Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is it Ascension?

Q. Hi Lynn,  I have been having issues lately with just feeling odd...for example my body aches more than usual, my body feels heavy and there are times when I feel off balance (actually lose my balance). I am healthy and have not changed my diet or lifestyle at all. I have been talking to family and it seems the same is happening to them. I came across this website and as I read makes total sense to me... it lists most of the symptoms that I am feeling.

I thought maybe some of your readers are in the same boat as me.

Thank you for all that you do.

A.  As I read the article, the words really resonated with me.  I do see the list of symptoms within the article resulting from the process of ascension.  As our spiritual self begins to increase in vibration, we are held back by our 3D body which can result in sensations we haven't felt before.  Our physical body is slower to respond to the energy and has to "catch up" with the spiritual self, which creates a need for "re-syncing."

In addition to the change in sleep patterns (waking frequently, waking early, etc) I get that it is common to wake at specific times (like 1:11 AM, 2:22 AM, 1:23 AM etc).  The time / number sequence feels like a pattern or of some significance (like a birth date) to you.  This is the Universe telling you that you aren't alone, and you are on the right path.

I also see that during this time people can be very sensitive to crowds.  Not only do they create an anxious feeling (at times), but they can feel very overwhelming because you are picking up on all the energy and vibrations around you (and this can leave you quite exhausted if you don't properly protect yourself).  

I get that the energy shift created with the ascension process can hit you in waves.  You will feel it wash over you (which can create sudden feelings of dizziness or falling) and then dissipate.

A few things can be done to help with these symptoms.  First, try to do what you can to keep your system detoxed.  Do your best to eat clean and drinks lots of filtered water. Another thing to help is to meditate and focus on moving the energy through you body (because when the energy hangs up it intensifies the symptoms).  I have included a link to a free meditation on YouTube and it can really make a difference.


(I did want to mention that I am not a doctor, so if you are experiencing health concerns please listen to your intuition because you may need to seek a health professional.)

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for posting this. I did the meditation thing and my shoulder stopped hurting. I have had a lot of these symptoms for a wile. Think this was the first time I asked my higher spirt guides for anything. Everthing is a bit different for me since I work nights and it is some what normal to be awake all night. Evidentaly things are still progressing though. I'm going to try the meditation thing again now. So have a good day. I'd say love and light, but I'm not to the love everybody point yet. I'm still pretty dark, indifferent, or neutral on most things...

Cheryl said...

This post is so odd, but while reading something clicked. When I was pregnant I thought it was hormones (the dizziness and short breaths even nausea) but when ever I checked the time it was my birthday I always thought it odd the always happens (morning or evening) on my "birthday time" thanks for an awesome blog Lynn, you're work is amazing 😘

John Casey said...

Thanks for this Lynn. I've been having symptoms of what I think of as a "spiritual emergency" that involves a lot of unpleasant self-examination, similar to what AA people call a "moral inventory." This is coupled with feelings of a kind of bottom-dropping-out sensation, like the sensation of momentary weightlessness you would get when a roller coaster starts to plunge. Not sure if this is ascension-related, but it is certainly welcome to know that alot of people are going through something that is at least similar.

Thanks again.

Juliana Miles said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer this question

John Casey...I have the same feeling with the roller coaster.

I have had this feeling for a few months and realized when I started telling my family I realized it wasn't just me.

I will try meditating again..its been difficult lately.

Love and light everyone :)

Once again Lynn thank you for all you do :)

Diane Hamilton said...

I've been going through all of this for so many years. It is a roller coaster ride and I am always wondering if I am making any progress. I know that the now is the answer but I guess I'm still not totally getting it. Everyday I'm being hit buy more stressful events in my own life. It's like I'm being constantly hammered at. No chance to regroup. I try not to pay much attention to the outside world because I know most of it is all bull. I've been jogging for a few months now and can't seem to get back into yoga. It's like something keeps stopping me. Something keep trying to shut me down.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Just keep working at it, and try the meditation (or find one that resonates the best with you). Love and light to you..

jana said...

Could these space anomolies have something to do with ascension?

Plus, Germany and Hungary have Just put out a directive that their citizens should stockpile food and water.

Buddhist Lady said...

Jana--those space anomalies are cool. Reminds me of the Universe/Earth being characterized as a living, breathing organism(s). Very cool.

