Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Physical Incarnation

Q. When we choose to reincarnate how is our physical form defined? Do we choose to be blonde, brunette, tall or short? Is there a reason behind our physical appearance?
A.  We do choose everything about our incarnation before we are born.  We choose our parents, appearance even location,  In our spirit form we decide what we need to learn. We also have special gifts we bring to the table (some spiritual, some giving, natural leaders, teachers, healers, etc) and the universe helps you to align your gifts with who you've incarnated into.  If you follow your life path those gifts will present themselves and help you to work in the greater good.

It is also important to know that we will be all things in our various incarnations.  The only way to understand a concept or get the full meaning of an experience is through contrast.  If every day was sunny, you wouldn't understand what cloudy meant.  It doesn't mean cloudy is bad, it just means it is different than sunny.

Physical features help to enhance your 3D experience.  You may be tall in this life, and see he advantages and disadvantages of that life.  Therefore, in the next life you may be petite.  This helps to enhance your ability of empathy towards those different qualities and results in a deeper understanding.

Tall, short, blonde or brunette are features to enhance an experience.  In a spiritual sense they do not matter, but are tools to help create understanding and aid in your lessons.

And that is all I have.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

love it.....esp that last part....being white or black or yellow is not important in the Creator's eyes

Raymond G said...

If we are all children of One God, are we limited to reincarnating on Earth?
Or, do we incarnate on planets in other worlds as well?
Do Beings on other worlds reincarnate as well or are their souls more refined than ours and it is not necessary?

Thanks for your time Lynn.

They Live said...

Sweet 💕💕 I dreamt in my next life I looked like Kurt Cobain, I have a strong affinity for him 😄

A Fox said...

If we are all knowing as spirits and there's no time, all incarnations are right now and we always existed, how can there be something to learn or experience that we haven't yet, wouldn't that prove a before and after, a following of time? "Before" you understood the feelings of losing a child and "after".
Also WHY do we all feel the need to learn about all these ups & downs of a 3D incarnation..

joy said...

TO.......A Fox

RE: Why do we need to learn...? NO, we don't learn. We are not here to learn anything. A LIE or MISCONCEPTION.
Allow me to take a potshot...

We humans are strictly the experimental subjects. We are here to experience. WE are the laboratory monkies. As monkeys to be experimented upon, we don't learn when the researcher surgically removes one of our kidneys.

SOUL,an aspect of the DIVINE the ONE that learns from our the RESEARCHER. AS the researcher, he is looking for answers, and uses his lab monkeys (us)to provide the answers.He is the one that removes our kidneys and records all our reactions to it. In essence, this Universe is a cosmic laboratory.

NO, WE , at this point are NOT NOT ALL KNOWING SPIRIT. Another LIE, Another MISCONCEPTION. Can anyone here tell me if he is an all-knowing spirit in human suit..?

TRue, SPIRIT (not human) have always existed, and is inside and outside time and space. True that ALL-Knowing SPIRIT is inside our bodies, and running it efficiently,but SPIRIT , at this point is NOT us. A glaring example is that we get sick,SPIRIT inside our bodies DO NOT GET SICK..

We were created SEPARATE....We are the disposable tools by which SPIRIT works thru. SPIRIT IS IN NEED oF FEEDBACKS or MIRROR REFLECTIONS, so, it created a separate,
sentient, DUMB-DOWN entity and put this entity at a distance , shall I say, distanced HERSELF from hER carry on what sometimes we, humans call it nefarious, painful, stressful,deadly experiments. hehhh.................!!!!

This is so that , SPIRIT can carry on HER experiments, and come into all the answers to HER quest.THIS IS HOW SPIRIT BECOMES MORE AND MORE ALL-KNOWING thru us. Relax, SPIRIT claims these experiments on us are virtual, illusory and not -real, and that SHE and all of us are ONE....... duh...!.


Even after ascension, the physical personality and identity is peeled off and the human physical-mental-emotional bodies are transmuted to a double-tetrahedron Merkabah, the multidimensional vehicle (tool) of SPIRIT.

:) OUCH.

Alex said...
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Pernille said...

Simple and beautiful said Lynn. Thanks for that.
Joy – I see it a little differently. I see that Spirit allow parts of her/himself to enter the 3D experience (laboratory) to grow and add more stanzas to the profound symphony we all are a part of.

They Live said...

We and other entities are how God/Source/Universal Consciousness knows all and is present everywhere as we are the individual parts that make up God/Source/Spirit.

joy said...

Permille, I agree.
They Live, I agree.
I just said it differently.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. I too agree that the Universal consciousness / source is in all of us (that is how we connect to one another). I also get that the universe works through each and every one of us, we just have to allow it (that is where free will can allow us to do otherwise). Our physical features don't really matter in the spiritual sense, only in the 3D aspect to help us better understand the compassion tied to that characteristic.

Great comments. Thank you again.

Charlie the Tuna said...

That is just awesome, thanks Lynn.

Unknown said...

What happens when pre-life plans don't work out? I think some people just flounder along like actors who forgot their lines after they get up on stage, messing up other people's plans too as they go along.

Buddhist Lady said...

Thanks for saying Universal Consciousness, Lynn. I can't go with the appellation "God" because the term connotes too much anthropomorphic characteristics and boundaries. And, as many people always say, wars and so forth have been initiated in the name "of God." Actually, I can understand war. War simply involves the desire for and acquisition of land, resources, and consequent power...therefore mollifying the weak, fearful potential/actuality within the Human Condition of Mankind (I'm not justifying war). I don't understand the abject cruelty of torture (as you look a fellow human being in the eyes and slowly twist and destroy their body and consciousness), which, as we all know, has been committed in the name "of God."

I recently had a QHHT session and when the hypnotist asked where I was "in spirit," I could only answer that I (my consciousness) was literally everywhere in all time (felt as a "part" of The Whole upon reflection afterwards in trying to describe the experience). Tres cool.

Unknown, I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that when we dream at night in the Astral Planes, we're "dress rehearsing" scenes and scenarios in "life." And we do, indeed, change plans as "life" goes on because we are a Realm of Free Will in this quadrant of the Universe. So, "pre-life plans" do change--but you are doing so in concert with your "Higher Self"...which freaked me out in the QHHT because we always think the "Higher Self" is somewhere...well...higher and far away, but actually, it's right here. You. Now.

Me too said...

Thank you for this reading

Psychic said...

Here is a good question. If we reincarnate to learn stuff and experience thing, doesn't spirits already do that? I myself feel like I have experienced 80 percent of things in the universe and that is not because I remember my past life's but because I can imagine every situation and I can feel others so I can copy others experiences.

So the question is, isn't there easier ways to collect experiences than reincarnating?