary.  If you put positive thought and trust into your body, it will preform as it should (and if you get angry and irritated, you can manifest those results too).  Stay educated and be aware.  It is normal to feel frustrated and upset (we are all human), but let it pass and don't let it become your focal point to where is brings down your vibration.

I don’t, in any way, want to generate fear, Lynn, but we live in strange times and need to face the truth and to take whatever steps we can and need.  Please delve into the subject psychically only in so far as you feel comfortable.  Thank you very much, Lynn.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


My Picks said...

thank you lynn, your post comes as a confirmation that I am on the right track.
I have been incorporating fasting/detoxing a couple days a month. Trying to give my body a "break" from food and toxins.

A Man Called Da-da said...

You can also look at whatever it is you're eating/drinking/breathing or being exposed to (even energy like a CAT scan or X-ray) and think: "Brother J [or whomever you want to ask], please enjoy this [whatever it is] with me." These things are part of the illusion, so asking a higher-order being to "enjoy it" with you takes the mental curse off it. You can even do this with fattening foods, or foods you may find questionable, which removes any guilt charge that you might associate with them.

While we're at it, it's also a good idea to fast once in a while (check with your doctor first), as fasting causes the body to go into "dishwasher mode" internally. This is why so many ancient cultures have a fasting component: it helps you live longer. (Check out the Hunza people and their culture.)

I've had several CAT scans, for various reasons, and they always had deleterious side effects -- EXCEPT for the times where I asked Brother J to enjoy the energy with me! NO SIDE EFFECTS. Give it a try. It's a simple way to practice advanced spirituality. (Psst... high-vibrational ETs are very spiritual, so I'm not proselytizing here!)

A Man Called Da-da said...
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A Man Called Da-da said...

Here's a good link to the diet of the Hunza people:

Bill Ramirez said...

wow! thanks Lynn - thoughts of adding oxygen tanks and masks to first aid home kit.

SamV said...

From discussion on, it would appear this situation is compounded by an increasing volume of "space dust" wafting in from the solar system and its various travelers. I can suspect we all need to take Lynn's advice to heart, and truly practice taking care of ourselves.

joy said...

COSMIC AWARENESS recommended ZEOLITE for detox of heavy metals and of that pesky mold infection called CANDIDA.

About Da-da's comment of "Brother J,enjoy the energy with me ". I've been mental about this for sometime now. I've been being hit with major "karmas". This is what I found . It appears this our CREATOR is NOT only siding with the good guys,...but is also funding the bad guys. .....because IT designed this illusory game we are in. It macro and micro-manages everything. So, when something bad happens, is actually ,... the plan and work of our CREATOR, under the guise of a bad guy. the bad guy is DA FRONT.(the archon,the Djinn,the reptilian, the cabal, the NWO,the addict next door,.take your pick). WE are also DA FRONT of our CREATOR against the bad guys. CREATOR is just like the dogs of war(the ROTHSCHILDs),...funding both sides. Who else can do this to us..? There is only ONE. Nothing can come to us without the permission of the ONE,not even an accident. In this context, it would be nice to STOP being used as a front against things we know are not beneficial to us,..such as indulging in hatred and race wars or ant other kinds of wars.
So, I started saying..."SPIRIT, I hope you enjoy my pain."... I'm usually a good sport. I don't forget to sincerely thank my Spirit for the umpteen garbage it dumps on me 24/7 and I always end up my day saying.."I love you too, Spirit"
There are still many kinks I have to unravel,..but, hey,...good feedback,Da-da. Thanks.

Jordan said...

Dear Lyyn, Could you please do a reading about the Lamia Flight where a whole brazilian football team called Chapecoense lost their lives. It is a total scandal in SouthAmerica, only 6 people survived the accident. They said the plane crashed because it runned out of fuel. There are many versions concerning what reallly happened inside the plane: if the passengers knew they were going to die minutes before the accident? why did the pilot didn't say anything about the plane running out of fuel? the plane crash survivors are receiving death threats from the owners of the flight company if they reveal what really happened inside the plane?

Please it would be great if you do a reading on this suject, there are too many questions without answers and we will never know the truth because the pilots and most of the passengers are all death.

Thank you.

Robert Schoen said...

I just hope these horrors cause people to wake up. Anyone can send intent for the chemtrails to be "eaten up" up to the Sylphs in the sky and if you're really serious to combat this abuse look into making orgone and a cloudbuster. Google Don Croft

Cheryl Bane said...

@Robert Schoen. . .orgone. . . .great idea. Orgonise Africa is another good source of chembusters, big and small.

I woke up to the whole chemtrail phenomenon just a few years ago, and now I can't NOT notice them! I'm wondering though, here in Chicago the lines in the sky are so obvious--there are so many of them, and in unnatural grid like pattens (similar to Lynn's pic on this post) that don't fade or dissipate, but instead blend together to form what appear to be clouds or an overcast sky. When I point these out to people, I can't seem to get people interested in questioning what they might be seeing or even thinking or caring about it. I just don't get why they aren't curious. And it's not like it's something you can deny. Our eyes are seeing what's happening right in front of us. Anybody have any ideas of why there's such a psychological block on the subject? And how we might be able to get around it?

