Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spirits and the Afterlife

Q. If we have multiple lifetimes and multiple DIFFERENT parents, then when we go "Home", which set of parents do we see again? They always say that we'll see our loved ones again, but if that's the case, then we'd be meeting probably hundreds of thousands of loved ones... is that correct? Same goes for all our pets...
A. I see that when a person is close to the end of life they sort of go between our plane and the spiritual plane.  As they toggle back and forth they will see images of people, pets, locations, events, etc. that they experienced in this current life journey.  These images soothe the transition because it can be hard for the body to ultimately release the spirit (that final separation).    

I also see the transition from the current life to after life going through phases.  At the moment of release the familiar spirit guiding the transition will take on the appearance of who the person knew during this current lifetime.  After the transition has occurred, and the body has detached, the person going "home" is now is spirit form too.  There is a slight learning curve in this freeing feeling (I heard to imagine you are astral projecting x100). The spirit is now able to connect with the familiar spirit group to prepare for the next incarnation, hang around the 3D world, guide or protect.  In spirit, they don't connect as seeing each other as "mom, dad, etc", but rather a magnetic connection full of love and belonging.  Spirits don't take on defined roles, those are rules that humans define and project onto one another for the conscious mind.

I also need to explain that when we are in the spiritual plane we connect back to certain spirits that we most times incarnate with. I always hear this group of spirits being called a "soul pact."  This grouping of spirits can manifest/incarnate in the 3D world as parents, siblings, children, friends, pets, etc.  You may share the same birthmark or mannerisms from life to life, but you (personally) will rarely fill the same role (or appearance) because each lifetime presents new experiences in order to expand, learn and grow.

Having said that, rather than saying that you have had thousands of parents, siblings, etc,, in reality it may be more like 100 different spirits that get incarnated from this same familiar group.  (Your sister in this life may be your mother in the next and your son in the one after that...)  This narrows the infinite amount of spirits to a more closer group.

Q. Hi Lynn, How does a soul seek his/her future parents. Must the spiritual vibration level of the baby match the spiritual vibration level of one or both parents?
A. As the spirits within the soul pacts reunite the dynamic of the next lifetime is determined.  It has to do with the spirit's current vibration, where they are wanting to go and what lessons or karma to they need to address.  

Q. Is the baby's day and time of birth planned and determined before the soul enters the embryo?  Since astrology depends on the date of birth, does that mean that outside intervention e.g. doctors inducing early labor, causes a change in the destiny of the child?
A. I see that the universe works this out and knows the life path at the moment of conception.  If there is a c-section or induction, that is the way the universe planned the birth.  That event goes with the plan, not against it. Few people may experience adverse affects with an altered delivery, but for the most part the universe knows what it is doing..

And that is all I have for this reading.  Thank you.  Love and light-


Joao Gomes said...

Thank your foor this post Lynn! Recently you had a post about a psychic healer (Mr. Alfredo, today is his birthday BTW)who uses to become sick for 2-3 days after every psychic surgery session (during surgery the spirit of a deceased physichian assumes control over Mr. Alfredos body). Yesterday I questioned another psychic healer (who performs psychic surgeries the same way)if that what happens to Mr. Alfredo is normal. He answered that this situation is abnormal, and that he is "allowing" something to happen, which is not in his own best interest. In your opinion, is there something Mr. Alfredo (His entire name is Alfredo Luís di Palma Albarello) should say or do before each session (during the session he is unconscious)to prevent this outcome? Thank You again!

Mark Noeth said...

Awesome read... Is the spiritual plane exclusive to things that have had the same vibrational patterns or frequencies when they existed on this plane or are thier a few different spiritul planes??? To clarify, would beings from several different dimensions that existed on thier plane be occupying the same space as we would in this spiritual plane??? If yes, this would indicate the spiritul plane has its own frequency or vibrational pattern for evrrything... Also I'm thinking the spiritual plane is the same plane you travel though when you do meditation, is this correct??? Met some interesting beings on the lower levels of that plane. So I do believe this to be true, but a second opinion is always a good thing.

