Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life Detective #1

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a new segment where Lynn and Da-da look at the lives of various people in an attempt to humanize and understand what makes them do what they do... and maybe a little glimpse into who'll they'll be next time. (Just so you know, Lynn's going to be a supermodel next life -- again -- and Da-da's going to be a sea sponge. Damn.) 

Note that when Lynn taps in to each person, she usually gets one or two dominant lives of people that come to the forefront, showing what's most relevant to who they are today. I'm not going to say who the person is in the article, but I'll put the answer below in an easily deciphered code. Note that the lives listed will be in the order they came to Lynn, not chronologically. 

Here we go.

Subject A
Life 1: I see this person as a woman in the 1800s, wooden cabins, poor insulation, hand-pumped water. Looks like she's a teenager. She has three or four brothers, so she has to do a lot of household chores, while the boys work in the field and on the farm. She secretly resents it. She hates it. She wants to do what her brothers are doing. But back then she was in a role and that was that. Not a happy person. Never a smile. Did everything begrudgingly. No one really talked to each other in the family. They were very stoic, quiet. Conversations were all task-based. As she got older, close to 15-ish, it looks like her mom passed away, so she stayed and took care of the family. Later, when she got married, she moved her family into the same house, where she did the same job. An angry and dysfunctional life.

Life 2: I see this person as a woman, again. She's young. 16-17, really thin. Looks like she's in a wooden cage dragged by horses, taking her to a Roman gladiatorial arena. She looks like a slave who'd escaped but was recaptured. Looks like they traded slaves in the city. She was bought and forced -- again -- to do household stuff. The landowners treated her poorly. She had to sleep with other slaves in a barn, and they kept her alive and fed in exchange for the labor. Again, I see her not having a voice, or any power or control.

Life 3: Now, I see this person yet again as a woman in the early 1900s. I see her as a tall and beautiful brunette in a bright red dress. She's very fashionable, wearing a form-fitting dress. She's very cutting edge in her fashion choices. She wants all attention on her. Her family is very well-to-do. She's a debutante and used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Now I see this handsome Clark Kent-looking guy coming into her life, very handsome, but... she paid someone to poison his drink and kill him. Now she's walking around with this smug, entitled, evil look on her face about it. A personality trait of who she was during that time.

Future Life: This person isn't going to incarnate on earth next time around, but will be elsewhere. I see the next life as being lower-level ET-based. I see a typical gray male ET, starting at a lower vibrational level to work their way up.

Subject B
Life 1: I see this person as a man in Europe this time, when Christianity was really hot and heavy, transitioning from pagan to Christian. I see a big pile of boulders. He's standing on the rocks and he's got all these followers; he's preaching to the crowd about religion, and then he claims that he can heal people. But what he doesn't mention is that he's planted people in the audience to pretend to be healed. [Jeez, this scam goes way back.] Then he passes the hat around. An early church swindler.

Life 2: Next... we're still in Europe. This person is a boy, 7-8 years old. He's with his dad and they tend to the farm and gardens in order to sustain this enormous castle. He's a peasant. This castle has huge walls, but he and his dad work outside the walls. He's got a sickle and is whacking the grass down for the castle livestock. He stops for a second and looks at the castle and wonders what life would be like inside the castle. He has this infatuation with castles and being rich. He had all these pie in the sky dreams of living in the castle; he got that dream in his head and could not let it go. He never made it inside those castle walls in this life.

Life3: Next image, I see one of those felt gambling tables. I see this person as a man again, in New York in the 1900s when jobs were tight. He's got dark hair and is smoking a huge cigar, playing poker at the table. He's the organizer. Factories were nearby. He's a mobster who runs a gambling ring, loansharking, protection, etc. and he had his territory. He looks like a stereotypical, notorious gangster. He took over from his dad's gang.

FutureLife: I hear that, in this person's next life, he's going to be humbled... then I hear this chuckle. He'll be on earth in a 3-D body.
And that's it. Go here for the solution. It's a simple substitution cipher. Enter the key into the KEY box (the below key is the site's default) and the below Subject A/B code into the CIPHERTEXT box. Voila.
key: phqgiumeaylnofdxjkrcvstzwb
Subject A: eannpkwqnafcdf
Subject B: gdfpngckvox

If anyone has any trouble obtaining the names, let Lynn know. 


