Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Parallel Universes

Q. Dear Lynn,  I am going to ask about parallel universes. I just want to know if these specific ones exist:  Thank you so much for this reading.

Parallel universes in which each person alive experiences a scenario where they are the only person on Earth. Like there is a parallel universe where I am the only person on Earth, a parallel universe where you are the only person on Earth, etc. Sort of like The Last Man on Earth tv show scenario.

A. I cannot connect to that type of a Universe.  I see a few different variations, but that one is not coming forward.

Q. Parallel universe where there is only men on Earth and a parallel universe where there is only women on Earth.

A. I cannot connect to that either.  In all the Earth's I am able to see there are men and women.  I also get that reproduction in humans will always require both a man and a woman.

Q. An anime / cartoonish parallel universe.

A. I do get an image of the Jungle Book when I read this question, however, the "Universe" is very real (not cartoonish).  In this Universe humans communicate both verbally and telepathically with animals (like in the Jungle Book), but the humans and animals resemble their appearance that they have in this Universe.

Q. A parallel universe in which Earth elevation is consistently flat (lets say no higher than 100 feet above sea level). Flat as top of a table.

A. I do not see that.  In fact quite the opposite pulls forward.  I see an Earth with many more mountains and valleys. That image is followed with hearing that "The Earth is constantly growing and changing.  In every parallel Universe this happens (she is a living thing with a life force).  You cannot keep a growing Earth flat."

Q. A parallel universe in which Canada is an ocean. If you see that parallel Earth, can you briefly describe the environment and weather of United States in this Earth?

A. I see Canada being tropical, and I can see Canada being covered in ice, but I don't see an Earth in which Canada is under water.

Q. A parallel universe in which North America and South America are 10 degrees further south in latitude. If you see that parallel Earth, can you briefly describe the environment and weather of United States there?

A. The geographic position doesn't look to change, but I do get that the climate feels like it is 10 degrees further south.  In that Earth the United States is very tropical looking and feeling, especially in the southern portion.  It also appears that the United States is not explored and taken over by businesses.  I don't see many roads or a railway.  It has the feel of the time frame when the Indians owned and roamed they land (the appearance of the land feels untapped in many areas). 

I also hear that "There are so many fruit and nut trees it would be impossible to starve."  The life of the land is "full and rich."  I also see that the temperatures stay "tropical" versus going through seasons.  It is slightly cooler in the northern portion of the US, but it still remains consistently warm (and I hear steamy). 

Q. Finally, do you see a parallel universe in which Star Trek is real? Or at least something close to it?

A. There is a parallel Universe in which humans are very evolved and are able to communicate telepathically. It also looks like during the evolution humans gained a better understanding of the properties of the Universe.  One of those things was how to manipulate gravity and work through it versus letting it hold you down (literally).  They are able to move objects, and also manipulate their own self to be able to "float" through air.  This may not be true "Star Trek," but that was what I was shown.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Flood said...

good stuff.

tropical and steamy? jungle landscape? sounds good for a vacation or the beach, but i wouldn't wanna reside there all the time. give me cool 60 degrees, open woodlands, nut trees bearing there caloric wonders. sounds perfect.

Flood said...

..last man (or woman) on earth scenario would never exist, except in armageddon nuclear holocaust type situation, it would never be set up that way for positive reasons, reason being you can't discover anything about yourself without the presence of another being

Flood said...

just curious lynn, are the same native americans living on this unspoiled tropical land of north america in this paralel universe? has white civilization taken up residence there? if so, do they mix and live in harmony. also, on the new earth, in this universe on our world(our reality), do you ever see in the future the native americans once again taking up a leadership role in the stewardship and development (or non-development) of turtle island (north america)? i have read from other sources that the native americans, it is their "destiny" to once again reclaim this land that was lost to their culture, rise from the ashes and be a leader of this land in the new age... i think that would be a nice thing

speaking of the landscape on the earth in our universe, i have read that all the various different types resemble so many different landscapes on the homeworlds of the various galactic humans that seeded us say for instance the green rolling hills of ireland maybe resemble a plelaidan homeworld...totally off topic but i just wanted to say that i realized the other day that ireland is one of the few places that has resisted being conquered..many tried but could never fully take it, especially the northern part...the irish used the landscape to their advantage to perform guerilla warfare, in the same way the apache indians resisted the calvary

of course the natives from all races and cultures on all continents have lived in tune with nature since the beginning, until modern civilization sought to change is wonderful, pleasurable, relaxing, conveinent, exciting, adventuresome, neccessary, but it should be built and developed in harmony with nature...and hey maybe even leave some untouched wild spaces, to remind us of this 'other world' apart from urban city life...ok i'm getting off topic...this was a good set of questions paralell universes are really mind-blowing and interesting

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn thank you!
Actually more related to this universe and to the prvious post on Hillary: from the videos shown from the 1. debate I would, if possible, like to know if Hillary had kind of an agreement with the mediator? (this short vid pinpoints some situations where she benefited form the mediator's intervention: oops sorry that video has ben taken down, let's try this instead .

