Monday, October 3, 2016

Incarnation Question

Q. If everything incarnates into the particular life they choose for particular lessons, why do souls incarnate as something like a pet parakeet living mostly or always in a cage? It's loved by its family and taken very well care of however it's got to feel like prison at times, what's the lesson or reason one would incarnate into that life?
A. I first get that we need to experience life in all forms in order to learn, grow and expand through our experiences.  In these lives, they are relative to the being living it.  To some degree we are all in a prison, some geographically, financially, mentally or even physically, and it all relates to your perspective.  The Universal view of a parakeet living in a cage is no different than a person of low socioeconomic status  feeling "trapped" by their surroundings.  Even a wealthy and healthy person can feel like they are a prisoner to their job or expectations.  Feeling in "jail" or "trapped" can take on many different images.  And some may see a beautiful, loved parakeet and feel envious of it's life.  A parakeet simply chose to incarnate to experience that life, and our perception may not be how the parakeet views his or her reality.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Cathari said...

It should be made very clear that Human Souls do not, under any circumstances, incarnate as Animals.

A Fox said...

Lynn is that true that we don't incarnate as animals ? My understanding is we incarnate as everything I had a dog that once had a human life .

Buddhist Lady said...

I wish I could live one of my cat's lives with me as the caretaker. I just cleaned and brushed my older tom cat (who must have been in a fight with a small dog...good heavens!), and he went out and laid in the dirt in the sun under the tree out back!

Cathari said...

Unfortunately, because of certain erroneous beliefs rampant in the ancient East, the truth of Reincarnation has been poisoned ever since by the idea that Humans can return as Animals. The fact of the matter is that Humans and Animals, both evolving forms of consciousness, are traversing entirely different paths within the Cosmos.

Did humans, long ago in their past, incarnate in bodily forms that were animal-like? Yes, indeed. However this has nothing to do with the present. A man does not die, expand into the higher realms, and than return as a mere dog. The evolution of consciousness does not work that way, and if it did, there would be no point to progress and inner development. Humanity is moving forward, not backward.

The Animal Kingdoms broke off from the Human stream of evolution aeons ago, not the other way around as materialistic Darwinian science proclaims. They are passions of man incarnate, passions we shed in order to move upward in the stream of spiritual evolution.

A Fox said...

But Lynn & others teach us that everything is happening at once, there is no time, so how could you be a dog before a human or vice versa if it's all happening at once ?

Alex said...


Religions like Buddhism do state that a soul can reincarnate into an animal form. Just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean that it's erroneous! On the contrary it's western religions like Christianity who has erroneous views on non-reincarnation, animals were created by 'god' to be eaten against their will....

That said, it's true that on the average, humans generally evolve upwards and not downwards. So we have lived many lives as animals before we became humans. Human is just an advanced form of mammal (animal). This is part of the evolutionary ladder.

Lynn has also given a past reading that a human can reincarnate as an animal(pig?) if a person is relentless in the killing of animals to experience how the victim felt. Please search for it.

Cathari said...

Alex. It is not a matter of what I personally believe or not. Spiritual truths are what we should be searching for, not what happens to please us personally. My personal beliefs and inclinations are in other directions, believe me.

Western Christianity has its proper role to play within human evolution, as did the Buddhism you mention. Yes, Reincarnation was deliberately suppressed by the Church in the early centuries, but there were reasons for this. Despite what may appear a negative from our perspective, there are positive reasons for the elimination of certain spiritual truths during certain epochs.

You are not understanding what I am trying to express. Materialistic conceptions of human and animal evolution are upside down, or the opposite, of what is in fact reality. Man did not evolve from the animal, Animals evolved from Man. Man existed before the Animal even came into existence on the physical plane. By rejecting the spiritual, Darwinian evolution created a notion of evolution that stands upon its head.

I respect Lynn, but if she has stated that a human can return to Earth as a pig, she is mistaken.

Alex said...


You try to preach spiritual truths but ironically you're denying spiritual truths yourself but only preaching personal beliefs.

There are many reincarnation cases of human to animal recorded by other people both western and eastern with their psychic eyes opened (one of them is Edgar Cayce). I don't even want to name those eastern gurus. These are real life recorded cases.

Anyway, you can believe what you want but don't force your non spiritual beliefs on others.