Robert Schoen said...

This was great! Answers a lot. I was kind of hoping 'subject A' was gong to be one of the Kardashians.

Domestic Goddess said...

I guessed the lady without having to use the keys. I don't know how I did.

Raymond G said...

That was fun Lynn. That is the first time I have seen something applied that way.
Anyhow, I believe the first woman's life path a hundred percent considering her current position. Maybe we should warn people not to visit her house for a home cooked meal.

NatalieW said...

I loved this! Thank you!

They Live said...

I guessed them right as I read their stories- woo hoo lol
I love this new segment! It's funny because I was contemplating pass lives right before reading this thread. I know part of being here is to learn lessons and I starting thinking, with the many lives we've lived haven't we learned quite a bit and are repeating some of the same lessons? These readings reminded me that it's about elevating ones soul, hence the many lives. Lessons for elevation come easier for some than others- I.e. the examples given above.
I take it a number of souls start out on a high vibration while others start at rock bottom. Very special ones may just need one life to accomplish peak elevation while others thousands of lifetimes.

JJ said...

Oh man so much fun!

John Casey said...

Brilliant. Just plain brilliant.

whitelite 1111 said...

That was fun!! It's interesting because I read an article that stated that she hates men. I see why!

Smiling Winds said...

Really fun. I'd like to see Jimmy Carter's done sometime. He seems to already be doing a lot of balancing in this lifetime.

:D said...


Lynn what is the difference of reincarnating back into this realm or reincarnating as a low vibrational e.t.? Or any ET? Is that ascending?
Thanks for your insight... I have enjoyed this post a loy.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@SmilingWinds: I read somewhere that Jimmy Carter was JFK's half-brother. That's how he got the job.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Btw, as you can see by Lynn's reading in this post, forgiveness is kind of a big deal. ;)

Charlie the Tuna said...

That was interesting, I enjoyed that.

:D said...


Lynn what is the difference of reincarnating back into this realm or reincarnating as a low vibrational e.t.? Or any ET? Is that ascending?
Thanks for your insight... I have enjoyed this post a loy.

Me too said...

You may not belive this, but I got the people right, it came as an intuition as I was reading, so clear in my mind. I guess some people do not change

Lynn how can you know about future incarnation? How is that decided already?

Me too said...

Waiting for the next series!

:D said...


Lynn what is the difference of reincarnating back into this realm or reincarnating as a low vibrational e.t.? Or any ET? Is that ascending?
Thanks for your insight... I have enjoyed this post a loy.

Nessie said...

Thank you so much Lynn and Da-Da!
This is so cool, even though it took me forever to figure out the decrypting.....
It's like a psychic Blind Gossip! Please please make this a recurring item on your blog :)!

JJ said...

"Earth in a 3D body" doesn't necessarily mean a person... It could mean dog? Monkey? Bird? Lol

Mark Noeth said...

Lynn this was totally kewl... Going back just a few incarnations was good. If you went back a few thousand years things may have appeared too strange. This may not be the first time we as a society have been this advanced... I get that this reality is an illusion, not sure why the illusion has to be so difficult. I was under the impression we choose are incarnations here. Not sure why anyone would choose this reality. I know I have voiced my displeasure with this place and the occupants to my spirit guides numerous times and I'm sure they found that amusing...

Kalamota Kook said...

This is wonderful fun. Thank you both for coming up with this. Please do make it regular. I got the first encryption translated OK, then when I went back to read about Mr B, it was so obvious who it was!

I've had disconcerting glimpses which might or might not be past life, I've never had a reading done on it, though I do believe that with the new energy waves and ascension we will be remembering much more of our pasts. It's quite life enhancing to live as if those roles were part of our story, with the trails of old talents and fascinations and patterns coming through to be played out anew.

I don't know if anyone's seen Brianstalin's blog posts and videos, he does this sort of thing, weaving the histories of soul groups and celebrities back through time. Again there are the resonant stories, the building of familiar modern karma echoing back through different eras. I don't know how truthful it is, though he was onto Jimmy Savile years before that all came out, and he turned out to be spot on - JS used to be an evil pope, apparently. The physical resemblances in Brianstalin's extensive list of lives is pretty freaky! Ancient eyes stare out at you and you suddenly realise it's *insert famous name here*. It's worth looking up just for that. Creepy but fascinating.

