Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Adams Callendar

Q. Thank You Lynn! These enigmatic round features called by some "Adams Callendar" are from South Africa. It is said that GPS devices fail to give correct coordinates while inside these stone spheres. Regular academics hypothesize they where used 400 yrs. ago to protect the cattle but what was its real purpose? 

A.  As I tune in i hear "they are maps, they created a mapping system with these rocks".  

I see that ET visitors came here and met with an ancient African civilization during that time. The visitors helped and the humans looked to take in the information with gratitude. i see the humans looking to these visitors and hanging on their every word.  The humans were a very captive audience.

I then see the visitors sharing their history with the humans, and part of that history was tied to where they were from. I see the humans building these under the visitors guidance much like some kind of intricate school project. 

I then focus on why the GPSs don't function, and I get that when these circles were constructed, there was a mini ceremony done in each one as they were completed. The ceremony was to pay homage and honor their "home."  I see that if you dug in the middle of one of the circles, there is also a stone (like a crystal) in each one, and it was placed there at the time of the ceremony..  This crystal and ceremony effected the gravitational tug around the circle.

I can't hear the exact words, but there was a message about direction and true north coming from within, and that is why they muted the magnetic field.  After the fact humans would go to the circle to pray, meditate or even think.  I get that electronics in general don't work there, so these are very peaceful, spiritual places to go.

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you


Raymond G said...

The stones in the middle. Are they random quartz stones or are they special, charged stones like the ones from Atlantis or even the pyramids.

If you visited the place today and found one of these stones, would it have any special qualities to it ?

Thanks......BTW, I hope you are feeling better.

Hannon said...

@Raymond, michael tellinger has done a lot of work with these, and brought them to the attention of folks, via the internet. As far as I can tell by him, they have a certain ring or resonance to them, when he taps them with something. Kind of like a tuning fork.

Also, they are arranged in a similar shape as a magnetron tube, like from a microwave oven, or radar system. It's also hotter in the circles center, for seemingly no reason.

Hannon said...

Adam's calendar is a stone hedge type of thingy, in the same complex(a large portion of South Africa), but not exactly what's pictured.

Raymond G said...

Thanks Hannon, I remember when I saw this picture for the first time about a year ago, they said it was a corral for animals. I think they missed that one by a mile....no wait ! A light year! But, if that is a map, I wonder if someone with a critical eye could decipher what they were trying to illustrate the same way they have defined several crop circles. Or it may be too far gone for that.

Joao Gomes said...

Lynn thank you very much! Wow, that's amazing! I wish you further and quick recoery!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. This place feels like a beautiful place to visit. :-)

Hannon said...

@ Raymond

Lol, I've heard that one too. It takes a very big imagination, to believe that one. They don't have openings, and the walls are so short, the only thing they might be able to hold, is turtles.

Hannon said...


Most of the structures(tons of them, just like the one pictured) connected via stone walls of the same type of construction, over large areas and distances. Nobody really knows exactly what they were used for, but it looks like some kind of resonate energy collection and distribution grid, at least that's my guess. Viewing these from above, really shows these, to be a major project, they must of had a pretty good reason to expend that kind of effort.

Brian Planton said...

If you want to know what these are about, please go to gaia.com and get a subscription and watch the series from Michael Tellinger. Explains all about these. or any of his books.

Brian Planton said...

These pools were the beginning of life, where all life was created from here on Earth. WE do know why they were used, and we do know what for.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Brian: Thanks for the info. That is an interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing.