Monday, September 26, 2016

Death and Arrest Rumors

Q. Hi Lynn, Benjamin Fulford just reported that Hillary Clinton died on September 11, 2016 at Montfiore Medical Hospital after collapsing and being shoved into her scooby van by secret service and her medical handler. That the Bush/Clinton/Rockerfeller mafia are in panic mode and using a body double and computer graphics technology to continue her appearances and cover up her death. Many believe is was a body double who appeared leaving Chelsea Clinton's apartment a few hours after Hillary collapsed and was whisked away from the September 11th memorial ceremony. Good piece on this here:
Would you do a reading on whether Hillary died that day and what is going on with the elitists/cabal's plans for the election?
Thanks for your great work!

Q. Hi Lynn, 
What do you think of this video about Hillary not being ill but being arrested on 9/11 ?

A.  I get that Hillary is very much alive, but she is not well.  She is recovering from some neurological issues that look to be exacerbated by stress.  I see it affecting her strength, coordination and even speech at times.  I also see that a body double is put in play while she tries to rest and recover.  She needs to keep up the illusion that she can endure the stress that accompanies the campaign trail.  This has been very demanding, more than she could have realized as the dynamic feels even much different than it did when she did this with her husband.

She feels like a character in a play being directed and tugged at constantly.  She is in it deep with the PTW (Powers The Were), and it feels like there are so many powerful people that they are hidden in layers so no one really knows who is in charge.  She has hundreds of IOUs to these layered powers, and really isn't even in control, but just does what she is supposed to do, like a celebrity working with a Public Relations agent.  She is their spokes model, but they are growing weary with her recent health issues.

The PTW are actually trying to cover all their bases.  They have a lot of time and money invested in Hillary, so working with a double during downtime is their best choice while they attempt to soften Trump. I do look for something radical to happen, something unheard of, but it hasn't been unfolded to me yet.  I will say it is tied to an emotion of shock and awe. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you. Love and light-

[As I was closing this, I was given a loud and surprising message.. It was "Wouldn't it be the ultimate doopery for the PTW to know their candidate was arrested, and then use her body double to control the White House?"  It was followed by a loud and cynical laugh. I have no idea where that came from as it contradicts what I saw, but it was a strong enough message I needed to mention it.]



Tonight you will see Teresa Barnwell .... her actor replacement. She is very nice ...its just a job.

Raymond G said...

I am waiting to see if she passes out again.

When you RV someone....can you tell if someone is evil or otherwise a genuinely good person? I was wondering if antisocial behavior was an embedded part of their character if you would pick up on it. As well as being a good, well rounded individual.

Do you perceive that when you RV someone or is it something that you have to seek?

Many Thanks Lynn.

A Man Called Da-da said...

So... is that HRC doing the debate, an actor, or a clone? She seems kinda checked out.

Charlie the Tuna said...

So how do you feel about the election, who will occupy the white house is it going to be Clinton, Trump, maybe Obama declares an emergency and stays in power or possibly none of the above?

Thanks for all your great work I appreciate it.

Sean Nash said...

Great as always Lynn, I love your gift of sharing your gift. I intuitively agree with what your focus sees here. In the end of your focus you added- "Wouldn't it be the ultimate doopery for the PTW to know their candidate was arrested, and then use her body double to control the White House?" It was followed by a loud and cynical laugh". I focused on this you said and I was prompted/guided to a bit of research.

This is what I came up with: At the 911 ceremony all the Bush's and all others of the leadership of that 2001 time were not present at the ceremony!! It looks to me that Hillary was told she was being arrested and proceeded to leave. They did not handcuff her there at the van but she did collapse because of the situation she was under. I think a deal was struck with the PTW and whom ever the other parties are on how to proceed from here. Hillary wasn't the only one arrested that day. The PTW still are trying to get her in the WH just like you say but the Shock and Awe you said is that probably there will be a press release. I believe they will announce she is gravely ill and can't continue ( this is the emotion I think). The PTW are trying to negotiate something different than a public known arrest and as you say also to soften Trump. I just truly believe that neither Trump nor Hillary will be President. These are interesting times and due to free will-the how isn't known exactly just yet. I say any time after October 1 and before the election is when we will all know.

