Monday, June 6, 2016


Q. Hi Lynn, I was wondering if you could do a reading into how to protect yourself from evil spirits and, entities. Does salt really work? If so is there a proper way to protect yourself and home? What about the whole religious aspect? What really works? Thank you.
A. The single best thing you can do is have good positive intent and believe in yourself. if something that feels bad is around you, mentally tell it to leave and mentally visualize while light all around you.

If the spirit feels stubborn you can tell it to leave out loud, and with emotion.  They really do hear you.  Set limits and boundaries, and know that if something or an event happens you may have to reset them. 

Crystals, salt  and other things are good, but they just strengthen the intent that you already have.  Realize that you have power and control, and don't let fear enter your thoughts.

Also, be cautious if someone prays on your fears and wants to charge money for spells, crystals, etc to rid of an energy.  They only are strengthening intent because of your belief.  Know all the power comes from you, and your power is free.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


DivineLuxurySoap said...

Well said..... If we have a kind of religious belief system... you can protect your self by saying.."SCRAM" ... even with just your "life energy" which is plenty strong enough to kick most energies' butt. We are actually VERY very powerful. The system..tries..the best they can to make us feel small..and powerless. That is a "good try"...but it is slim pickings...they are so stupid to think we would fall for that.. usually these power people..are not the military they hire.. they are slimy. sleazy..squirmy..sickly..unloved..sicky.. unhappy. banker types (over inter bred and subjugated to inner family slavery and torture of soul and body)..... that nobody wife..etc.. real slime. They conjure up the fear scenes... that they would fear.."themselves"... So have no fear... A real.....military man would see you... and defend you.. so don't fear the .... scene writer of the fear-stories... they want control..... since in fact they have no control. They could..have control..if they would learn to love others...and be come friends with the universe..yes..then they may find happiness. So have no fear. No harm can come to you. Be happy. Much love.

joy said...

I wish to contribute.
First, you have to understand that these spirits are NOT REAL. They are paper mache
cut-outs, illusory entities.These were created by blackmagicians, who delight in molesting us...when they can. The real problems therefore are NOT these created demons but their creator.
Now, the reason these buggers can attack us when we are sleeping is because,...Ok, lets start with the Astral body...The astral body is a layer of soul that animates the physical body, and remains in stasis while we are awake. When we sleep, this body will leave the physical body and goes about in its ....whatever it wants to do. This astral body is made of plasma,coherent intelligent light, more like a superintelligent Mind, and is the one keeping our bodies in a fairly high state of vibration while we are awake. When this body leaves the physical, it leaves the physicl body with a mimimum frequency. THe physical body vibration drops...These in that frequency, we become available for diabolical interventions, per the Law of Magnetic Attraction.

If you want, you yourself can create a protective barrier around your sleeping body by using WHITE MAGIC. All of you have been doing this white magic every time you want something and visualize it in your minds eye. this science is called PSIONICS , google it and the instructions are fairly simple. Uncle Chuckie has a few suggestions. You can create a huge crystalline white sphere, program it to encase you and tell it to spin at the level of GAMMA ray speed all night long..... (I used to use the violet ray speed of light, but I think we have moved on to Gamma ray light frequency) then all you do is activate it with your attention and intent every 24 hours or so. Maybe you should start with the violet light ray frequency. Ask your Spirit.
Ask the highest level of your being,...SOURCE,. to protect you , your home, your pets..(be very specific) Write these down, and do this as a routine every night.

"SOURCE,...scan my physical body, my home, my pets, etc,... for the presence of demons, dark forces, aliens, boogies, elementals, thoughtforms, egregores, artificial constructs such as negative portals and spaceships.,(anything suspect) Seize and bind them and take them to the Dimension of Light and Love. Guard me and keep me safe while I sleep. Send me the angels of the I AM presence as my protectors."
This works for me, perfectly. in the beginning, just pretend that you can talk to the angels. They are there listening to you. I don't have to screech and growl at these bastards, but if i get provoked, I give it to them, no problem.
Remember, what you release on earth, it is released in heaven.
Remember to release the blackmagician.

hehhh.........3 nights ago, I forgot this routine.I sometimes get cocky and stoopid. Immediately, a dark entity blanketed me with a phyton-like grasp.It had long spikey fingers....eeeeuuu......! So, there I was, fully awake and unable to move.
ooooiiiii.........what to do..? the nerve...! nonsense.!
there I was, vituperating while in paralized state. Then.........I remembered to call SOURCE. "Seize and bind this bastard and take it to the dimension of Light and Love". Then I relaxed back to sleep. Before I was unconscious, this thingie, this Ooze dissolved....nothing to it.


