Friday, August 19, 2016

Short Friday Q & A

Q. Greetings, Lynn,  This was just posted on Steve Olsen's YouTube channel:
Navy SECCHI Footage They Don't Want You to See, or Believe
A.  As I watch this, I get that this is ET (and ET craft) based.  I see that the labeled planets are far into the background, and this "force" as they describe it is much closer.  It looks as though there is a craft traveling, and the shield that is surrounding the crafts creates a "bubble" effect around the craft (that you cannot see through on the photos). 

When I try to see who this is and what they are doing, I get that they are fleeing.  Earth looks to be on a lock down right now, and they are leaving because they were able to escape (barely) through a portal.  The beings on the ship look to be tall greys and they are heading back to their home planet.  I get they have the samples and  have made the observations they need.  They are doing something to prepare for disclosure, but they need to go home in order to gather more ETs and prepare.

Q. Hi Lynn! I have a video submission. This guys seems to be doing telekinesis and his videos "seem" genuine. I wanted to get your insight. Is he really levitating this object?
A.  As I look at this I hear "that is a great magic trick."  Then I hear that telekinesis would have a more fluid motion in this type of experiment.  I get that there is some kind of magic string, and I am shown dental floss (but I get that magic string is more thin sort of like a hair and also a little stretchy). 

He did do a great job though and created a fun illusion. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  We had some weird weather today in New Orleans, mainly a strange looking tornado. However when I looked at the videos of the tornado posted online, I noticed these strange beams in all the videos. The funnel cloud was sideways and never appeared to touch the ground yet there were houses destroyed. Could you please give some insight into what these are? Thanks!

A. I get that some funnel clouds built up the strength to touch down, and others remained funnel clouds.  It feels like a huge energy blew through this area with hot and cold mixing with so much impact (like the two extremes slammed against one another) it created a vacuum feeling in the atmosphere as the energies try to stabilize.  

Love and light to these folks!  This feels very heavy and devastating. 

Q. Is this really an ancient computer and what did it do?

A.  I hear this was more of a tool than a computer.  I hear that you would set it up much like a sextant, and it was "programmed by the stars."  It had a wind up feature (I get) that would allow things to be put into motion and astrologers could predict things based on the motion of the stars. They predict weather patterns for food purposes, when it was "right" to go to battle, illnesses that had a probability of hurting their village, etc..  It was a very important tool, and i get there were very few of these (maybe even just one) made.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Love and light-


Ralib Allen said...

What do you mean when you say earth is on a lock down? Is Earth kicking them out? Whose making the ET's leave? And why? Omg so many questions. I am defintely interested in disclosure so I would love to know more about this.

Bilal said...

Lynn,can you see where this dwarf star is right now in our solar system?

Nick said...

I wonder why they published the article on the Antikythera Mechanism now - it was discovered by divers in 1901?
It has been in the mainstream media albeit in documentaries.

There is a phenomenon amongst researchers know as OOPARTS ( out of place artifacts )
This one somehow escaped the vice like grip of the system when hiding clues to our proper past.
If you have the interest or patience a Russian woman has put a staggeringly comprehensive video series together on OOParts, megaliths, and super incredible stories.
This one was really mind blowing.

Her whole channel is unique and facinating.

Robert Schoen said...

As someone who has followed Lynn for some time now, I have a great respect for her gift and the community of her followers who post here. I’ve learned a great deal from many thoughtful insights posted here, but unfortunately with such a large online readership, Lynn has also attracted some negative elements that seem intent on circumventing her good work. One such person is the poster who greatly overplayed his hand in an obnoxious manner by making 20 ego driven rambling posts on Lynn’s two “Flat earth” blogs.

The intent behind these incessant posts seemed to be to push others into falling into a trap rather than earnest attempt to offer opinion, observation, or simply to behave with common good manners and respect for Lynn and other posters by not monopolizing the board for his own agenda. More than anything else these posts confirmed to me the Flat Earth agenda he was pushing is nothing but a Tavistock invented scheme to test the gullibility of people by putting out “factoids” that momentarily cloud one’s judgement and common sense. “He blinded me with science” should be the flat earth motto and I don’t think you have to be a psychic to understand this poster true intention runs contrary to what brings the rest of us here while being a complete buzzkill to serious posters.

It should surprise no one TPTW have people monitoring Lynn’s blog and may have introduced this topic and the accompanying poster to discredit her. Lynn herself said she felt she was being messed with with all the thoughts about Flat earth being projected to her, contradicting her initial flat earth reading of May 26 where she clearly stated it was a disinformation plot by the government to create distraction and confusion, which is exactly how best to describe any of the 20 tediously inane posts made by this “watcher.” While it would be far easier just to ignore him as I’ve done in the past, I feel an obligation not to let a this disruptive presence who so clearly showed his true colors ruin this great blog and hope others will voice their support and send protective energy to Lynn.

Nick said...

Hi Robert, glad to hear of your concern for Lynn, she is special, and thank you for catching me mid flight.
I apologize completely and unreservedly for any annoyance I have caused you or anyone here.
There are no excuses for insensitivity or lack of awareness - BUT.
Being human is the first part of the excuse I am going to offer anyway.