October 1 is the end of the World Banks Fiscal Year I read, if that means anything.


Enlightening Life Your said...

I believe that Hillary has been cloned so many times, that the process of obtaining her DNA and with it, a part of her life force, has left the real Hillary's body unable to function. The plan was to use the real Hillary on the campaign trail and then once the election was won, to use her body double in the White House. this has already been done successfully -- Ronald Reagan was debilitated by severe Alzheimer's during his final two years in the WH, GBush Jr. was the front man for the 'real' president, Dick Cheney, so using multiple Hillarys (like the movie Duplicity) would probably not be too hard. The problem is that while the appearance is similar, the energy is not and sharp eyes can detect that it is not the real person.

Cathari said...

In response to "Enlightened Life":
Even if it were true that Clinton was cloned, where would such a process take place? If the technology is available and in use, at what location is it accomplished? At what point did this technology become viable, and what particular section of the government is in control of it?

Charlie the Tuna said...

I have a comment about cloning, after they cloned the first sheep if you think for one minute that they would not clone humans I feel sorry for you. Of course all the governments publicly stated they would not condone any human cloning research however, we all know how the government likes to lie to the deplorable Americans.

I am confident they have been cloning humans for quite some time.

Where does the government do this type of thing? I would suggest in one of those deep military bases they have built all over America.

Jim Wilson said...


Regarding Hillary's health status and that comment of yours:

"......I do look for something radical to happen, something unheard of, but it hasn't been unfolded to me yet. I will say it is tied to an emotion of shock and awe."

Does the following vision in some way correspond to what you are sensing..........

Hillary Clinton Prophecy And A Prediction About The 2016 Campaign

A young pastor reluctantly shares a night-vision experience he had several months ago, describing a scene wherein a spokesperson at a major news conference releases the following statement…..

“Hillary Clinton will be dropping out of the race due to heart complications that have left her incapacitated. She is suspending her campaign and withdrawing as a nominee for the President of the United States.”

Video: 5 min. 45 sec.

Cathari said...

In response to "Charlie the Tuna:
I understand that this is a real possibility, and I am in no way going to deny that the US government is highly skilled in the art of lying to the public and the world. I simply feel that there is too much vagueness when we throw around these ideas with no concrete facts. If the government is using human cloning technologies in contradiction to its own laws, we need to ask...Who? Where? Why? When?

If some among us have the faculties to discover the answers to these questions, it is my humble opinion that it is their duty to expose such. However, assuming this is really occurring, we should be fully aware of the dangers involved in penetrating such a subject. Clairvoyant snooping is just as susceptible to being picked up as any mundane snooping with binoculars from a hilltop crest.

Alice Liu said...

@Cathari -- The US government is constantly acting in contradiction to its own laws. From what I've been hearing, the cloning technology would be from an off world source, and this is (supposedly) from people with first hand knowledge rather than just clairvoyant "snooping," as you call it. That being said, I don't know what's true, but I'm open to the possibility. P.S. It sure looked like a clone in the speech where Hillary froze and had to be rebooted by her handler. That woman doesn't look like Hillary...she looks like a variation of her.

Cathari said...

In response to "Alice Liu":
Again, my point is that we need accurate,factual information, not vague hearsay from an unknown "source". What is required is a person with healthy, highly developed clairvoyant faculties who is mature enough spiritually to research this area of knowledge with objectivity and clarity of well as possessing the discernment to know when one's own research is being watched and surveilled.

Cathari said...

