Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hive Consciousness

Q. Could you tell see whether or not human consciousness is evolving into a hive mentality as opposed to each mind being separate and unique?  I came across this thought recently when I read about an opera being performed somewhere and the theater had set aside a block of seats for millennials (which was designed for them to tweet each other about the opera).  I cannot personally conceive of going to an opera and wanting to do this myself, nor can I figure out how it would not distract me from enjoying the performance.  This may be a good topic for one of your public blogs one of these days.  
A. We as a society are evolving and moving into a new time.  I do see a subconscious "hive" mentality, and that "hive" is being separated into three separate groups (and the Universe is trying hard to sync them together).  These different groups aren't specific to age, gender, race, etc, but rather a mental and spiritual state of mind.  One group is composed of the free thinkers that are seeking truth.  They are starved for knowledge, sharing energy and are open to new ideas and realize there is something more out there than what is in our face (even if they haven't found it).  They may feel "alone in a crowd" until they find another like-minded person (that may or may not share the same belief system, but is at least willing to listen and open themselves to new possibilities.  

I see a second group coming together of people that subconsciously may have nudges to question things, but they have had the same belief system for so long they cannot risk the discomfort associated with changing their paradigm to explore something challenging.  Once people got down a "rabbit hole" looking at information / news, you cannot undo (or un-learn) what you learned, so it is easier to avoid the topic in question or even focus on defending your comfortable beliefs (whether they are right/wrong, good/bad or indifferent).  

Rather than label the next group as "millennials" (because even though this group does share a majority of the same generation, not everyone in this generation contains the same perspective).  I see a group emerging that feels very distant from people on a humanistic level.   I see them buried in their electronics, very savvy with technology, but disconnected from people.  It is easier to interact electronically versus a face to face (even phone) interaction.  I also get that because more people are emerging in the first two groups the PTW (Powers That Once Were) are really driving this.  The PTW want people on their devices so they can "program"  them.  A society that is focused on materialism (I get subliminal messages are sent via TV, media and ads are done all the time) and instant gratification (ease of getting things now) is less apt to ponder and challenge grander issues

And please keep in mind that not everyone fits into one group and stays there.  The lines can blur (depending on what type of information or knowledge you are seeking).  It is very possible to be open to ideas about some things and rigid in thinking about a few (but the gap is closing).  I also see it possible to have an "ah ha" or "wake-up" moment that forces a certain level of awakening.  I am reminded it is important to remember that we not only learn from those that have the same opinion, we learn through acknowledging and seeing other views as well.  If you agree with someone, you can enhance knowledge, but disagreeing also provides valuable perspectives. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


haydeeally said...

"…it is important to remember that we not only learn from those that have the same opinion, we learn through acknowledging and seeing other views as well." - An excellent quote from you to remember.

A Man Called Da-da said...

"Hive" is not as apt a descriptor as "UNITY." We are evolving into a UNITY consciousness... where we've always been. This is the silver lining in social networking and the internet, where one can explore countless opportunities to connect with more who are of The ONE. That's how I met Lynn!

Craig said...

Dolores Cannon had gotten information that stated that one of the most important groups would be those that were "on the edge" of moving to a higher consciousness, like your number 2 group. They might come along at the last minute, but that they have the greatest potential to join in with the energy of the Shift. I already see friends I have known for a long time opening to new spiritual or metaphysical concepts, one is even an atheist. As the frequency increases, awareness will increase, even in those considered to be thick as a brick.

I think we have always been a hive consciousness subconsciously, it's just that now it seems people are becoming consciously aware of this, even responding emotionally or physically to earth changes or to any large scale human catastrophe or event. Things are definitely changing.

I think the standing rock situation has brought out an emergence of what is true and standing up for that. When I saw the video of those in the present day 7th cavalry asking for forgiveness, kneeling down, bowed head, I just welled up with emotion. Something powerful is going on there. This is an effect of the new consciousness of the shift.

Enlightening Life Your said...

I agree with Craig. I think that we have been in 'hive consciousness' for the past 10 years and we are coming out of it. The Standing Rock situation was a turning point for us, it brought so many people to a new level of awareness of how connected we are to each other and to the earth. I also watched that video with tears streaming down my face, it was such a healing moment for everyone and an affirmation of our desire to be connected in sharing, compassion, and love. I know people are ready for that now and the video was seen all over the world with very similar reactions. This is our new shift into 5D awareness and it's been a long time coming.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments!

Dada: What you said is true. There is a unity among us, we just don't always stop to connect to it or feel it, but it is there.

Craig: I also like what you said about it being there subconsciously. I agree, and the goal is to bring that hive, or rather "unity" to the surface.

Much love-