Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Japan's Recent Earthquake

Q. Hi Lynn, Japan was hit by two earthquakes this past week. The second one was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the Japanese city of Fukuoka. Soon afterwards, foam started to fill the streets of the city. Any idea what this foam is? Also, there was a large earthquake in Ecuador as well. Are these earthquake clusters related? Thanks!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3543665/Mysterious-foam-fills-streets-Japanese-city-wake-country-s-second-deadly-earthquake.html
A. When I tune into this I get that the PTB have been working with HAARP and testing different scenarios. I see that during the time frame of the US Republican National Convention there will be some kind of false flag (but not on US soil).  The PTB are ramping up for this, and in the planning process these two major earthquakes were caused.  I actually see several earthquakes occurring in a relatively close time frame, but they look to be much smaller.

As I look at this "mystery foam" I hear the word "ocean scum."  I get that when these earthquakes occurred there was also a disturbance in the nearby ocean waters.  The pollution and chemicals that reside in the waters were sort of "churned up" and created this foam.  I also see that some city sewers backed up and some road ways flooded.  As the water receded, the foam was left behind.  

I see this foam being slightly toxic, and get that if you touched it, the foam would leave a slightly slimy texture on your hands.  I also get it will need to be manually cleaned up, as this won't break down by natural means. 

And that is all I have for this reading. Thank you.  Love and light-


Bee E-lightened said...

Mother nature/rid will rid us before we destroy her

Ryno said...

"She" is too patient and loves us unconditionally (maybe one could even say too much to a point of being unhealthy for her) to ever get rid of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

Are the volcano's going active,months worth of rain (15 inches)over night in Texas and the snow in Colorado in April all natural or also enticed by these people?

Thank you .

Bee E-lightened said...

Nature wont be able to keep up with the pollution and drilling etc....we will perish before she does

Vegan Ricky said...

I don't know what which is going first, Germany or Japan. =/

sarah said...
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Mark Noeth said...

Good reading, didn't know about the foam. Lets hope they don't get another reactor leaking...

Joao Gomes said...

About the recent mega EQ on the American continent dare one ask thae possible causes?
Ecuador (a small country which uses US Dollar as currency) has a socialist president who defies USA and UK (Wikileaks's Mr. Assange sits in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London).
Is there a chance that this very shallow EQ next to the countries cost ist related to HAARP?
Thank You Lynn!

Amy Ahlskog said...

Yes, please Lynn. Do a reading on what disasters to expect in North America this year!

Mike Farley said...

@ vegan ricky
Well Japan will go first as it is sinking at an incredible rate.
@ B-enlightened,
We won't perish and the earth will not parish. We are at the tip of our learning point. From this year and out we will start seeing more change as people are coming forward each day to either blow the whistle or assist. The more i open my eyes and look around i find myself amazed. I see the little domino effects going on. Its amazing more people don't see it. There will never EVER be a time where everyone on earth parishes and i can say for SURE that the earth surely will not parish.
Things are working out the way it should, at a quantum level of course. Who or what governs the quantum level? All i know is no matter how bad it starts looking, look at how many people are waking up! Look at the increased awareness happening around the world at light speed.
"They" want you to think all is over and we or the earth will parish but its nothing but deception and lies or manipulation.
Look at the new discoveries (ones allowed to be seen, for now*) look at the Schumann resonance and how much it has increased and accelerated! We nor the earth will never parish but only the OPPOSITE!
Becaues of this, i look forward to every morning after i wake from my nightly travels. Each day is a blessing that we each work for even if its on a subconscious level. Always remember life is wonderful and a blessing and each day we are improving rather than perishing. The earth is expanding, her frequency is increasing by hundreds of years worth if not more! All in a couple years or less!! There's a plan for this! No Gaia is perishing before us and none of its awakening inhabitants are perishing any time soon. Its acwonderful time to be alive, so full of mystery and surprise as well as the impossible but here it is happening right now. I know im not the only one who feels this coming!
Oops i wrote too much,
Have a wonderful day! Those of you who have not yet; OPEN YOUR EYES AND PAY ATTENTION AND DO NOT BE DISTRACTED ! :)

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn. I had supposed that the Empire would feel forced to use some of theor exotic weapons systems soon in a "beggar they neighbor" effort to stay on top of the heap, even as the heap collapses. I guessed they would go with a bioweapon "leak" but now it seems the earthquake will be the weapon of choice.

I wonder if the recent earthquake weapon use in Japan and Equador are feints, and the actual large-scale attack will happen somewhere else?

I also wonder whether the Fukushima meltdowns were unanticipated side effects in that attack, or if they were intended?

Any chance these folk's effort could be stopped or mitigated?

Joao Gomes said...

Overnight a new shallow EQ(6.2) hit the coast of the batterred South American Country! (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-36089792). Thanks Lynn!

John Casey said...

A follow-up thought: Certainly Russia and China know that this attack, or another similarly disruptive attack, is being plotted and worked out. Are they powerless to prevent it, or are they uninterested in preventing it?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you for the comments. Some have definitely sparked ideas for new readings.

@John: They aren't powerless. In fact, they are plotted their defense, but in a different (more passive / aggressive economic) way.

Anonymous said...

geoengineering and weather modification long patents list speaks for itself

Buddhist Lady said...

@Joao...wow. I've been traveling and loosely aware of news. You, my friend, just may be right. I totally forgot that Julian Assange is still housed in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. From your link:

"In the last couple of days at least 17 earthquakes of above 4.0 on the Richter Scale, have clobbered the Ecuadorian coast. The most powerful of course being the 7.8, unfortunately the damage caused in the primary event left buildings and bridges structurally unsafe, subsequent movement are bringing down these damaged areas. There is literally no respite for the people...."

Maybe the destruction was not as widespread as the purveyors/users of the HAARP/scalar/microwave technology would have liked, and they kept hitting with the more minor quakes since another large one would have been (1) more unusual and (2) more noticeable. I also have no trouble imagining these individuals as extremely bitter, spiteful, and only too happy to weld their power in a childish tit for tat scenario. Ecuador has effectively blocked their moves, played out on the world's media stage for everyone to witness, as effectively as a Master Chess player.

@John...for all we know, some of the Japanese quakes may have come from China or Russia. More likely China since, apparently, they would like Japan to forego their close alliance with the West and realign with the Far Eastern alliance China appears to be building. Maybe those were warning shots over the bow.

I was also struck to read recently that the chemtrail-metallic Faraday cages constructed by and over many/most countries act as a defensive shield or posture. Could be true. Possibly they (1) shield a country's orchestrations of offensive electromagnetic-energetic damage and (2) shield a country from offensive electromagnetic-energetic damage. Wouldn't these highly resultant strategic advantages propel a coterie of powerful individuals to disregard utterly and completely their own citizens health and well-being let alone the well-being of a planet or planet species...which they would contemptuously regard as expendable?

Ah...men with such great power and advantage but such shrunken, barely beating hearts.

Buddhist Lady said...

@Lynn...I see the RNC will be held July 18-21. I would be on board for a mass meditation/prayer.

David Turner said...

If this prediction holds, it seems to mean that Trump should be the winner at the convention, but the powers will have Cruz elected. This will make people question whether the U.S. is really a democracy or an oligarchical government. As public energy builds in attempt to restore democratic process, the false flag deflects attention by creating fear, so the people accept another step towards disempowerment. It could be that Trump is part of the deception -- playing along with the plan to strengthen the elite's grip of power and control over the masses.