Friday, September 9, 2016

Spiritual Q & A

Q. Please describe the cycle of spiritual evolution from highest to lowest.
A. When I tune into this I see a growth upwards rather than regressing, so I need to look at this as evolving to a higher vibration (my mind can't seem to make sense of it the other direction as the question suggests).  

It is coming to me that this breaks down into four main groups, but there are varying degrees of spiritual evolution within the groups, and there is also a lot of room for overlap.  It is too complicated to get into all the variations, but I can explain the four groups as I see them (in a generalized way). 

The first group looks to be plants. The contain a life force.  Many give in the form of nourishment (even oxygen), but they are static in their location. They feel emotion / vibrations from other sources.  

The next group looks to be shared between animals and humans (and specific animals / humans toggle all over this group).  Humans have the ability to feel emotion and empathy, as well as some animals (I see an image of a dog cocking his head at me as I type this).  Many members of this group can use their intelligence and ability to heal to help others.  The higher end of this group is very introspective and sees actions and consequences.  The higher end also understands the difference between the subconscious and conscious mind, questions things and realizes there is a higher self.  

Many ETs belong to this group.  They aren't bound to the same limitations as humans because they are able to use skills that are outside of their physical body.  The concept of telepathy and mental connections is a practice they have been utilizing for a long time.  They have tapped into using more portions of their brain. 

One of the highest spiritual forms occurs when we are in spirit.  We don't have the physical limitations of the 3D world, and have the ability to roam.  We guide, we lose our ego and can work selflessly.  

Q. If all of our incarnations are going on at the same time, but when we die we supposedly go to the spirit world/heaven, can our consciousness actually hang out in heaven for a while without incarnating or is that impossible since we're always focused on one of our incarnations like right now? Like it was said that we actually all ARE in heaven right now so... Doesn't our consciousness mean what we're actually focusing on and and observing? What are we focusing on when we die from one of our incarnations, immediately a different one? I feel like a lot of the information out there is contradicting.
A.  When we incarnate, our conscious mind has a main focus to work on that life that we chose to experience during that time.  I do get that when we sleep we "travel" to other lives and even "check in" with our subconscious.  That is why sleep is so important (allows us to reset or sync up with our lives and subconscious).  

Q. Do we choose to reincarnate in certain countries, or do they pick for us? Also I am curious about genius people (or super smart) how do they reincarnate? Were they also very smart in their previous life?

A.  I get that we chose what we need to learn or "revisit" to release karmatic debt, and the universe guides us in the right direction.  A genius in this life, may be a genius in a future life. or may be quite the opposite if that is what they chose.  

Q. Hi Lynn, Could you do a reading on why some children remember their last past life while most people can't?

A. I see that to some extent all children remember their past life, but the development of their rational mind (along with environmental influences) fade that memory.  Depending of the timing of the development, the memories can fade much earlier in some than others.  For children that development their rational mind later, they are able to vocalize their memories and / or even draw key facts from their previous life.

Q. What force prevents dead spirits from returning back to earth / physical realm as wandering spirits once they cross a certain boundary? Is this boundary called River Styx?

A. I see that when we pass we have the ability to roam in spirit form.  I also see a brilliant white light, and get that when we are done roaming / guiding / protecting we have the option to go to that light.  When we get close enough to the light, this "vacuum" effect occurs and doesn't allow us to return back.  I don't see or hear it called the River Styx, but I also hear that different people refer to things in different ways.  This "light" is where lessons are determined, karma is checked to see what things me be out of balance and the universe helps to decide how / what / when the next incarnation will occur.

Q. If we choose our parents before we are born, how does that explain unique experiences such as psychic tendencies, clairvoyance, remote viewing etc....Are those chosen in advance as well? 
A.  I get that most things are chosen ahead of time.  We all have the option of free will, so we may try to hide from our abilities (we all have them, just in varying degrees), but the universe will put you in situations to encourage your development.  Most everything in life should be viewed as experience (which can feel good or bad) that allows the opportunity for growth.

Q. When you see people in your dreams are they elements of yourself, random actors in your dream or maybe strangers you may meet later in your waking life? Is it possible that you might play a role in their dream at a later time? When you see unknown people in your dreams, are they dreaming the same dream at the same time? 

A. I hear that there are no rules to dreams and dreaming.  Dreams can help you work through issues or enable you to release something pent up in your mind.  They can be healing and helpful.  You can see an image of someone, and that person could be someone you manifested to represent how you feel or what you are working through. People in your dreams can be real, and I hear they may be working through a similar issue, therefore, you share the same dream (the universe likes to be efficient??).

Essentially, your dreams are a gateway to your subconscious.  I get it would be impossible to put limitations or rules on them (and remember everything is possible). 

Q. We often hear that the brain is the greatest computer ever made. Will we ever be able to 'download' memories from the brain to learn what someone else has collectively learned over their life, what someone is thinking (hacking someone's thoughts like you steal their wifi) or what a deceased person was thinking or what they saw moments before they died?

