Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Concerns All Over the World: Short Q & A

Q. Hi Lynn. love your work. I live in South Africa and in the last few weeks the violence in this country has been escalating at a frightening pace. Its not being shown on the international news platforms. Its disturbing to say the least. My country is going up in flames. who is behind all of this and why? Thank you.
A. I get that the PTB are destabalizing Africa in order to devalue the land so other countries can come in (save the day) and either invest or buy the land.  I see that the momentum of this really started to pick up when the Ebola scare came out, and it has escalated ever since.  I hear not to underestimate how many natural resources Africa has and there is hidden value there beyond belief, and countries like wealthy US investors want a piece of it.  As economies struggle, the real money will be in resources and assets, and the PTB are planning for that time.

Q. Lynn,  With the recent fires in Alberta, some people are speculating that this may have a connection to companies who want to mine the land for uranium, and that the fires *may* have been a deliberate attempt to remove people to make way for mining efforts. Is there any truth to this? Were the fires just a natural tragic event? Here is a link of one such speculation.
A. The first thing I hear is that "actions speak louder than words" and if you watch, I mean really watch what is happening you can an unusual approach to this situation.  I get in the earlier part of this, they refused Russian assistance because they (and I hear "those seeking the black gold") wanted the fire to take hold to where it would be harder to stop.  NOW, they allow assistance, whereas early on they weren't as proactive.

I get that Uranium may be present, but the real driving force is oil.  I hear the PTB would love to make Canada the "Saudi of the west."  They knew they wouldn't be allowed to destroy a natural forest, but if the forest is in ruin the land can be used for something else.  Then I hear again "wait and watch what really happens.."

Q. Hi Lynn, I have sent you a graph on messenger relating to the projected forecast of Australia's population in 2025. I found this on YouTube from the "Before it was News" site. I've chosen the graph for Australia, as I live in South Australia to be more specific, but all countries were listed.

The forecast for the Australian population will be decreased by (get this) 8.9 million. That population of Australia now stands at 23 million. Would you please do a reading on this, as this concerns me greatly, for obvious reasons. Is there anything I can prepare for? Will the PTB be successful with this agenda, if it is by their design, or are there other factors at play. Thank you sincerely for all you do...
A. I get that Australia is struggling with helping people by providing various forms of assistance and being able to afford these programs.  There is some imbalance occurring (and it feels economic) that will eventually cause an instability.  The "answer" is to have a radical change of some kind in which those that contribute are supported, and those that rely heavily on assistance have an abbreviated life.  

Then I am taken to various vaccines.  I get that there will be some mandatory vaccines to receive some benefits, and the vaccines are how they maintain "control."  I see a trend evolving that those requiring government help (and have to take the "required" vaccines) will have more issues with chronic illness, autoimmune diseases and cancer.  The statistics will play if off under other categories such as lifestyle, but the bigger category (that will be ignored) is who needs help versus who is contributing to the government in the form of taxes. 

Q. Can you please enlighten us on the Animas River toxic sludge spill. Was it done on purpose?
To add to the atrocity, what is the justification of sending OBVIOUSLY polluted water in tanks to the Navajo Nation? Frightening - where can anyone turn to anymore to get a quality of life when evidence points to the government willfully poisoning us? How is it that the legions of people working in government service can go along with this mounting insanity? Thank-you
A. I do get the EPA did this intentionally.  The spill got way more out of control than they originally thought, and they thought the toxicity level would be much less.  I hear this is a classic example of "creating a problem, and then charging the people to fix it while trying to become the hero."  

I also get that the EPA was under scrutiny by the government regarding budge allotments (and even talk of defunding the organization all together) so big people at the top of the EPA created "a necessity" for the organization.  (Sort of like "See you need us now..") Between government reallocations and tax dollars due to this disaster they were able to raise enough to keep the organization in force while even creating a buffer.

Q. Hi Lynn! please could you do a reading for these two stories coming from my local area of Kingston-upon-Hull, UK.  Please tell us what the heck is going on here and if they're connected,  if only to put people's minds at rest. There is a tale of this swimming "drain" having a dark energy living there, and recently a deceased man was just found there.

A. I do see dark energy tied to this "swimming drain," but the odd thing is that it looks to be "seasonally dark."  I see the darkness coming and going based on moon cycles and also seasonal changes.  It is like this area is caught up in a loop.  When I ask for clarification, I get that there was a lot of death (related to the building of this structure??) that occurred in that area many years ago, and the death (or culmination of the dark energy) occurred over the autumn / winter months.  This "dark feeling" comes over the land, but then leaves as if karma is tied to it, purges, but then comes back.  I also see the negativity can manifest as a beast or a paranormal experience.

As I focus on Steven Wallace, I do get he went to the swimming hole, but his fate was truly an accident.  He went there to "clear his mind" and was just walking and jumping around. Then, I get  when he was there, and injured himself (I see a broken ankle).  He didn't intentionally commit suicide, but rather fell, hurt himself, and he drowned.  Please take a minute to send love to his family..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Raymond G said...

I don't doubt that politicians and oil companies have ulterior motives for forest fires.
But, I'd rather import oil from Canada than the Middle East. Every barrel we produce locally, diminishes the influence of the Middle East and reduces our trade deficit.

chris said...

The mandatory vaccines are already in place in Australia. If you don't have your child vaccinated, your government benefits stop. It's frightening. Plus Daycare: you can't get into a daycare if the child is not vaccinated.

John Casey said...

This series makes me wonder whether the official world population, which is approximately 7.2 billion, is actually and deliberately inaccurate. Is it possible that the actual world population is lower and trending downward due to these "soft-kill" efforts, such as the vaccine regimes put out by various governments?

John Casey said...

The series also raises the question of "dominant free will" in maintaining the vast wall of secrecy and sociopathic behavior wielded by the PTW. Who does this dominant free will belong to? Humans, ETs, some other party?

Joao Gomes said...

Hi Lynn Thank You! May I ask a question regarding South America? It's about the Brazilian crisis: who will govern the land in the next 12 Months? Actual interim President Mr. Michel Temer sees the politician from his party (PMDB) involved in a trial that investigates corruption cases. This obviously weakens his government even more. Do you see a chance for Mrs. Dilma Roussef the impeached President to return to power? Thanks!

They Live said...

Wonderful, insightful readings as always ❤Who do the PTW consist of exactly, I know of the Black Nobility, The Commitee of Three Hundred, the list goes on but who are the key players? Are these people of reptilian blood line exclusively or a mixture of other E.T. and human blood lines as well? Who is at the very top of all this? One or more low vibrational spirit beings?
Many thanks 💕💕💕

c chavous said...

Yes I very much belive we should commit to always calling them the the PTW !

icqgirl 2 said...

A group meditation, please!

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

I agree I need to set up another group meditation. There is a lot of pain going on in the world right now.

That is a good point to call them PTW. Anything else just gives them current power. I will be mindful of that and I appreciate you calling it out.

Thanks for the comments, and lots to think on. :-)

Hannon said...

Concerning the Australia vaccine thing, wouldn't it be more humane for humanity to institute Eugenics based population control(sterilization after one child for lesser fit people) and prevent our nations from breeding large dependent under classes, rather than give innocent people horrible sicknesses and/or killing them? If they can't afford to care for them now, I hate to see when those medical bills come in.