In fact maybe that's another subject for Lynn to check out in a reading - is Brianstalin's past life work correct?

Speaking of soul groups, I'm intrigued about the unfortunate poisonee of the lady in red. Did he return in modern day form so they could play out their karmic pact? Are we familiar with him too? Is he even the obvious partner in crime? Or has she tried to kill him again?

I feel duty bound to pause for a moment and remember that Ms A's domestic drudge trap was the life of almost all women until shockingly recent eras (and yes, of course men had their life limitations too, though they were allowed out of the house more). Millions of women are still stuck there, even in cities across Europe. That sort of housebound enslavement has been allowed to migrate and flourish and is now normal again and celebrated as 'diversity'. I get a bit ranty rad-fem about it. Probably a past life issue!

Anyway, thanks again to Lynn and Da-da. Can't wait for the next episode!

The enlightened one said...

@Lynn, Dada
I would like to request, if possible, a past-life reading on Uri Geller and John Lennon, then in a subsequent post, I would like to suggest Prince and Michael Jackson as subjects.

Bill Ramirez said...

how weird, i get when i ask the universe about past life its a completely different, I get were all the same 'one' and that we collect our experiences as a whole for the one , and that we have a choice to incarnate to have experiences. Its soo confusing for me i suppose. Im still tryen to understand all this.
thanks guys =) , enjoyed the reading.

Conrado said...


Very interesting readings! I've became very curious about the different possibilities of future incarnations! So far they are: Lower level ET - aka Greys, 3D body human on earth. Could you tell about some others designed to us on our current stage? Thanks for the reading!

mosmos said...

hmm.. I know there is no time, hence these "past/future" lives occur simultaneously, right? because reality is like a movie, where all frames already exist, each in a single snapshot. and our consciousness/awareness just move from frame to frame. I agree with Bill Ramirez we're all the same 'one'. So being the free awareness/ultimately God/Source that we are, is it that, it is valid that we can claim all these lives as our own?

Sue Farr said...

Yes I had trouble doing all the key business but finally worked it out - the key box is where is says "key =" and after pasting the subject key in the CIPHERTEXT box click on Decrypt.

Poor old Hilary huh!
Just totally love this!

joy said...

Just a perspective.
It appears to me, that we humans are NOT here on Earth to LEARN. Otherwise , we would have remembered ALL our past mistakes from other lifetimes and applied them in the next lifetime, and we'd be out here in a jiffy.. But,....we don't. Our memories of them are instantly wiped out as soon as we embark into physicality.

So, my suspicion is that we are here to EXPERIENCE.,NOT TO LEARN.

We are the laboratory rats....and it appears that this lab we're in is VIRTUAL.(not real) Who is this Laboratory researcher that is constantly learning from our experiences..? it appears to be UNIVERSE. This is a sentient, super intelligent, super powerful super beautiful-loving MIND that KEEPS ON EXPANDING THRU the lessons we go thru. It appears that our experiences inside this physicality (called Life) is pre-written (called DIVINE PLAN) and Universe is very interested in how we respond to each experiences. This is the reason we were given FREEWILL. choice.

Hehhh...my focus is about..how to get out of this experimental cage called 3D. I'm no longer amused with my other incarnational lifetimes (of which I have seen enough of ) I've had more than enough. But it appears we can't escape no matter what we do. The more we squirm, the tighter it holds us down. NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE FORGIVE, we are still here. The only one who can release us is Universe itself. and since I don't know what else to do,and Universe is not answering... the only way I see so far...is to SURRENDER ,SURRENDER, SURRENDER .
Surrender opinions, beliefs, judgments, pain, guilt , condemnations, dislikes and everything else I encounter that is blockaging me.
Hopefully, I'll get the h.... out of here.
I don't know to you :) .

