Thursday, July 7, 2016

Random Short Q & A

Q. Hi Lynn.  Could you eventually comment on this too plz? A celestial phenomenon over the German city of Nuremberg on April 14, 1561 was printed in an illustrated news notice.  Apparently, in 1561 a celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg was seen.  It was a mass sighting of unidentified flying objects.  The link contains a contemporary drawing (film material for videos was very expensive then... ;) )
A. I do get a fleet of ships flew over Nuremberg, and many people did see just that.  Back then seeing flying machines were hard to discount, and even though excuses were made trying to influence people into thinking they didn't see what they knew they saw, people knew there was something going on in the sky.  

What these people witnessed appears to be some kind of an ET battle between a species (and I hear the term) called the "Nordics" and another species that I can't quite see (they feel weak, and they look to have been defeated).  The Nordics feel very strong and powerful .  They look to have a special connection to Europe and the well being of people there.  It feels as if much of the ancestry of people in that geographic area root back to the Nordics.  I also get that many years later they even helped to influence human leadership in Germany with regards to technology and success. 

Q. Hi Lynn,  I found this in a news article and would like to know what you think about it.  "Don’t have sex before marriage!  It was drilled into my head that premarital sex was wrong because it would create soul ties between me and all the people I had sex with. Almost like Voldemort whose soul split into seven pieces which attached themselves to every victim he killed, creating horcruxes."

A.  I see a lot of things emerging at the time the belief of sex before marriage came about.  Society wanted to control people so women weren't having children with multiple men. It was a way to know who the real father was since women ovulate at a different time of the month than they menstruate.  Many mammals bleed or go into "heat" when they are fertile, but women have the capability of hiding their fertile time, and marriage gave the man some insurance that he was indeed the father.  This helped the man to strengthen his obligation and was also important for lineage purposes (kings, leaders, etc).  The church reinforced this ideal by (in some religions) shaming sex and teaching that the purpose was only for procreation. 

It is true that sex bonds people at the root chakra and you do share each others energy.  It can be a positive, bonding and spiritual experience or it can be negative. It really depends on the partner and your intent (Is it mutual? Are you doing it to share each other? Are there negative emotions tied to it?)

Sex before marriage is a personal decision. From a universal standpoint, there are no "rules" as long as you are not causing harm (emotional, physical, psychological  or spiritual) to the partners involved.  Rules of who, why and when are based on society, cultural and religious views.

Q. Dear Lynn, Could you do a reading on how a real psychic power is acquired? Could this gift be passed down in a simple physical touch by a psychic person who strongly will and focus on it or be intentionally given to another "un-gifted" person who resonates or radiates "the right frequency" seen in an aura.  

A.  I first want to say the term "psychic power" feels very off.  I am being nudged to correct this to say "psychic ability or psychic intuition."  The term "power" leads to an emotion of ego, whereas ability or intuition feels more humbling and incorporates gratitude (which is extremely important when doing spiritual based work).  I am hearing a lesson that our language and word choice is very important because it ties to a specific vibration.

Psychic abilities aren't passed from human to human, but rather reside in all humans and need to be awakened.  We are all born with gifts, but some people have an easier time tapping into them.  People that have discovered how to use their abilities can lend advice, teach and mentor someone else, but they can't transfer their gift.

One of the best ways to awaken this gift or become more in tune to it, is by meditating.  There are many great guided and unguided meditations on YouTube.  Just remember to set protection, form your intent (maybe you would like to develop a clear clairvoyance), and enjoy your meditation. When you are done, be patient and allow things to develop.  Don't forget to thank the Universe and show gratitude and your abilities strengthen.

Q. Hi Lynn, Can 2 blue eyed parents create brown eyed offspring? Genetically we are taught blue + blue = blue every time, but Is there some kind of exception to the rule and if so how and how rare? I became curious because there is a girl on Instagram who's parents both have blue eyes but she and all her siblings have brown, she says they are her bio parents, is this possible or is there more to the story she's not aware of?

A. It is possible (even though rare) to have two blue eyed parents and a brown eyed child.  Our eye color is determined by how much pigment we have (less is blue, more is brown). We each have two sets of genes that control eye color, and occasionally we have a "broken or incomplete gene in the pairing."  If you have an incomplete dominant brown gene paired with a recessive blue gene (that is complete) you get blue eyes.  This looks like this is what happened to both parents in this story (giving them both blue eyes).    When they had children both incomplete (but still dominant) brown genes paired, giving their offspring brown eyes. 

[Science or gene experts please correct me in the comments if you know the true science behind this .  This was my take from a psychic perspective based on what I was shown].

