Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why Do We Come Here?

Q.  I know many people will benefit from this question:  When we are in spirit form without our bodies we are told that we are all knowing, eternal, have everything we need, no pain and don't experience negativity (unless we want to create that for ourselves).  So, the big question I never see answered quite detailed is: Why do we come here in order to learn and grow if we already know everything and have always existed?  Doesn't learning require time to exist meaning a starting point and ending point and since there is no time and we've always existed and we know everything and are all creators,  why the hell would we want to create this negative earth experience for ourselves to learn?  How can you learn if you already know everything??

A. I first get that the path to ascension is through our experiences in our incarnated form.  These experiences can occur in different dimensions.  Our understanding in spirit is much different than our understanding in our 3D body (mainly with regard to being able to understand and accessing that subconscious knowledge).  

As I focus more on this, I see a line of questioning come toward me. "If you ate your favorite food every day for an indefinite amount of time would you appreciate the taste and have gratitude for it's existence?"  After the thousandth time (probably much sooner) you would loose appreciation for the taste (or grow numb to it).  

Part of the growth and experience in our 3D reality is the feeling of gratitude, empathy and love, and without the constant contrast, we lose sight of how it feels.  I hear "Sweet isn't so sweet without the occasional taste of sour."  Beauty may not feel as wonderful without the contrast of something less beautiful.  Seeing contrast brings forward feelings we could not have otherwise.  I hear "How many times do we experience a gloomy / cold / wet period of time, and crave the sun.  When the sun does shine and the air is fresh, we have gratitude for that day.  If everyday was sunny they would all blur together."  You can't appreciate the light if you have never compared it to the dark (you couldn't even fully understand the concept of what dark was). 

I also hear not to look at our experience here as negative or see the environment as negative, but look at the positive and what you learn.  Much of what we do isn't what we do, but rather how we handle what we do or how we react in different situations.  If we can pause for a moment and use a higher vibrational emotion to counteract what doesn't feel good, that is how you truly start to ascend.  

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


whitelite 1111 said...

Thanks for the post!! Have you ever read Alien interview? I'm curious to see what you think about what this alien has to say. That earth is a prison planet and that we are all from other planets dumped here for not conforming to their laws, put in a biological body, also a prison, and reincarnate over and over. They placed all the mysterious pyramids and land formations everywhere on earth to be used as a grid to keep us here. Minds erased so we wouldn't remember we are infinite beings from other planets etc

Bill Ramirez said...

Holy cow I love this subject lol, if this was a class room , id just move in. I could say allot on what already learned about this subject. but today ill listen. =)

A Fox said...

But why do i have the need to appreciate the good & feel all the emotions , why can't i just stay in the happy good Lala land and stop coming here already.
I still can't help but feel like I get tricked to come here :(

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

The reason we have to experience all of these emotions is sort of the difference of knowledge and wisdom. You may know what something is, or have heard of it, but you cannot truly have wisdom until you live and feel it. Ascension requires a certain amount of wisdom. Telling someone what joy feels like is very different than experiencing it. :-)

Craig said...

I think that another underlying reason for the need to incarnate is that whatever is created while here on 3d earth must be balanced by returning to earth to work it out. Even if you are a saint this life, you probably have other issues from "previous" lives that need attention. Souls can also volunteer for the benefit of others learning. We also learn how to use objectivity and moderation when submerged in the heaviness of sensory stimulation, and to ultimately have forgiveness, love and compassion for others and ourselves, because we realize that we are from the same Source, we are parts of each other.

magnolia said...

We come here because no where in the universe do they make Pizza like us! Sorry, saw the Pizza picture embedded here and couldn't resist! (LOL)

Robert Schoen said...

What a beautiful post with a lot to contemplate. I think another lesson of incarnation is learning to create the world you want to live in, in that think of a person living in pure misery who can be living next door to people who've made a paradise for themselves. It's choice and learning how to overcome obstacles or challenges and learning to pay attention to that inner voice.

I guess now we all know what your favorite food is!

Anthroposophist. said...

We are making our future life here and how we behave,think and act. Keeping this in mind is exciting....makes this life worthwhile and wonderful.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Craig: Good point!