Another aspect of this to ponder on the esoteric level, is what exactly is occurring spiritually when a human being is cloned? By this I mean, for example, what soul is incarnate within the cloned biological body? Does a human soul feel drawn to a cloned physical body, or are non-human beings possessing the cloned consciousness? If I am a soul in the spiritual realms ready to incarnate, why would I be attracted to a copy of another body? How does the copying process involve the higher bodies...Etheric, Astral, Spirit? This is a very complex subject matter when it is delved into at the deeper level.

Alice Liu said...

From what I've been hearing, there is no soul and the bodies break down fairly quickly (maybe because of that?). A soul can be put in but it needs to be transferred from somewhere. If you go into ET's, there are supposedly species who can create biological drones that don't have souls. I'm new to the "theory" so I imagine there are others who can provide more information. It's out there if you look for it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for all the comments. Lots to think on, and I will most likely do a followup reading as things unfold... I will take the comments into consideration when I do my next reading on this topic. Thank you again!

Domestic Goddess said...

I hope you could do a reading on current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who has already said in many speeches that he wants to cut ties with the US and EU and wants to ally with China and Russia. He has been responsible for many extra judicial killings / vigilante style as mayor, and now, as President, he just said in his speech that he is likening himself to Hilter where he will kill 3 million drug addicts and pushers. Killings are now rampant in his campaign against drugs, which was his platform when he ran for president.

Will he be able to finish his term or will be also assassinated / taken out himself due to angering so many countries with his speeches of hate? What will happen to the Philippines? Will the people revolt against him to oust him once? There have been many human rights issues against him but he still acts as if we are back in the 70s where the world was filled with dictators like Idi Amin, etc.

Thank you so much and it would mean a great deal to us here!

whitelite 1111 said...

This may be nothing but a glitch of the camara but it is kind of weird. Just thought I'd share!

Diane Hamilton said...

Cathari. I try to keep many of my thoughts to myself because I respect people and there thoughts and feelings, but sometimes a loud warning goes off that I can not ignore. I am not as intelligent as you, but I do get very strong feelings on people. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" is one of the many thoughts I get when I read your posts.

They Live said...


Cathari said...


Cathari said...

First of all I am not a "lady". Although some would prefer to make it fashionable for humans to alter their sex whenever the mood strikes them, I am not one of them. I am a male.

Second, what have I stated that was in any way disrespectful to anyone's feelings?? Do tell.

Diane Hamilton said...

I did assumed your name was female. I had to intention of "fashionably" altering your sex. You discount others thoughts on subject matter because you feel there is no solid proof. There will never be solid proof to what the government (PTW) does and there will be no solid proof to the extent of the manipulation. At least not yet.

Buddhist Lady said...

How very sad! I think the video whitelite referenced shows a Hillary with very serious neurological devastation (as Lynn has remarked).

I will tell you something: I cannot ever stop thinking of Phil Schneider. I think that he was a real whistleblower. He revealed a multiple-level underground military facility at Dulce, NM, where, one day with special forces present, they broke through a level where a firefight initiated. Evidently, tall Greys (Zeta R.'s) are cloning and bio-teching hybrid human bodies for their souls to use in incarnations on Earth. Perhaps the Deep Government has demanded that they share some of the bio-tech/cloning with them, shares this from one of Phil Schneider's talks (the editor, Branton, adds comments in brackets):

"Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower Administration, the 'federal' government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada Treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly, the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn't abide by it at all.

Back in 1979, this was the reality, and the fire-fight at Dulce occurred quite by accident. I was involved in building an ADDITION to the deep underground military base at Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven levels and over 2.5 miles deep. At that particular time, we had drilled four distinct holes in the desert, and we were going to link them together and blow out large sections at a time. My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the explosive to deal with the particular rock.

As I was headed down there, we found ourselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space [or "inner-space"? - Branton] aliens, otherwise known as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30 people down there. About 40 more came down after this started, and all of them got killed. We had surprised a whole underground base of existing aliens. Later, we found out that they had been living on [in] our planet for a long time... This could explain a lot of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts.

Anyway, I got shot in the chest with one of their weapons, which was a box on their body, that blew a hole in me and gave me a nasty dose of cobalt radiation. I have had cancer because of that.