Im actually not a Trump fan, but in my country I've never seen a political debate mediator take so much action and sharing his own opinion (some even joked and said it seemed more like a 3 candidate debate...).
Sorry for being late with my question (I checked the comments from the previous post and didn't see a question in this direction) Thanks again!

Flood said...

i think the concept of land ownership is one of the dumbest and insane ideas mankind has ever come up with. the indians also thought so, they could not grasp this idea and laughed at it when white man tried to explain it. i know what lynn was trying to explain when she said the time when indians owned and roamed the land, but we have to be careful. along with the you have to have this thing called money to legally live in this reality and pay the vampire bankers vs. free energy/free technology and basic human rights and freedom for all people, the mostly insane land ownership issue is something that seriously needs to be addressed and corrected in the new age. folks, if we can't agree on these important and essential issues then we are going to continue living in the collective shitter as a species and the world will never ever change for the better. no one is going to do it for us. not aliens or trump or hillary. these two issues are the starting point and where we should begin. i know i sound a little harsh when i say this but it's very true.

land ownership. just think about it. it's insane. so, you can legally stand on this tiny piece of land, but you can't stand on that giant piece of land over there. were we not put here to roam the earth freely, be fruitful and multiply? humans were not put here for this nonsense. this 'law' is some sort of psychopathic off-world mind-fuck that we have all accepted and deemed sane and normal.

i think it's the other way around. gaia, or terra, or mother earth, whatever you want to call her, she very much owns our lives. watch the land stop providing water or food for a while and then see how long the human race lives. as one indian chief said, " we do not own the earth, the earth owns us". we are just stewards and caretakers, allowed the opportunity to get it right and live and breathe on the living intelligence of the planet.

lynn said many moons ago that no money that has been taxed and essentially stolen from the people would be given given back when the old economy crashes and the new economy is set up. that's disheartening to hear. it sounds like the new ptb, that will take over, are just a slightly better version of the old. meet the new boss, same as the old boss. like that neil young song, we got a a kinder gentler machine gun hand, heh. the enviromental issues on this planet better be adressed and soon, or the planet maybe not survive, maybe not recover. it looks like there will have to be a dimensional split and two worlds of people if there's gonna be a paradise on earth anytime soon. i guess it will still take generations for the people on the old world, if it survives, to finally 'get it'.

star trek will be our future in this reality if we can ever get things right on our own world first...then we can interact with aliens

sorry im long-winded lynn, some of this was thread drift from original topic, but im rather passionate about enviromental destruction, it really needs to stop

Flood said...

i want to fix the indian chief quote...i think it said, "the earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth"

Alice Liu said...

@Joao Gomes -- Did you see this video with "The Cleaner," a man who immediately took something from Hillary's podium and surrepticiously handed it to Lester Holt when there was no reason for anyone but the candidates and their families to be on stage?

Flood said...

maybe we need to ask lynn to do a public focus/blog request on the current ascension timeline and dimensional conditions for earth and all the people...people are saying that very recently there has been a big shift in the timeline and ascensional energies, and we are closer to a new earth now...questions like what does she see the different major nations like the u.s., china, russia,...does she see the earth splitting into two worlds of people or are we all on the same ascensional timeline and planet headed for the same outcome...people are saying a big shift has happened lately like in 2013 when the process was constantly morphing and changing

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments everyone!

@Joao: I just saw this today, and didn't have time to do a reading. I did put it out my my facebook though- Rumor is that the links are being taken down as fast as they go up, so I wanted to share while I still could. I do feel there is truth to it..

Raymond G said...

The link with 'The Cleaner ' is unsettling. It just confirms that the media (at least Lester Holt and NBC) is in collusion with Bill and Hillary. This woman and her team will do anything to get elected. If they are lying and deceiving us now it is not going to get any better IF she is elected.

I wonder when the turning point occurred that motivated them to believe that working for the 'Party' was more important than working for the people.

Anonymous said...

How do parallel universes work on the atomic level in relation to our own universe.

Thank you

joy said...

To Flood,...
RE: THE EARTH DOES NOT BELONG TO US............said by the native american indians.
and the negritoes, and the dumagats, and all other aborigine-ies in all countries..

