Friday, April 8, 2016

Five for Friday #31

by Lynn & Da-da

Hi all, and welcome to a pretty darn awesome Five for Friday #31. Here we go.

What’s causing these bands of color in the sky over Pico Island in the Azores? Some have guessed gravity waves.

What Lynn Saw
"The image that I have is like that 'magnetic field viewer film' that reacts when you put a magnet on it. What I'm getting is happening is that the atmosphere is working like this magnetic film, it's like a screen showing the magnetic field beyond." [Da-da asked about Wave X involvement.] Interesting... Wave X didn't come to me, but that does feel right and make sense. I get we will feel a surge very soon, but the real BIG one is into the future. I don't have a clear date on that, though. It could be felt as soon as Friday, but may not actually hit us full force till the weekend. I get that it comes in pulses, and we may not feel it for a few days after the pulse (sort of like when a solar flare releases and it takes a day or two to get here)." [!!]

Here’s a recent satellite image of the sun. Is that a glitch, satellite-camera shake, or another astronomical body behind the sun? Nothing could be that close, certainly. Or is that a sun from another timeline??

What Lynn Saw
"I heard this being the sun's 'Sister Sun' [really a brown dwarf], but when I tuned into it, I realize that it's too close. It's a glitch of something that's really there. The Sister Sun is actually much farther out. Interestingly, this is an INTENTIONAL glitch; the universe made this glitch happen to reveal the truth of what's really going on. This Sister Sun is the heart of the solar system we talked about in a previous post. That gravitational object runs parallel to ours and the two systems intertwine. I can see it clearly, but don't have an exact distance... I would need to think more on that."

Here’s another floating city, this time appearing out in the ocean off Dalian, on the the coast of China. Another timeline resolving?

What Lynn Saw
"Yes, this looks to be exactly what we wrote about earlier. It's another timeline. In another time, this city was really there, and when it was there it was dry, sandy, underlying clay. [Is that a modern city in another timeline, or one from thousands of years ago?] It has an ancient feel to it. I see it as a very old city, thousands of years old."

This represents the goddess Ishtar (this bas relief is entitled,  “Ishtar of the Seven Veils”). Was she an ET? And why was she shown with these physical attributes? What are those ringed objects she’s holding?

What Lynn Saw
"She was part ET, part human, one of the offspring of a human and an avian ET, so she had physical features of both. The rings [in her hands] allowed her to fly, or aided in the process of flying. I get that, because of her physical composition, she wasn't strong enough to fly on her own, so those things on her hands helped; an extra assist. [How did the rings work?] The rings helped her to work through gravity rather than have gravity weigh her down. They had some kind of magnetic property to them. Her wings worked, but not effectively. The rings look to be a gift from the avians to assist her in flight. [With wings on her back, how did she sleep?] I get an image of her sitting upright much like a bird. She sort of sat down and tucked herself in and slept sitting."

Is this just what’s known as a sprite, a burst of energy in the upper atmosphere, or is it something else?

What Lynn Saw
"I get yes, and no. It's not random. It was aimed. It was shot here. I see this being energy that was thrown at the earth. I jump to GREEN and the heart chakra. It looks as though one of the ETs on the dark side of the moon sent this energy ball full of this loving healing feeling to help heal the earth. I get that, in reality, the camera picked up the color differently than what you'd see with the naked eye. This energy burst had something to do with healing. A lot of healing comes from these energy bursts, which are occurring more and more, lately. It's a part of the subtle transition between Disclosure and where we are now. [How was the energy sent? Was it sent by someone’s mind, or a device?] I see it came from a being, like they threw it with their hand (unless that was symbolic but it looked pretty real to me)."

What was the real reason behind Orson Welles’ famous "War of the Worlds” Martian invasion scare broadcast of 1938? Was this a preplanned event? Why was Welles chosen?

What Lynn Saw

"I get he was a very out-of-the-box thinker. He really went against what was popular or acceptable. He prided himself on that. He wanted to share his ideas, share his thoughts regardless of how shocking it might be. He wanted to get people thinking. He had some kind of ET experience when he was younger that was undeniable, and when he had the ability to have an audience, he got creative. He wanted other people to step forward and admit that things like this are in our skies. He wanted to spark that discussion. I get that the PTW [Powers That Were] didn't want him doing it. He sorta went rogue and he improvised a lot of it so it wouldn't get shut down. It was a large leap for this time when he did this. [Did Welles' work give the PTW any ideas about staging their own fake alien invasion?] No, in fact it was very intimidating because he sparked some thought patterns that weren't there and got people talking. I get the church was really upset about it (I see a minister talking negatively about it during a sermon)."

And that's it. Enjoy the upcoming Wave X-ness, and join us Friday after next for Episode #32!


siketa said...

Lynn, is this info connected to the Wave you are talking about?

"A massive energetic shift is coming and we are here to make you aware that as of April 9, 2016 at 11:00 pm PDT and for the following 3 hours, a massive energetic message is being remotely communicated and shown to an innumerable amount of people on Earth."

John Casey said...

Thanks, Lynn and DaDa, as always. Totally engrossing and thought-provoking.