I've recently bought a device which uses scalar waves and ORMUS ("Scalar waves are a type of quantum physical energy composed of faster-than-light energy known as tachyons that can have beneficial and even healing effects on living organisms. ORMUS, or ORMES, is an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, in essence platinum group minerals that can exist as superconductors with very unique properties.") to help sleep better. I love it. I only wish I could sleep as much as I want each day. (Sigh.) The first night I knew that I had solidly reconnected with my higher self (as experienced in the QHHT reading). Really weird.

I don't fear Russia or China or conventional war. Watch out for scalar wave-directed energy weapons. In the article entitled (I can't seem to get my HTML accepted anymore) "China Tianjin Explosion Was Caused By Pentagon ‘Rod Of God’ Space Weapon Strike, According To Conspiracy Theorists," wherein, a year ago, Tianjin experienced a enormous blast from nowhere with some writers proposing a "Rod of God" weapon ("The alleged space-based “Rod of God” weapon allows the U.S. military to take out any land-based target from high orbit."). Google the explosion. People captured the blast on cell phones. Weird...definitely weird. Rod of God? Hmmmm. I wonder what a directed energy weapon blast looks like.

Anonymous said...


I am still new to meditation and it is sporadic for me while I try to incorporate a routine that works.

Wanted to know if you could explain the itch in regards to meditation?

Near my tail bone and above my eyebrows in center of forehead after practicing meditation for a week morning and night I woke up one morning with a itch that stayed for 3 days.
If it is related to meditation,why is it a symptom and what do I do with it?


joy said...

To Erin Cook,
May I,.....?
itch, twitching, monkeybrain blabbering...during meditation..?
TELL the itch TO LEAVE. then,...ASK YOUR SPIRIT to MAKE IT HAPPEN.It will leave.
Your body is NOT disciplined. It will start doing things when in new situation.
before meditating, talk to your monkey brain...STOP BLABBERING.It will.
Before meditation...tell ur body to stop itching and twerking during meditation.
It will.
Before meditation,..ask spirit to let u kno when you have reached THETA CPS.
It will yank your arm, a leg or your neck, or whatever part .
Remember the FEELING of being in THETA CPS. This is where u can make a short cut.
Before going into meditation, have something to ask. You will get the answer right there, or during your down time during the day.You can ask money,healing, info on how to have a successful business,reincarnational selves, info on anything, like how to shift a bad situation you're in. :)

joy said...

OK, what I'm going to say about ascension is information only. I have focused on this subject and gotten these info during meditation-contemplation.

Ascension is a movement from physicality(material) to NON-Physicality (Spirit).




There is nothing new, nothing more to learn under the sun, and we,
(in the spirit level) decided to end this virtual reality, called Earth experiences thru ascension. PRIME CREATOR IS IN CHARGE OF THese ASCENSIONS. We are aspects of PRIME CREATOR.

our first leg ascension is TO the High Astral Plane.It seems the whole physical universe will transition from being physical to semi-etheric -crystalline. The 3DMatrix is going to dissolve. This is going to happen in what many call ,...3DAY DARKNESS, called THE EVENT.. When we wake up from this 3Days of DARKNESS, everything physical will have become crystalline.Your lightbodies will come on line(all your psychic/avatar abilities will come on line), and all your limitation/separation patterns will dissolve...You will vibrate unconditional love, delight and gratitude.

Many will die and will not ascend here in this reality,
you will see and enjoy the company of your loved ones in the 4th D high astral plane. Everyone will ascend, if they die here, they will ascend in one of the billions of parallel realities we all go thru, where they have returned to ONEness. . The bad guys,will have returned to ONEness in other lifetimes, in other parallel realities.
PRIME CREATOR synchronizes every single bit of situation in all parallels so this will be a smooth and delightful transition.
Your pets' devic consciousness have agreed to ascend with you, since they never split from ONEness.

The second leg of our ascension is 5D. Our 4D crystalline non-physical , mental-emotional bodies will metamorphose into a DOUBLE TETRAHEDRON Merkabah. Basically, we will have no more bodies. We are "THOUGHT" or "CONSCIOUSNESS" that can create anything. Our MERKABAH is the CHARIOT OF FIRE,... our vehicle to roam around in all the "mansion worlds of Light".

So, for whatever is worth, NOT to worry about this chaos sweeping Earth these days.
We're almost there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy

Thank you for the reply

No twitching, no monkey brain. Just a buzz, itch best I can describe.