@Magnolia: I may need to pay a visit! :-)

@Robert: Yes, it is a weakness of mine. I keep it in moderation, but definitely like to enjoy a nice piece once in a while. :-)

whitelite 1111 said...

So the reason I was wondering what Lynn thought about the link I posted is because after reading the transcripts, everything Lynn said about appreciating the good after the bad, don't think of the environment as negative etc (if you read the transcripts) sounds like the et's point of view who are keeping us here in the grid, in our 3D bodies to reincarnate over and over. I question now which being is giving this information to Lynn. However, what Lynn says makes sense to me, and is what I believe, but then I think about it and we still don't know "who" we are? Unless you take what the et says from the transcripts into consideration, she tells us where we come from and why we are here stuck in the matrix vs how to just deal with being in the matrix. I feel like if you are led to believe that you are here to learn and grow from every life you've lived, then we will stay in the matrix and never try and break free? Is this a trick? When ascension occurs, are we still going to be stuck in the grid? Am I making sense??

RFK Pope said...

I'm nt sure why our Creator decided being subjected to poverty, war, starvation, mental and physical abuse, rape and murder in our 3D existence is worth it for the lesson we learn in gratitude, empathy and love.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

We are stuck in the "grid" so to speak (like the matrix) until we reach a certain vibration, and then we are able to go where we want. We just have to experience and be all things with a true understanding first..

Craig said...

Lynn I agree about raising the vibratory rate. This also becomes a protection of sorts from any lower energies. Whenever conversation turns to reincarnation I always suggest trying the Violet Flame meditation/visualization brought to earth once again by Ascended Master St Germain through the Ballards in the 30s.

Doing this on a regular basis is said to clean and clear away all karmic residue , past, present and future -- mental, physical, emotional and etheric bodies, through invoking the Law of Forgiveness. This is especially helpful when we slip and throw out some negative energy and then realize what we've done. This will clear you and the object of that energy, always clearing your karmic path a little more each day. It's a cumulative thing so it works best by doing it everyday or at any time you think of it and you can just do a short version that just takes a minute.

Of course it's hard to know if it is really working, but as in all meditations, your will, focus and unwavering trust that this is real will "make it so" You can search this and get more info if this sounds interesting. Blessings

Lilian said...

In the first place, why do we exist as soul ? Who created the Universe? What about Source? The other realms mentioned often, are they in the Universe or beyond?

Thanks !

Buddhist Lady said...

I thought your answer wonderfully and beautifully written, Lynn.

whitelite 1111: please continue to research the "Alien Interview" you referenced. You will find, unfortunately, that the writing is a sham. The true author is exposed as well as his philosophical leanings.

Our current science begins with an hypothesis and later development into theory. Theory remains a priori knowledge or that knowledge known without experiential validation or within the "experience realm." Science (at least on Earth) advances when experimental situations are derived to test and validate (or not) the "theoretical information." Sometimes experimental results cast the theory in a new light and further advances are made. Eventually, the combination of theoretical supposition and experimental validation results in tangible products whether or not we are speaking of directed energy weapons or the newest Chevy on the block.

Maybe 3-D experience does the same thing for the all-knowing consciousness we initially and truly are. Maybe the "tangible product," in this case, is wisdom, as Lynn mentions. Don't misconstrue wisdom as simply vast intelligence.

Free Dictionary defines wisdom as:

"1. the ability or result of an ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight
2. accumulated knowledge, erudition, or enlightenment"

Maybe all-knowing, all-consciousness isn't all it's cracked up to be. Maybe from a 3-D perspective, the closest we can come to understanding this state of being is with descriptives like "all knowing" or "never ending." Who knows?

I always get this image of coloring in the outlines in a coloring book. Sometimes, we can't even recognize the completed picture compared to the line drawing--when done with imagination and heart,

whitelite 1111 said...

Thank you for your reply. The book had depressing information which I know now is a hoax. There were several things that didn't seem right or resonate with me but it really forced me to think and question certain things before I found out it was fake. I should have known.

whitelite 1111 said...

Thanks Budddist Lady. I really appreciate your response!!

ken said...

Do you also think this is fake, since it mentions about the documentation.