Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Russia and Putin

Q. Hi Lynn,  This is from last July, but I thought you might find it interesting.  If you have any impressions, I would be interested in hearing them.
A. I see that tensions are rising in that area of the world, and Putin has had it.  He sees ISIS for what it is and also realizes that if things aren't put to a halt, and borders reestablished, all out chaos is going to break out (regarding the southern border of Russia and beyond). 

Many other countries (specifically the US) are trying to minimize the seriousness of what is going on with respect to how close war will turn physical versus passive aggressive (as it is now).  The goal is to get through the election process, survey the results, position key players / businesses (especially if the Powers That Were get their way with the election which they are working frantically to do) in money making roles and THEN the US will get more involved.

Q. I was doing my meditation today and trying to focus on what is coming up with Russia, if anything.  During this meditation, I got a picture of Russia's map with a focus on Leningrad (now called St. Petersburg).  I could not get any detail on what I was supposed to pick up on this location.  Later, however, I realized that Russia's great national museum, the Hermitage, is located there.  During WWII, when the Germans invaded and put Leningrad under siege for over two years, they took the priceless art objects out of the Hermitage and moved them to safer places deeper inside Russia until the threat was over.

If you don't mind, please focus your psychic abilities on the Hermitage.  If WW3 is indeed in the offing, I would expect that the Russians would be doing the same thing now, i.e., taking their priceless cultural heritage items out of harm's way and putting them in safer places, probably in deep underground bunkers.  If you can pick up on what is going on at the Hermitage, one way or the other, it should give us a significant insight into what is coming in terms of WW3 or peace.
A.  I cannot see where those items have been moved, but I do get that the military is ramping up and they are fortifying key buildings.  I also see that Putin is making arrangements to work ONLY from those buildings.  I do get that as things become much closer, items will be relocated (looks like the plan is to do it in the middle of the night through some kind of tunnel system, replacing items with "similar" forms of art) but Putin does not want chaos to break out (or the media) to pick up on his plan because he is smart enough at tactics to not reveal his play.

Q. The U. S. is forcing the issue in Syria.  They say it is for humanitarian reasons, but really it is about the fact that the Saudis want to build a natural gas pipeline through Syria that will compete for market share with Russia, which supplies a very large percentage of eastern Europe's natural gas.  In my opinion, Obama is getting frightened that he cannot pull this off before his term expires and I believe the billionaires to whom he pays allegiance are going to be most upset with him, as in perhaps severe prejudice.  As long as he thinks Clinton will win the white house, he is OK because she will carry on the effort on behalf of the same powers behind the throne, so he will not be punished. However, if Trump wins, it is game over.  Obama does not want direct combat between USAF and Russian jets over Syria, but he is running out of time.  Possibly, he will use Tomahawk missiles to attack Assad's forces, avoiding the use of American aircraft.  Russia will likely attempt to shoot those missiles down with their own missiles that are set up in Syria.  The big possibility looming ahead is that Putin will issue a declaration that any attack on Assad's forces will be considered a direct attack on Russia itself, and then it will be WW3 if the U. S. attacks with bombers, missiles, or any other means.
A.  I do see this as true.  I do see the US (along with Israel) is interested in Syria because of the natural resources.  As the dollar continues to be devalued it is critical to find natural resources that are in demand for the purpose of trade (and to use). I hear the phrase that "oil truly is liquid gold."

The refugee situation is also out of control (intentionally) and much of that looks to be a purposeful destabilization of European countries that could later be seen as a threat.  

Q. Putin's goal is to demolish NATO without firing a shot.  That way he can recreate the old Soviet Union with its vassal states in eastern Europe that will ring fence Russia itself, thereby pushing any future wars into the countries around Russia and saving Russian people and cities from destruction.  He is doing this by demonstrating that his rebuilt (and rebuilding) armed forces have reached parity with the west and that Russia can win a conventional land war in Europe even if it has to fight the U. S.  Europeans are starting to take notice, since the U. S. has not been able to dislodge Russia from Ukraine.  Also, the U. S. is beginning to position missiles on Russia's doorstep, ostensibly as protection from Iran nuclear missiles (however, they don't have nuclear warheads or any such missiles to deliver them).  Also, some in Europe wonder if the U. S. military fallen into decline while Russia's is modernizing.
A.  i get it has been Russia's goal to re position herself since Putin took control.  Russia is strong, and continues to get even stronger.  Many countries have underestimated Russia's capabilities, and yes they are becoming very modern as other countries fall behind..