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


scorpio said...

Did the Nordics create European/Whites? There were 2 different mass extinctions of Europeans before the ones that came to that area 7000 years ago. Are they related to that at all? Some kind of experimentation?

Raymond G said...

I have had the same question about psychic development as well. I wish it was easier. I have tried numerous meditation videos and spent a week at The Monroe Institute to learn. I have had some interesting experiences but I have not been able to reach my Guides at Will, like other gifted people. I wonder if monks or other groups that have a long history of meditation, have knowledge of specific meditations or rituals that are better to use than others? Something they are not sharing with the rest of us. When people have an NDE or a bump on the head what occurs that allows them to suddenly become psychic? It has to be something simple.

Ryno said...

@Raymond G: I think it is so hard to have psychic abilities because when they created our current human form, they made sure to limit our abilities and intuition. But, they sure did make it easy to be influenced and programmable! Nice beings, huh?!?1

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You so much Lynn! (Y)

Chatty Cathy said...

Hi Lynn - About the Nordics and their connection to Europe... I often wonder about the European royals and how they went to India, Europe, Africa with the sole purpose of staking their claim on those populated lands, subjugating the people and enslaving the populations to work. I ponder how those Europeans knew they were more technologically advanced with ships and weapons to be able to subdue the native people all over the world. There was a lack of consciousness, empathy and respect for mankind there that does not seem human to me. I can't help but wonder if that sense of superiority over the native people in foreign lands originated from an ET source. Were the European royals instructed by ETs to go out and subdue the undiscovered nations of the world? Is there any connection to the major religious events in Europe and the Biblical promise of a new heaven and new Earth (undiscovered lands?) to those who were loyal to God?

Chatty Cathy said...

To clarify, I'm wondering if the biblical "new Earth" was the New World? (With the translation for earth and world being the same.)

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you for the awesome readings... Psychic abilities, my second magic/magick teacher always told me everyone has three gifts. You just have to figure out what they are. I have figured out one of them I think and I practice it. With all the distractions in life I feel I don't use it enough. So that is my fault for not having the proper amount of disaplin. Direction, Vision, Focus, Disaplin, and Avoidance of Distractions equal success. Then their is Posative intent, Dismiss the negative, Everybody matters, Have faith in abilities and Always go for the greater good. (I learned the Then their is here part here) So yes I payed attention to Lynn and a few others. I should combined the two someday... @Lynn, Any idea what happens if and when the Cabal goes down??? Is their going to be marshal law, economic issues, war lords, or tranquility. A lot of the senarios that play out are not so great.

earth2edie said...

@Mark Noeth - I'd like to help out by posting a website link that may begin to answer your question about when the Cabal goes down.

There is much planning going into this situation. The "Positive Military" is involved, and has a hand in it. That is also a VAST subject. Let me just put more links, because this subject is being hotly contested right now.

Do you know what the Sovereign Movement is about, Mark? This Michigan Assembly is part of it. Just recently, General Dunford has announced a New United States Republic has been chartered, to replace the bankrupt USA Corporation posing as our government. Here are two websites with more info on that:

The Ascension with Earth website is not easy to navigate, as far as I can tell. No way to search for articles. These are the only websites I can think of right now.

Found this one, it's easier to navigate:

One of the problems this world has right now is not many have a plan for a new way of living that is well thought out IN DETAIL. The majority of society doesn't envision another way of being because they cannot IMAGINE IT.

Think about what changes you would like to see, Mark. If you have some ideas, don't be silent. Contact websites and let them know. In an ideal society, EVERYONE MATTERS!

Ryno said...

Off topic, but Lynn was right about sensing that they were going to try and start race wars this summer and just look at what has happened the past couple of days! There has got to be more we can do to stop or slow down this crap. The battle between good vs. evil is here now and E.T.'s aint coming.

They Live said...

Appreciations for this reading 😊 Which E.T. groups mingled/influenced which ethnic groups? Nordic= Europe from your reading, who mingled/influenced Africans, Indians, Natives etc. It is said we all (as humans) have a reptilian part of the brain, how did this occur and do different ethnic groups have pure reptilian blood lines or just one in particular?
Many, many thanks!

They Live said...

Also, what's with people throwing up the horn hand sign/devil horns? Is that a shout out to the reptilians or some other meaning?
I thank you immensely for answering any questions I asked, I truly was on a roll 😃

Hannon said...