A. I cannot see a time when any form of AI or a computer can read thoughts, BUT I do see that humans will evolve in a spiritual and vibrational way that will allow psychic, telepathic and intuitive abilities to read and understand these concepts.  As we ascend, people will be able to read thoughts (that are in the greater good to be read), but I don't see a machine doing this.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Cheryl said...

Is there a link between the astrological star sign & karma or your soul? I'm very interested in star signs and characteristics of people. Do you have anything on out astrological star signs? Thanks for your awesome work Lynn 😘

Bill Ramirez said...

Thanks for this Lynn, I don't know why i keep hearing that on the other side - I am like reading into a book i picked off an eternal library, This life is the story in that book, like how someone would pick a book like huckleberry fin or something. I feel like when im done with this book ill close the book and think about it for a bit..and then pick another story, if i want to keep reading. I get that what I am is a raindrop out of a big ocean , a singularity , separated from the ocean for a moment, but also AM the the entire ocean ..kinda like fractals.
I keep seeing this..but if then we are all that ..why do we chose to detach and go through forgetting to relearn what we already know? i asked and i get that for all we are we daydream into these billions of thoughts and lives or levels of seeing and experiencing and dive into doing all this like people who go to a huge library and pick books to read ,,the library is just one place in a block of places we a big city..within a planet, within a solar system, etc...the who ..this who..hmmm..the AM. ill show you. with all the times people cross over people come back with story of how they FELT ...interesting because isn't that thought to be biological ? feelings? environmental induced ways to feelings. programed ..? how is it then that our of the body we feel guilt or sadness, JOY or anything like that? maybe the physical bodies we have are an extension to house what we are in spirit..? this who that we are outside of the body is our true self and when we come to that place it all comeback..we see and understand like we were in a library and got so cought up in a book we droped our pencil and had to disconnect to pick it up, Im sure we can collect book and go sit in a corner for days, heck even like walk up to the counter and toss up a stack of books..and check out lol..these books are like our lives in this place..
if anyone ever thought there would be a graduating reason for collecting..studying..or collecting all these lessons into degrees into status i get that the first will be last and the last first comes to mind. we ALL are knowing and in that moment we come to the other side we realize that..we can sort out how to properly feel all within our own. though we see others..they are us also, its allot easier to see how its all fluid and united cause its our natural state in that place..with the single mind it shows up as me me ..I I..and it argues against that we need to sleep to reset our selves back in our native fluid state to be able to take on another day of this,story mode. the reason we take on status and evaluational this competition to be someone, to belong. to feel worthy, status roles and that stuff us losing ourselves in something we don't ordinarily experience otherwise. could be why we are so attracted to it. certainly stirs up the pot. lol

They Live said...

Wonderful reading! Concerning downloading of memories etc., there are people who've stated that they are able to do this regarding synthetic/robotic people. For example, they want to make a synthetic/robotic version of a politician or celebrity, they claim to be able to download the original person's memories into these robots. Is there truth to this or is this yet another plan of deception?
Many thanks!


Hi Bill,

I just want to share this with you. Who has answers? I read ch_8 first..and later found this book. It took me 2 years to read 400 pages. I search no longer. I do have questions.. and I have a lot of growth to do... learning to be the "tendencies" I will be. CHEERS

Thank you Lynn <3

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and all the info. I will need to check out these reads.

I go get we chose when to be born, and the astrology behind our chosen time is significant to our current life.

Bill Ramirez said...

thanks, read the chapt 8, spun me around, I get what he was saying. who has answers? hmm depends on the question lol . the journey to asking forgets the reasons ..kinda poetic how we dance around our own riddles.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful readings, I very much enjoy learning here and the concise information that you offer.

Alex said...

Thanks for this Lynn. Wonderful readings and keep up the good work.

barbara dawson said...

Might be interested in the work of Dr. Michael Newton and his work on life between life work. His books "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" are a wealth of information on the subject. His work evolved out of his psychiatric practice when he stumbled upon a past life case which eventually lead to other past life case which lead him to lives between lives. He worked with thousands of patients keeping notes before publishing this work.

Hannon said...

Hi Lynn, thanks! I don't know how you find the time for all of this work! Is it possible to intentionally meet someone in a dream? Like going on a dream date, or meeting, where both parties agree to meet that evening.

Domestic Goddess said...

Lynn, Thank you for this reading. It still opens up more questions. How does it appear to you that we consciously choose where we are born, our parents, our astrological sign? Is there like a spirit/being that is gives you the choices? And does that being approve the choices prior. Do they approve if you will be allowed to incarnate? Is there like a "boarding pass" or gate where in you board to go to the body of a newborn? When does it go to the body, as soon as there is conception in the womb?