Just short background...The native and indigenous population of Earth are very special people. They are known as EARTHKEEPERS. They truly belong to EARTHMOTHER. Everything that they do is for Earthmother. They take care of Earth's heath and well-being. Earth's natural resources, such as rivers, streams, valleys mountains, plants and animals . I think they might have been specially created for this job. They honor Gaia (soul of Earth) thru their language,songs ,dances, and in general,..their culture. They communicate with Gaia thru their dreamtime and other shamanic practices. The opening and cleansing of leylines, awakening of crystals, and capturing the grids and portals from the negative ETs are being done by EARTHKEEPERS , and the new Earth, the 4th dimensional ctystalline semi-etheric earth,.... was done by this group.
semi-etheric earth that we are all ascending to,....soon. oy, you should see the ice crystal firmament over this planet, to keep the weather just so.......there is nothing on earth like it.!
this is just info that i learned somewhere, after i finished a 5 year stint as an Earthkeeper. I went all over the USA, visited every town,city, village,swam in every lake, river, ocean,climbed all the mountains, explored all their caves,..... i did not know i was an Earthkeeper( or doing an earthkeeper job) until I finished the job...!

Cathari said...

Joy, you are living in a fantasy land utopia. The so-called indigenous peoples of the various continents, most certainly including the American Indians, were just as violent, brutal, and rapacious as any other people in history. To place them on some sort of spiritual pedestal is ridiculous.

What makes certain of those earlier peoples unique from others is the fact that they still possessed what is best described as an instinctive clairvoyance. This form of consciousness was open to various degrees of spiritual perception; but, and this must be clearly understood, it was a form of consciousness devoid of a sense of individual self-identity. They felt themselves at one with Nature and Spirit, true; but this was the result of still being at the level of the Group Soul, which is a level of consciousness similar to the present day animal. This is a stage which mankind had to climb out of and overcome.

Whatever the negative aspects, humanity had to develop the consciousness of "I", individual self-awareness...the ego. In order to do that, we had to overcome the consciousness of being one with the tribe, the Earth itself. The instinctive natural clairvoyance gradually vanished over the ages, and has been replaced with the feeling "I Am". Rather than feeling oneself to be a mere appendage of the Tribal consciousness, a man now felt himself as an independent being.

The task for humanity is now to reacquire spiritual perception and the feeling for unity with the Cosmos, but with the much needed sense of being a self-contained individual being. This can only be done by willfully developing the organs of spiritual perception. Those earlier peoples, who we were in fact, did not have to work at acquiring such was given to them by Nature, so to speak.

The price of Freedom and Independence was the Fall away from Spirit.

Joao Gomes said...


Flood said...


hello friend. what you say about the levels of consciousness of the early primitive peoples (tribal consciousness/group soul vs. more individual self-awareness/ego) may very well be true. i read some channeled material on a website once that explained similiar concepts about soul level/maturity of various peoples throughout the ages. i think it was supposedly from archangel michael.

your first paragraph is the only thing i take issue with. i don't know much about other indigenous natives, but i know a good deal about the american indian. i have always been fascinated by their culture.

to say that native americans were just as violent and brutal as any other peoples in history is pushing it a bit i think. it depends on which tribes you are speaking of. some were more land-grabbing and interested in conquest. like the apache. some were filled with the spirit of revenge after white man took everything from them, like the commanche. but still others were very peaceful and spiritual, such as the cherokee. they were a wise, peaceful, matriarchal society where the female was revered in society and had just as much influence as the male. supposedly the cherokee came across the ocean to live here in north carolina after atlantis sunk beneath the waves. many tribes up north around the great lakes were very friendly and had warm and friendly relations with the french. some tribes were known as fierce warriors, like the choctaw or commanche, while others were more spiritual and mystical, like the navajo, pueblo, and sioux. but they all had a special connection with the earth, and respected and revered it, unlike white civilization.

the red man did seem to have one bad fault. they fought way to much among themselves. but i will state my opinion on this. it has always appeared to me that most of the tribes had a code of honor when it came to aggression and violence against their fellow man. it was usually done to right some wrong or offense or violence that had already been done to one of their group. there were no courts or laws back then for offenders, so the law of the land was the law, and what kept order. many tribes were unwilling to just leave it all in the creator's hands, and wanted to go about setting things straight themselves. white civilization, which came to america, never seemed to have a code of honor. it was usually about conquest, greed, and abuse. there is a very important distinction here to make about why aggression and violence is being committed. not all intentions and situations are the same. i believe this is the difference between why sometimes most indian tribes would commit acts of violence and the violence committed by the modern day 'civilization' of those times.

Flood said...