The 2nd excuse is I am a very intense person who has't learned moderation.
The 3rd excuse the FE really excited me for the psychological insight it offered, hence the tub thumping.
The final and real reason is I have been seriously looking for a distraction as recent times have been extremely difficult.

niksim09 at is my email address I will happily provide some information about myself and a character reference - in the form of a telephone number of the CEO of a dementia home where my life long best friend and soul mate - who also happens to be my mum was and who recently died.

On August the 15th I wrote;
I know I am posting a lot, and if Lynn requests I am being a hog she could let me know.
This was because the adult in me knew I was being over the top - but alas we are many personalities rolled into one body with one name.

I hope this helps you/anyone to understand.

So I am happy to stop posting as of now - as the last thing I want to do is annoy or offend.

They Live said...


Rusty Bojador said...

Hi Lynn
Are the tall greys really friendly and are they coming from the Sirius star system or Orion? I wonder if the galactic federation as you previously mention in your past reading, will they also get involve with disclosure? How long do we have to wait for them to disclose?

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading...... 9/11 is about twenty days out, I would ask if your picking up on anything, but I know your super busy... Yall have a great day.

Raymond G said...

The Antikythera Mechanism is amazing. Not just for what it does, but the trial and error process they must have gone thru to get to this level.

Is it possible to RV the owners of this and ask them questions about how it was used and where it was made?


JJ said...


The enlightened one said...

@Robert Schoen

I couldn't agree with you more. I think chances are high that Nick is controlled by extra-terrestrials. Have you seen this video he uploaded to youtube?

It just reeks of negativity and evil.

Buddhist Lady said...

A propos Nick.

I think, Nick, you are very sad about your Mum's death, and I think that you need to look into ways to still/calm your mind outside of drugs. Please understand that I am not accusing you of "doing" drugs; I am simply reiterating a stance that drugs prescribed by the medical establishment can do more harm than good.

I assure you that you absolutely do not need any more distractions.

I read an interesting statement regarding drugs in Crossing the Rubicon by Michal C. Ruppert. (I cannot recommend this book more highly.)

Mr. Ruppert began his career as an LAPD detective with heavy involvement in enforcing/stopping the flow of drugs into the U.S....only to find that our country truly has no interest in stopping drug trade as we profit so handsomely from the proceeds:

"But there is $600 billion a year in liquid cash from the drug trade. If invested well it could add several trillion to the pot while killing off 'inferior' drug addicts (I have heard this attitude expressed by both intelligence operatives and political figures). [emphasis mine] What the heck--there are too many people anyway." (p .38)

Mr. Ruppert published his book in 2004. I would suspect that the liquid cash value has substantially risen in the last 12 years.

Please don't be a pawn, Nick. Be your own man.

Nick said...

Thank you for that Buddhist lady.
Profoundly very sorry folks - I will continue to visit to see Lynn's most excellent work, but this is my last post I promise.

Charlie the Tuna said...

I just have to say I enjoy reading all the comments here at Lynn's blog. Even if they are long and numerous and from the same person. No bother to me that is why I come to this blog to learn things and see things differently. If I do see comments that I do not want to read (and I do)I just breeze on by them no worry.

I hope you keep posting Nick, I like reading your stuff. Do not be bullied by keyboard bullies. Just do your own thing, the world will fall into place.

Great job Lynn I really enjoy your work. thanks

:D said...

People.... this blog is about love and light to all creatures. Like other posters said... you do not have to read all comments. I read Lynn's posts and skimm through the comments. Let,s be kind to everybody. You might not know what the poster is going through or how lonely they are.
Sending you all love and leave from Sunny California...

The enlightened one said...

@Charlie the Tuna
Since when does seeking the truth equal being a keyboard bully?
If there is concern that some individuals may not have the best interest of the other readers in mind, I think these concerns must be voiced and seriously considered, without accusations of being a keyboard bully instantaneously being thrown around.

I agree we should be kind to each other, but we should not let commitment to kindness prevent us from speaking our minds in the quest for truth. I also think it is more kind to openly voice one's concerns regarding other people, and let them be able to defend themselves, than putting them under a silent accusation that they cannot defend themselves against.

:D said...

The truth can only be sought individually. Many people can come to you in order to disturb your quest... it is up to you to remain calm or accept the disturbance. This blog is intended to make you think and open your mind to new ideas... not to critize others opinions or accuse them just because of their thoughts are against our own thoughts.
We all make choices everyday... do not disturb your own peace because of others. Accept that life is like that. Only we are able to create our own truth. Let people create their own as well.

Let us accept each other and love peacefully. Isn't this world trying to divide us already?

Let's show them our true self by accepting each other's differences.

Love and light.

:D said...

Let's choose our battles wisely!!!

Don't get yourself into the mundane wars...

Isn't that what society wants us to do?
Divide us... so we can be weaker.

If people like to express... feel free. If they dont... feel free.

But do it peacefully..