Q. Both sides have been holding "snap" drills wherein their forces practice mobilization and movement on a moment's notice.  The recent, rumored civil defense drills in Moscow (and probably other big cities such as St Petersburg) are also practice for the real thing and they demonstrate to NATO that Russia is serious about defending against nuclear attack by the west.  Russia has been invaded twice in the last hundred years by the west and they are very suspicious about NATO.  In the meantime, the U. S. continues to pre-position equipment and supplies in western Europe for conventional warfare and install missiles on Russia's borders, thereby reducing Russia's reaction time to a preemptive strike to mere minutes.

I suspect that Putin feels like he is running out of time because of the NATO build up on his borders.  He believes, I suspect, that one day NATO will give him an ultimatum to become a U. S. vassal state or be destroyed.  Obama feels that his time is running out also.  Things seem destined to come to a head in just a few months or less.
A.  I do see this as true.  The time is getting close, and tensions are very much on the rise.  I see after the election, things will get volatile (unless the PTW lose control and Trump gets into office)..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Alice Liu said...

Thanks, Lynn. One burning question I have is why do so many Americans believe that what we are doing in the Middle East is purely out of humanitarian concerns? It's as if nothing was learned from Iraq. Also, this popped up in the news this morning: "
Russia orders all officials to fly home any relatives living abroad, as tensions mount over the prospect of a global war"

Rachel Banik said...

WW3 is starting slowly..who will die and who will survive?US officials said it will be quick and deadly...

MorL W said...

What can we do to assist good forces so that the PTW do not get into office like they want? Can we do a meditation, prayers, mobilizing, anything? What ideas can we put forward to see a better result for the USA, the world and ultimately earth itself? I want to know that there is still hope, because there are a LOT of good people who are awake to the Truth.
Thank you.

Alex said...

Donald Trump as president would be much better for world peace then? Obama has done nothing except to increase world war 3 tensions with Russia and China.

Jacob Hollar said...

I always hate the fear sessions. Do one about leprechauns or unicorns before they were hunted to extinction.

Serene said...

Thank you Lynn. I always want to know what is going on, the Truth. Then I can use my Intent to spread Light and Healing into that area.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank you Lynn! Would you eventually check what happened last night in San Diego and Tacoma? Tks!
"Air-Raid Sirens in San Diego and Tacoma; Fighter Jets Seen Scrambling, Reports of “Explosion Sounds”"

Raymond G said...

I wonder if things are deteriorating between Russia and NATO faster than we are aware and it is being covered up by the media. Or if things are declining and Obama and his staff are not alert to the signs, or even care because he only has a few months left. Politicians are too concerned about their 'legacy' and he might be ignoring the situation and pushing it down the road for the next administration whoever it may be.

Thanks for your blog Lynn.

Compassion Spread said...

Lynn, somewhere in your past postings you promised to look at Putin himself. Various sources ( for example) say he is the only (among world leaders) true opposition to the dark forces. Someone on your blog told us he is walk-in, not the original person. Others say he was the last Rome Empire imperator in his past life. I think, majority of us really don't know much about walk-ins. Can you see who is a walk-in as Putin, and about what original person's age or what year and how that walk-in happened, and is there his whole team are walk-ins (like his right hand - press secretary, or secretary of state, or others). Is it collective or individual walk-in to make and hold such a big change as now. Could you please, tell us more about Putin, a place for Russia he sets in this earth transformation, and walk-in phenomena.

Raymond G said...

What the heck does the rest of the world, or at least the PTW know; that we don't? How come war drums are being beaten around the world and we only hear about the Kardashians ?

The Russian press is now reporting that the Russian Defense Ministry intends to turn the Crimean peninsula into an impregnable fortress. It will be not only a military outpost of Russia in the Black Sea region, but also be able to defend themselves, even when cut off from the mainland. Russia is now deploying a complete and self-sufficient military force in the Crimea.

Capital Flows pick up the changes in movement it appears in advance of war. Our proprietary models are critical in this regard for they are the only thing out there that monitors the global capital flows. This is obviously going to be very important.

U.S. President Barack Obama and his top foreign policy advisers are expected to meet on Friday to consider their military and other options in Syria as Syrian and Russian aircraft continue to pummel Aleppo and other targets, U.S. officials said.

If Barack Obama decides to directly hit the Syrian military, that will be crossing a “red line” that Russia has already established. And unlike Obama, Russia actually takes their red lines deadly seriously.