I feel compelled to ask for clarification on the "energy" photo. Are these bursts of energy like waves on a beach that, over time, may wash away structures on the beach, or is it more of single, huge burst, like a tsunami? And, if it is a huge burst, are you saying it is imminent, as in happening this year?

Craig said...

About #2, where do you see the red comet in our system now? It's hard to locate because brown dwarfs are so dense they don't reflect light, but other small spherical sun-like objects have been appearing, sometimes grouped together. Are these objects moons of Planet X or what? When do you think we will actually see the "red comet" big and red in the sky? Thanks for all you do Lynn

Mark Noeth said...

Awesome read as always... The war of the worlds radio broadcast was horrible. The sheeple went crazy. It was a good experiment to a point. It did foster movies later on that cast a negative image of ET'S. Now if they have any kind of disclosure. It will be nesesary to convince the sheeple they won't be randomly killed or eaten. This may prove harder than one would think.

Diane Hamilton said...

I have to speak up on that energy wave comment. What would it feel like. Today has been a weird day to begin with for me and then I can't really explain it but zapping through out my body. Some numbness and tingling in hands and feet. I have been telling self it's stress but this is not my usual reaction to it. I sure hope it is a positive thing!

They Live said...

Ishatar=Isis is that correct or are they two different beings? I dreamt of Ishtar a long while ago, we were standing on a deck surrounded by water in front of the Statute of Liberty, who serves as a representation of Isis. She answered some questions I had regarding her i.e. if I even said her husband's name correctly, whose name I fogot but he's one of the "fallen."She told me I wasn't saying it right lol the times I have.
Great read as always guys :-)

They Live said...


Charlie the Tuna said...

@Mark, how do you know they are not going to eat or enslave us? They may even take some humans back as pets for their alien offspring. They might even pull off our arms and legs kind of like little boys do to bugs. Maybe the aliens are bugs looking for some sweet revenge.

I don't know, I am sure there are good aliens and bad aliens just like humans here on earth. History does have a habit of repeating itself, so I expect the alien slave ships to land at any time now for the big harvest.

Wil Wilkins said...

Hi Lynn, Thank you for sharing your gift. Question for you; do you feel that the real (good) x waves maybe getting deflected or blocked, see this link;

I think there is a massive attempt to prevent the Xwave from getting through to us. What vibe do you get when you see the link to the SSMI/SSMIS/AMSR2-derived Total Precipitable Water - Global map?

Thank you!!

PimpMyBrain said...

@Wil_Wilkins interesting! When you look at the archives ( ) , on the april 3rd, 4th and 5th, ( ) you have big sinusoidals and from 7th to 10th the big waves flood the whole Earth. (your link). The first (sinusoidals) was an attempt to block the second (waves flood) ?

With all this events everywhere, it seems for my part that was not a good idea to live near a navy airport. My futur E.T.s friends will be quite shy to show themself around my yard ! Quite calm area at moment. lol

Thanks as always for this Fantastic Five !

Mark Noeth said...

Was looking at some Sumerian art this morning. Lord Enki of the Anunnaki had one of those round things Ishtar was holding... That is just too awesome. Yes, I like the Anunnaki, Enki and Marduk of course. A least now I have an idea of what the round thing does.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@siketa: I do see this being part of the Wave X.

@John: I see it coming like a pulse that doesn't destroy what is in it's path, but rather moves through it (sort of forever changing the matter that is travels through). It can result in various types of sensory nerve feelings depending on your level of sensitivity.

@Craig: I see this comet on the other side of our sun (roughly around the 10 o'clock position). I get in the right conditions, it can be seen now.

@Mark and Charlie: I agree. It will be difficult. Some are more positive than others and will look at our well-being. I somehow feel that it will be evident as to what species we can trust (and the ones looking our for us will fend off those that are of a lower vibration).

@They Live: I do see them as different. Cool experience. Thanks for sharing.

@Wil and PimpMyBrain: I do see that there are many beings that don't want us to ascend, therefore, they dilute the wave. That is why these waves are more frequent (getting several small doses rather than a complete shift all at once).

@Mark: :-)

Lilian said...

This YouTube (by Lucia René ~ Ascension Game Changer
) describes how to do "a direct connect with the highest ascension energies on the planet" -

A comment from, Anna-Marie Gwilt, who has transcribed this to make the essence easier to understand and use….

"I ask that my Schumann resonance be directly connected to the earth’s highest Schumann resonance in Chile, to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution.

I ask that my internal Schumann resonance be adjusted in whatever timeframe is optimal for my evolution. I ask that the Schumann resonance of my residence, my house, my property, be directly connected to the earth’s highest Schumann resonance in Chile, to whatever degree is optimal for my evolution and in whatever timeframe is optimal. Please adjust this to whatever is optimal for all people living on this property".

Take a few seconds to “ping” this intention every day. Acknowledge your intention to have a direct connection with whatever filter you have put in place, acknowledge your intention to have a direct connection to the highest frequencies on the planet.


It's worth a listen. Perhaps it’s more useful for those who understand what it means.

@Lynn, what is your take on this? And why is the Schumann resonance highest in Chile?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Lilian: Thanks so much for this. I will need to think on it and get back with you. I appreciate you sharing this info!

They Live said...

@Lynn Many thanks ♡

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@They Live: xo, Lynn