Cathari said...

Alex. Well, you and the others who find me so disturbing can smile and give a good cheer, for I will no longer annoy you with anymore posts. All I do is try to express and share the spiritual wisdom that has been offered me. However, most of the time I seem to only disturb people and cause them to feel uncomfortable. So be it.

I will only add that a healthy discernment should be developed in all of us when it comes to spiritual concepts and ideas.

Blessings to all of you, including those who seem to find me irksome.

JJ said...

I see one person on this comment thread with absolute ideas (closed) and everyone else open to the possibilities that perhaps the universe has no real linear rules. Everything happens and experienced all at once and at various forms. The evolution of consciousness on it's path back to source is irrespective of form (animal, human, alien, plant life etc) all are part of the path... At least that's the spiritual "truth" as I have received it and how interpret the messages.

747 said...

Cathari please keep commenting, I really appreciate your comments, I often find what you post helps me to think more clearly on a topic.

JJ said...

Its ok to add to a perspective and to continue giving ideas if one is standing from a base of "well I see that perspective, and here's mine based on the information I received" instead of "here is my information. And it's divine truth, it's right, and everyone who believes otherwise is wrong." I mean in the end of the Day it's a perspective. Just that A perspective.

Bee E-lightened said...

Nicely said

Buddhist Lady said...

I hope Cathari also continues to please do Cathari.

I just continue to marvel at the intricacies of the Universe, my friends. I don't believe Lynn is ever dogmatic; she relates her knowledge gained through psychic insight as well as she can and continues to learn herself. Cathari relates what she understands and knows likewise. As strange as the following comment may sound, I think everyone is correct. I think our limited understanding through our mental processes, ability to interpret extrasensory experiences, and language (which is a prime restriction on expression) limits our communication.

As you see by my nom de plume, I practice a form of Buddhism (Mahayana tradition). A founder several decades ago pointed to a worm in a gutter and explained/felt that someone who commits suicide can return as that worm. Was this interpretation based on his Far Eastern cultural orbit?

However, I have read innumerable spiritual texts which state categorically that, once a human, a soul/spirit/essence/intelligence does not return to animal form. I frankly don't know. I think all this investigation is fascinating and worthwhile discussing.

I also know that the 2D fascinates me. What truly, really is 2D? We are told by people with greater insight (in one way) that plants, rocks, grasses, waters, etc. are alive and are LIFE. As humans, we already interpret animals as being "alive." Mother Earth appears "inanimate" to our human eyes, but every single channel of those intelligences from higher dimensions describe Earth as a living, breathing entity. What does that mean in our language? See?

Buddhist Lady said...

My dear friends, may I ask for your help? Would you please include the Orcas in your prayers and meditations? The article linked below is very dispiriting, but please, don't let the words and photo depress you--just pray/meditate. Thank you.

Orcas Are Going Extinct?

icqgirl 2 said...

What about the animals that seem to express discontent or at least boredom from being caged? Say, animals in the zoo who incessantly chew on the bars that keep them there.

I feel that... setting them free (in the wild) would be best for them. It would give them the... true experience (though, what is a true life?) of the animal (hunting, foraging, dying) if not for human intervention.

I also feel a sadness for... horses pulling carriages, especially those wearing blinders. The blinders are a way for humans to control their focus and sight, but is... cancelling/disabling their god-given peripheral vision. Horses in carriages, in general, are a way for humans to control a type of animal for their own needs/ends.

I agree with changing perspective. But.. there is still the greatest good scenario (or the scenario which benefits all) which seems to elude humankind.

A Fox said...