Lynn, excellent reading as always. Keep up the great work!

BoboSixx II said...

Every time I see a chem-trail it momentarily upsets me because it proves that the powers that should not be are still in power. Then I send Loving thoughts to the chem-trail declaring it harmless to us all and to our Earth.


Buddhist Lady said...

Cheryl: you are absolutely correct. The entire sky can be grided with lines and lines of chemtrails, and absolutely no one appears to care or notice. In fact, when I do watch weather reports on TV, I am stunned by how cleverly the meteorologists try to dismiss or blatantly disregard obvious lines. A meteorologist recently remarked on a patch of fluorescent color in our sky labeling the phenomenon "ice particles." Well...I'm not a meteorologist (and it was cold enough for ice crystals), but I've seen the same damn patch when the temperatures were over 100. Do ice particles exist in an extreme high pressure cave with ground temperatures exceeding 100?

I think a clue resides in Lynn's remark that "they" were experimenting with chemicals in Australia, e.g., to make people become docile. I think the incessant electromagnetic energies being bombarded from the many, many microwave-type towers any city in America of any size now possesses also contribute to a tired, dumbed-down population. Ascension energies appear to be speeding up time. I think people are overwhelmed simply struggling to live and raise families in a mean, lean economy, and unless they have a specific reason to look into the issue (such as a recurring respiratory, flu-like illness I thought I had beaten which returned June 2015 and caused extensive on-line reading and research by me), people simply won't pursue the issue. Besides, when the rug has been pulled out from underneath you that your own government is spraying these substances without notifying or gaining your permission, you then have to face an unpleasant truth.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of random . Talking about planes an chemtrails reminded me of the uptick in Tr3b sighting I have been having at night. I work at night from 5:30pm to 1:00pm. I travel 50 miles each way an make pit stops along the way. There is a flight path that I have seen them travel for the last 2 years and I have seen them in random spots hovering over bodies of water. Sometimes right above city centers.
When they are hovering they are very precise in the moves they make an never in a hurry. Then when I say flight path in encompasses a HUGH area of East to west travel that includes just hanging out at times. I almost drove off the road the last time I seen one hovering because it was unexpected. It makes me wonder what the new model of aircraft will be after tr3b. Think the stealth plane prior to tr3b is out dated or modified from it's original use because it is being flown in public view during the day now.

Alice Liu said...

Lynn, will the general public ever become aware of chemtrails (in out lifetime)?

Bill Ramirez said...

ah haa..think this stuff could work in a dire moment ???? if the O2 levels drop, seeing that these events have the potential to bottom out O2 levels.

or maybe this ?

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for another awesome reading. I appreciate all of them. Even the events that change due to the Mandela effect, these things happen. Have a great day...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments! I don't know that I see main stream media making an "announcement" about chemtrails, but I do see more and more people waking up to what is happening. It looks like the subconscious knows, and as the truths are out there, people will be guided to it. Even though not official, many will realize what is happening.

Robert and Cheryl: Love the orgonite idea! I have it all over my house as well. Clear crystal is also a wonderful multipurpose crystal that can be helpful.

Buddhist Lady said...

I have an additional point. Clifford Carnicom has isolated a pathogen from the aeorosal, a cross-domain bacteria. From Elana Freeland's Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth:

"A substantial body of research has accumulated to make the case that the underlying organism (i.e. pathogen) using the iron from human blood for its own growth and existence. It will also be shown that the bio-chemical state of the blood is being altered in the process. The implications of this thesis are severe as this alteration effects...the ability and capacity of the blood to bind with oxygen. Respiration is the source of energy of the body." (p. 243)

Later on, Carnicom published test results after discovering three antioxidants which destroy the pathogen:

1. Vitamin C or simple ascorbic acid
2. N-acetyl cysteine or NAC
3. glutathione

The tests were/are repeatable and consistent.

Lynn's suggestions are also excellent. I started taking Hawaiian Spirulina after reading the Medical Medium. I also take lemon water, as he suggests, upon arising to flush the liver (you can also add 1/2-1 t. of honey and/or freshly grated ginger for added effect). Since I would know I was nearly down for the count when I used to get "chemtrail flu" by my nose/nasal congestion (which led me to believe, for years, the illness was somehow an "allergy"), I use a nasal spray to deliver CoQ10. I have tried a number of toxin elimination herbs and substances. I agree with Lynn; see what works for you. You'll know.

Most of all, remember that you are a conscious intelligence with no beginning and no ending. I "understood" that truth while under QHHT--I wished at the time that I could have gone more deeply "under," but I believe my Higher Self kept that conscious mind more present so that I would never, ever forget that experience. Your body is simply a structure to use in 3D. Your mission here on Earth is the important focus, and keeping your body healthy (Hunza yes!) helps you accomplish that intention.