Saturday, March 5, 2016

Theta Healing (Q and A Session)

Hi Lynn, I read a book called "Theta Healing" by Vianna Stibal. Ms. Stibal claims that she healed cancer in her leg in the 1990's through her meditation/prayer technique. However, she has been called a fraud by many people. There are witnesses who say that Vianna Stibal went on a detox program to heal her cancer. Theta Healing is now international like a large religious cult. 

Her former daughter-in-law claims that Vianna Stibal created the Theta Healing only for the money. A former Theta teacher, Trisha Howell, writes that Vianna and her husband Guy sent her black magic with evil spirit attachments. This former teacher consulted a shaman in Sedona, Arizona to clear the entities. There are former Theta Healers who claim that going through these levels to the creator is not reaching God, but rather some kind of evil entity. These former Theta teachers claim that they only felt better after ending Theta Healing.

Questions (I will break them apart to answer individually): 

Q. Did Vianna Stibal truly heal her leg from cancer in the 1990s using the Theta Healing technique or rather through a combination of slow detox and medicine?

A. I see that she used many techniques combined together to heal her leg and promote health.  She looks to use a philosophy of mind, soul and body to align every part of her being.  She does consume foods that detoxify her system and also counteract inflammation (I hear she consumed a lot of dark reddish purple berries?).  Meditation and visualization also become a very important part of her life.  Her Theta Healing techniques were important to her success, but her healthy outcome was in part due to her diligence of a healthy detox.

Q.  Did Vianna Stibal create Theta Healing only for the money and borrowed the technique from different sources?

A. I get that she had exposure to different techniques, but none that were exactly her "theta healing" technique.  She took things she learned and combined them with things that came to her from an intuitive perspective, and developed this technique.  

She didn't develop this technique with the goal of money in the end.  She really did want to help people.  She realized a way to spread the word and share this technique was to either hold workshops or write a book.  She needed a way to compensate for the time and expenses she incurred (writing a book, etc), therefore, had to charge a fee.  

Q.  Is the "Creator" in Theta Healing actually an evil entity and not God?

A. I hear that to get the best positive results from "theta healing" you connect to the universal consciousness.  Some people refer to it as the collective consciousness or even a god, but I hear the term "universal consciousness."  The intention of "theta healing" is that you are at one with that source.  

If you connect to any other source, then you are not practicing theta healing, and you are practicing something else that is determined by the vibration of the being or entity you are connected to.

Q.  Will the Theta Healing teachers need help to clear negative spirit attachments?

A. If your intent is positive and focused on the greater good, and the teachers have that same mental focus, they should not need additional help.  Our minds and intent are very powerful.

Q. Will Theta Healing be shut down or continue to gain a cult following in the future?

A.  As people look for answers, open their minds and seek alternatives to traditional medicine, I see this practice gaining popularity.  For people in need of healing, this can be a healthy and effective supplement to their life.

Q.  Can you recommend better healing books or techniques?  Thanks for reading! Blessings

A.  I get that once people are open and seek alternative ideas or techniques it can be very overwhelming.  Then, many times people worry if they are doing the right thing, or what is best and in their greater good.  I hear that the most important thing a person can do is meditate.  Once they have incorporated meditation into their life, they can build upon that.  Healing and other techniques work like building blocks, and the foundation is based on meditation.

Mental will creates a huge influence over our psychical state of being.  A good resource that explains how thoughts and feelings manifest into physical symptoms is Heal Your Body by Louis Hay (along with other books by her). If you are interested in changing perceptions and thoughts to improve health, you may want to look into her work.

(If you have read a good book and would like to share, please leave a comment).

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Robert Schoen said...

I think the whole notion of health care has to be rethought with an awareness of personal responsibility to be proactive so as to foster good health through good habits and and a good emotional and spiritual state. If the cure to ending obesity would be nudity, perhaps everyone would be a lot healthier if there was no "Health Insurance" and people had to take stock of their decisions and habits to avoid getting sick in the first place rather than going to the doctor after the damage has already been done.

Of curse I'm not advocating the end of insurance and think it's a crime the way Health care is dispersed in the US now, but there are so many things out there that are free or way less expensive we can all do instead of going to a system whose primary goal is to disburse ineffective and addictive drugs.

Vegan Ricky said...

@ Robert Schoen

I agree with you!

Aimee Moore said...

Could you do a reading on Cantre'r Gawelod? Welsh Atlantis.

joy said...

Re:Theta Healing.

It is my experience that when I am in need of healing, I would go into deep meditation
into Theta frequency , ask my spirit to heal me, and it is done.I have had spontaneous healings. All the time.