But, in other news..........Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for cool is that !

Neeraj Chadha said...


Thanks for the reading. Clif High of Web Bot fame recently tweeted about Crash of the economy before PTW could start war with Russia. His actual Tweet below:-

clif ‏@clif_high Oct 4
also data about big crash destroying USAPop before elites can make war! There is our path to peace! Economic destruction! @TrueEyes20

When do you see the collapse of the Economy? Thank You for the work which you r doing. Thanks once again. Blessings.

Neeraj Chadha said...

Clif also made 4 Videos title - A rant against the coming nuclear war





Clif's Twitter link:-

Domestic Goddess said...

hi Lynn,

May I know what you think of the new breakaway civilization called Asgardia which is based off planet, whose primary mission is to defend planet earth? They are now accepting applications to be Asgardians citizens. (see

Thank you!

Buddhist Lady said...

Raymond G-- "How come war drums are being beaten around the world and we only hear about the Kardashians ?" The PTW are extremely adept and have controlled the MSM (mainstream media) in this country for quite a while.

The level of sleepwalking done by nearly all Americans continues to astound me. Everyone's walking, sitting, drinking coffee, and staring endlessly into their phones...and learning absolutely nothing.

The US has the greatest military force in the world, and the US spends more than any other country on the globe for that military prowness. We do not...let me repeat that...we do not "accidently" bomb anyone anywhere at anytime. If our fellow citizens could bare to lift their faces from those incessantly mind-numbing phones and begin connecting some points together, they may be able to realize the news they're fed belongs in the horse manure pile.

I have come to have unbelievable admiration for Putin. I have watched him speak on YouTube videos. He is artful, insightful, diplomatic, and quite open in his talk. You know that game people play...asking what one person you would want to have dinner with...dead or alive...anyone from history or the beginning of times. No one ever impressed me enough to want to endure dinner...but Putin has. I continue to believe that he does not want war under any conditions, and I certainly hope that he can use his extreme agility and mental acuity to evade the US' continued Sturm und Drang and saber rattling.

America appears to be an extremely conflicted nation with no impetus to move forward. Regarding Russia and China's military capabilities, Thierry Meyssan wrote in "The Twilight of NATO":

"Now that the United States have backed their allies into a position of dependency on their military industry, they have ceased to update it. Meanwhile, however, Russia has rebuilt its own arms industry, and China is close behind. The Russian army has already out-produced the Pentagon in terms of conventional equipment. The system it deployed in Western Syria, the Black Sea and in Kaliningrad enabled it to scramble the communications networks of NATO, which had to abandon the surveillance of these regions. In terms of aeronautics, Russia has already produced multirole combat aircraft which, amongst their other functions, are capable of turning Alliance pilots green with envy. As for China, it will probably overtake NATO in terms of conventional weaponry within the next two years."

Didn't you all love those Greek plays where hubris, we were taught, caused the ungainly, unseemly downfall of the Golden Hero/Leader of the Moment? We may be watching such a drama rewoven for 2016-17.

Joao Gomes said...

@ Budhist Lady: well said! In Europe people use to ask: Are Mexico or Canada intending to invade the US? Certainly not! So why does the US government need a Secretary of Defense (or do they actually mean Secretary of Attack but have no courage to admit it?).

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone. I took a few days off and wanted to read through the comments and respond…

@Alice: Many Americans feel this way because that is what is being programmed through media. True news takes a lot of additional research (and even that may not fully be true) and most people don’t have the time, energy or concern to do it.

@Rachel: Many on both sides will perish. War is ugly from every angle and good and bad live on both sides.

@MorL: Positive thought is the best thing we can do. Send love and ask the Universe to do what is the greater good.

@Alex: If I HAD to pick between the two options given, I would say Donald. Both candidates have issues. In the beginning of the term, they both look to have confrontations, but Trump looks to be able to negotiate it down better.

@Jacob: I likeit. I will try to lighten things up this week.

@Joao: I will look into this.

@Raymond: The Powers are definitely aware and not sharing it with the people. They are doing what they can to get through this election. I see a lot of truths coming out after the election in November. Also, thank you for the info. That is worth its’ own reading. Thank you for sharing.

@Compassion: You are right. I need to look through my drafts and revisit that perspective. Thank you.

@Neeraj: Thank you for all this info! I will definitely look into this.

@Domestic: Thank you for the request. I will add this to my drafts.

@Buddhist: Well said. Thank you!