...continued (im breaking this comment into 2 pieces because sometimes funny things like to happen with comments and google eats them and poof they dissapear and you have to write them again)

regardless of why the native americans had a special connection with the earth, i think the important thing is that they did, and we modern peoples could learn a thing or two about right relations with the planet.

as i said i know little about the indigenous natives of other continents, but i reside in eastern north carolina, where first contact occured between the english/british/spanish and native indians. out of sheer fascination and attraction i have studied the native american cultures a bit and my gut tells me that they were special people when it came to the connection to the planet.

Bee E-lightened said...

Someone is off their meds 😂😂

Flood said...


joy! thank you for your comment! i enjoyed reading and thinking about that very much!!

hmm..indigenous groups are earthkeepers and this is their main focus in life..sounds similar to sasquatch!...i think native peoples were also the ones originally left in possession of the crystal skulls

Cathari said...

Flood, of course there are varying degrees of peacefulness and violence within groups of peoples, as in individuals. My point is that it is ridiculous to create some idealized New Age vision of these peoples as if they existed in a Golden Age of harmony and perfection.

And it is also to be made clear that I am not just speaking of the peoples we know about from History. There were ages of civilization preceding the historical records.
As you well know.

Flood said...

and who would that be...BEE?

be more specific

Cathari said...

As for myself, I like everyone. I just tend to disagree with them. :)

Flood said...

miss lynn, if i have left too many comments on this thread i apologize. some of it was off-topic, i know. i will try to keep the comments to a minimum from now on. i usually have a lot to say or nothing at all lol. i was bored and wanted discussion. but i will keep them to a minimum from now on.

Cathari said...

Flood, do not apologize or feel as if you have done anything wrong. At least you are thinking and using your mind and making an effort to express your thoughts and ideas. Don't let one comment throw you off of course.

Flood said...

cathari, you are most generous and kind...

i was probably a little rude in one of my earlier comments. honestly i can see both sides of the fence. just ignore my stuff if it rubs someone the wrong way, no worries, my intentions were good. i'll keep it to a minimum from now on.

let's move on...

joy said...

Flood and Cathari,... Thanks. I should have said that THAT is EARTHKEEPER'S PRIME DIRECTIVE ; their main reason for existence; their assignment on Earth. Does not mean they don't do criminal things such as cannibalism....hehhh....!!!! to explain.....We are Consciousness (or Spirit) and when we want to experience this illusory world of form we first design a program where this lifetime is going to be based upon..called DIVINE PLAN. One of this programs is being an EARTHKEEPER. The aspect of SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS itself, the intelligence and power that is animating your human body...IS THE ONE FOLLOWING THIS DIVINE PLAN, not the egoic human consciousness. TO BACKTRACK,...YOU are aware that there are TWO occupants in the human body. YOU, SPIRIT,...and YOU the ego personality. the ego personality is going to do whatever malicious things it wants to do,it has freewill, and perhaps has its own divine plan as well......and YOU,the aspect of SOUL is going to do what you want to do. NOW, when SOUL wants to do something that requires the cooperation of the ego, it will entice the ego with fun stuff. "Isn't it fun to go climb mt rainier...?"

When you become aware if this,...of YOUR dual nature,... you are in a fork road. Depending upon your choice, your timeline might change or not. IF YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE AS SPIRIT, you will go into THE timeline of SPIRIT...THE ONLY REAL TIMELINE...OUR PASSPORT TO GO BACK TO THE DIVINE........otherwise.....

Buddhist Lady said...

Gosh...I wouldn't mind living in the parallel universe where people and animals communicate telepathically. I have an older cat who is dying at home right now because she has given me every indication that I should not take her away as I have other cats who became ill (I followed our current societal ethos that we should euthanize animals once an illness progresses). She would run as fast away from me as she could until I told her, "Look, I'm not taking you to the vet if you want to die at home," and then she quit running away.

My last cat who died ran away from an aggressive treatment by a vet I no longer use. She had me giving my cat drops and pills (stuffed down her throat), which my cat hated, and finally, my cat disappeared. She died in the house. I found her. So...that cat taught me to take a moment and decide what is really "right" for the animal rather than blindly following a common recommendation by a vet. I wish I could have communicated telepathically with this cat.

Speaking of human and animal telepathy, I just finished The Animal Whisperer by the man in Africa who saved the wild herd given him on his preserve, and some of his stories about the elephants and what they intuited and communicated were absolutely mind blowing.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Buddhist Lady: I am so sorry to hear of your cat. I know it can be difficult when a loved part of the family transitions.

I too felt like that type of universe would be such a beautiful thing. It felt like such a high vibration and also a lot of love and peace.

Flood said...

why was one of my earlier comments deleted? just for the record, i didn't delete it.