Friday, August 5, 2016

Five for Friday #38

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and welcome to Five for Friday #38.

Image #1: A Bite o'the Sun
This is the recent partial eclipse. Is that an ATMOSPHERE we’re seeing at the moon’s edge? Or something else?

What Lynn Saw
I get that the moon has this little left-right wobble to it, and this is just the camera catching this motion.

Image #2: Bit-o-Mercury
Mercury has an unusually fast orbit. Like Da-da, it must be extraordinarily dense. What’s its story?

What Lynn Saw
I get that it is extra dense. Compared to the earth, it's mostly all core. I also feel like it's speeding up. [Where did the core come from? A star?] I want to say it's made of some type of ore which has a foul sulfur undertone to it. I don't see it as a star, but more like a gigantic comet that got stuck in our system and the sun's gravity captured it.

Image #3: Tunnel City
These are allegedly prehistoric tunnels that have been found crisscrossing Europe. What beings used each size doorway?

What Lynn Saw
The taller walkway was for humans; it was used by soldiers, mostly, trying to stay out of the elements. The tunnels only feel a couple hundred years old. The smaller tunnels were for water, it seems, not beings.

Image #4: Blue Skies on… Mars?
Ok… is this really Mars? It's being pawned off as such. Does Mars have a blue sky? I have my doubts.

What Lynn Saw
I see Mars as red or at least reddish; I get there's a lot of iron in the soil and dust in the atmosphere. This is either a Photoshop of Mars, or not Mars (I feel the latter).

Image #5: Miami Skies
Recent pic of something above Miami Airport. Rocket exhaust test?

What Lynn Saw
I get the military was doing some kind of fuel test, and this was NOT supposed to happen. The military is trying to find something more lightweight for longer and faster space travel.

And that’s it. Join us in a fortnight for episode #39!


A Man Called Da-da said...

We actually went through ten other pics that were all fakes! Annoying.

The enlightened one said...

Can we expect to see some more strange creatures? I loved the reading on the black winged bat-woman.

Raymond G said...

So, Mercury is a captured comet?
That's interesting.
I love learning about space. I wonder what other secrets it's keeping from us ?

Thanks, Lynn

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the readings. Have an awesome day...

Robert Schoen said...

You should have included the fakes! It's just as interesting knowing what is doctored which is helpful in developing a more discerning eye.

Joao Gomes said...

Thank you Lynn, very intresting!

siketa said...


Hannon said...

@dada and Lynn, maybe you can do a blooper post with the fakes? You must have lists by now :-)

Joao Gomes said...

@ "the enlightened one" (pay attention to race 7)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I like the idea of a blooper post. Sometimes they are great and other times you think they are going to be until you tap into them. I have a lot of fun with this! Glad you guys enjoy it1

JJ said...

You can do a whole Five for Friday from just this one video alone from Secureteam. he's really good. Hope he and his family will stay safe.

John Casey said...

Very nice, as always. Thanks. I wonder what percentage of NASA/JPL photos of Mars are actually taken here on earth. And why use fake shots of Mars in the first place, if the US has robots with cameras? Does this mean the Mars landers never actually landed on Mars?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Factually, the fakes typically make me so mad, as they waste Lynn's and my time, that I delete them! I'll include them at bottom from now on, though.