I personally see incarnating as an animal such (as a caged pet or zoo animal) as a step up in the amount of spiritual knowledge you could gain, not a step backwards.
It would be much harder for me personally to live a life as an animal unable to communicate with the humans that are in control of my life. It seems the harder the life the more we can gain if ready.
As a wild animal with a strong instinct and desire to hunt, run free, mate, live in packs & socialize with others of my kind I would find it very confusing to live a life where none of that could be obtained because of humans who cage me, never let me out, but give me food, warmth , thoughts of love & admiration. How difficult it would be to understand how they love me so much yet hold me back from all my desires. Also are they ignoring me or do they not hear me could be a daily thought on my mind..
As Lynn said, thats just one perspective you could have in that particular life out of many but the spiritual understanding gained might not be able to be obtained in a human incarnation. That animal life could be more valuable than a human incarnation in which you were pampered and comfortable.
I could almost hear somebody saying (as I am about to incarnate): "you're not ready for that type of animal incarnation yet it's too advacnced for you to gain much at this point, you need to learn from more human incarnations first."
So I could see it being a step up 'spiritually' even though 'evolutionary' in this physical 3-D world a human wouldn't evolve into a zoo animal.
Just sharing my opinion and I love to hear everyone else's as well and I hope no one feels like they can't give their 2 cents.
Sometimes it's just the way we word things that gets people ticked off not really what we're actually saying.

A Fox said...

(Typo, *advanced* not advacnced)

wendy tascione said...

How do you know you are not being lead around by a demon or negative being giving you disinfo?

Blimpy Peach said...

I know this sounds crazy but I often think my dog is more evolved than myself and many other humans. He is forever loving, forgiving and loyal. Traits that many humans never learn, I can definitely learn a thing or two from him.

Justice said...

@A Fox

Spiritual evolution means loving kindness towards all living beings besides other qualities.
Being an animal in most cases doesn't develop those qualities. Have you ever seen the discovery channel where animals are hunted by lions and hyena and eaten alive? How would killing and eating other animals alive constitute an evolved being?

It's all about selfishness and cruelty in the animal kingdom. Of course, in modern lifetimes, we have pets where their daily needs are catered for and such thing don't exist.

Do animals know how to meditate, being generous in times of limited resources (eg. food, water), forgive others that evolved beings do? Truly evolved beings don't kill other helpless beings for food, they are self-sacrifing towards other non-relatives etc. And whether you want to believe, evolved beings do meditate which animals can't.

Animals are in the lower evolutionary scale because their main desires are food, sleep and sex.

Justice said...

@Blimpy Peach

Not all humans are on the same evolutionary scale, some are more loving towards others(higher), some are more cruel (lower) - read Michael Newton's book. So you can't generalise all humans and all animals.

'Loyalty to you' is not an 'evolved' trait because you are treating the dog as a subordinate rather than an equal. Of course, because you provide his daily needs, the dog becomes loving and loyal to you. If not, he might starve because he is not able to work.

An evolved being isn't loyal just to one person but to whole of humanity i.e. he helps everyone in need.

Serene said...

Wendy, all we have to do is turn on the political TV channels, and you can take your pick of "negative beings" that are continually attempting to feed us disinformation. The trouble is, many of us eat up what we hear, thinking it's "news" and "truth." The Psychic Focus site offers us all a fresh perspective on what is going on in our world today and how to better understand it and this life experience we are all going through. No one is forcing their opinions on us and speaking for myself, I have always felt that the main message has been to love and respect ourselves and one another because we are ALL part of God.

Justice, I'm not entirely sure animals are on a lower evolutionary scale. Because they can't speak or understand the human spoken language but may be able to communicate telepathically put their supposed level of lesser evolution up for debate.

I've known many humans whose basic desires are food, sleep, sex and couldn't care less about anyone except themselves. I've also known many kinds of animals that would never steal from or beat up someone just for fun, or express the level of hate that you sometimes see spewing from many humans.

Kazza Umez said...

Cathari... don't leave! Please come back

Jacob Hollar said...

Lol. Love it.

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn. I love the image of how we are all "trapped" in some sense, and that is, in some ways, what we are here to deal with.

Blimpy Peach said...

@justice, I don't feel my dog is loyal to me because I feed him or that he is dependant on me. Loyalty to me is when I am down or upset he comes to me, cuddles in and comforts me, as we do for him. Ours is treated as an equal, just because he lacks the ability to curl facial muscles to speak to us in English or use his dew claw as an opposable thumb to make himself meals on the stovetop does not make them any less evolved. My point being was that many animals have a higher sense of intuition and kindness that isn't seen in a lot humans (and I'm not generalising by saying "all") so I'm some ways they are more evolved than us and obviously less in other ways. Until you have a bond with another species you won't understand what I'm saying.

Also how do you know if animals don't meditate? Have you asked one? For all we know they do, they don't need to sit cross legged and hum with their eyes closed for us to witness it.

