Friday, September 23, 2016

Life Detective #2

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to our newest segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people of note. Again, note that when Lynn taps in, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of the subject that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they were/are today. She’ll also look at where the person is today, or will be in future. Some are alive, some dead and reincarnated. I’m not going to reference the subject’s name in the article, but instead put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. More puzzling that way. Anyway, here we go.

Subject A
Life1: "I get that in most of his past lives that he dealt with some kind of disability, some kind of challenge. He used to be autistic, and he dealt with that. His creative mind has so much attention to detail that he had to be artistic and musical, but he couldn’t communicate well verbally. But he could paint and play music with virtually any instrument. He used art to speak and communicate. Alas, during this formative life he didn’t have a lot of money, his family was poor, so his gifts were never allowed to flourish. This opened the door for his later life, where he had a touch of Aspergers, but it wasn’t bad." 

LifeNOW: "Where is this person now? I heard Asperger’s, again, and I heard the name of a college; he’s involved in something there, currently, as a teacher. He still has some challenges, with verbal and written communications, but he’s much better." [Note: for reasons of privacy, we’ve decided to not mention any more information here, but we might release it elsewhere… ahem.]

Subject B
Life1: "When I focus on this person, I’m brought to early Europe, at a time when, if the town had brick roads, it was thought of as fancy. Then I see this little boy. His parents died of an illness, so he lived on his own, no brothers or sisters. He’s not a bad kid; he’s very resourceful, but he was forced into becoming a master pickpocket. He lived under this decking of a store on the street of this town, and lived by his wits. You want to feel sad for him, but he’s very resilient and independent, so you don’t worry about him. People of the time know him and know of him; he’s respected and very socially adept to his surroundings and he makes it work." 

LifeNOW: "I keep seeing this person now as an African American man who works on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Not sure how that relates to anything. Again, this life, he doesn’t have a family and he works really hard; he's a humble, hard worker, very quiet. He might have a speech impediment that makes him self-conscious. I don’t see him emerging as a leader, he keeps to himself. He’s very much into morals and working hard for an honest wage. A very good man. [Question: Could this person have come back as a black man now because he had slaves and needed to learn to "walk in their shoes”?] "Good point!! Quite possibly!"

Subject C
Life1: "First, I see mid-1800s. She looks like she’s in the U.S. Her mom looks to come from money, and when her mom grew up she didn’t develop any sense of traditional “homemaker” skills for that era. Instead, her mom’s parents built this little restaurant for her to run in some town, with servants and such to do all the work. She didn’t have the skills to do much else but bookkeeping and working hostess. She had a family lineage of letting others do the work, using their labor to build a business, and using it to meet a moneyed spouse… which she did a few years later and started a family. She didn’t necessarily want to start a family, but that’s what women did at this time. She didn’t have a maternal instinct. She got married and had three boys, all taken care of by servants; she had little contact with them. Note that this was all the lifetime of the subject’s mother, as backstory." 

"The 4th child was a girl — our Subject C. And since the grandmother and mother had so been wanting a girl, she was spoiled; they gave her everything and took care of her every need. They didn’t teach her any skills, per se, as she was never expected to do anything. They spoiled her rotten. And in keeping with the family tradition, they later built her a restaurant to run, just like her mother’s, where she was given servants and employees to do all the work while she reaped all the profits." 

FutureLife: "I get that she has lived very privileged lives, and in the next she’s faced with extreme poverty. I see her in Africa, very poor, malnourished and unhealthy. I hear that learning gratitude will be HUGE in her next lifetime."

And that's it. To find out who we’re talking about, go here for the solution. It's a simple substitution cipher. Just enter the below (random) key into the KEY box, and the below Subject A/B/C code into the CIPHERTEXT box, hit the DECRYPT button and... voila.

KEY: npitawqszxuervdbhfymglkojc

Subject A: egtkzqldvpaamsdlav
Subject B: qadfqaknyszvqmdv
Subject C: hgaavaezcnpamszz

**For those that aren't at a PC, turn upside down to see if you are right. 


Robert Schoen said...

What a great and interesting group, and it's really incredible to think of the past famous living amongst us now with maybe no clue of their previous life but still manifesting the same consistency of character. I keep imagining subject "C" in her future life and can't help smiling.

NatalieW said...

Love Robert's last sentence! :D

The life detective posts are great! Thanks Lynn!

They Live said...

I love these!

They Live said...

Do you know of any readers here who once held known positions in their lifetimes?

