Friday, May 20, 2016

Five for Friday #34

by Lynn & Da-da
Hi all, and buckle up for Five for Friday #34, where mysteries go to become more mysterious. Here we go.

Image #1: That (Fake) Double Sun
Is this a real photo of the sun’s companion? If so, what’s going on right now?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that this is fake, but... this is instructive, as the real sun's companion kinda looks like this, but is much smaller; it's a quarter that size. It'll look further out, too, much farther from the sun."

Image #2: It's a Dry Heat
THIS… is the surface of Venus, as seen by a Soviet probe in the late ‘70s. Did Venus ever support life? Was it perhaps changed in its composition/orbit by that same force that knocked Mars to a different orbit and destroyed that planet between Mars and Earth? Are there any beings still living on Venus, somehow? Any ruins, bases? (It’s currently a balmy 900 degrees there and the pressure is 100 times greater than earth, crushing and burning everything into that flat burnt blah you see pictured.)
What Lynn Saw
 "I get that the solar system wasn't structured the way it is now. There was a time when all the planets were clumped together, the orbits much smaller. They were closer, but the orbits worked. However, I don't get that Venus ever supported life. Some ET crafts go to Venus, but they need a special protective shell, as the surface is very hostile. It's like it's angry, there. I don't see anyone ever being on Venus. No ruins or bases or anything."
Image #3: Yet Another Nazi Saucer Pic
This is apparently (another) Nazi flying saucer prototype, supported by a balloon this time. Real or fake?

What Lynn Saw
"This is real. It was one of the earliest prototypes. They still didn't have all the technical puzzle pieces at this point. It feels like a very old prototype."

Image #4: The Missing Cornerstone
This painting documents the laying of the first cornerstone for the White House, back in 1790… which vanished the next night (the stone, not the painting). Where is it today, and what’s its significance?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that a rebel group took it. I see them in white hoods, but it's not the KKK, I don't think (perhaps it's a group that pre-dates the KKK). They wanted to hide their identity. They felt that this government was trying to tell them how do things and they disagreed with that, and they took this symbol of everything they didn't like about this new country and put it on an altar somewhere in order to be anti-government. They left England to avoid this kind of thing and they didn't like where it was going." [Talk about timely.]

Image #5: The 'A' Word
This is part of a Mayan frieze from Tikal that was in the Berlin Museum till it was destroyed by allied bombers back in 1945. (Nice work, guys.) What is this artwork documenting? It looks like the fall of some civilization. Atlantic or Pacific?

What Lynn Saw
"I get that it's showing an earth event; things are crumbling, volcanoes are going off, earthquakes. The fish seen there on the bottom of the image is unlike any fish you've ever seen, so things have changed a lot over time. I see this as something to do with the Atlantic, on the Northeast coast of South America.
[Was it documenting a specific event? Can you get a name off the doomed island? And can you tell what the nearest country is to it by this map?  Was it... Atlantis??]

I want to say it *was* Atlantis [!], north of Brazil and east of Cayenne (French Guiana), located right at the 'O' in 'North Atlantic Ocean' on this map. That's it. O marks the spot. This frieze documented an enormous life-changing event. It was a constant catastrophe for days and days, and people were escaping this situation." [Hm. Could this be one of the reasons why Brazil is so important to the cabal?]


And that's it. Lynn and I get 10% of all treasures found. Join us Friday after next for episode #35!


Bee E-lightened said...

Such an adventure

Joao Gomes said...

Thank You Lynn, a short remark on the Atlantis post! Recent cientific paper confirms an old theory that earlier the Amazon river sent its waters into the Pacific ( Natives from a large island in the river's actual delta (closer to the location where Atlantis was, according to Lynn's post) have a distinct pottery art, including higly decorated small antropomorphic clay statues (check link below)! Is it eventually related to some kind of ancient memory of Atlantis or is this speculation too farfetched? (álogo%20Cerâmica%20Marajoara.pdf)Thanks!

Robert Schoen said...

I love the Mayan relief and how you were able to read the amazing story of the destruction of Atlantis from its depiction. There is so much we can learn from past art and earth artifacts, if only we can find the key to unlock their secrets.