Sue Farr said...

Thank you Lynn your common sense approach is easy to understand and appreciate.

Mark Noeth said...

Thank you so much for this reading... I struggle everyday to have posative intent and believe in my self. It is difficult with all the negativity and distractions. I would recommend something a little stronger for created Daemons or Egregores, but they are rare. Their are a few (under 20) that still exist from anchient times. I know their really dark and have grown in power over time, but some days I like the idea of the experiment to acuire their dwelling/statue/totem. It would just be a kewl find.

Brian Planton said...

Just tell 'evil' spirits to go away. Remember evil is a made up religion. We all have free will, hell does not exist except for those who create it.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I know this does sound simple but we sometimes need to remember that we do have the power.

joy said...

Hey, Mark Noeth,....Just remember....There is ONLY ONE CREATOR that made up all these.
On top of her desk in heaven, there is a huge sign.."THE BUCK STOPS HERE".

Mark Noeth said...

Hi Joy, I have no idea what you are saying. I'm not being rude or anything. I googled "lambast and the buck stops here." That didn't help. On a different site I had to have Disclosure and the awakening explained to me because I didn't get it. I'm new to all this, especially all this love and light. This was not what I was trained in at all, but seems like a good thing so I am pursuing it the best I can...

Buddhist Lady said...

The "trouble" with apparent simple remarks or concepts, is that, like a sudden insight or profound realization about ourselves while praying or meditating (or as a result of), many deep and subtle layers comprise the meaning and understanding of a simple word or concept. I believe that you approached the whole subject correctly, Lynn, by emphasizing and redirecting attention back to the concept of "having the power."

I remember a rather earth-shaking realization from my beginning Buddhist practice. I had had a problem, which was not severe but taxing and annoying, and at a certain point, the breakthrough felt as if the problem had suddenly been put under a microscope, that is, I could "see" the actual inner "workings" of the problem. I was rather dumbfounded.

Realizing that we have "the power" might well resemble this process. You can read the words, which is a good start, but you can also imagine and feel confident that you have a strength and power within that nothing and nobody can touch. Like using a microscope...which opens an unimaginable world filled with teeming life unknown to the naked eye. You had been handed, probably in high school biology, a rather nondescript, bland slide to put under the microscope. You put your eye to microscope, expecting nothing, only to find an incredible world of all sorts of swimming, moving organisms! How marvelous!!

Sometimes "you have the power" can be a wrap of concepts and words in your environment, and sometimes you can begin to understand that you are a powerful being with no beginning and no ending. You are a consciousness which does not end with death but continues into the universe and infinity. You are not small. You are not limited...although we are past masters of limiting ourselves while in 3D.

I read an interesting article this morning entitled A Wise Sage Reveals the Practical Truth About Your Third Eye. Please understand that I endorse no religion or practice; please use what works for your increase in understanding and self-growth. So...this Sage sez something similar:

“Intelligence is like a flashlight. If you flash it, it’ll just show you what’s in front. Knowledge is like a projector; if you switch it on, it projects its own story. Now, if you came with a flashlight and you flash it on these paintings here, you will see the paintings just the way they are. If you came with the projector, which also has light in it, and you turned it on; you don’t see the paintings. You will see something else, maybe Jackie Chan fighting. That’s the difference between knowledge and intelligence.”

He's actually very funny, too. Jackie Chan?????

So, Mark, imagine the projector is you yourself or, perhaps, your life. Flick on the projector and understanding "having the power" becomes a totally different concept. I think reading and enlarging your understanding, however you can, is developing the capability to "flick on" the projector.