The Northeren Pagan tradition, teaches that the people are decended from the Gods. Even placingthe Mordic God Heimdallr, as a sort of engineer, well the sagas say he would lie between two spouses, but I'm guessing the original meaning was lost, or even bastardized by the Church later on. It even says he made a few bloopers until he got it correct. Anyway, when are the Nords going to come pick up their kin folk, and give us a ride to some other planet? It's kind rude to just leave us here :-)

Hannon said...

Mordic??? Auto spell didn't catch that :-)

Carlene said...

I have been curious about eye color as well and this research surprised me--what I learned in college was not quite right:

Me too said...

Check the Stanford site for genetics, very interesting questions answered.

joy said...

Re: Sex and Spiritual growth.

I read in Barbara Marciniak's book BRINGERS OF THE DAWN that our DNAs are a cosmic library of our adventures since we left ONENESS. Now, some of those who mean to control us,....CAN read these information, and so it is their prime objective to get a goodly sample of our DNAs. That they can easily obtain our DNAs thru sex.

There was a story about the goddess INNANA,the sister and arch enemy of that infamous MARDUK. They are ANNUNAKIs. She had sex with her doctor in Pleiades, during one of her visit for gynecological exam. Her doctor then stole the info from her DNA because he wanted to augment the healing abilities of his patients. When Marduk exploded several atomic bombs on Innana, she was torn into shreds. They flew her to Pleiades and placed her in their regenerating chamber, but she could not regenerate. Her healing ability was gone. Stolen. They have to euthanize her.

Later on,I mean in our time,... scientists found out that DNAs are quantum computers, hologramic, multidimensional... and have this innate ability to talk to one another, even at great distances, like thousands of miles away. DNAs share information, like they are ONE and the SAME.

So, if you are on a spiritual path and your DNAs are not all that strong...I mean NOT packed with higher frequencies of light,..and your sex partner,say is somebody susceptible to the possession of dark entities,like with a are in trouble and you don't even know it.

With this knowledge in mind, if you have amassed a good light frequency in your DNAs and you had sex with a bad gal, chances are that you will INFECT her DNAs with light and this will result in the desolution of the dark energies and murky programs in her DNAs. In a way, you have claimed her to the Light. Nah,...I wouldn't tempt disaster..

Here's an english lord's description of sex...the price is exorbitant, the pleasure transitory, and the position ridiculous. :)

joy said...

I say to myself..."The best thing you can do is not to get involved".
Hehhh, good advise. I'm guilty..!
Sometimes, I'm enraged, at times, it is a source of entertainment...!
Anyway, I've been following these criminal activities of the cabal since when...although I firmly believe, and that this belief is in my DNAs,.. that I'm in another timeline and that all these dire predictions are going to happen BECAUSE IT IS A CONSENSUAL REALITY,...,and I do not consensual with that an english word..? IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN here IN MY TIMELINE.

TIMELINES...this is how I see timelines..
We exist in one reality called parallel earth reality.
However, there are godzillion other parallel earth realities cycling with us in the multidimensional level of time ...which is NO-TIME or NOW. In this level, there is NO PAST, NO FUTURE, just PRESENT, NOW. There are time travellers who have gone into the future, so they conclude, but those are strictly NOT future, but NOW. I guess this is the point of view of our Creator.
According to where we have stationed ourselves in this parallel reality, we also move in and out of other parallel realities, as the normal events of our lives. makes everything interesting.
When you become aware of can actually choose the timeline you want to explore.

Hannon said...


The Russians have done some very interesting DNA science, using light frequencies. They have been putting your theory into actual scientific practice :-)

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments and all the great info!! I really enjoy the sharing that happens in the comments.

joy said...

Hannon, NOT my theory. I got these from my research readings... :)

Oh, this one I'm going to describe came from a spirit teacher that is no longer here.I mean she is not being channeled anymore.Her name is ARIEL Elohim, the twin ray of URIEL. They are the Elohim of POWER.The Els are the CREATOR-PORTION of ALL-THAT-IS. They create Universes, including all the programs that they want to explore in these universes.
She said that we have already WON this game, by "infecting" the bad guys or BAD T-SHIRT TEAM,.. with Light. It appears that when we incarnate into a certain race , the light in our DNAs "infect" this particular race all the way since the ancient beginning,...and when we marry and procreate, the light in our DNAs will also "infect"
all the genetic line. and like fire, it will consume all unlike itself.
Those that consciously refuse the light, they will basically become ill and insane. I like the information, but I haven't seen it blossom in real life. I mean, my relatives are just as demented and possessed as ever. Well, they think I'm crazy too.

Thank you, Lynn. You are wonderful and we all love you dearly.