Vianna , she claimed to have help from the Ascended Masters of Orion. So, most of her teachings are channelled. I was in one of her seminars because I was curious. Most of her attendees are healers, but I am not. Healers like to incorporate new modalities. This is one of them. Most are Reiki Masters or Quantum healers, I don't think it is a cult. It is one of those old healing techniques given a new name.

the reason I and most of her attendees did not learn her technique, was because we NEVER GOT TO THETA. This part, she did not teach.Perhaps it was not teachable. Its like, ..OK, during her healing session, she told us to imagine ourselves going out of our crown chakra up to deep space and gather unconditional love.Unconditional love is supposed to be the power that heals. She claimed,when you go out into deep space, you are already in theta. NOT SO, according to my experiences. To me, the only way I could get healed is when I go into deep meditation, with intent and focus, to connect with Spirit and be healed. I talk to my Spirit. I had hypertension removed, torn rotator shoulder cuff healed,colds clear up at the middle of its onslaught. I always went into my heartspace and carried on a conversation with my Spirit.I'd say..."I need this, I need that" I know that my Spirit is ready to talk because she always gave me a she would move a muscle group in my arm, in my chest, etc.
Anyway,....I can't remember how I devised this talking to Spirit in deep meditation, am glad I did, it works. Now, I can do a short-cut by just deep breathing and relaxing , then asking for this and that...It works. Today, I took this rickety bus to home. A 3 hour ride. Along the way, the bus developed a bump-bump-bump noise under the chassis.
The driver was worried and stopped to check,I asked Spirit to fix it. In a few seconds, it was gone. Hehhhh.


Raymond G said...

It's interesting that we keep hearing about the importance of meditation and holistic living to improve our lives and quality of life. I wonder when it will become mainstream and more popular?

Ryno said...

Seems like a majority of healers and more "connected" spiritually people are females. Maybe this question deserves its own topic but do females have more ability or an easier time on things like being more intuitive, psychic, connecting with the universal consciousness, etc? That is the sense as I, a male, have anyway. And if so, is the attempts of suppression of females natural God-given abilities manifested by the male-dominated society of today and throughout most of modern human history?

Lilian said...

“Our minds and intent are very powerful”

Last autumn, I have had such pain in my back that I was closed to asking my family to go to the family reunion without me. I couldn’t imagine sitting still for more than 1 hour during the flight when I have to move every few minutes to ease the pain. The last time I have such pain was when I was carrying my eldest son. I have applied some soothing lotion to it but it only relieved it temporary.

In desperation, two nights before flight, I decided to try that Divine Healing code for chronic pain (mentioned recently by Robert Schoen in another posting) and praying (or practically begging) to Mother Gaia, Universe, angels etc to relieve this pain so that I can at least take the flight.

The next morning, when I woke up, I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t feel the usual sharp pain at my back. I even have to touch that part to make sure that I was dreaming. I was like “Wow! Is it really gone?” It was kind of sore but not the usual sharp pain. Nevertheless I was cautious the whole day to make sure that I won’t do any sudden gesture that would hurt my back.

The next morning, I took the flight, forgotten that I was in pain two days ago. Even my family was surprised by my change of mood. Not only that, during the stay there, I was able to do gardening for the host’s big garden for 2 hours. All I have was a rake to clear those fallen autumn leaves ... bending, carrying, kneeing, emptying etc…. never a moment did my back bother me

It was only when we were back home, that I started to feel slight pain at my back again but it was nothing compared to the earlier pain. And again, divine healing code, more praying, lotion ... the pain was eventually gone.

A coincidence? Or like Lynn often said “Our minds and intent are very powerful”

Nope, I don’t know how to connect to my spiritual guide nor to my Higher-Self. Neither am I attuned to Reiki yet. I wished I could, like many of you here.

@Lynn, what is Universal Consciousness or Source? Is it within us or in the Universe?

@Robert, if you don’t mind me asking:
- for the Divine Healing codes, are the space between two groups of figures in the one code have to be of the same distance? For eg 23 31 443
- where do we write the code on our self for glaucoma and allergies? ACV is too late to have effect on my allergy for this season as I just started taking it two days ago.
- where do we write the code for the food to neutralize the toxic, pesticides?
- since you are into Reiki, may I ask you what does it mean when I “saw my own eyes looking at me and purple lights; before both flickered away” when I called-in a Chi ball during a Reiki event, with my eyes closed.

Thanks in advance.

SkyBlue said...

While we're on the topic of healing, would anyone know how Jackie Chan was able to recover from his near death accidents repeatedly while filming? It seems humanly impossible to not have any signs of injuries, not even a limp.

Thanks :D

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

Thank you so much for the comments. I see this topic as very powerful and useful.

@Robert: I agree with you too. The current healthcare system if very broken and is now used as a band aid rather than fixing root causes (or focusing on health itself).

@Joy: Thank you for sharing your experience. It is nice to see different perspectives.