Mark Noeth said...
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carlos armero said...

Lynn can you do a reading on tupac Shakur I hear he was full of light. Thanks.

carlos armero said...
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Jules B said...

Hi Lynn,
Great questions.As much as it's heartbreaking does this apply to abortions as well?When the mother or parents decide to abort their child does the universe know this was planned out as well?or is is someone changing that childs fate?

They Live said...

Tupac use to visit me in my dreams quite a bit. I feel he showed me some spiritual "tricks of the trade."

They Live said...

A friend of mine at the time said he may be a part of my soul family.

Cathari said...

In response to "Mark Noeth":

Just to throw in my own perspective on some of your points...

First, the laws governing the higher realms are completely different from those governing the physical plane. Time and Space as we experience them between birth and death do not exist as such on those higher planes. After death we only perceive and interact with those human souls whom we have karmic relationships with, even though others are occupying the same "space" as we do. We are not conscious of their presence, nor they us. Consciousness and perception are of a totally different nature beyond the Portal of Death. Also, non-human beings, existing on different levels of consciousness than the human, interpenetrate and experience themselves within the same "space" as the human, without each other being aware of the others presence.

Second, I think way too much emphasis is placed on the notions of "frequency" and "vibration." These are physical conceptions which are carried over into the spiritual realms in an invalid manner. The planes or levels of the spirit realms are differentiated not by matter vibrating at a different rate, but rather by states of Consciousness.

Third, one's state of consciousness during meditation will vary according to the maturity of one's spiritual development. Stated in different terms, the plane of the higher realms which you experience during meditation depends upon your spiritual maturity and the level of development of your spiritual faculties of perception.

Alex said...


When people mention the 'frequency', it doesn't mean the frequency of physical matter but rather the frequency of a person's soul. You can call it by different words such as 'states of Consciousness' but the meaning is the same.

The higher the frequency, the more loving and more matured the soul, and they will live in so-called higher realms which some religions call 'heavens'. The lower the frequency, the more hateful and less matured the soul, and they will live in so-called lower realms which some religions call 'hell'.

However, as Lynn has said the spirit world is like a rainbow of colors so there are intermediate levels between heaven and hell.

Alex said...

@Mark Noeth

Please read 'Journey of Souls' by Michael Newton and Lynn's post on Michael Newton a few years ago.

carlos armero said...

Nice I hope Lynn has her own segment about tupac.

carlos armero said...

It's not a coincidence pac was full of light.

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@Joao: I recall doing a reading on someone like the man you described. I will need to look through some of my older blogs (or you can try the search engine on the blog) to see if it was in fact him.

@Mark: I do see that spirits reside on a spiritual plan, and they can be of various vibrations (just like there are humans of various vibrations on this 3D plane). When we meditate we can tap into that plan b/c we are doing so with our spiritual (subconscious) self and not limited by our 3D body.

@Jules: I know that is a sad topic, but yes it does apply to abortions as well as miscarriages. It is all part of the life path of the baby, mother and the people surrounding the mother.

@They Live: I need to focus on this. Very interesting perspective..

@Cathari (and everyone): Thanks so much for sharing! Love and light-

Cathari said...

As to the topic of choosing one's parents during the pre-birth condition:

First, during the passage through the heavenly spheres between death and rebirth, the human being experiences an expansion of its soul farther and farther out into the Cosmic spheres until it reaches a barrier of sorts. At this point, the soul begins its journey back to the Earth sphere. So we have an expansion outward, and a contraction inward....a sort of exhalation and inhalation, or spiritual rhythm. We pass through all the planetary spheres, speaking in the spiritual sense here, not the physical. Just as our consciousness expands on the outward trek, it dims on the return back. During this time of return, great decisions are made with the assistance of nonhuman beings as to our location of birth, parents, time of conception, structure of body, etc. All of this is governed, of course, by the laws of Karma or Destiny. As we experience this, the earthly human hereditary stream is flowing below us...we choose the stream best suited to our spiritual progress. Soon all consciousness is dimmed, memories cease, and we enter the chosen mothers womb to begin a fresh cycle of development.