Blimpy Peach said...

Also I have another point in that animals hunt to survive. You may not eat meat but do you eat vegetables? Are vegetables not living things that have died to provide you nutrition? Or perhaps even still living while you consume it. Does that lower your evolution?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I do see and feel that we incarnate as everything, and that is the only true way to ascend. We have to be all things to truly know what "all thing" entail.

We are also living the past, present and future all at once, but our focus (I get) is on our most dominate life form (the one we are learning the most from) at the time. And, we experience that life form in a linear way because it is difficult to measure it in any other form.

I also see some other discussion. I do encourage all points of view as this is how we learn from each other, but lets work on expanding our thinking rather than judgments. There really is no absolute right or wrong, so lets work on expanding our thoughts...

Much love-

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn!

Blimpy Peach said...

Sorry Lynn, I didn't mean to be disrespectful. My comments do appear harsh but was just trying to get another point of perspective across. I will hold back on my directness in future. Again I apologise

Anonymous said...

Wonder what the juvenile deer with the broken leg stuck in the middle of traffic was thinking when I stopped my truck in front of it to block traffic and watched as a car of young people slowed down to take selfies.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I didn't think anything was disrespectful. I just want us to be mindful of being open minded. This was just a general statement and not toward anyone. Much love to you all. I am blessed to have all of you in my life!

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the reading... Seems plausible that one could incarnate to anything with a life force of this world or another.

Alex said...

I do agree with Lynn that we do incarnate as animals, humans, ET so that we can experience all to be truly called evolved beings. Unluckily, some western religions have suppressed this truth whereas eastern religions have always stated this possibility.

Flood said...

keep posting cathari, your posts are fine. who really knows with absolute certainty or strong confidence that humans ever return as animals? maybe they do, but it's very rare? but it makes perfect sense to me that a soul can be an animal first, and then a human later on, there is a spiritual progression there.

it's just like when you said that north american red man society was just as violent as white man society. maybe you are right, and they were. maybe i'm right, and although they were not perfect and didn't live in an utopian society, they had a more peaceful culture. in the end it really doesn't matter, what matters is that we are learning from one another.

Flood said...


yeah, much disinfo and suppression in modern christianity (western religion). the worst is the suppression of the knowledge of reincarnation as a common understanding.

we all probably incarnate as many different things with many different goals, for we have different roles to play on this stage. but eastern religions have their baggage too. hinduism for example i see some things in there that look excessively harsh. some guru says if you eat meat, you are gonna come back as a tiger in your next life. i say that's a load of crap. same thing with what buddhist lady said about some founder saying a person who commits suicide is gonna come back as an earthworm. really? that's quite a leap back in consciousness development. i'm not even confident this would be done to truly evil people, even as a form of punishment. it strikes me as total nonsense.

i think religion exagerates certain things, even when well-intentioned, in order to promote discipline and to get people to follow rules.

Alex said...


It's not the eastern religion that is at fault, it's the people who created their own wrong perception. No Buddhist sutras ever wrote that you'll come back as an earthworm if you commit suicide, that's misinterpretation of the sutras.

Committing suicide will just mean you have to undergo the same lesson again in the next life and you'll have to live with a bodyless existence (ghost) before your next reincarnation.

Most beings reincarnate to develop their souls to higher forms but sometimes, we do temporarily slip back in evolution when the harsh lesson deems too much to endure and they commit suicide.

icqgirl 2 said...

Hmm... Why isn't the parakeet being set free by its human family?

I keep coming back to this thread and post these days. It's good timing, really.

Recently, I had been forced to keep two of our adult cats in a cage. We lease our place, and the landlord couldn't care less about cats and... these cats have pretty much been banned from where they grew up since kittenhood. My own family is averse to their existence as well, and I'd been feeling alone in my battle. I'd been given threats that they'd be thrown out.

As a human, I have a judgment that says these cats deserve to roam freely. This is the first day that I keep their cage close to me. They were calm, and looked content. Maybe they were satisfied that I accompanied them. Maybe they felt they were safe. I watched them sleep and I felt happy.

For a long time, I had thought about transferring them to... at least a safer part outside (abandonment, with mercy?), and bring them food. Better than being caged, I thought. Which would benefit them most? After this post and comment thread, it's starting to feel like the latter.