[Note: This report seems to reveal a limited 'perspective' on the overall 'Dulce war' conflicts based on the experience of one individual. It appears, however, as if there was much more involved in the overall scenario than what Phil Schneider describes. For instance from Phil's description, it appears as if his team broke-in to the base 'accidentally'.

It could be that IN RESPONSE to the captured scientists mentioned by Thomas Edwin Castello and others, the special forces and intel agents intentionally attempted to break-in to the underground alien bases through a "back door" so-to-speak, yet Schneider may have not been aware of this part. Other reports would suggest that the conflict was more complex than this, and involved more than one firefight. According to other sources, the "Dulce Wars" involved AT LEAST a hundred highly-trained special forces. - Branton]"

Sci fi or truth?

Buddhist Lady said...

Here's another interesting tidbit. The same website (I thought I would look up his take on the "Dulce Wars" and found a message to humankind about fighting tyrants of any stripe, persuasion, or planet origination) relays a message (supposedly) from an ET:

"Valerian then quotes the following words of one Procyonese star-traveler by the name of KHYLA, who revealed the following to an un-named earth woman with whom he had established contact:

'...Tyrants have been defeated many times on many planets, in countless solar systems and galaxies. How strange it is that as soon as one tyrant of any species is thought to be banished forever another always, but ALWAYS, takes his place. The idealistic revolutionaries who defeated King George III in America went on to oppress the Indians and Blacks. Many of those who fought most courageously against the Axis powers of fascism later became fascists themselves, as is demonstrated by the present plight of the Palestinians, Afghans, Chileans and Nicaraguans.

Yes, you must try to regain control of your government, but if so much as one individual involved in this process has not first gained control of his or her selfhood, it will be for naught. One can never defeat or gain control of anything but oneself. Those destined to ouster the Rigelians must always keep track of the state of their selfhood, and learn first to defeat within themselves the essence of that which is tyranny.

Through this type of awareness, they will know when to and when not to act. Through understanding a hostile entity to be but one of the ineffable countless facades, it loses its power over you. Through the ability to wisely perceive a hostile entity, you may gain control of it. In overcoming the Rigelians, one must take great precautions not to become oneself the enemy.

Or, as the old Chinese proverb says:


How funny. After World Peace Prayer at our Buddhist Center this morning, I had brunch and talked with someone who stressed exactly this point. Weird.

Cathari said...

Diane. One of the problems, and it is a real serious problem, is the building up of a vast worldview founded upon vague and unsubstantiated conceptions. One person comes out with a wild statement, two or three more persons come out and build further ideas upon that first individuals remarks, and before we know it the Internet has spawned a new world conception. The new idea spreads like wildfire and continues to grow until people are so used to the new terms and ideas that they are convinced of the reality of it all. I see this most especially in the UFO/Alien region of thought.
All I was trying to do above was get to the heart of the matter. Rational people, even rational people with spiritual and esoteric inclinations, should do their best to investigate the truth of any matter. When one investigates a topic with clairvoyant faculties, it is even more critical to insure the truth of what one states publicly. The tendency for self-deception is even greater in the higher worlds than here in the physical domain.

Enlighten Your Life said...

The process of cloning humans has been going on for decades, Dolly the sheep, was one way of releasing knowledge of that technology slowly so that we could become used to it. It's part of an overall plan of deception.

Diane Hamilton said...

Cathari. How do you know these people don't do research? Even so, how much information do you think you will get on these topics when everything is hidden? I guess we should stop opening our minds to possibilities and stay in that little box we have been in for so long. Discernment is important as well. What else do we really have to go by in this manipulated world of illusion. None of us here will stop wondering and talking about things we may never possibly grasp in this life time. An old analogy would be that there is no air because we can't see it. There is no electricity because we can't see it. Our loved ones who have passed, don't exist anymore because we can't see them etc. The only proof we will every truly find will be within ourselves.