Thursday, August 11, 2016

Three Interesting Videos

Please see the following three interesting videos that were shared on Coast to Coast AM.  Can you please share your thoughts?  Thanks.

A. When I tune into this, I keep looking at this statue and I could feel the energy and life as if this was a real person.  Then when the "statue" opened his eyes, I realized this wasn't a statue, but rather a person (like they were acting in a play).  The reason they could not detect a falsified film was because this was indeed a real film, but the premise was fake.

The person playing the role of "Jesus" did open his eyes, and I get this was scripted out for the intent of getting this footage.

Ghostly Activity on Security Camera Footage? (You will have to click the link and watch the video)
A. I do get a paranormal vibe from this.  I don't feel malicious intent tied to it, but I do get that this is more "nuisance" activity (not good, not bad, just there).  I see this spirit as a prankster, and they feel tied to the location (used to work there?) and they are just playing jokes to mess with people.  I can even hear him chuckle as people are startled or alarmed at the "jokes."

I also get that there are other events, noises and unexplained activities that have occurred there, and this is relatively mild in comparison.  I also look for more to happen as this spirit is enjoying the attention.

A. I see this differently than the article.  I get this is a species of wolf.  It feels as though it could be an undiscovered variety, but this does belong to the wolf family.  

I also see that this creature is about 100 years old.  It looks like what happened was he got trapped in this cave (I see falling rocks) and when he died he was preserved due to the environment.

I then hear that and see how it isn't unheard of to find cats that have had similar histories.  They (like the wolf friend above) gets trapped, pass due to malnutrition and their environment preserves their 3D body in a mummified state of being.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

Hi Lynn, I didn't see a link to the second video you commented on but think it may be that youtube video of a phantom white figure that jumps down onto a shopping mall.

You page seemed smaller than usual and the first image of Christ first looked like the barrel of a gun coming out from the shadows. When I finally enlarged the frame to see the Christ it was creepy and reminded me of the lit up demon eyes on Jesus in the closet of Brian de Palma's "Carrie." While I obviously haven't seen the film from which this image was taken it does seen to be a continuation of laying a cultural guilt trip on people in the name of God, or just something to creep people out as a complete opposite of what he's about.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Poor woofy.

Raymond G said...

Wow, they went to a lot of trouble to create a fake video but it was interesting. It does look realistic. I could easily see that scene being used in the movies.

Thanks, Lynn.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Sorry, I know the font went a little off. I tried to increase it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I watched the Christ video last night on Coast to Coast website .

I got all scooby doo . Rut Roh......? Runnnnn away.

A Man Called Da-da said...

In the ghost video, there's a quick white flit across the cart at 27 seconds... then the cart starts moving.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Sorry, 28 seconds.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Since I live in a (very) haunted house (seriously), I can safely say that spirits are all around you constantly. If you sense something, or hear/see something, don't be afraid. They're just trying to communicate, because... they're just like you. But dead. Many many many of them need help, of one kind or another. If you think this is happening, contact a reputable medium or psychic to come to the property and speak with the spirits. (You can usu. find one in your local area.) Some spirits are grumpy, some creepy, some nice, most heartbreaking -- and ALL are appreciative of your help. Why? Because they're YOU, part of the ONE we all are. They prefer being called spirits, btw.

Serene said...

My sister-in-law saw the ghost (or one of them) at the Whaley House in San Diego, CA area. She had an excellent quality camera and while taking photos in one of the rooms, snapped two photos that had a picture of a woman with a cloth over her head looking very sad and in the next photo the image turns and looks at her. I saw the photos myself and they are indeed something to see.

Buddhist Lady said...

The little mummified wolf made me sad.

I used to have a large number of rescued cats, as I mentioned in a previous posts. Now and then, I "see" something go by my leg very quickly, and I look thinking one of my 3D-alive cats just hopped by. Nothing. But the "sensation" is very real and the knowledge I know that it's just one of the spirit cats letting me know they're visiting!

Andrew Dyson said...

Serene, hey if your sister feels like sharing the Whaley House images, a few of us are always keen to see any new potential ghost photos. Or please share any urls if they have already been posted online somewhere!



They Live said...

I remember a girl in my Jr. high school brining in pictures of a statue of Mary, where a spirit appeared next to the statue in the same shape and form as well as a picture of Jesus on the cross. She said the statue of Jesus had nothing on him (clear skin, etc.) But when her family got the picture developed, the statue had cuts on its body as if from being whipped. Her pictures were very real as this was back when photos had to be developed and photo shop was not an option.

They Live said...