My Picks said...

With the recent celebrity stunts that take over the "news" sites, I was hoping you can provide clarity on issues with Russia and US. I get a troubling feeling that something is brewing behind the scenes and the media is working overtime to hide this from public view. thank you.

Serene said...

Icgirl - If what you mean is to set them free outside, you are best off finding them another home. I work with a feline rescue group and feed several feral colonies, please understand that abandonment is something you definitely don't want to do (even if you are planning to return to feed and water them).

There are so many cats and kittens that are abandoned, some with well meaning intentions of returning to feed and water. Please know though that these ferals (some are truly feral, some are tame, some were tame that became feral) are open to dogs, other cats that are not fixed and very territorial, mean people, and the elements. We see it all the time. Some of the colonies we tend have up to 50 cats, with people coming around regularly and dumping their unwanted litters because they were too lazy in the first place to get their cat/dog fixed. It's worse if they are not fixed, they continue to breed and their numbers can become enormous.

We work to find the tame ones in our colonies (new ones show up regularly) and find them homes. The ferals and fed and watered regularly, we are all volunteers. It is not easy, there are so many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies and not enough safe places to put them. If you truly are worried about their happiness, the last thing you want to do is set them free somewhere, even if you intend to return to feed them or not. If you cannot find a loving home, the cat(s) are best off at the shelter (where they can potentially find a home). Or if they are not doing well, or you cannot find a secure home for them, know that euthanasia is not a crime! You are simply releasing them to the Other Side (where there's plenty of roaming space for our animals).

I'm hoping you are able to find a way around them living in a cage. Maybe the cats understand the situation already and are content with a small space, I don't know? Perhaps another living situation will come around that might work better. With all the years of experience I have with rescue, abandoning out into the open is the last thing you want to do.

I hope I have helped and may you find a viable solution for your feline companions. Serene

A Fox said...

Did you have these cats before a new landlord took over ? Please look at the laws and if there's something that's being done to you that you can actually fight back against legally regarding your cats. I lived in an apartment before and sometimes tenants are bullied ( especially when it comes to pets) because the landlord or superintendent knows they won't fight back or figures they don't know the law.
Maybe you can keep them in the cage for a few months till you figure out a solution, or even lease a new place next year. Plus how the heck do they know if your cats are out or in the cage ?

Perhaps your cats understand that it's safest for them right now to be caged , their perception is not always the same as ours as Lynn just said. It's comforting to them I'm sure that you sit by them.

Buddhist Lady said...

icqgirl 2--I admire you greatly for trying to keep and help these cats. Apparently, you are having trouble with both the landlord and your family's feelings.

May I second everything Serene said? Perhaps another good, loving home is the answer. (Always check the home and people if possible.) A shelter (no kill or not) would also be good.

Cats are stalkers and predators by nature, and I think their spirit diminishes when they're caged.

Buddhist Lady said...

I'm reading through many avenues and come across a book called Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals when I read the following paragraph in a review of the book. Maybe the dog incarnated specifically to help this person?

"There was a story, from the book, of someone who was going to commit suicide by overdose. When they went to open the bottle, their springer spaniel jumped in their lap, bearing it's teeth and growling fiercly. The person was so shaken that they put the pills away, at which point, the springer jumped back in the lap and happily lapped at their owners face."

icqgirl 2 said...

Serene and Buddhist Lady: Your comments give me strength. Thanks. I like the excerpt of the dog.

icqgirl 2 said...

A Fox - Thanks for your concern too!

One of the cats used to live with the landlord.

icqgirl 2 said...

I feel like giving an update of the cats in our home, for Buddhist Lady, Serena, and A Fox.

They are well. I found a way to keep them indoors, while away from family members with their judgmental eyes. They stay at a storage/laundry area. They are no longer caged. At night, when people are asleep, I let them roam the entire house.

One of the cats is an adventurous outdoor type. I let her roam on a neighbor's rooftop when circumstance permits, and I trust she'll stay safe. (They are spayed.) She should have as much freedom as she wants, while we maintain other people's psychological/territorial boundaries.

I wish the same for humanity, a true freedom. Something that respects others' desires, while allowing us to do our own thing, knowing it's what we really want.