Thursday, April 21, 2016


Q. Hi Lynn! I was wondering if you could focus on humans with superpowers? I know it sounds silly bit I've always wondered if there were actual people around the world who have abilities that can immediately effect the world around them rather than casting a spell. For example, are there people that are able to levitate, teleport, or fly at will? If so, how much energy would that take?
A. There are people around the world with varying degrees of skills and abilities.  Some of these abilities require some type of action being done by the person, but most seem to happen spontaneously.  The spontaneous abilities are hard to replicate or force, they seem to happen at will.

The first image I see is a person and they are meditating.  They are laying on their back, relaxed and focused on ridding their body of all negativity.  They begin to visualize the negative energy leaving their body, and then this large pool of energy begins to build in the solar plexus area.  With one exhale, the energy escapes upward and outward and at that very moment the person levitated a few inches off of the couch.  They don't know how they did it, or how to replicate it, but the possess the ability.  It required no extra energy, was just a typical meditation, but the connection to the Universal Source was very intense. 

This may not be a "true" superpower, but I now see a person experiencing a "time slip" which is a form of a space / time jump.  This too isn't intentional, but happens. It doesn't require extra energy, but the person is surrounded by a circumstance that allows their reality to change or a timeline to jump.  It is as if a majority remembers and experiences something different than the person in question.  For example, there may be ten people in a group and they have an intense conversation.  The next day one of the group members says "they weren't there during the discussion, and have no idea what everyone is talking about."  It was as if their reality changed, they had a "blip" and jumped to a different timeline.

It looks like the beings that are able to fly or teleport under their control are actually either a hybrid ET / human, or a pure ET in nature.  I cannot see a human having the intentional ability (with the exception of astral experiences).  I get an image of a being shape shifting into something else in order to begin flying or to be able to teleport.  I hear that humans (in our 3D reality) are not able to shape shift into the necessary physical form.

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


samferina said...

Doesn't Stan Lee have a show about this

Ralib Allen said...

Thank you this was very helpful. I think its pretty cool what humans are able to do if they just realize their full potential. I do think most of it is because our DNA and full potential has been blocked by the PTB as well

Robert Schoen said...

i'm going to try the negative energy expulsion meditation even if i don't levitate. sounds like a great practice for anyone.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@samferina: I think Stan Lee does. I have heard of it (maybe you can find it on YouTube??)

@Ralib: :-)

@Robert: I think you would enjoy the freeing feeling! :-)

michael smith said...

Why do I keep having dreams I can fly or move stuff with my mind