I need some structure around meditation but there is so much info I was freestylin until the buzz itch started . I actual have not meditated since. trying to figure out what to do with the buzz when it comes back.

only advice I got was when it started in my forehead woman said I was not grounding enough. spending to much time on upper chakra's she showed me how to ground better during meditation then the buzz, itch started near my tail bone . So I am not sure she was correct. Just thought if it meant something . Which I think it does . Like a step in the next direction but would like to know more about it .

Buddhist Lady said...

Hmmmmmm. never know what you'll find on the internet. Example of a directed energy attack and explosion, according to the videographer.

Directed Energy Explosion?

The pixs with black smoke and debris are traditional weapons; the bright beam with no smoke or debris is directed energy.

Listened to part of Simon Parkes' video this morn (thxs Dada-Sea-Sponge) wherein he enumerates three weapon platforms the U.S. has in space: (1) traditional nuclear weapons; (2) plasma or energy beam (perhaps the directed energy strike above); and (3) the kinetic round weapon or the Rod-of-God I referenced above.

Here is what experiencing a kinetic or directed energy weapon may feel like, The subsidiary very, very much smaller explosions would have been the small explosives the Chinese government said was housed in the building.

Always remember that by praying, meditating, chanting, humming, or simply sending healing thoughts, you retain all the power. Never doubt this thought for a minute.

joy said...

Dear Erin Crook,

Just tell the buzz and itch to scat. Ask your Spirit to do it. Make it happen.
Trust. It will.

I have heard thousands of times that we humans should ground into and deposit our negative energies into Earth from the sacral chakra.

I have never done that. The reason is that Earth mother , Gaia, have been abused and all kinds of negative energies were drummed into her that she is barely surviving.I wasn't going to add any insult to her injury.

About the only grounding that I do is to walk barefoot on the beach for 30 minutes a day, without the intent of giving her any negative energies. I suggest INTEND to GROUND in your SPIRIT. ASK , it is given.

Our physical body has a consciousness of it's own. It is pegged in the NOW moment.
Our Mental body has a consciousness of its own. It is pegged in the future.
Our emotional body has a consciousness of its is pegged on the past.
The average guy is never HOME.

When you meditate, all these bodies' different consciousness will start to merge into ONE you go from Beta to Alpha to THETA.(brain frequencies)

Your non-physical self will take charge in aligning and merging these different frequencies , and IT will notify you physically, nudge you when done.

As I said earlier, these bodies actually do not know what you wish to accomplish when you start meditating. LET THEM KNOW. Trust that your SPIRIT will assist them in integrating.

Now, regarding CHAKRAS. As you continue to meditate regularly, your chakras are going to align and unify, compliments of your SPIRIT. Many long term meditators' chakras appear to be a pole of light , from the sacral to the crown, instead of the usual.. different vortices of light.. Some call this.......the PRANIC TUBE. When this happens,...your pictures of reality will change, because you are now accessing many planes of existence. You see, CHAKRAS are LENSES by which we view reality.These realities are called PLANES OF EXISTENCE. The fist 3 lower chakras are programmed for the plane involving TERRITORIALITY, PROCREATION AND ENEMY PATTERNING (survival of the fittest, ownership of land, ppl, slaves, women ,and all resources). THE UPPER 3 CHAKRAS ARE SPIRITUAL and the 4th chakra is the helm., the go-between like a boat's stabilizer. This is the reason ppl go to the mountains and become hermits. As they reside in the Upper chakras, they recognize the illusory nature of the plane involving the first 3 chakras,and as Spiritual beings, they lose the desire to become millionnaires.

Then............Your Spirit will fit u with your ASCENSION POLE. A scalar pole of energy that runs thru ur PRANIC POLE.....and your aura will look crystalline.

Domestic Goddess said...

You captured my sentiments. I too have been on the path but everytime I progress, I get pushed down again with yet another challenge. I've been trying to get back into meditation but I feel blocked... same as you as of something is trying to shut me down and stop me
I usually use my crystals to help me in everyday situations but even that I can't bring myself to do.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. Lots of info here.

I too sometimes feel blocked, and when that happens I first look at what I have been eating (really focus on a clean diet) and drink lots of water. I also try to ground with nature (a barefoot walk outside is very therapeutic and works almost instantly). :-)