Nessie said...

Love the life detective series!!! What a great way to teach us that everybody needs to make a full circle, no matter where they were born or in which circumstances. Looking forward to more, thank you Lynn and Da-Da and happy weekend everybody!

Sean Nash said...

Thanks Lynn. I like this focus you do. Could you do a Life Detective on Nikola Tesla?

A Fox said...

I'd be interested to know this too :)

A Man Called Da-da said...

It's a challenge sometimes not to let schadenfreude drive the bus (especialy for some subjects), but that's kinda what LD is all about: understanding. The more you know...

What I'm surprised about is that lives don't seem to vacillate immediately between say Lesson A and Lesson B, but instead keep some on the same path -- and as the same sex -- and with the same talents! Perhaps we make lifetime package deals in the in-between-life, to not only work something out, but totally exhaust its impact over several lifetimes. I will say that it's nice to know that Beethoven finally found love this time around (I didn't write about that). He deserves it. We all do.

capserone said...

I guess I haven't had enough coffee yet today, but it didn't work for me. Could somebody just give me the names, please?

Raymond G said...

I guessed wrong on all three. I guessed Leonardo DaVinci, Donald Trump and Martha Stewart. But this was interesting. Thanks!

Kalamota Kook said...

Wowwowwow, thank you Lynn and Dada once again, these are fascinating and thought provoking (and fun!)

I took a lot of comfort from A, as my current lifetime has also been a lesson of talent and hard work hitting the worldly limitations of Asperger's. Very frustrating. I am intrigued about other clues to his current life, and am happy he has found love - is that love a reincarnation of Immortal Beloved, or someone new?

I never guessed B but what an interesting series of resonant changes from one life to the next.

I managed to get the right family for C but I thought it was the woman two generations down from the actual subject; *flicks flouncy long brown hair*. The Restaurant thing's a bit weird, though they do call themselves The Firm and see themselves as a family business. Maybe that's why they throw all those garden parties and picnics (that guests have to pay through the nose for!)

I sometimes wonder how many of my reveries are memories from lives past, or even flashes of the future. How do you tell? There have also been times over the many years when I've encountered a much older person, and had an eerie feeling that if I continued on that particular path I'd end up just like them, like seeing a future version of yourself. It's creepy, and a good wake up call if your habits and mentality aren't leading you to a healthy place.

I can't wait for the next batch of these, thank you once again!

Kalamota Kook said...

@ capserone - some more clues are in the posts, especially Dada's very helpful cryptic tip for who A is. :-D I quite like the continuation of the guessing game in the comments.

I have to again plug the work of Brianstalin who also does packages of these kinds of reincarnation histories. Even if they weren't true, the lookey likey element in the visuals is great fun.

Alex said...

What I still don't understand is why would a soul choose to be born in a very poor environment unless it's her karma to be born in such state because she made other people poor by stealing legally or illegally from them.

Aren't all of us born in poverty in one of our million past lives and given a choice, everyone of us would want to be born in a middle class or rich family.

Sean Nash said...

To tap into the wisdom and knowledge of our higher self , we have to not think like a human. Meaning: the lower density, vibration, frequency of our current consciousness awareness is not going to understand the universe of consciousness. Our souls choose lessons and the environment with which we choose to incarnate in. This is/was the creation of TIME in this realm. So we can experience consciousness ignorance by not having everything happen at once! We can exit the cycle of karma once we know in our true awareness that we are one love-forgotten only here in this realm, this resonance, vibration and frequency. Rich , famous, poor and a nobody is purposeful contrast chosen by our free will choice. This earth experience is the grandest of all realms for a soul to experience and lean in. The protein brain of our physical human will never be able to understand this unless our soul mind integrates with the protein mind and the soul mind becomes the predominate "thinker" . We will never get out of this karmic cycle by thinking like a human. We are only "temporarily" human. I know some of my past life's. I can google them but so what. I am who I am now and those characters that I was then and now. it is my life's purpose to know this in this life for a purpose. Everyone has a purpose. Famous or not ( in human thinking) is all of us doing this cycle together. When we have the ability to collapse time, that is when we can see this. I am learning to do this now and will show others how to do this also. The human mind is the biggest barrier. Time was created in this realm to give us time to do this or we would be like this for eternity. We can slow or speed up time simply by our thoughts and feelings- individually and collectively. It is what you do with the time you have that matters, not whom your name was.

As I collapse time in the now I see Bernie Sanders as the next US President.

Have a great days ahead all,

Man out of time,


Alex said...