@Lilian: I see the universal consciousness as a collective consciousness that resides outside of us, however we are all connected to it. When we are in the right frame of mind (meditation) we more clearly tap into it and gain insight, healing and togetherness

Robert Schoen said...

@Lillian: I was very happy to hear your results! I must say I can't take credit because I learned of the divine healing codes from someone who posted them here a while back and used them on myself and others with impressive results. The first rule is that they don't work unless you use them, so even if you know of them, often we don't call them into service. Here's the link for anyone:

The space between the numbers is extremely important, and writing neatly is more effective than not. I would write on a meridian point, like the wrist or on the spot that needs assistance most if possible. I think a thin Sharpie is best for it lasting, but for chronic issues or long term goals I would write the code anew each day. I wear a pendant and just started having the codes written on the back of the pendant, but it's too early to tell if that works, the best is writing on yourself. My wife signs the code in the air with good effect. As for your last question, I would say that was a poetic visualization to aid in the healing which may be what's going on. Getting in touch with the divine is the ultimate empowerment.

joy said...

Ok, to clear this issue of Vianna being a fraud. There was this claim by her many followers because they never got to do any healing thru her technique. I did not accuse her of this because I know the power of THETA frequency. The reason... that her technique was flawed is because her students were NOT generating this brain THETA cycles per second during their healing session. Many who have reached the "teacher level" had to back off from teaching.. Come to think of it now, nobody could figure out why it was a dud. I knew, but I was not talking about it...
Vianna did not seem to know but she was making lots, lots of money. That's all that matters. Healers were flocking into this new healing technique, so that they can make more money. Their conversations were all about making money.They seem not to care much about the science behind this Theta frequency.
Vianna was even offering a course in human anatomy for $5000 and the students were all excited. Birds of a feather. I was aghast at the price. Besides, I'm encyclopedic when it comes to human anatomy.i have a college degree in that area. i'm more qualified to teach than Vianna, ( but I was told, if I'm interested in Vianna's certification, I'd better take it.) I was not interested. Am naturally lazy. MONEY COMES TO ME WHEN I CALL IT TO COME FORTH. (it means I'm confident I can manifest money just by thinking about it)
This is not a judgment against Vianna and her group. It is a realization that I have a different vibrational signature from them..
Whew.....those were the days...!

Lilian said...

@Robert thanks for the reply. Yesterday before I sleep, I decided to write the code for airborne allergies and pray for Divine help. And for the first time I have uninterrupted sleep (no coughing, no blocked nose) since my allergy started. I even overslept !!!

However, when I woke up, the allergy syndromes came back, though less severe but still irritable. :(

How often can we call them into service per day? Whenever we need it? I hope by drinking ACV and using these codes daily will make the rest of my hay fever season manageable.

@Lynn, do we have to connect to our Higher-Self to connect to the Universal Consciousness or it's independent? Somehow the only thing I feel is tingling feeling each time I meditate but didn't feel connected to anything, if I know what that means! :)

Thanks again.

Lilian said...


- calling the code into service means writing the code on the skin/paper etc, right? Does it mean that if I call the code more than once per day, I have to re-write the code on the skin even if the previous one is still visible?

- in the link, it's written "In all three methods, Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother will actually BE present and provide the power from where themselves for the code to work"

Eer, does it mean that Archangel Raphael and Diving Mother will BE present, without having me to ask them for divine help?

Thanks again.

Robert Schoen said...

@Lillian, I'm no expert on the codes, and I think the use and benefit from it is something that can only be learned and appreciated experientially. My wife had flu-like symptoms, I wrote codes on her and she soon felt good enough to go to work and stayed there most of the day but came back feeling sick again. It might mean the body needs down time after exertion and I think you have to make a personal judgement in such matters. There are so many codes for different things I would suggest you try a different one after the first seems to wear off. As to Archangels and such, to me that's just semantics, it works on intent.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Lilian: I see the tingle as your senses being heightened. When we meditate we can connect with our higher self, guides or the universal consciousness. You can place intent toward what it is you want to do, and then you will be guided in the appropriate direction.

@Robert: Thanks for the advice and directing Lilian. These codes can be very powerful and effective!

@Joy: Thanks for sharing your experience. :-)

Lilian said...

@Robert, thanks again for sharing. At least now I sleep better at night, as I write the code on the skin before I sleep ... no more wakened up by coughing nor nose blocked. And day time, I do deep-breathing which helps to clear the nose for a while and gulp (yes, @Alice, it's tart .. a new word I learnt !!! :) ) down the ACV.

@Lynn, thanks for the advice again. I guess I just meditated without intent as I do guided meditation, not to be distracted by my own thoughts. Sometimes I can visualize what the narrator said in the video but never connected to my Higher self nor Universe. Perhaps I should try silent meditation.

Thanks again for the much needed advices.

Lalita Chaple said...

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