Bill Ramirez said...

like rain that is water, water being God, at times falling as raindrops of singularity through time, separated and alone, yet still feeling the ocean within itself. through time returning to itself as the ocean. and past lifes are (maybe) the reflections of memories of all drops having already mingled within the ocean..swimming inside, but as to the WHO behind the experience .one cant just say no that wasn't me, lol..well oh yes it was ..wink wink. and IS. carry on,
I kind of see us making all this and saying its perfect ;)..
and one would ask who is US..make man in OUR image? who is this 'us?' male and female we are..in the 'one'..we are the Father Mother and the spirit that comes from the two..creation says so.
seems we all do this for Love. like its a big experience about Love and the lessons that validate it,even the lack of it shows its power.. cant say im right or wrong here..im just an observer ;) and an experincer.
and interested , this all could very well be different then how i can see it. Im sure other see it like this too..i tried to see other ways and i even fought away how i see it now. what do i know right? lol. odd duck here.
Lol and maybe its not realy something that i should be sharing..shutting up now.

A Man Called Da-da said...

@joy: On the contrary, we really are here to forgive others (who are really us) their current and previous-life trespasses, thus relieving us (the ONE) of guilt, fear and anger, getting us closer to SOURCE. This is what all advanced cultures are doing, trying to get back to SOURCE. Once you forgive enough, you aren't pinned to the karma wheel any longer. Eventually, the universe, which is an illusion... will simply vanish.

Serene said...

@Joy, I think we do remember our past experiences and lessons, however in a subconscious way. Those memories you have that don't seem to quite fit in with the life experience you are having now? Generally they are from a past incarnation. In my experience, letting go, forgiving, being an example for others, always looking for the Lesson in every experience, especially the painful ones, is paramount. We keep excelling the more we experience. It is not easy I know. But once our current lives are over we have a chance to Review and see how we did. In particular of the more advanced entities, it's my personal belief that only the bravest of the bravest of the brave come to Earth to learn and experience the fastest.

Bill Ramirez said...

Forgivness seems to be the tree in the garden that man was not allowed to touch..in the fall story. then in that same story some time later Jesus walked in to say 'here i am' "hey guys, i have some good news for you". then said something like "ill teach you this..'Forgive us our debts as we forgive those'...etc.
so there be the trick..we do it first then we can eat of that tree as needed.

and God being the source of love..in us. knows that Love cannot survive without forgiveness...so in short all things have to partake of that tree in our own experiences..whenever we be any denomination its all the same tree.. forgiveness.
we can call it Jesus..or whatever..but i know no other person who demonstrated it ..even to show its pwer..be it as a story or a myth in some eyes..it remains to be agreed that 'he demonstrated' forgiveness of God. that was his testimony..we dont have to believe..but if anyone ever said it as a messenger from the source..and lived it..i cant see it being anyone else.
point is..Forgiveness was his thing. and when they say he was crowned as king..who can say that forgiveness in all out lifes being images of God doesn't play that role to stand as a testimony for how well we can experience love. and if he isn't inside of os as most say...let him in..pray to him..etc...fine..name it whatever...it is a constant companion..and needs to share as company..or we loose our connection to out humanity and so forth..let it be seen for how it proves itself. I feel it to be a animated and real entity that collaborates daily to save our collective souls from one kind of hell to the next.
oh its real and necessary for sure. in all our variations that we all can stare at our own images through the stormy ponds surface. we see how well we did and each can find a voice to say..how good you look today.

in order for the survival of our Image.

Camryn Villarruel said...

Thank you Lynn, decyphering interesting and the subjects too. Blessings

Daniel Sobral said...

I'm not going to look at anyone's responses and take a stab at this. The woman was Clinton and the guy was Trump.:-)

joy said...


Ok, OK Got it.

What I was really saying is...........there are times when I want to forgive
but there is something inside of me that does not want to.....So, when faced with that situation, I say to the Universe, I surrender that feeling that does not want to forgive....or...."I don't know how to forgive, I want to be released from this pain, I surrender to your wisdom." THAT about covers up everything .

Serene......About the only things I inherit from my past incarnations are tons of Karma. NOT the wisdom that I gathered , NOT the wealth that I accumulated...in my book, something is not right. Makes me paranoid. What if...these reincarnational lifetimes are NOT really mine, but were strung together,culled from different incarnational journeys of others, then made to look like they are mine, so that I can be conned into taking other's karmas. Hmmm..............this is what i'm talking about being a lab monkey. :)

Andrew Dyson said...

Hi Lynn,
Enjoyed Life Detective vol.1!
You mentioned that the most likely third incarnation for both case studies was in the early 1900s? That would seem a little odd, as I often presume that there is a solid century or so between incarnations, allowing natural attrition for the birth/death rates within the family and any other people we may have karmic ties with, to level out, if that makes sense?