Sean Nash

Your explanation is too abstract and confusing. A much simpler explanation would have been better. Are you a psychic too?

A Man Called Da-da said...

@Alex -- My past-life experience/education has been that past lives are a balance of lesson and karma. However, it's not always what the person necessarily wants; that's dictated by their level of advancement. Thus, a Buddha-like person, for example, would have more next-life options over say a Goebbels-type person. If you're advanced enough and desirous of more in the way of a musical path, it is apparently open to you... probably because the Oversoul (what I call the ONE we're all a part of) knows that you'll eventually tire of the same thing over and over again and begin to hunger for something else, something that gets you closer and closer to SOURCE.

@SeanNash ~ We can exit the Karma Train once we've learned all our forgiveness lessons. This is unavoidable. But the world "human" is just a label. We are all the same spiritual, non-local being having a local experience. It doesn't matter if we call ourselves human, or saurian, or Rigelian, or Pleiadian... we're all teardrops of the same ocean of spirit. All beings have their challenges, their strengths and weaknesses, and they should accept them as they are. Knowing this is all illusion, they forgive, and are forgiven.

@KalamataKook ~ Yeah, "cryptic tip"! I am LAME! But hopefully, people have figured it out before they read my comments. FYI, the very next thing we're investigating is B's Immortal Beloved. I must know. We may not write about it -- yet -- for a very fun reason, but I'll let you all know either way. Of all people on earth, alive or dead, poor B needs a break. He's given us so much.

Bee E-lightened said...

I like the clues and mysteries but I got nothing. Am lost

Jemima Burke said...

I agree with capserone, it didn't work for me either. Can someone please just give us the names?

Me too said...

I would like to see how Mia Farrow and Stephen Hawking's past lives were one day...

Charlie the Tuna said...

Now I do not feel so bad about struggling to figure out the names. I finally did it.

Does the black man working in the oil fields know who he was? If he visited the same area as his former self would he feel any different?

Thanks Lynn and Dada I find these posts very interesting.

John Casey said...

Wow, this is so much fun, and so enlightening, too.

capserone said...

I keep getting a message that says key must be 26 letters. IT DOES NOT WORK on my computer for some reason. I have done it over and over again. Understand that sometimes there are glitches and just post the answers, please! Gah! I am getting really irritated with this thing.

capserone said...

NOT fun. Frustrating. I am getting to the point where I think I will leave this site for a leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth after this.

Sean Nash said...

To Alex,

'Abstract and confusing"- my apologies to that. I am not a psychic by any stretch of the common definition. Do you remember the Slinky toy? It expands and collapses. The Slinky design best explains my way of understanding or conceptualization of time. Another one I like is this; if you were to carry a rope and unwound it laying it on the ground as you walked in a straight line all the way around the earth and came back to your starting point. Now if you were on the moon and observed your rope around the earth, your rope would not be straight at all ( because the earth is round). So, there is actually no such thing as a straight line BUT in a limited perspective you are walking a straight line. The now time as is always said is like this accordingly to my example. Lets use the earth as a clock example. Lets say at the 11 o'clock position we stretched out that curved line or line in between 11 and 12 o'clock by a light year in distance. Now it takes longer to get from 11 to 12 o'clock. The distance between 11 and 12 0'clock is huge now and takes TIME instead of the now moment. So, the slinky representing the line of time. We can expand or collapse time. When we collapse the distance (time) of both ends of the slinky it is the forever NOW. You can see and be all your previous and future lives IN time accordingly. Everything that has happened and can happen in this world already happened. I believe we were given TIME to change the course of happenings by means of free will. This happened at the time of/after Atlantis. Google Metatron's Cube and you will see it is all in there of what I speak. Time is an illusion as has been said. I say the NOW has been stretched to allow for time so to speak, I said Bernie Sanders for Prez because of what I observe. I am an intuitive investigator not a psychic. It is just what I see and so do others as a strong possibility.

How has been lately your perception of time? Is it the same as always? Or do you think it is just part of getting older the perception of time changes?

Everything is speeding up-Everything! I call it the collapsing of time-that will be just being now all that ever was and is. No longer a distance in perception.

Thanks DA-DA, I agree!


Chatty Cathy said...