I was recently in Berlin and Germany and so many of their museums were bombed in attacks by the West, with countless treasures lost, a form of cultural mendacity that robs us all. One of their best museums, Berlin's Pergamon, is undergoing a major renovation and their Greek art section was completely closed but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone in the USA to see many of their most beautiful works on loan to New York's Metropolitan Museum, in a show called "Pergamon" that will be in display until July. Highly recommend!

Rachel Banik said...

Hello Lynn,so which planets around us support life or supported in past?Thanks

John Casey said...

Great selection and great readings.

I wonder where the prototype saucer is now? How does the saucer in the photo compare, from a capability standpoint, to the secret space craft of today?

Ryno said...

Does the Mayan frieze reference the Great Deluge recorded by many of the world's religions and ancient traditions? Was it caused by an asteroid landing on Earth or something else that happened like during a war? Did it happen approximately 13,000 years ago (Younger Dryas)? I have heard that after the fall of Atlantis, humanity was so traumatized and this is when the Draco came and took advantage and offered their "deal."

Mark Noeth said...

Thanks for the readings...

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Bee: :-)

@Joao: Thanks for the info.

@Robert: It was interesting and felt intense. Thank you for the suggestion!

@Rachel: When I focus on that, Mars is the one that really jumps out at me. Others may have served at pit stops, but Mars actually had sustainable life on it.

@John: Things today are so much more nimble, can move quickly in any direction and most have a cloaking ability. I get the above craft has been destroyed and is no longer in use.

@Ryno: I also get that an asteroid came in and that is what caused the great flood, but this was something different. There were several earthquakes and volcanoes going off, and it gradually got worse and worst until it reached a point that people had to leave to survive. Didn't feel like one big asteroid, but rather several events leading up to it.

@Mark: You're welcome! :-)

EA RW said...

Did the nazi's had real intel or knowledge of flying saucers? Did they know of E.T. life? I watched some documentaries but it isn't guite being told. They went on expedition to antartica mainly the occult and paranormal division.
Just like the Horten 229 shows off how far ahead they were for their timeline.

scorpio said...

Lynn, what's the relationship between Brazilian indigenous people and people from Atlantis?

Joao Gomes said...

@scorpio! Great question!

Hannon said...

Awesome as usual!

Talk about Allied bombs, I can't even make it through the horror documented in this film, but it's a real eye opener if anybody is interested:

Raymond G said...

Thanks Lynn, I appreciate the time you spend on this blog.

Venus....If each planet has consciousness but on a level we can't comprehend; is each planet different from another? Does a hot planet like Venus have a different personality and vibration than something like Mars or a large, dark planet like Uranus and Neptune ?

If aliens really did aid the Nazis with flying saucer technology, why were they chosen and not a nation that was friendlier and have a better record of human rights like Britain or the U.S. ? Do you think it was given to them because they knew it would be used to hurt other people? Perhaps the aliens had ulterior motives.

Bee E-lightened said...

Maybe US abd Britain arent genuine⁉️

EA RW said...

Thank you Hannon for sharing. Really interesting to watch. It once again reveals another side of what is kept being hidden.

Mark Noeth said...

The saucer stuff could have come from the Vril Society. Their the ones that worked on the Bell, if it really existed. The story is awesome, the Vril women were mediums and contacted ETs. They translated the information received in ET language to German, made it usable to current technology, built the thing and started testing it. If it happened this just totally amazing and has never been repeated.

scorpio said...

@Raymond G,

If we go by mythological definition Venus (or Isis/Aphrodite), the namesake of the planet, was the goddess of love, passion and other things which gives a fiery persona. Her counterpart is the planet Mars.

Raymond G said...


Planets and the sun have consciousness on a level we don't understand yet. I wonder if the planets and the sun and moons ever ' talk' to each other...Or if that is stretching things too far?

My Picks said...

Today I came across a news article:

The part that disturbed me in that article, was how they noted how Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen.

They really are low vibration beings, rewarding each other for evil behavior. I hope more and more actors come out to bring these demented people to justice.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thanks again for the great comments. I see some interesting reading topics that deserve their own entry! I am so full of gratitude for all of you. :-)