Bill, I just asked the same question to my shaman mentor. Why do forget and need to come back and relearn lessons we have already learned over and over again? Why does the universe keep on challenging us when we should already know how to handle those things if we have already experienced it before?

A Fox said...

interesting post, loved it. A lot to think about.

A Fox said...

I also keep struggling with your last paragraphs questions.

Robert Schoen said...

I've read that an early death experienced in a past life can suddenly manifest itself in a shutting down or deep depression that occurs in one's current life at the exact same age as the past death occurred. (I feel I experienced something close to this myself that makes me believe this is true.) My question is, while we use the term "past life" but maybe the other incarnations are really more likes spokes on a hub, can something dramatic achieved and experienced in this life effect or change all the other past lives and thus even change the outcome of this life before that dramatic event even happens?

Joao Gomes said...

Though more the type of a nightmare this contribution is thought to trigger a collective meditation event!!
In Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul state farmers are gathering to plan the extinction the rest of the Kaiowá Indians (or Native Brazilians) tribe (this group belongs to the larger Guarani etnicity)! Thank You Lynn!

Chelsea Alasa-as said...

I've been reading this website since I was 16. Now I'm almost 20. It has been a wonderful journey and an enlightening experience. All these knowledge are super enticing and exciting.

Anyways, I am sorry if my next comment would be really far out of the topic. But I am desperate. I need help for my grandpa. Please visit the site and help my grandpa. I don't know where to ask for help anymore. Thank you!

Raymond G said...

Thanks for your recent post. I had an NDE once and among other details was a hill that sloped down and I could see the top of the hill as it rose to the other side but not the valley or the dip at the bottom. I wondered what would have happened if I had seen the valley or tried to cross it. I have heard on many occasions if you do, you don't come back. But, the River Styx is a popular topic in ancient Greek and Roman literature. A lot of the remarks that they made about Heaven,Hell and the Afterlife are quite valid. For generations I think people thought that they were the product of an active imagination but now it seems that what they recorded is quite accurate.

Joao Gomes said...

Speaking about avoiding NDE, what will happen with the presidential election if Hillary decides to take care of her health instead of running for the White House?
Will the PTW allow the election to go on knowing that Trump has highest chances to win the race now? Thank You!

Wry Wrath said...

Thank you Lynn as always.
Would you please check out this site & let us know what your vibe is about it;

The web is going nuts over it. Is it real...?

c chavous said...

yes please lynn ..... I'm curious about the whole bad self eater countdown clock is it another psy op? or distraction read that Snowden(hollywood movie coming out soon by Oliver Stone),curious media darling along with Julian Assange are dis info agents,controlled opposition? is David Wilcox also a disinfo? he seems cool at times,believable,likable(ancient aliens)though a bit new age hokey at times one must admit. but I'm not sure about him.and also Hillary's collapse due to pneumonia/Parkingsons? in NYC at the 9/11 event. I'm sure you are getting a million questions on this Lynn. thanks for all your hard work and energy. I too am trying to manifest healing on the planet as we all are in tandem. powers that were transmuted into the violet white light of Gaias LOVE.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Barbara: I actually have this on my shelf. A friend told me about it, and it was next on my list. :-)

@Hannon: You can, but it may require a lot of thought. Just don’t give up if it doesn’t happen right away. It will if you focus on it enough…

@Domestic Goddess: You have a choice, and a guide makes it happen (at least that is what I see and how I understand it).

@Robert: You are right. You can also have physical traits appear (a scar where you never had one which is where an injury occurred in a past life at the same age, or even a phobia manifest).

@Chelsea: I am so sorry to hear of your grandpa. Much love to him!!

@Raymond: Thanks so much for sharing.

@Joao: I have had many requests on this. I will look at doing another reading.

@Wry: I wouldn’t put too much worry in it. Feels like some kind of a fear ploy….

Cheryl Bane said...

I thought that when we die we were NOT supposed to go to the light, that the light is a trap to keep us in the "matrix" and in the reincarnation cycle. Your thoughts, Lynn?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Cheryl: You are right... If you want to help, guide or protect people in this timeline, you would want to avoid the light. When you are ready to jump back in to work on future lessons, you would go to the light...

Mariam Eluma said...

I have thought about the questions in the last paragraphs of your write up as well. I think the Universe is very thorough in its lessons. For example how do you know you are capable of love and compassion when the people you give those emotions too seem worthy of it because they are good natured? Or because it was instilled into you while you were growing up by your parents? So I see the universe bringing up different scenarios so that you truly learn what it means to have love & compassion. Sort of like an exhaustive test. In a different life it may put you it may put you in a toxic family that teaches you racist values where the lesson is learning how to overcome what has been instilled. Or it may put you in a situation where the person you show Love to is ungrateful etc. My own question is why can't we be given the lessons at once in one lifetime, and I see that in a way we are, but there's always the overarching lesson that we have really set out to learn the most
Hope it helps ♡

Psychic said...

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