It must be emphasized, however, and this is very important I think, that this is how things occur now only. In past epochs it was very different, and in the future we will evolve into new forms of development as incarnations cease to be a viable manner for human evolution. Incarnations had a beginning, and will have an end. We all existed in different forms before the onset of earthly bodily incarnation.

Sorry for going on and on, just felt the need to express this.

John Casey said...

Thanks Lynn. Any specific suggestions for how to hold onto life lessons learned in the previous life so it isn't all completely wiped away during the transition to death and back to life?

Cheryl Bane said...

Simon Parkes and others have commented that when you die you should not be seduced by going to the light (which keeps you in the matrix/control grid and caught up in the world of reincarnation and karma), but instead focus your intent on going to Divine Source. What are your thoughts?

Lilian said...

“I also need to explain that when we are in the spiritual plane we connect back to certain spirits that we most times incarnate with. I always hear this group of spirits being called a "soul pact." “

So, we normally do reunite and incarnate with the same pact of souls ie with the same vibration.


My question is, what if in this current life, one of the soul advanced faster than the others in the “soul pact” in the same family. Will his spirit still be reunited with the same “soul pact” or will he search for another “soul pact” that resonates with his higher vibration to prepare for the next incarnation?


Alex said...


One thing I am confused is that if our parents are in the same soul pact as us, then their soul vibration should be the same as us. But sometimes we see lower vibration parents with higher vibration children, why is that so?

Psychic Focus (Lynn) said...

@John: The best way to retain your knowledge is to hold off going to the light. As Cheryl discussed, I too see the light as sort of a "matrix trap" and once you enter, your memories start to wipe.

@Lilian: If you advance then you will come back as a teacher or leader. You will find yourself in situations where you are bring your "soul pact" to a higher level. Every lifetime is about learning and expanding through experience.

@Alex: They will teach their parents, and as I said above Lilian, the child's journey may be to teach their parents something or create an experience in which the parent will grown in this life or the next. Everything works in balance and synergy.

Cathari said...

Forgive me, but I must disagree with a few things here. On John Casey's question about retaining life lessons over into the succeeding earth life, I feel the need to express a few further thoughts.

The reasons memories of past lives on Earth are veiled from our view are many and complex. It should be fully recognized that this veil is not something bad, or unlawful, or sinister in any way. To the contrary, it is an expression of Divinely ordained spiritual laws governing human destiny during the present epoch.

In past ages we did have recall of our former lives and lessons learned, but this recall was dim and not born in freedom. As time progressed, this faculty gradually disappeared. In the future humans will again recall their past lives and lessons, but in a fully conscious manner born in full freedom.

Our goal should not be to "hold onto" the lessons and memories of past incarnations in order to bring them into the next life. This already happens naturally, lawfully, and unconsciously. Karma itself is that working out of the past into the present life. Our past life lessons exist in the instinctive manner in which our Karma unfolds here and by day.

If one desires to have a fully conscious recall of past lives and lessons learned in a proper and lawful way, than one must choose to travel a difficult path of esoteric development and achieve Initiation. The spiritual path is not bunnies and rainbows, my friends, but rather self-discipline, self-renunciation, sacrifice, and suffering. This is why most people avoid the Spirit...and never come close to a past life recall free of personal illusions and fantasies.

Our memories are located within the Etheric Body, and the Etheric Body dissolves into the Cosmic Ether environment very soon after we leave the physical corpse behind. Only those memories remain with us which are truly worthy of passing through the heavenly realms with us between death and rebirth. This is important to be aware of. It is no sinister wipe within some sinister "matrix trap." It is a lawful process designed by the Divine Hierarchies to assist us in our passage through the Higher realms until our next birth is planned and prepared for.

I ask anyone who has further thoughts to share them. Especially Lynn. Blessings.