Would you think it random that two lifetimes for the same person occurred within the same century, regardless of their social standing in this lifetime?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for all the comments. I really enjoyed doing this and I look forward to more! Love and light-

Craig said...

This gave great insight into the present issues and motivations of these people.

Woman 1 is still trapped by the ptw cleaning up their messes along with her present husbands messes, probably still longing for freedom, and dont get on her bad side or you will suffer the consequences.

Man 2 still has an insatiable need to climb to the highest areas of power, still using some tricks, or baffling people with BS to get there, and if that doesnt work, just use force to get what he wants.

very telling, thank you Lynn

whitelite 1111 said...

I just have to say how much I LOVE this!! Everyone has such great comments!! I appreciate Everyones views!!! Thanks!!

Alex said...

I thought we can only plan our next life after we die in this lifetime? How is it possible to know the next life before we die? This is what I read from all the past life regression books.

Can someone explain to me?

joy said...

Alex, RE: How is it possible to see the future......?

Technically............in the overall scheme of things,.. There is NO SUCH THING AS FUTURE, NO SUCH THING AS PAST., NO SUCH THING AS LINEAR TIME, NO SUCH ADDRESS AS 3D MATRIX.

This is NOT according to us, but according to the guy, who is only ONE, (THE ONE AND ONLY,the KAHUNA, PRIME CREATOR, UNIVERSE),we do not exist in ITs reality. We, the whole physical universe only exist in ITs dream........or,...we are illusions,
holograms,virtual beings.

ALL REALITIES, expressed as stream of linear TIMELINES, as past and future, are all cycling in the eternal NOW, called by some as SPHERICAL TIME. This is an appendage to THE PROBABILITY FIELD. the UNIVERSE is a probability field , and that in ALL probabilities, in all situations, are INSTANTLY explored to the very end, leaving NO question unanswered. We view these explorations as past or future depending on where we are at the moment.

So, you can TIME TRAVEL and go live in a"future" civilization, as AL BIELEK did. Or remote view your life-time in Atlantis....THEY ARE ALL AVAILABLE FOR YOUR VIEWING WHILE IN THE NOW MOMENT.(ehhh,...your brain has to be in THETA CPS)


It appears,...we have already explored everything the Universe wants to explore. So, we hear the saying........THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN anymore.

Bill Ramirez said...

and to stand in awe on the mountain top feeling the sun and the breeze blow through our hair and find that moment .... vibrant and dynamic and alive. that in having the ability to see all eternity is still a priceless and perfect single moment...enough? how much of the cup does one NEED to drink before they can taste how perfect it is. Owning it all sometimes can't be perfect unless it is shared. how simple is true power, with the knowing that its doesn't have to prove itself or defend itself.

The enlightened one said...

Forgiveness is a bitch. There is no better drug than a violent, devastating revenge to lift up your mood on a cranky day.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joy: Good point. When I view what looks like a future event it is based on the current timeline we are experiencing in our 3D reality. Those events are always subject to change due to outside interference or free will, but if nothing is done, I see it progressing in that direction. I too see much of our experience as an illusion, but the future events I see are what I see happening during our experience of this illusion.

Julie Sevilla said...

I like Da-da being a sea sponge next life. That is really funny, haha! I can't imagine it. Love you Da-da! :)

JJ said...

To Alex. Absolutely. Also look up Abraham and Bashar teachings on this. All things are happening in one single point in time. There is no yesterday. There is not tomorrow. There's only Now. A series of nows. Happening all at the same time.

Unknown said...

People repeat their behavior and their traumas within lifetimes, and from lifetime to lifetime. It doesn't make a lot of difference whether or not they remember the last time they did it, or not. "The compulsion to repeat," Freud called it. You'd think reincarnational amnesia would provide a fresh start, but it doesn't. Character remains, and at some unconscious level, memory probably does too. Wherever and whenever you go, there you are.

There is no grand metaphysical explanation necessary. You can see it happening daily to yourself and people you know.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Great comments. Thank you!

Buddhist Lady said...

Whoa! Very cool. Talk about karma.

"Future Life: This person isn't going to incarnate on earth next time around, but will be elsewhere. I see the next life as being lower-level ET-based. I see a typical gray male ET, starting at a lower vibrational level to work their way up."