Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hidden Treasure Behind a Hidden Door

Q. In 1850 a farmer found this hidden door. What he sees inside astounds the whole world. Seemingly this 'village' was abandoned 2500 yrs ago? Who lived there? http://www.hefty.co/farmer-hidden-door 

A. When I tune into this, the first image I see is a very fair complected man that is somewhat short (around 5 feet tall).  I see red hair and a reddish rather long beard on him as well.  He is wearing a leather "kilt" looking piece of clothing, and a leather chest plate.  He also has leather boots that lace up the front.  

My impression is that this society originated in Ireland (I get an Irish presence), and they later migrated to England.  They were fishermen, and their diet and trade was based mainly on that.  I see them in well crafted boats, and hear they were like "Vikings on the water" (?).  They were also farmers.  I see them as peaceful (didn't go out looking for war), but knew how to defend themselves and fight if need be.  

I see in this society the men spent a large amount of time at sea, and the women stayed at home with the children and helped with the farming.  They set up the living quarters so women could help each other, but yet still have privacy.  I also get that a few men would stay home and to "guard and protect" the women, so this unique structure allowed for that to happen effectively.  If someone were in trouble, someone to be at their rescue quickly.  

I'm left with hearing the phrase that "it takes a village to raise a child" and this group of people very much believed in that philosophy. 

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynn for your clear readings on all of these different topics.

Jody Newkirk said...

Thank you Lynn, any thought as to what happened to the people here? Did they! Move to other areas?

John Casey said...

Nice reading, Lynn. I might be interesting to do a reading on Vikings and Norse people in North America. There is one publicly verified Norse site in North America (which somewhat resembled the village in the photo), and there is much speculation about how far they traveled and what they left behind, such as the Kensington Rune Stone.

Thanks for the reading.

Serene said...

Thank you Lynn (smile). From looking at the photo, the doors look pretty short...did they have to bend over to walk out? Or is it just that the photo was taken at an angle that makes it look shorter than it is?

Raymond G said...

2500 years ago, that would be about 500 BCE. I wonder if they knew about the Greeks and Romans? Christianity had not been introduced yet, but I wonder if they worshiped a god and what their daily lives were like ? Thanks Lynn.

kris said...

Interesting information Thank you Lynn

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the kind comments. This was a really interesting reading for me (away from some of the lower vibrational stuff).

i get that they all did migrate due to food issues and also this "bullying" feeling of groups around them. More and more men had to leave to find food, leaving the women vulnerable, and it was easier to align forces than try to stand alone.

They were short (almost like some kind of hobbits), and the living quarters didn't work well with there new alliances.