To capserone and any others having problems:

It's a bit confusing because when you click on the link there are already words and a key code inside the box beside "key=". You have to delete this default code and paste the Key Code Lynn and Dada provided. Next you copy and paste the Cyphercode provided into the box below "Cypercode". Then you scroll above it and click "Decode". Now look above in the box below the word "Plaintext" and you should see the name. There will be no spaces between the person's first and last name. After you've revealed Cypercode A you can delete it and paste in Cypercode B. Don't change the key code at all, only paste the Cyphercodes. Do the same with Cypercode C.

There ya go!

Chatty Cathy said...

And small correction, the word is "Decrypt" rather than "Decode".

Bee E-lightened said...

Stop frustrating yourself. It's supposed to make you connect the dots. If you cant, its alright. The answers will come.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Sorry, everyone. Next time I'll leave the keycode as the default value. I wasn't sure if the default value was the same for everyone, so I changed it to a random one. It's pretty simple. Not meant to infuriate!

A Man Called Da-da said...

However, the answers are: Walt Disney, the color BLUE, and a burrito named Steve.

Alex said...


I can understand subject A as an advancement of his soul from being autistic to less autistic.

I could also understand the workings of karma in subject B because he made quite a lot of black slaves during his time so he had to undergo the same treatment being reborn as a black person who works very hard for very little.

But subject C future lifetime really baffled me because most people in the world are and were poor. Just look at most Asian, South American and African countries today. That has always been in the past so I fail to understand why a rich person need to relive a poor life when she most probably have lived that life in one of her past lifetime whereas most people have never lived a rich life as a king or very rich person.

I can only understand the lesson if he/she has wilfully made someone poor in a recent lifetime and had to experience what the victim suffered and that is the workings of karma.

Bee E-lightened said...

Blue⁉️ Steve⁉️ I still dont follow

MaryK said...

@ bee dada makes a joke 😊

whitelite 1111 said...

Write down the 26 letter code dada Gave you. Then write down the alphabet right underneath. Now look at the first name. The e in the code should have L from the alphabet below . The G should be above the U on the Alphabet, the T should be above the D on the alphabet and so on. Have fun!

Kalamota Kook said...

I hope people have got it now, the answers have been put on the post. I am very intrigued that you're investigating further about Immortal Beloved. Is the reason you're keeping back details about the current lifetime/s of A that they would be recognisable now?

I really am looking forward to future episodes. (Or are they all happening now?...)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Hi everyone! Thank for the comments, and I'm glad you enjoy it. I really have fun with this- very interesting!!

I decided after some emails and reading comments that I will include the answers at the bottom. I realize many of you are on phones and tablets, so the cutting and pasting may be a little difficult. Sorry for the frustration, but I am hopeful we can put it behind us and have fun learning and exploring this topic.

Love and light-

Buddhist Lady said...

I like the ones with future lives. Very intriguing.

Dada--your explanation above is one of the best I've read on karma. I like the interpretation of karma as "energy balancing." I think, as humans, we try to puzzle out the karmic meaning or import of lives, but I suspect we are using our rational, intellectual brains. A life "accomplishment" or lesson might simply be thus: one life you're extremely powerful and wrought planet-changing events and then another life (to balance) you grow up from childhood and throughout life with a sense of utter powerlessness.

I also like the interpretation of the Universe as "activated" or advancing via duality. We need the bad and the good; the up and the down; the right and the left; the Yin and the Yang, etc. One book I've read even mentioned the Draco power-grab/Zeta R.-bioinvasion as, ultimately, working out on 5-D Terra, which has never happened previously. The question was asked: what if you could resolve the issue so that all these species could benefit mutually together and resolve their differences to the satisfaction of all involved? Interesting.

By the time I read this "session," the names were already listed upside-down at the easy-peasey for me. Good comments, everyone!

capserone said...

Thank you Lynn and DaDa!

A Man Called Da-da said...

@BuddhistLady ~ Thanks for the kind words. Actually, I don't think we necessarily *need* the duality as much as we need to reinterpret the fact that it really isn't there. Duality is an illusion, used to make this universe seem more "real." It is an admittedly powerdful illusion, but fake just the same. If you keep at it you can "see" outside the universe in meditations, and then the construct really starts to falter.

The problem with the Draco... I consistently have trouble understanding how consistently deluded they are about spirituality and SOURCE. Wishing and denial do not make it go away, so they'll have to deal with the massive karmic debt one day. Surely, some of them must see that. Pharoahs of de-nial and all that. It's really quite sad for them and their diehard henchies, until you realize that they WILL see the light one day and make the turn and do the work. It is inevitable.

Oh, and sorry for the misleading joke, above. I was weak, couldn't resist. ;)